• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - Yzanburg

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

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First Single

Chapter 2

Oh no... Oh no oh no oh no oh shit! Did she hear me? Maybe she just went away? Yeah, she just left is all... oh man I gotta get outta here.

Taking a quick look around I found a few lower hanging branches. Taking my chances, I swung my guitar across my back and then swiftly made my way to the edge of the tree and gently propelled my legs over the side. With one last look down, and a few curses under my breath about heights, I lowered myself down to the branch underneath. Making sure the branch would hold me before I let go, I finally got a footing before lowering myself again to the ground below.

Are those... Windows? In the tree? What the hell? Wait... is this a cottage? The whole roof is made of leaves?

, From up on the roof, one could easily mistake the structure as a tree, but on ground level I could easily see that it was a small cottage that blended in easily with the nearby forest. The windows were scattered all over the building, as well as a small door, maybe 4 feet tall at most. Sporadically placed amongst the leaves of the house were many tree houses and bird feeders. It looked welcoming at best, if not a little rustic.

Great... I've landed in the Shire. Just perfect... Trying to gain some composure, I took a few deep breaths before I took a few steps backwards and collided with something soft. I immediately froze in place as it began to talk.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry! I guess I-I... wasn't.. looking.. where.. I.. *eep*!"

That voice... Is that her? The one that's been singing? Oh I hope she's cute at least...

Slowly turning around I was startled when I didn't see anything but an open path and a few birds flying by. "Uh... Hello?" I heard another muffled squeak come from below me, and when I looked down, all I saw was a yellow and pink blob shaking profusely. Bending down, I cautiously reached out a hand to see if it was okay. "Uhm.. hey, are you o-" Before I could finish my sentence the colorful mass let out a high pitched shriek before barreling through the hobbit sized door and slamming it shut behind her.

"Kay...?" Well that was weird.. I guess I should say sorry or something? What the hell was that anyways? some kind of horse? Getting to my feet I slowly wandered back to the cottage and gently rapped on the front door. From inside I heard a faint yell of surprise and the sound of something falling down. AM I really that scary? Sighing to myself, I lightly tapped on the door once again before calling out, "Hello? Look, I'm sorry if I scared you. I really didn't mean to.. Hello?" There wasn't a sound made inside the house, which got me a little worried.

Oh shit, did she faint? Could she even talk? Well there wasn't anyone else around so it had to have been her.. Right?

"Excuse me, are you okay in there?" I was starting to get a little nervous. I didn't want to just leave her like this. Quickly thinking, I realized that she liked my music. Without hesitation I whipped my guitar around and began to strum a soft melody and gently started humming along. I heard some rustling from inside so I figured it was working. So I continued to play my little tune in hopes I could coax her out. To my surprise though, instead of coming out of the house I heard her start to hum along. I was surprised at first, but the sound of her voice put a smile on my face so I just played and played until I was content that she wasn't scared anymore. At least I hoped she wasn't scared.

Suddenly from inside I heard the click of the door. I took a step back as to not seem intimidating, and slung my guitar on my back once again. The door only opened a fraction and all I could make out was a large, expressive eye, nearly obscured by a length of pink hair.

"Uhm.. Hello." I said softly, trying not to startle the.. Horse? behind the cottage door. She didn't say anything though, just glanced around before looking up at me with those bright blue eyes. "Look.. I'm sorry if I startled you, I really didn't mean to. You know, you have a beautiful voice." I thought I could make out the slightest hint of a blush on her face as she looked away.

"Th-thank you..." She finally uttered. It startled me just how quiet and fragile her voice really was, like a cool autumn breeze. I had to lean forward a touch just to hear what she had said. "Uhm.. I-if you don't m-mind my asking.. W-what are you.. Exactly? I-I've never seen something like you before." Her voice slowly faltered near the end of her question as I looked at her quizzically.

"What do you mean by 'you've never seen something like me before'? This is really weird. Where the hell am I?

"Oh.. Well.. Y-you are the first.. Whatever you are.. That I've e-ever seen? Sorry, I didn't m-mean to offend you...”

Oh my god she's adorable! Shaking my head to clear my thoughts I had to quickly say something

"geez you're cute..." The moment those words left my mouth I threw both my hands over my lips, praying to anyone that she didn't hear me.

"Sorry.. What was that?" She has the most adorable confused face. Ever.

"Nothing! Nothing. heh heh.. heeeh... Anyways.. Where.. are we.. exactly?" I actually really wanted to know. I had never seen a place like this before. Even the air smelled fresher here. It was refreshing.

"Well.. We're in Equestria."

"Sorry where?" What the hell is 'Equestria'?

"Equestria? Ruled by Princesses Celestia and L-Luna?"

This is too weird. is this some place in like, Madagascar or something? Maybe in Europe somewhere? "Could I possibly see a map or globe or something? Anything to get a look at where I am?"

"O-oh of course.. One moment please.." The door closed behind her as she went back inside her house. I heard a lot of clanging and thumps as she went about looking for something. A few moments later she returned with a globe. I took one look at it and I immediately knew something was wrong. There was only one large mass on the sphere.

"Uhm.. What is that?"

"Well.. It's Equestria."

"Right... One moment please." I turned around and walked around to the side of the house, out of viewing range of the tiny horse. Once I was out of view. I took in a deep breath and screamed.