Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

by Yzanburg

First published

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

Who doesn't love music?

When David Gatzby Finds himself on the tree home of a mysterious creature, he is slightly terrified. But when he hears the sound of melodious singing coming from inside, he can't help but play along with his guitar and hum to the tune. Not realising that the singing had stopped, David continues to play and can't avoid the meeting of his life.

Talent Scouting

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Chapter 1

The roar of the crowd was deafening. Wave after wave of shouts and yells assaulted my ears as I strummed my guitar. It was invigorating. Looking over my shoulder I could see that the rest of my band was having just as much fun as I was. This is what we had been working for our entire lives. We finally made it onto the big stage, not some shitty coffee shop in some little town that eight people attend. There were hundreds of people here, filling the concert hall with the sounds of their amusement. Looking out over the sea of people, I could see just how much they were enjoying themselves. They actually liked our music, our own creations. That feeling is indescribable.

As the music died down and we played the last notes of our set, the cacophony of cheers and hollers that followed was unlike anything I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. I looked on in wonder as Mark, our vocalist, addressed the crowd for the final time tonight.

"Thank you all for coming out. It's been a real pleasure playing for you all!" He took a pause as the crowd applauded once more, taking in his words. "We honestly can't wait to come play for you all again. Have a good night, and thank you all once again for coming!" And with those final words spoken, we took our leave from the stage, walking past the curtains as the sea of people continued to cheer us out, leaving nothing but pride and adrenaline in our minds.

"Holy crap guys! That was amazing! I've never seen a crowd like that from on stage before!" Jason, our drummer said, bouncing up and down like a rabid chihuahua. He usually doesn't talk much, all work and minimal play. I guess adrenaline does weird things to people. "Did you see their faces? They loved us! We kicked some serious ass tonight guys."

Mark, Chance, our bass player, and I all stared at him for a moment, not really sure what just happened.


"You just spoke." Mark told him, his face scrunched up in a confused look.


"More than three words." I told him matter-of-factly.

"Wow.. You're right. We need to do stuff like this more often!" Jason told us. He clearly enjoys playing in front of crowds like this. Maybe it'll bring him out of his shell a bit.

"Don't worry, bud. There's going to be plenty more gigs like this as far as I'm concerned." Frankly I liked having Jason talk a bit more. It would certainly make band practice more interesting than him just making us play over and over again. It kind of drags on after a while. "Remember we have a road trip to Montreal coming up in a couple days, the crowd's going to be just as big there, if not bigger." The smile on his face after I said that could only be described as one thing. Childish. But he was definitely happy, so I guess that makes it okay.


As the fire crackled its way through the night, I sat on a log nearby with my guitar in hand. We had decided against getting a hotel for the night and opted to get a campground instead to save on money. The van we used for travel and the occasional house was quaint at best. A burgundy VW bus. The spare tire cover on the front sported the logo of our band, A large 'B' made out of roots. The back of the van, as well as the roof, were stacked with band equipment, making the inside a little cramped. But even still, Mark, Chance and Jason managed to sleep in there quite comfortably. I, on the other hand, couldn't get cozy enough to sleep.

Scooting a little closer to the fire, I began to idly strum a few simple chords. Humming along to the unnamed tune, I gradually became aware that it wasn't just the sound of my own song hitting my ears. It took me a while to finally become fully aware of the accompanying voice due to the fact that it meshed so well with my own. Turning my head to try and find the source of that soothing voice, my face scrunched into a look of confusion. There were no people around that I could see. And yet I could still hear that voice.

Curiosity peaked, I got up of the log I resided on and began to follow the humming into the forest, still strumming the chords I had been playing, in an attempt to get her to continue her song.

"Shit, I probably should have grabbed a flashlight.." I continually had to duck my head or sidestep a rock or fallen tree at the last second because my visibility was terrible in the forest. Not wanting to have to trek back and possibly miss out on this meeting I carried on. Cursing under my breathe I carried on, having just hit my head on a low lying branch I slowed my pace a little to keep from repeating myself and causing further pain. Being cautious to duck under anymore branches and sidestepping any rocks or stumps along the way I followed the voice. After a few more minutes of ducking and dodging I noticed a faint light. It grew in intensity the closer I got to it until suddenly all I could see was white. Anywhere that I looked was nothing but sureen nothingness. I should have stopped walking right then but I took a few more steps and let out a very unmanly yelp of surprise as I began to fall.

With the wind whipping my hair around I continued to fall, frantically trying to get a hold on some possibly unseen object. But sadly I just continued to grasp nothing and kept plummeting to my imminent demise at an unseen impact zone below. All the while that I was careening downwards I could still hear that voice from the forest, permeating the wind and intruding my ears, as if just to mock me for have fallen so easily. So I closed my eyes. I snapped them shut in a hope that I was dreaming and that when I opened them, if I opened them, I would be back at the campsite in front of the fire. But when I opened my eyes, instead of the fire and the van to greet my eyes, all I saw was blue. An ocean of blue in front of me. I gasped, thinking that this was some cruel joke. Then with a sudden impact to the entire backside of my body, I hit something and the world went black.


Gradually lifting my eyelids open, I immediately felt a pang of pain along my spine. Nothing too bad, but still enough to be uncomfortable. The second thing I noticed was the bright light shining down on me, surrounded by a green ceiling of leaves. Confused and shaken, i slowly got to my feel and peaked my head out of the hole I guess I had made. looking around I saw my guitar laying nicely atop the tree, not a scratch or dent on it. The sky was still a bright blue so I guess I wasn't unconscious for that long. Slowly climbing out of the hole, I took a seat next to my guitar and just looked around. To my immediate left there was just dense forest. and in front of my was a small bridge crossing a quaint little stream. Animals were running around everywhere I looked, none of them really paying any attention to me at all. And then I heard it. The voice I had been following through the forest was directly beneath me. Suddenly scared, I held my guitar tightly to my chest and tried to stay as still as possible. But nothing happened. No bright lights, no perpetual falling. Nothing. Chuckling to myself, I loosened up a bit.

"How could a song hurt me." I laughed as I listened to the soothing voice coming from below, a soft tune with no real rhyme or reason to it. "Something that sounds that beautiful can't possibly be scary." Taking out my guitar, I slowly began to pick at the notes she was humming and gradually worked my way into her song. making a charming melody out of really nothing. Getting really into the tune, I began to hum along, loosing myself in the melody. But then I noticed it. Stopping immediately, I knew I had been noticed. The humming had stopped, and all was silent below.

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Chapter 2

Oh no... Oh no oh no oh no oh shit! Did she hear me? Maybe she just went away? Yeah, she just left is all... oh man I gotta get outta here.

Taking a quick look around I found a few lower hanging branches. Taking my chances, I swung my guitar across my back and then swiftly made my way to the edge of the tree and gently propelled my legs over the side. With one last look down, and a few curses under my breath about heights, I lowered myself down to the branch underneath. Making sure the branch would hold me before I let go, I finally got a footing before lowering myself again to the ground below.

Are those... Windows? In the tree? What the hell? Wait... is this a cottage? The whole roof is made of leaves?

, From up on the roof, one could easily mistake the structure as a tree, but on ground level I could easily see that it was a small cottage that blended in easily with the nearby forest. The windows were scattered all over the building, as well as a small door, maybe 4 feet tall at most. Sporadically placed amongst the leaves of the house were many tree houses and bird feeders. It looked welcoming at best, if not a little rustic.

Great... I've landed in the Shire. Just perfect... Trying to gain some composure, I took a few deep breaths before I took a few steps backwards and collided with something soft. I immediately froze in place as it began to talk.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry! I guess I-I... wasn't.. looking.. where.. I.. *eep*!"

That voice... Is that her? The one that's been singing? Oh I hope she's cute at least...

Slowly turning around I was startled when I didn't see anything but an open path and a few birds flying by. "Uh... Hello?" I heard another muffled squeak come from below me, and when I looked down, all I saw was a yellow and pink blob shaking profusely. Bending down, I cautiously reached out a hand to see if it was okay. "Uhm.. hey, are you o-" Before I could finish my sentence the colorful mass let out a high pitched shriek before barreling through the hobbit sized door and slamming it shut behind her.

"Kay...?" Well that was weird.. I guess I should say sorry or something? What the hell was that anyways? some kind of horse? Getting to my feet I slowly wandered back to the cottage and gently rapped on the front door. From inside I heard a faint yell of surprise and the sound of something falling down. AM I really that scary? Sighing to myself, I lightly tapped on the door once again before calling out, "Hello? Look, I'm sorry if I scared you. I really didn't mean to.. Hello?" There wasn't a sound made inside the house, which got me a little worried.

Oh shit, did she faint? Could she even talk? Well there wasn't anyone else around so it had to have been her.. Right?

"Excuse me, are you okay in there?" I was starting to get a little nervous. I didn't want to just leave her like this. Quickly thinking, I realized that she liked my music. Without hesitation I whipped my guitar around and began to strum a soft melody and gently started humming along. I heard some rustling from inside so I figured it was working. So I continued to play my little tune in hopes I could coax her out. To my surprise though, instead of coming out of the house I heard her start to hum along. I was surprised at first, but the sound of her voice put a smile on my face so I just played and played until I was content that she wasn't scared anymore. At least I hoped she wasn't scared.

Suddenly from inside I heard the click of the door. I took a step back as to not seem intimidating, and slung my guitar on my back once again. The door only opened a fraction and all I could make out was a large, expressive eye, nearly obscured by a length of pink hair.

"Uhm.. Hello." I said softly, trying not to startle the.. Horse? behind the cottage door. She didn't say anything though, just glanced around before looking up at me with those bright blue eyes. "Look.. I'm sorry if I startled you, I really didn't mean to. You know, you have a beautiful voice." I thought I could make out the slightest hint of a blush on her face as she looked away.

"Th-thank you..." She finally uttered. It startled me just how quiet and fragile her voice really was, like a cool autumn breeze. I had to lean forward a touch just to hear what she had said. "Uhm.. I-if you don't m-mind my asking.. W-what are you.. Exactly? I-I've never seen something like you before." Her voice slowly faltered near the end of her question as I looked at her quizzically.

"What do you mean by 'you've never seen something like me before'? This is really weird. Where the hell am I?

"Oh.. Well.. Y-you are the first.. Whatever you are.. That I've e-ever seen? Sorry, I didn't m-mean to offend you...”

Oh my god she's adorable! Shaking my head to clear my thoughts I had to quickly say something

"geez you're cute..." The moment those words left my mouth I threw both my hands over my lips, praying to anyone that she didn't hear me.

"Sorry.. What was that?" She has the most adorable confused face. Ever.

"Nothing! Nothing. heh heh.. heeeh... Anyways.. Where.. are we.. exactly?" I actually really wanted to know. I had never seen a place like this before. Even the air smelled fresher here. It was refreshing.

"Well.. We're in Equestria."

"Sorry where?" What the hell is 'Equestria'?

"Equestria? Ruled by Princesses Celestia and L-Luna?"

This is too weird. is this some place in like, Madagascar or something? Maybe in Europe somewhere? "Could I possibly see a map or globe or something? Anything to get a look at where I am?"

"O-oh of course.. One moment please.." The door closed behind her as she went back inside her house. I heard a lot of clanging and thumps as she went about looking for something. A few moments later she returned with a globe. I took one look at it and I immediately knew something was wrong. There was only one large mass on the sphere.

"Uhm.. What is that?"

"Well.. It's Equestria."

"Right... One moment please." I turned around and walked around to the side of the house, out of viewing range of the tiny horse. Once I was out of view. I took in a deep breath and screamed.


Getting Noticed

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Chapter 3

"So.. What you're saying is.." I had to pause and let out a stuttering breath as I tried to make sense of what was going on. "This place is called 'Equestria', and is ruled by two pegacorn sisters."

"Alicorn." The mare named Fluttershy corrected.

"Right right, Alicorn sisters, who raise the sun and the moon. This place is full of sentient creatures ranging from ponies to griffins to dragons. Am I right so far?" I had to take another pause as I got another good look at the pegasus before me.

I had spent the better part of half an hour in her garden with my knees clutched tightly to my chest as I rocked back and forth muttering obscenities and repeating to myself that none of this was possible, it couldn't be real. Eventually I guess the.. Mare, Fluttershy, heard my insane ramblings and came over, either out of comfort or pity, I don't know. As she got closer I hear her muffled hoofsteps and instantly I froze and shut my eyes as tight as I could. I was essentially having a nervous breakdown. To my surprise though, she didn't say anything. Not at first anyways. Instead she just sat down beside me and gently rubbed my back, making soft comforting noises after a while. I don't know why but it was oddly comforting. I was still shaking though and I guess she took notice because she began to hum, and then broke out into soft, melodious song. I was amazed at how serene her voice was. It was just so soothing and I couldn't help but calm down. We sat there for a little while longer, just me in her arms while she rubbed my back lightly.

"Thank you." I finally uttered, startling the pegasus beside a little, but she smiled calmly at me and got to her feet.

"You're welcome" She said with that sweet smile. "Now, why don't you come inside for some tea. you look like you could use some."

Giving her as calm and as genuine a smile as I could, I gently rose to my feet and followed her inside.

"Yes, you're on the right track. There are far more creatures that can think and talk as we do, and even more cute little guys that call Equestria home as well! Like little Angel Bunny here." She gestured towards the bunny in question whom at the moment was giving me a very dirty look and tapping his foot with arms crossed. I gave him a short wave and a nervous smile but all that got from him was an upturned head and a curt wave of the paw before he bounded off up the stairs to some unknown region, probably Fluttershy's bedroom. "Oh.. I'm sorry about him. He really is a sweet heart, honest. He just.. Doesn't take too well to strangers is all.." She blushed slightly and gave me a nervous chuckle and a grin as I just nodded with mild doubt.

"Uh huh.. I'll take your word for it." I wasn't overly concerned with the behaviour of the little guy It seemed to fit him fairly well actually. "Uhm.. Forgive me if this seems a little too forward, seeing as we just met and all but, you wouldn't happen to have a tent or something that I could borrow do you?" I asked with a sheepish smile on my face. It just occured to me that I had no place to stay and I may be stuck here for a little while. "It would only be for a little while, until I can find a way home or a place to make some money. If I am really stuck here anyways."

"Oh I couldn't possibly let you stay out in the cold and dark! I insist you stay here. I-if that's okay with you I mean..." Oh man.. That was just too cute. How can I say no to that?

Letting out a sigh and with a slight shake of my head I conceded. "Okay.. But only for a few days. And I plan on helping you any way that I can around the house, okay?"

"Oh thank you, but you don't have to do that.. I mean, you can if you want to but.. you don't have to." Too. Cute.

"Oh it's no bother at all, really. I'd be more than happy to help out. Especially if you're letting me stay here while I figure things out. It's the least I could do. And also a start to repaying you for your kindness." This would really only be the tip of the ice burg for helping her. I mean, I just met her, scared the shit out of her, then had a mental breakdown in her flowers. Yet right now she's offering me a place to stay. This place is so backwards. I don't think there is anyone on earth that would be so kind and hospitable. "I mean really, I honestly can not thank you enough. If there is anything you need, anything at all,.just let me know, okay?" I had quite a big smile on my face now as I was talking to the mare in front of me. As I was talking, her face was going red. I guess she wasn't used to people wanting to give favors to her.

"O-Okay.. If you really want to.. I guess that it's okay.. Thank you, David." She had her face partially covered under her pink mane as she looked up at me with that cute smile, her face had a slight tint of red going on as well. "Well.. I do have to clean up the house a bit and feed all the animals. You can help feed the animals.. I-If that's okay with you I mean.." She is a very timid person.. er, mare? yeah that's right.

"Honestly I don't mind helping at all Fluttershy, I'm more than happy to help. Just direct me to the food and I'll get right on it." I couldn't be happier to earn my keep around here, even if it wasn't all that much at the moment.

For the rest of the night we cleaned up the house. Dusting all the corners and behind all the little bird houses around the house, as well as in the burrows that were placed sporadically around the walls. once all of the nooks and crannies of the house had been cleaned, and all the animals had been taken care of and safely nestled in their homes, Fluttershy and I took the time to sit on the couch and have another cup of tea in front of a warm fire. When we were all finished, fluttershy grabbed me a spare blanket from the closet and said I could use the couch for tonight until we could set up a cot tomorrow. Being thankful for everything she's done so far I gave her a quick hug and she blushed a bit before saying goodnight and going off to her room on the second floor.

Well, of all the places I could have ended up.. I'm actually glad it was here with someone like Fluttershy. I don't know what I would have done if I landed on some other ponies house. I doubt they'd be as welcoming as Fluttershy has been. I just hope tomorrow is as good as today was. Sleep came easily to me, Slowly drifting into the welcome embrace of sleep as I hummed a small tune I heard earlier in the day. But just as I was about to enter that sweet embrace, I heard a gentle whisper of that same song from upstairs and grinned like an idiot before finally succumbing to the waves of slumber.

Wake Up Call

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Chapter 4

"Okay, what the hell. Where are my gosh darn pants guys. I can't go on without my pants!"

"Come on David, we haven't got all day here. Hurry up! We're on next!"

"Awwwe shit. I need my leather guys! Help me!"

"Okay seriously? We're on now. Just get on stage, David."

"B-but.. But.. No Pants!"

"I don't care. Get your pasty ass on stage!"

"Guys come on!... No.. No!"

I awoke with a start. Cold sweat slowly making it's way down my face. My face took on a very confused look as I took in my surroundings in the early mornings glow.

"That was... Interesting? Wait.. What's that smell?" Looking around I saw a feint stream of smoke coming out of what I believe to be the kitchen. "Damn that smells good! Gotta gets me some a that!" With all thoughts about the strange dream thrown out the window, I quickly rubbed my eyes, flung the blanket on the floor and made for the kitchen.

"On second thought, I should probably fold that." Swiftly turning on my heels, I carefully folded the blanket Fluttershy was kind enough to lend me, and then made my way to the kitchen for the second time.

"Well something sure smells good in here!" I exclaimed as I wandered inside.

"Eep! Oh.. Sorry David, you startled me." Her timidness was way too cute to be natural. I wonder what product she uses?

"Sorry Fluttershy, what are you cooking?" Whatever it was, it smelled amazing. I think the drool slowly seeping out of my mouth can atest to that as well. But for some reason I don't think I'll be getting any bacon today. Or for a while. That's a very depressing thought.

"Well, just some pancakes and hash-browns. I hope that's okay with you.. I can make something else for you if you want.."

"That sounds just perfect. Do you need any help? I'd be more than happy to." In all honesty I was starving and just wanted to eat, but she was adorable and I don't mind spending some time with the timid mare.

"Actually, everything seems to be done here, you could make some tea.. If that's okay with you. I also have orange juice, coffee.."

"I'll make some tea, would you like some?"

"Oh yes please, that sounds.. Nice."

"Splendid! Two cups of tea coming right up!" For some reason I was feeling really good about today. It just seemed like it would be good. I sure hoped so at least.

We spent the next hour or so enjoying the meal that Fluttershy prepared and just chatting about Equestria and Earth. I was surprised to see just how different some customs are here and yet a lot of the holidays are the same if you don't count the name changes or the deities.

Equestria seems to be a lot more pleasant, although I will miss my friends a family. And my music. I wish I had my I- wait.. I do have my Ipod!

Reaching into the inside pocket of my jacket I pulled out my Ipod and headphones. The smile on my face couldn't have been larger. I guess it was rather creepy though because when I looked up, Fluttershy was staring at me with a perplexed look on her face.


"Oh! Uhm.. If you don't mind my asking, uhm.. What is.. That?" She asked, waving a hoof in the general direction of my raised hand full of musical awesome.

"This? This is an Ipod. It stores music and lets me listen to it where ever I want. Here look." Reaching across the table I handed her an earbud and turned on one of my favorite songs. At first she seemed hesitant, but after hearing sound coming from the little pieces of plastic she got curious. After a little reluctance, she took hold of the ear piece and held it to the side of her head and closed her eyes. A few moments later she was nodding her head and humming along. I was relieved to see that she enjoyed the same kind of music that I did, Although I'm reluctant to show her the more heavier stuff that I have on here. Maybe some other time.

"So what do you think? Pretty cool, huh." I said with a smile as she handed back the headphone.

"It was.. Nice. How does it work?" Should have seen that coming, I really had no idea how to explain this without getting a lost look. Although that's probably adorable.

"Well, it's kind of like a CD really." Upon receiving a blank stare from the yellow pegasus I quickly looked around the room before spying a record player in the next room.

"A record?"

"Oh.. Uhm.. I'm not actually sure how those work.. Sorry."

"No no, that's okay. I don't know either. Sorry, I guess I don't really know how it works. But what I do know is that I have a ton of music on here that I'm sure you will enjoy." She smiled sweetly after I said that so I guess she was okay with my answer. Or afraid to pry. Either or.

"So Fluttershy," I waited for her to look my way before continuing. "What's the plan for today?" She looked down in thought for a moment before finally coming to a conclusion in her head.

"Well, I don't really have anything planned for today. Maybe we could go for a walk? If you want to that is. We could stay here if you want to instead.." I think I may have a heart attack before the week is out.

Moving my hand to my chin and looking up in mock thought. I finally came to a decision.

"That sounds like a good plan to me, Shy." I wonder how other ponies will react to seeing a.. Well, seeing me, around town. I hope I don't scare anyone too bad.

"Uhm.. Okay. I just have to feed the animals and we can go. Is that okay?"

"Sounds great! I'll clean up here if you want to get started with the animals?" Standing up I began to bring the plates and back to the sink.

"Thank you."


Home Town Tour Pt.1

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Chapter 5

"You know, suddenly I don't think this is such a good idea." We had only left Fluttershy's cottage a couple minutes ago and already I have had three squirrels flee from me in terror, one of which ran into a tree and knocked himself unconscious, poor little guy, and had a snake us my foot as a stress ball. This was not turning out to be a good day like I had hoped, but Fluttershy assured me that her little animal friends weren't always like this. They just need some time to get used to you is all. Right, and I'm the queen of France. Actually, for all these ponies know I could be. That's pretty cool.

Enjoying my thoughts of being royalty I was unceremoniously dumped into a bush by my timid little friend.

"What the hell? What's going on? What was that for?" I was very confused. I don't like being thrown into bushes, not while I'm sober anyways.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. But please uhm.. Stay hidden for two seconds please.. Oh, if that's okay with you?" No matter how weird she was being, I couldn't say no to those eyes. Even if they were scaring me at the moment. Begrudgingly I ducked my head under the cover of leafy sanctuary as my eyes followed the butter yellow pegasus as she walked a little ways down the road. A purple unicorn was trotting at quite a good pace towards her. They stopped in the middle of the dirt road, a look of concern on the purple mares face while Fluttershy shied a way a little and covered. She was talking to the unicorn, and when she finished she turned her head towards the mare and put on a very nervous looking smile. The unicorn wore an unconvinced look but begrudgingly left it and said her goodbyes before continuing on down the street.

Well that looked like a bundle of fun. I wonder what that was all about?
It looked like I would get my answer soon as I turned to see Fluttershy cautiously making her way back towards me. I stayed in my little shrub home until I was ushered out to the open air once more.

"Mind if I ask what that was all about?" Turning my head to look back at the mare who was no longer there, I shot Fluttershy a look of concern.

"Oh, uhm.. It was.. Nothing!, yeah, nothing at all" She put on that less than convincing smile as she gazed up at me with those expressive blue eyes. I raised my eyebrow at this as she shrunk a bit under my questioning gaze.

"Really? Come on Shy, you're easier to read than a coloring book, and I only met you yesterday. What did that mare want?" I was actually concerned. This was really weird, too weird for my liking anyways.

"Okay.. Well, in all the excitement yesterday I forgot that I was supposed to meet the girls at Sugarcube Corner. I guess they were pretty worried about me." Okay that explains the shying away..

"But why did you shove me in the bushes? Isn't that unicorn your friend?"

"Of course! It's just.. I don't know how they would react to me letting you stay with me. I don't know how they would react to seeing you.. I'm sorry"

"No, no, it's okay, really. I understand, I'm scary. But if that's really how you feel, why are we out wandering Ponyville in the first place?" I was truly baffled by the logic of this myself, but something tells me the blank look on her face says she just realized the flaw in logic as well.

"Oh no! we have to get you back home! What if someone calls the guard? Or the Princesses? What if they take you away and put you in a dungeon!" With every thought the little pegasus had she slowly crumbled to the ground, tears welling up in her eyes as she thought of all the dreadful things that I doubt were going to happen just yet.

"Hey, hey, come on now. It's okay. It's still early in the morning. Not a lot of ponies are out and about from what I can see. We can just head back to the cottage bef-" I never got to finish my thought before I heard a shrill scream and was bowled over from behind. But I was okay though. My face broke my fall and was nice enough to let me sleep for a bit.


"Uhhggg..." My head was pounding. What the hell just happened? Slowly opening my eyes I noticed a very concerned looking Fluttershy by my side, as well as three little fillies.

"Fluttershy.. I thought you told me Equestria didn't have cars. I swear I was just run over by a bus." I sat up with a groan and stretched out my back, eliciting a very satisfying popping noise before I finally relaxed. And suddenly realization struck me.

"Hey Fluttershy, who are your friends?" The trio of colored little ponies shied away a bit as they were addressed by me.

Dammit I do look scary, that's depressing.

"These Three, are the Cutie Mark Crusaders." The what now? I should probably ask about that later. "This is Scootaloo," Her hoof was directed at the little orange pegasus with the purple mane. She more or less just looked like she didn't want to be here. "This is Applebloom," She was a little cream yellow earth pony with a bright red mane and quite a cute little pink bow in her hair. "And this is Sweetie Belle." The little white unicorn shied away, trying in vain to hide behind her curly purple and pink mane. "And they are all really sorry for running you over. Isn't that right girls?"

"Yes Fluttershy, we're sorry.." They spoke in unison. That's pretty cool.

"It's okay, I'm not mad or anything." I said with as genuine a smile as I could muster. I hope it didn't come off too scary. "Just next time, maybe slow down a little. Or at least put bells on your vehicle. courtesies sake and all that."

Their eyes all shot up and looked at me. Smiles sprawled out on their faces. I guess they were glad that I wasn't mad at them or anything. Kids are weird, no matter where you go.

"Thanks Mister!" Again with the uniform speaking? I never got a chance to ask them about it before they were back onto what looked like a scooter and were out of sight before I could blink.

"Cute kids."

"Yeah.. They sure can be a handful, but they mean well. I hope they didn't hurt you. Are you sure you're okay? Oh my goodness! Your cheek!"

"My cheek? What about my- Oh.." Reaching up to my cheek I felt a wet spot. Bring my fingers in front of my eyes I saw the crimson water staining my fingers. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little. I had a tiny bit of blood on one of my fingers. I guess when I landed on my face the ground wasn't very kind to me.

"Oh we need to get you cleaned up! We can come back out later on today.. If you want to that is."

"Is there a park anywhere? I kind of feel like playing some music." My fingers were itching to play something. And knowing how musically inclined these ponies were, according to Fluttershy anyways, it would be interesting to see how they react to me.

"Oh yes, there is one that my friends and I visit quite often. We can go there if you want to. But first, let's get your cheek cleaned up." That smile of hers was just so serene, I can't say no with it. So with a bow of my head and a wave of my arm I let her lead the way back to her cottage to get washed up.


I was right when I said it was just a small scratch. I now was the proud owner of a tiny bandaid on my left cheek, just below my eye. It really didn't hurt at all but Fluttershy was making a big deal out of it. fussing over me and continually asking if I was alright. It was nice to know she cared so much, but there's only so much fussing a guy can take right?

"Yes Fluttershy, I'm okay. I promise. Now can we please go to the park now? It's such a nice day out." It really was. The sun was shining brightly through the cottage windows, the birds were chirping in blissful naivety. From what I could see, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was pretty cool knowing that the weather was controlled by ponies and not just random acts of nature.

"But.. There could be a lot of ponies there.. What if-" I didn't get her a chance to finish her thought. I don't think these ponies are that scared of the unknown. I hoped not anyways, but I hid my doubts away so I didn't worry the poor mare. With the best smile on my face I told her,

"It'll be okay. You know I'm friendly and not some scary monster. From what you've told me, you're scared of a lot of things, no offence," She smiled and nodded at me so I continued, "So if you can be by my side and not scared, I'm sure that the other ponies in your little town will be just as accepting." I finished with the most confident smile I could muster, and I guess it was contagious because I saw her whole body perk up and the smile on her face showed a lot more confidence than a few minutes ago.

"Okay.. Let me just make some sandwiches. We can have a picnic. Is that okay?" D'awwe that's adorable!

"Of course! That sounds fantastic. Do you have peanut butter and jelly?" I knew I couldn't eat the regular daisy or hay sandwiches so I was really hoping that she did.

"Uhm.. I can check. I'm sure I do though.."

"Thank you."

Okay so I guess today was turning out alright so far. I can't complain really. For coming to a new world, I was accepted fairly quickly by this mare. I'm still at a loss for words by this. but I'm touched all the same. She really is amazing.

"Um.. Are you okay David?" What was that? Oh Fluttershy's back. Did she say something?

"Sorry, what was that?"

"Oh.. Was I interrupting something? You looked pretty deep in thought.. Is everything okay?"

"Hm? Oh yeah everything is wonderful actually. I really just wanted to say thank you. You've done so much for already and we just met yesterday morning! You really are amazing, you know that?" She blushed at this, looking away and covering half of her face with her perfectly kempt mane.

"Uhm.. Thank you. But I'm not that special really.. Are you all ready to go?"

"Uh.. Yes. Yes you are. And yeah I'm all set to go if you are. Just lead the way m'lady."

And with that, we made our way to the park for an afternoon of music and meetings.

A/N: So I split this chapter into two parts because I'm still having trouble figuring out what I want to happen at the park. And I also wanted to ask how I was doing so far. Any and all criticisms are welcome. so please, criticize away!

Yours truly,


Home Town Tour Pt.2

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Chapter 6

Why is everyone stari- Oh.. right. Me.

It was later in the day now as we made our way towards the park. So far the walk had been uneventful. Unless you count as stunned silences and shocked expressions from nearly all the ponies you passed. Aside from the odd ones that chose to flee or pass out that is. I'm not sure if those count as real events or just sad happenstance. No, so far I hadn't been chased away by an angry mob or been the target of the guard so I was taking that as a good sign and rolling with it. I'll have my chance to win these ponies over eventually. At least I hope so anyways.

I guess the beings these ponies called gods had something else in mind because from behind me I heard a raspy yet utterly feminine voice yelling at me.

"Hey! You get away from her!" Why did she sound so angry? and why was her voice getting louder? 'Oh jebus she's running at me!'

Seeing as how I apparently look intimidating. Not sure how exactly, but none the less intimidating, I did the most non threatening thing I could think of before I was plowed to the ground. I layed down on my face and didn't move.

"Oh.. My.." Was all I heard before a gust of wind blew a bunch of dust into my face, but I dared not move incase the newcomer spooked and squished me.

"Uh.. Fluttershy, What is that? And what is it doing?"

"Oh.. Uhm.. David? Wha-"

"David? What's a 'David'?" Wow. She seems a little rude.

*Eep!* From where I was laying with my face in the dirt I couldn't see what was going on, but I'm guessing that Fluttershy was shrinking away under a glare of some kind from this mystery pony lady. Poor Fluttershy.

"Well.. Uhm. This is David. He's uhm.. A.. Human." Hey, she remembered!

"What's a 'Human'? Oh geez.. We have a genius over here.

"I am, thank you very much."

"Woah! It can talk?" Man she's aggravating.

"Yes, I can talk." I said as I slowly got up off the dirt road. I heard the sound of shuffling hooves so I guess the mare retreated a bit at the sight of my bipedal height. "And I'm a 'He', not an 'It', just to clarify with you, Miss...?"

"Oh uh, I'm Rainbow Dash! Fastest flyer in all of Equestria."

My, what a big head you have. "Hi, I'm David. it's a pleasure, I'm sure."

I don't know why, but for some reason this colorful pony just rubs me the wrong way. But who am I to judge, I'm the weirdo here anyways. Maybe she's normal here and everyone respects her ego like some kind of lost relic? What a weird place this is.

"You bet it is!" Riiiight..

"Anyways, I have to go, weather duties and what not. Catch you later Fluttershy. It was nice meeting you what ever your name is."

And with that she took to the sky and zoomed to the north, leaving behind a trail of rainbows in her wake.

"Well she was... Pleasant."

"Oh.. I'm sorry David, I know she can be a handful at times, but if you get to know her I'm sure you guys will be good friends." Oh please, not the smile. Not the smile... Damn it.

I let out a sad sigh as I reached up and held the bridge of my nose.

"Okay, I'll give her a chance. Shall we carry on?"

"Oh, okay."


The park was bursting at the seams with life. Ponies of all ages were enjoying the noon day sun and frolicking through the grass. Some were enjoying the scenery from checkered picnic blankets, while others were flying kites with the young ones. It just looked like a beautiful day. But that all changed when the fir- er.., when Fluttershy and I arrived. There wasn't a pair of eyes in the park that wasn't locked on the two new comers.

Fluttershy had taken to hiding behind me as I casually strode amongst the groups of bewildered ponies, giving a casual nod or a smile as we wandered by.

Oh man this is so weird. Why is this so awkward? What do, what do?

Then I heard it. It was soft at first, like a calm breeze in the summer heat, or the spray of water as it crashes onto land. It was music, and it was beautiful.

taking this as a sign, I gave a nod of reassurance to the yellow mare behind me before I made my way towards the source of that enchanting noise, all the while casually taking my guitar off my shoulder and intertwining my music with the mystery artist. The way the notes just flowed together felt.. Right. Like it was meant to be heard together. It was exhilarating.

Slowly striding over the crest of a small hill I saw her. A mint green unicorn with a lighter green mane adorned with a white stripe. She had her eyes closed in intense concentration, but from here I could just make out her brow furrowing as she caught on to the invading noises that were now invading her ears, unimpeded by the hill.

She didn't open her eyes though. She just adapted to my rhythm and continued to strum away on her lyre. It was indeed beautiful to see. As well as to hear. Taking a few steps closer, I glanced down at the timid pegasus near my feet and tried to encourage her to join in. She seemed apprehensive at first, but after a few gentle nudges and a calm, reassuring smile, she began to sing. There were no words to the song, but there was feeling. It started out soft in nature. Very quiet. You could only really hear it if you were within her proximity, but it slowly began to build in volume and passion. I watched as Fluttershy closed her eyes and really got into the song we were creating. The unicorn beside me finally opened one eye and glanced my way. She faultered in our song, but only for a moment before she recollected herself and continued to play. I was surprised she took that so well. I guess music really does bring people together. Go figure.

Glancing up from my guitar and the two mares beside me I saw that the stunned crowd from earlier was slowly advancing on us. Still timid as to my nature, but more curios than afraid now. I broke out into a smile as I continued to strum my guitar. Fluttershy continued to belt out the wordless melody as the unknown mare plucked furiously on her strings. And as the song died down, I thought I could faintly hear the gathered crowd humming along.

As the song finally ended I looked up and was shocked. The crowd was cheering and hollering and stomping their feet. All of the attention was directed at us. They no longer cared that I was weird looking, or even scary looking. They accepted me through my music. And for that I was grateful for. I smiled down at the pegasus to my left as she looked around at the crowd then up at me, a blush growing heavily on her face. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around I saw that it was the green mare whom we had played with just moments ago.

We shared a smile. A whimsical, care free smile.

"Hi, I'm Lyra, Lyra Heartstrings."


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Chapter 7

"Heh.. Uhh.. Hi, I'm David, David Gatzby." Wow. She has pretty eyes. Gold like the setting sun. Looking into her eyes, I couldn't see a hint of fear. Maybe a bit of confusion and caution, but no fear. This was new.

"It's nice to meet you, Lyra." I guess I was still staring into her eyes with a goofy smile because she turned her head away. I think I saw a hint of a blush grace her cheeks as well.

well, at least I'm not scaring her.

"So, how do you two know each other?" Lyra was now looking in my direction with a smile on her face, waiting patiently for our answer. I brought my hand up behind my head and rubbed it, letting out a little chuckle at the question.

"Well, so see. It's kind of hard to explain really. We actually just met yesterday.." I had to let out another short laugh as I saw the perplexed look on Lyra's face.

Do all ponies look this adorable?

"What do you mean you just met yesterday? you two seem so close."

That statement threw me back a bit. It was true. For someone who's supposedly scared of her own shadow, she's surprisingly open and caring towards me. It was a humbling feeling.

"In all honesty, I'd rather talk about this in private. It's not really something I'd like known just yet."

Oh great, that sounds like we're dating in secret, gotta salvage this.

"I'm kind of new here so I already seem scary."

Lyra had a skeptical look on her face so something told me she had the same sort of thoughts running through her head as well. Shit.

"Tell you what, why don't you stop by Fluttershy's later this afternoon and I'll tell you all about it. Is that okay, Shy?"

I guess the poor mare was still in shock over the applauding crowd that had dissipated a few minutes ago. She hadn't said a word and was just staring off into space with a slightly worried expression mixed in with a half smile.

"Sorry.. What did you say?"

Hmmm.. Something's not right here. I'll have to ask about that later.

"Oh, I was just seeing if it was okay for Lyra to stop by your cottage later this afternoon for tea?"

"Uhm,.. That sounds.. Nice."

"Great! I guess we'll see you later today."

With our goodbye's out of the way, and plans set. Fluttershy and I made our way to the top of the hill and enjoyed the sun and each other's company. We spent the next few hours just chatting and eating the sandwiches Fluttershy made.

I had gotten into a pretty thorough telling of my first, and apparently last big gig with my former band. I spared no details, and got pretty into the story as well. Arms were flailed and voices were raised in excitement. I was about to grace the yellow pegasus in front of my with a grand tale involving a stage hand and some fireworks gone wrong when I felt a slight tugging on my jacket. Turning around I saw a little little orange unicorn filly. She was staring up at me with such big teal eyes. She was the epitome of cute children. Human or pony. She was carrying a small note pad in her magic and had a pencil in her mouth. Putting down the pencil and pad of paper in front of me, she looked up at me with a great big carefree smile and sat on her rump.

"Uhm.. Can I uh.. Have your autograph?"

My autograph? wow. This is pretty cool. Been here one day and I already have a little fan.

"Well of course you can!" I looked back at Fluttershy with a smile on my face. She was wearing one herself, all be it a bit more reserved. That is until the little filly ran up to her and asked for her autograph as well. She was shocked at first. Letting her mouth hang agape at the sudden question before shaking her head quickly and grabbing the pencil in her mouth.

"Here you are sweetie." The smile on Fluttershy's face was a little nervous, but full of sincerity.

"Thank you so much! You guys were amazing! I want to learn how to play music some day! Can you teach me? canyacanyacanyacanycanya?"

I was taken by surprise at the question. I just stared at the little filly with my mouth forming non existent words as I stared down at her. Looking over at Fluttershy I saw that she was doing the same thing. We made eye contact before I leaned over and whispered into her ear.

"Hey, this could be a way for me to make some money around here and finally pay you back! I think it could work out."

"I don't know, David.. Have you ever taught a unicorn before?"

"Well, I've actually never seen a unicorn before today. But it couldn't be that hard right?"

Her question robbed me of a bit of my confidence, but I held firm that I could help this little filly achieve her dream.

"Alright.. If you think you can, I'll do my best to help you.. If you want me to that is."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Okay, well first off, what's your name?" That would probably be a good place to start if I was going to be teaching her one day.

"Sonny! Well.. My real name is Sonata, but I like Sonny much better!" The smile on her face was contagious, as Fluttershy and I soon found out when we both bore huge grins.

"Okay Sonny, do your parents know you want to take lessons from us?" Gotta have permission.

"Not exactly.. But I can go ask right now! MOOOOoooommmm!"

"Think we can handle her?"

"Oh.. Uhm.. I hope so." She's so timid, it's just too darn cute.

"It'll be okay Shy, We'll help each other out."

It wasn't long before a very eager looking unicorn filly came back with a yellow earth pony with a muted orange mane came briskly trotting back our way. The mare looked a little uneasy coming towards me so I put on my best smile and waved as nicely as I could.

"Hi, you must be Sonny's mom. I'm David, and this is Fluttershy. It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise. I'm Autumn Breeze." She had a calm smile and peaceful eyes. There was a little apprehension behind them, so I decided to put that to rest.

"There's no reason to be afraid, I don't bite" I did my best to smile with my mouth closed to hide the canines that I possessed. Autumn visibly relaxed a little at my words but stayed a few feet away all the same.

"So mom! CanICanICanICanI?" Wow she has a lot of energy.

"I don't know honey, how much does it cost?"

I had to turn to Fluttershy and have a quick discussion with her. I didn't actually know the proper pricing of, well, anything. So I didn't want to over price the poor kid.

"Does five bits sound reasonable?"

I guess it was because she only hesitated for a second before accepting. The little fillies eyes grew wide when her mom said yes and she began bouncing around us happily and singing in a good, but slightly off key way. The three of us smiled at her as she continued to do a small victory dance.

"Hehehe, okay settle down there. How does tomorrow around noon sound for your first lesson?"

"That sounds great" Her mother chimed in as the little filly was too preoccupied with her celebration. "We'll be there. Come on Sonny. We have to go find your father and his kite."

With a quick have and a great smile, the little filly and her mother trotted away.

"Well I guess we should get home and prepare. Lyra is coming over later today and we have to set up for Sonny tomorrow. I guess it's going to be busy for a while now, eh Fluttershy?"

"Yes. But I think we can handle it."

Cleaning up our picnic, we made our way back to the nature loving mares cottage. We had some planning to do for tomorrow's first lesson.

Sources Of Income

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Chapter 8

"Hey, Fluttershy?"

The mare in question looked up from cleaning and turned to face me. I had to stifle a giggle as a saw a large cobweb hanging from her pink mane. She noticed my expression then went cross eyed to get a better view. She tried in vain to blow the cobwebs off her hair, only allowing it to fall back down on her face. The third time it hit her nose and she scrunched her eyes shut.

"Ah... Ah...AHH!! .... *choo*" Well that was anticlimactic.

"You need some help over there?" I couldn't help but laugh at her antics as I walked over and pulled the offending piece of spider made torture from her mane.

"There, all better. Now, do you know of any music stores near or in town? Cause I was thinking that it may be a little hard to teach with just one guitar. And it's not that I don't trust her with it, it just happens to be my only guitar and I love it." I also needed to find some new strings for my baby. They were getting old as it is and could break any day now.

"Oh.. Uhm.. Thank you, I think there is a store in town called 'Strings 'n Things'. I think they sell all sorts of stuff there."

Well that sounds promising.

"Hmmm, we should check that out some time. You know, when I actually have money to buy things."

As if on cue there was a knocking at the door.

"Well I guess that's Lyra."

Walking up to the door I slowly opened it up to reveal none other than the mint green unicorn from earlier today. A great big smile adorning her face, and a pair of saddle bags hanging loosely off the curve of her back.

"Hey Lyra, come on in"

Stepping aside to let her pass, Lyra trotted in and gently placed her saddle bags on a rack near the front door before walking towards the couch and taking a seat next to Fluttershy, with whom she casually started up a conversation that I'm guessing brought back a few memories from the past. I smiled at the scene before me as I walked into the kitchen to make some tea and grab some crackers.

Returning with my bounty of fine conversation foods, I took a seat next to Fluttershy and placed the tray of treats on the small table in front of the couch.

"So, how did you two meet? You made it sound so mysterious back at the park."

Well I guess mysterious is better than creepy.

"It's weird really. " I let out a sigh to collect my thoughts before I continued.

"You see. I'm not exactly from.. Here."

"Yeah, I was going to say, I've never seen something like you before. What part of Equestria are you from?"

That brought a smile to my face. I began to wonder exactly how much I should tell these ponies. I mean, I know Fluttershy knows and she took it rather well. But seeing how the other ponies in town reacted, I should probably keep it just between us for now. At least until I know I can trust Lyra a bit more. She seems alright so far.

"Let's just say that it's really far away." I gave her a curt smile and glanced at Fluttershy. She was giving me a confused look so I guess she was wondering why I didn't tell her about how I came here. I gently placed my hand on her hoof and gave it a light squeeze before i continued on with the story of our epic encounter with the fourth kind.

"Anyways, while I was wandering through a forest I heard a beautiful voice. I couldn't help myself so I just started to play along with my guitar and follow the songs pull." Okay so it wasn't the WHOLE truth, but at least there was a bit of truth in it. So no harm no foul. Right?

"When I finally came out of the forest I stumbled upon this quaint little cottage and saw none other than this mare right here tending to her garden." I gestured towards Fluttershy and she smiled up at me. That cute little smile.

"She was singing at the time and hadn't yet noticed me. Being one not to disturb people at work, I just gently strummed my guitar to her melody and hummed along. She was startled at first and ran and locked herself inside." I looked back at Fluttershy and she was now a bright crimson and was sporting a very shy and embarrassed smile. She really is a shy one.

"So what happened after that?"

"Well I didn't want to leave the poor girl scared of coming outside so, I began to sing."

"Sing? You just started to sing to a stranger?"

"Well I sung with you didn't I? Anyways, yes, I started to sing. It was small at first. Really calming and melodic. Then as it built up I added some guitar. Eventually Fluttershy opened the door and wouldn't you know, she was singing along. And well, the rest is history as they say."

"Who says that?"

"Uh... You know I don't really know." Well that's embarrassing.

I didn't really feel like letting other's know about my little episode that I had in the garden. I figure that that is a secret best kept as such.

"But yeah, Fluttershy was kind enough to give me a place to stay for a while and I plan on repaying her as best I can."

"That's so sweet. Which reminds me. Here."

Lyra's horn began to glow and in turn her saddle bag started to rustle and out popped a small jingling pouch.

"This is some bits from our little show earlier today. After you two left I went to grab my bag and lyre case and wouldn't you know, it was stuffed full of bits. Now before you two came along I didn't have much in there so I figured you deserved a cut of the funds."

Wow.. There's really quite a bit of change here.

"Wow. How much did you make?"

"Uhm.. Are you sure? That's so.. Nice of you."

"It's the least I could do. Maybe we can do that again some time? Make it a regular occurrence?"

"I'm okay with that. What about you, Shy?"

"Oh.. I don't know, all those ponies will be watching. It seems so.. Scary."

"It's okay Fluttershy, I mean, Look at how well you did today? You loved it and there were plenty of ponies around. You seemed just fine then. Please?"

"Well.. Okay, for you."

"Okay great! how does Thursday sound?" Well today was Tuesday so I guess that could work into the schedule.

"That can work. Same place?"

"Always will be. I'll see you guys then! And thank you for the tea."

Getting up off the couch I showed Lyra to the door and walked her out. With a final wave goodbye I closed the door and went back to sitting with Fluttershy on the couch.

"I think I just found two jobs in less than a day. Isn't that great! And better yet they both involve music, and you can help out with them! Heck you're a part of both of them!"

The butter yellow mare let out a startled squeak as I scooped her up in a big hug and spun her around.

"This could really work out for us!"

"Don't you need to get a new guitar first..? Before you start teaching I mean.."

She was right. I couldn't teach a beginner guitar if I couldn't let them play along to what I was doing.

"Right, right... Where was that music store again?"

A Real Shot

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Chapter 9

The sun was slowly making its decent along the Equestian skyline. Sending a cascade of warm colors across the vast expanse of sky. A cool evening breeze swept its way through the serene town of Ponyville, lightly whipping at the manes of passersby. Bringing with it the aroma of fall and cheerful thoughts.

"I hate the cold.."

I casually walked through the sparsely populated evening streets of Ponyville, Giving good natured nods to those who happened to make eye contact or those that I would catch staring at me in bewilderment. It seems that not everyone in the little town was in the park this morning so news of the new creatures arrival was still fresh. It would probably take some time and a lot of patience before the town of pastel ponies would walk by me without taking a second shocked glance.

The walk to Strings 'n Things took little more than twenty minutes to get to from Fluttershy's cottage. I only stopped once to tie my shoe before finally arriving at the little store near the town hall.

The front of the store was very plain for a building in Ponyville. The building was made out of bricks with a small window to the right of the front door. At the top of the front wall hung a plain white sign with 'Strings 'n Things' written in red cursive. All in all it just looked like your regular building. But, stepping through the threshold of the door frame you would see that this was no ordinary music store.

Walking inside, I couldn't help but let my jaw hang limply open. Adorning nearly every inch of the main room were brass and stringed instruments ranging from flutes to banjos. From bassoons to harps. It was a breathtaking sight. Well.. If you liked music that is. Taking another scope of the main room, I saw a unicorn stallion standing behind a counter polishing a trumpet. He was an older stallion from what David knew of pony physiology. He had a pale brown coat with a slicked back grey beard that matched the slight goatee on his chin.

Approaching the counter with a light skip in my step I casually cleared his throat to get the employees attention.

*Ahem* "Hello."

Turning around to see who was interrupting his work the stallions eyes slowly grew as he took in the sight before him before a smile crept through the veil of fear.

"Oh hello there. You're that new creature that was singing in the park this morning aren't you? I'm terribly sorry but we're closed at the moment. But do not fret. We open rather early in the morning so feel free to stop by any time and I would be more than happy to help you out. I do all I can for fellow musicians. The name's Cal M. Tune"

Well it is rather late in the evening, I guess I should have figured that.

"Sorry, I didn't see a sign or anything. I'm David, it's a pleasure to meet you." I gave a quick nod in greeting before continuing, "I'll be sure to stop by tomorrow. Thanks."

Turning around and heading towards the door, I heard a call behind him.

"Hold on a second son. I have something here you may be interested in."

Me? Hmm well this could be interesting..

"There is a music festival coming up in Canterlot. It's being held in a park in the main area of down town Canterlot."

"What kind of festival?" That is probably the stupidest question.. It's a music festival

"Well it's kind of like a talent show." Well that's.. not what I expected.

"Artists perform in front of 3 judges and a huge crowd. Those who are deemed good enough and are received well by the crowd move on to the next round. There are three rounds in total. From seeing you and your band perform in the park this morning I'd say you have a pretty good shot at this my boy." My... Band? Does he mean Fluttershy and Lyra? Hmm.

"That sounds.. Interesting. I'll look into it. Thanks a lot Cal."

"Oh it is my pleasure David. Here's a flyer with all of the details on the festival. It should be a rather pleasant experience if I do say so myself. Have a good evening son."

"Thanks again Cal, I'll see you tomorrow morning."


"Did you say... Canterlot? Surrounded by tons of ponies..? All.. Watching us..?" Fluttershy visibly shrank with each statement. That explains why she was so spacey after our impromptu performance this morning. She's afraid of crowds. This could be an issue..

"It's okay Fluttershy, you don't have to be scared. I've seen you perform. Hell, you performed today in front of a pretty big crowd and you owned it"

"Oh.. I know but it's just so.. Scary." This may be harder than I thought..

"How about this. We take Lyra up on her offer and perform in the park. Maybe you'll get used to singing in front of crowds?" I hope this works..

"Well... Okay. I think I can give it a shot.. For you." She flashed that cute little nervous smile at David before he reached down and gave her a tight hug.

"Thank you. Just remember I'll be by your side the whole time so you don't need to be afraid. If you feel stage fright setting in, just look at me okay?"


"Good, It's getting late. I'll see you in the morning okay? And remember, Sonny is coming over at noon tomorrow for her first lesson."

"Right.. Well good night David, and thank you."

"Any time Fluttershy. See you in the morning."

Giving the little pegasus another quick hug, I watched as Fluttershy ascended up the stairs to her bedroom before laying back on the couch and pulling the blanket up over my chest, letting the soothing embrace of sleep gently caress me.


I awoke to the feeling of soft thumping on the side of his head. Groggily he opened his eyes to the sight of a very annoyed looking white ball of fur on the table in front of him.

"Ugghhh... Go away Angel. It's too damn early." The groggy tone in my voice was muffled as I rolled over to face the inside of the couch and began to doze off once more.


"Ow! What the hell was that?!"

Sitting up on the couch, I saw an apple lying on the floor and a very angry looking bunny pointing to a note on the coffee table.

"You could have just asked you little shit..." I mumbled under his breath as he rubbed the back of his head and grabbed the note in question.


I forgot to tell you last night that I was meeting the girls for breakfast this morning.

I will be back at the cottage in time for when Sonny arrives.

I hope you don't mind.


"Well at least I won't be alone to teach. That would be oh so much fun." Getting up off the couch, I reached down and picked up the apple off floor and went to the kitchen to wash it off. To my surprise, there was a plate of waffles already on the table with a note with my name on it by its side.

"Fluttershy, you are amazing. Thank you"

Sitting down at the table, I grabbed the fork and quickly ate up the prepared meal before washing up and heading out the door. I had some things to get before Sonny arrived and I had to be prepared for the little music enthusiast when she came.

The walk to Strings 'n Things was peaceful in the early fall morning light. Some ponies were up and about and those that passed by me gave him a curt nod or a wave before carrying on with their errands. It seems that people were a little less afraid of me than before. News seemed to spread fast around town so news of his arrival was known by almost everyone in Ponyville by now.

Arriving at Cal's store, I pushed open the door and was greeted by the sound of guitars being tuned.

This seems promising.

Looking around quickly, I noticed that the sound was coming from the room near the back of the main show room. Walking inside, I was in utter bliss. I saw that the walls were lined with all sorts of different acoustic guitars and a few other types of stringed instruments. Sitting in the middle of the now dubbed 'Guitar Room', was Cal, hovering three guitars in his magic while he tuned each one at the same time.

Okay that is really impressive.

Not wanting to break his concentration, I walked in and sat down in a chair in the corner of the room and waited until Cal was done.

"Ah, decided to show up after all eh my boy? What can I do for ya?" Cal was as chipper as ever

"I'm actually looking for a guitar I can teach a small filly with, do you have any suggestions?" In all honesty I had no idea what was easiest for a beginner to learn on. For ponies anyways.

"I think I have just the thing for you right here" With a quick flash of his magic, Cal pulled over a miniature guitar. Everything about it was identical to a regular guitar except for the size. It was perfect for a young filly such as Sonny.

"That's perfect! I'll take it. How much?"

"For you? Seventy bits."

Now I know for a fact that guitars aren't cheap. But I only had a hundred bits to my name so this was going to make a huge dent in my funds but it would probably be worth it in the long run.

"Sounds fair to me."

With a nod of his head, Cal walked back to the front desk with David in tow. Cal threw the guitar in a soft case for me and after a short exchange of good byes, I made his way back to The cottage he called home for the time being to wait for Sonny.

"Oh, I really hope Fluttershy gets home before Sonny shows up.."


"Where is she?! It's nearly two o'clock!"

Sonny had shown up right on time with her mother panting behind her. The little filly had sprinted all the way here leaving her mom to play catch up. I had started out by teaching her some basic notes and a chord progression out of the notes afterwards. I was in awe when he saw how the little filly played the noted by applying pressure on the strings with magic instead of her hooves. It started out weird but once he got the hang of her magic he began to teach her properly.

"Okay play it one more time, Sonny. Once you get it perf-" Before he could get the little unicorn to continue, the front door opened and in walked a very disheveled looking Fluttershy.

"Oh my gosh, David. I'm so sorry I'm late. I was with the girls and we got caught up in one of Pinkies stories and I just lost track of time.. I'm sorry.."

Did she run all the way here?

"It's okay Fluttershy. It hasn't been that bad. Little Sonny here catches on pretty quick. Do you want to give teaching her singing a try?"

"Oh.. Okay, I can try.. Are you ready Sonny?"

"Ooh yes yes yes yes yes yes!"

I sat in the doorway and watched for a little while before he made my way to the kitchen to finally grab myself a glass of water and something to eat. In the background I could hear the usual 'do re mi fa so la ti do' of warm up exercises.

Well it sounds like she knows what she's doing. I'm sure she won't mind if I step out for a second.

Stepping back out into the living room The musician saw Fluttershy praising Sonny for doing so well.

"Hey Fluttershy, I'm just going to take a quick walk. Get some fresh air."

"Okay, I'll be here when you get back."

That smile..

I walked down the dirt road with one destination in mind. The only place he really knew how to get to besides the music store. The park. The walk there was calm and peaceful. The odd orange or red leaf would fall from a nearby tree and land gently on the ground below. The sky had taken on a firey hue as the sun set in the west. It was beautiful in every sense of the word. Once I arrived at the park he went straight for the bench Lyra usually sat on. To my surprise, Lyra was still there, just watching the sun set.

"Something on your mind?"

Lyra visibly flinched as she was brought back to the present. blinking profusely before shaking her head and looking back at me.

"Oh no, it's nothing. I just enjoy coming out here every now and then to watch the sun set. It's.. Peaceful." There was a hint of sadness in her eyes as she said that, but thinking it must be personal, I opted to leave it for now.

"Yeah, I know what you mean.. I used to do this sort of thing back where I'm from too. It was calming. Do you mind if I join you?"

"Of course, have a seat."

And there we sat. Just watching the sun as it set beneath the hills in the west. The sky turning from an orangey red to a twilight of blues and purples. Once the sun had fully set set, and the stars began to invade the sky with the encouraging smile of the moon, I finally broke the silence.

"Lyra, I have a proposition for you."

Branching Out

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Chapter 10


"That was amazing!"

"Encore! Encore!"

"Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

"YEA- Wait what did he say?"

The past few weeks had had been full of small concerts just like the one Fluttershy, Lyra and I were wrapping up now. Lyra had jumped with surprise and glee when I had told her about the festival in Canterlot and the 'Battle of The Bands' type deal going on there. Right away she made Thursday a mandatory practice day out in the park, as well as weekends at Fluttershy's cottage learning new songs to play at said Thursday gigs. Along with teaching Sonny guitar and giving her singing lessons on Tuesdays, the weeks took on a very musical tone.

"That was our best one yet!" Lyra yelled in my ear with glee. She was standing right next to me but due to the roar of the excited crowd, the need to break eardrums was necessary. "Just listen! They love us! And look at all those bits!" It was true, They had taken to leaving my guitar case open in front of them because Lyra's old bag over flowed the last week they had played, and even that was beginning to pour bits onto the grass beneath it.

"This is just unreal. We're famous! At least here." The surprise running through the guitarists head was like a deer caught in the headlights of an on coming semi truck.

"Do you.. Think we'll do well in the festival..?" Even after belting out such beautiful vocals in front of a packed park of peppy ponies, she was still nearly petrified. But she was beginning to open up in public thanks to this. She's even taken to signing autographs more openly.

"Are you kidding? I think we can win!" Swooping down, I grabbed Fluttershy and spun her around in a great big hug, eliciting a startled *eep* from the poor mare. "Well wasn't that cute."

*Ahem* "Excuse me."

Putting Fluttershy back on the ground, the trio turned their attention to a grey stallion standing behind them with a curt smile on his face. He had a short cropped light purple mane and tail, and was sporting a very fashionable moustache of the same hue.

"Uh.. Hi." "Why is he looking at me like that"

"Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Silent Night. I am the proud owner of a concert hall in Trottingham called 'The Stall' And I would be honored to have you three play alongside some of our regulars next Friday." To say we were shocked would be an understatement. Our mouths hung open like fish gasping for air. I tried to utter forth a response but all that came out were incoherent babbles. Lyra was about to make a reply of her own but to both Lyra's and my shock, Fluttershy was the first to come out of her stupor.

"We would love to! Uh... Right?" She looked to her companions who both gave her a quick nod and thumbs up in reply, still trying to comprehend the offer and the boldness of the yellow pegasus.

"Excellent! Here is my card. It has the address written on the back. I look forward to seeing you next week. If you can, please be there as early as possible. No need to hold up the show, right?" Silent Night let out a throaty, warm chuckle after that and bid the stunned band a due before turning around and trotting off towards the train station.

"Did we just get our first real gig..?"

"Uhm... Yes." As soon as the words left Fluttershy's mouth I fell onto my back with a huge grin on his face and breathed a heavy sigh of joy. "This is going to be amazing."

The week went by swiftly, full of practice and excitement and in the blink of an eye it was Wednesday. Not even the rain pouring down in waves outside could dampen the mood I was in as I packed his bag with the things I would probably need for the trip. Fluttershy had given Rarity my measurements for some new clothing and with a whole cart full of odd looks, she made four new tee shirts of varying colors and a pair of black straight legged pants. They were a little long, but having a few extra sets of clothes was better than having just one. I asked Fluttershy to send my thanks to her whenever she could and had asked if I could meet her and the rest of her friends any time soon. I had seen them around the park a few times but whenever they approached the two of us after we finished up practice, Fluttershy would whisk me back to her cottage without saying a word to her friends or good bye to Lyra, leaving her staring at the space we were a split second earlier. I had asked her about it but all I got in reply was an incoherent mumble before Shy swiftly ran to her bedroom.

Fluttershy was in her bedroom doing the same thing I was. Lyra was meeting us in an hour at the park before we headed for the train station and off to Trottingham for our first real payed gig.

"Hey Fluttershy! You about ready to go?" I was by the door with all of my stuff waiting patiently for the pegasus upstairs. "We need to hurry up and meet Lyra at the park."

"Just a second." The sound of soft hooves could be heard on the second floor before the yellow ball of d'awwe decended the stairs to meet David at the door.

"All set?"

"Oh, yes.. But.. Are you sure we're ready for this..? I mean. It seems so sudden."

"Nonsense, we're going to do great. You're going to do great." "That put a smile on her face."

"Well.. Okay, if you say so."

"I do, now come on, we need to get to the park, stat!"

I quickly helped Fluttershy with her saddle bag before I threw on my own back pack and followed her out the door.

"Hey guys! What took you so long? We need to hurry up!" Lyra was bouncing on her hooves in excitement and anxiousness. This was going to be her debut as an artist and she couldn't wait to see the look on the crowds faces.

"Sorry, just had to give a quick pep talk, but we're all good now. Lead the way!"

With a quick squee of joy, Lyra spun on her hooves and trotted briskly towards the station, leaving her band mates behind to quickly run and catch up.

The station came into view no more than fifteen minutes after they left the park. With a quick burst of speed, the trio ran to the ticket booth and purchased three tickets to Trottingham. After a quick conversation with the sales mare about just what I was, we all bored the train and found an empty car to take a seat in.

Fluttershy and Lyra were quick to jump into a conversation about the up coming show and what it would be like. Having already dealt with a show like this rather recently, I just took the time to look out the window at the station as it began to move out of view.

"Well, this is it. The first step of many. And one step closer to the Festival."

Roar of The Crowd

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Chapter 11

The train was casually making its way towards Trottingham. The constant 'Clickity-Clack' of the wheels giving headaches to who ever heard it. Smoke was billowing out of the stack near the front of the train, sending birds careening off course every now and then as they flew through the cloud of fumes and burnt coal. Travelling at such a relaxed pace caused traffic to stop at every main road that it crossed. Many a pony was late for work that day, crying outwardly to Celestia to spare them from the verbal abuse they would receive from their bosses. Yet throughout all the commotion outside, one creature slept comfortably. At least for the moment.

"Should we uh.. Maybe wake him up..?"

"Oh.. I don't know, wouldn't that be rude?"

"But he sounds like he's gargling pudding."

"Maybe we should just let him sleep..?"

"Screw that, he's keeping me up with that noise."

*WHUMP* "OW! What the hell?" I was now lying face down on the train car floor. I had bits of dirt hanging from the side of my lip as I slowly got up and looked around, wiping my face in the process. Was I drooling?

"Oh my goodness! David, are you okay?"

"Yep.. Just fine, what happened?" Fluttershy extended a hoof to help me up which I gladly accepted as I took my place back on the seat.

"Well, you we sleeping. And snoring reeaaaalllly loudly and I couldn't sleep. So I pushed you off the couch." Lyra finished her admission to the heinous crime with a very large, innocent looking smile. Oh you are sooo getting it later..

"And you couldn't have just poked me or something? I raised my eyebrow up skeptically as I waited for her to come up with some lame excuse for why she pushed me off the chair. This should be good..

"Nope!" Lyra exclaimed with that same happy, innocent grin on her face. You have got to be kidding me.

"You are soooo in for it later." I grumbled while rubbing the back of my neck, giving Lyra a stare that could melt pebbles.

"So did I miss anything while I was asleep?"

It was late in the evening by now as I looked out the window at the setting sun behind the mountainous terrain we were heading through. I guess I was asleep for a few hours.

"Not really, just the food trolley. We didn't want to wake you at the time, but we got you a sandwich. I'm sorry, I'm sure the mare will be back anyti-" I had to cut her off before she started to get any deeper with that unnecessary apology.

"Thank you Fluttershy, Lyra. I appreciate it" Fluttershy visibly relaxed as Lyra gave me a curt nod and went back to trying to get some much needed sleep.

"Hey, Fluttershy. Have you slept yet?" She looked rather weary as she sat on her seat gazing out the window with half lidded eyes.

"Oh.. No, I'm just a little worried." Fluttershy tucked her forehooves closer to her body as she turned to look at me, worry etched into her face.

"What about?" I had to whisper as I spoke to her because Lyra was no snoring contently on the seat cushion beside me. Hypocrite.

"Well, my little animal friends are all alone. What if they're scared? Or get hurt! What if-"

"Fluttershy, they're fine."
She looked up at me with uncertainty in those beautiful ocean blue eyes, her lip quivering ever so slightly in fear.

"I promise. Angel is probably taking real good care of them at home."

"I guess so.."

"I know so. Now come on, you need some sleep. We have a big day coming up on Friday, you wanna be ready right?" I put on as calm a smile as I could to settle the poor mare's nerves and I guess it worked as she gave me a quick hug before hovering over to her spot across from me.

"Thank you, David."

"Any time, Shy."

I sat there a few moments longer just watching Fluttershy slowly but surely fall asleep with a content smile on her muzzle. I felt a slight twitch under my hand as I realized I my hand was gently rubbing Lyra's back, A serene smile on her face as well. This is turning out to be quite the adventure.

With a quiet yawn and a little bit of stretching I let my head rest on the wall behind me and slowly fell back asleep, anticipation welling up inside me as the train carried on towards Trottingham.


The train let out a high pitched whistle as it pulled into the Trottingham train station, brakes grinding to a halt as it awoke most of the passengers on board. The conductor announced over a loud speaker that the train has now reached its destination, eliciting a sigh from a unicorn and a pegasus as they stood from their respective seats and grabbed their belongings.


The crowd roared with sheer elation as I took a final bow. Straightening up I looked out over the crowd. Hundreds of smiling and cheering fans greeted my gaze with eager eyes full of joy. I had caused this. With a smile on my face I waved out to the crowd, causing them to cheer even louder.

"David! David! David!"

"We love you David!"

"Have my babies, David!"

"Wake up, David."

Wait, what was that?

"David. David come on."

What the hell?

And then there was a bright flash of light from the crowd that made me cover my eyes.



"Huh, wha-? What's going on?"

"Finally! Come on David, we're here."

"Here where?" What the hell's going on?

"In Trottingham, Doofus."

"Oh.. OH! Shit, where's my stuff?" I looked around frantically underneath the seat and in the overhead cubby but I could not find my bag. It was like a pair of evil elves came while I was sleeping and stole my belongings.


Or ponies..

"Real funny you two" I turned around to see Lyra smiling slyly and Fluttershy with a shy smirk on her face and a slight blush.

"We've been ready for a few minutes now. We got your stuff all together for you. I hope that's okay..."

"Oh, well thank you! Shall we head on out?" I waved my arm towards the door for emphasis as I let the two mares take the lead to our destination. 'The Stall'.

Stepping out of the car and onto the platform I took a moment to take in my surroundings. There were ponies of all shapes and hues littering the streets of Trottingham. Some adorned with fancy hats and neck wear, while others just wore nice scarfs and knit hats. A small foal was on the corner of the street trying to gain the attention of some passing snooty looking unicorns, trying to sell them a newspaper of sorts. He seemed rather excited about what he was doing.

I turned suddenly as I heard a gasp to my left. A grey earth pony mare with a fancy up do and feathered chapeaux was staring at me with open shock and terror. Without really thinking I raised my hand in a swift motion and waved. The mare quickly fainted on the spot, causing many passers by to look at me with open hostility and fear in their eyes.

"We should probably get going. Lyra? do you know where this place is?" I was looking for a quick exit as I saw a frantic looking stallion talking to what looked like a pair of royal guards. Feeling a tug to my right a saw Lyra and Fluttershy gesture to a near by street corner. I gave them both a quick nod and they turned to head towards the road. As we rounded the corner I thought I heard someone yell out and then the sound of heavy hoof falls. That can't be good.

Up ahead I could just make out a sign that read 'The Stall', With a few ponies walking in and out of the front door. Not wanting to cause any larger of a scene, I found the entrance to a back ally and ran in, hoping it would lead to the venue in question.

"Fluttershy! Lyra! This way!"

Sneaking a quick peak over my shoulder to make sure my companions were still following, I slowed my pace a bit to catch my breath and search for our destination. From behind us, a crowd ran passed the entrance of the ally. Some were screaming in fear while others were asking questions about where a 'mysterious monster' went. Shaking my head I carried on and turned the corner to see the back door of 'The Stall'. A large dumpster sat on the adjacent side of the alley way. A cat digging hungrily inside as refuse and litter was scattered about. All along the ground was cardboard boxes and milk crates, as well as the odd plastic bag. Not wanting to spend any more time in filth, I ran up to the door and knock. When no one answered, I knocked even harder and more continuously until finally the door opened. Outwards, promptly smacking me square in the face.

"Son of a bitch!"

Mixed Reactions

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Chapter 12


"Oh man.. That's gunna hurt when he wakes up.."

The stallion who had opened the back door had been staring at me in a stunned silence for five minutes before I went to give him a small wave. His pupils shrunk down to the size of pin pricks before he finally let forth a terrified scream that died into a small whimper as he fainted and fell to the ground near my feet.

"Oh my! Hurry, we have to help him! he could be seriously hurt!" Fluttershy rushed up to the poor stallions side and held an ear up to his muzzle to check if he was still breathing, even though I could obviously see his red coated chest rising and falling in continuous breaths.

"He's fine, David just scared the living day lights out of him. I mean, come on, who wouldn't be afraid of that face?"

"HEY!" Lyra glanced my way with a sly smirk on her face. I know where you sleep.

"Now come on, just prop his head up and let's get inside before that mob finds us."

"She's right Fluttershy, he's fine and will probably wake up anytime now. Let's just find Silent Night and see if we can hang out here until the show tomorrow." I really just wanted to eat something warm. Those sandwiches on the train were less than savory.

"Oh.. I don't know.. What if he hit his head?" Come on Shy, we're about to get lynched!

"I'll get Night to send someone out for him, okay?" Please say yes, please say yes..


"Great! now let's get inside before the mob shows up."


*Knock Knock Knock*

"Fluttershy! Fluttershy, ya here? Now where is that girl?" Applejack knocked on the door to Fluttershy's cottage a couple more times before a very tired and grumpy looking Angel Bunny decided to throw open the front door, coffee mug in hand, and glare up at the intruding farm mare while shading his eyes from the burn of the morning sun.

"Well howdy Angel, is Fluttershy around? She was suppose ta help me wash up Winona t'day."

Without so much as a nod or sound, Angel lazily turned around and stalked inside before returning with a rolled up parchment in his little while paw then abruptly threw it at Applejack's muzzle and slammed the door shut, a few grumpy moans could be heard receding from behind the cottage door.

"What in the hay..?"

Staring at the door for a few more seconds, Applejack unrolled the paper at her hooves and read aloud what was written:


I'm sorry.. I completely forgot about helping you today, but something has come up and David and I have left to Trottingham. We will be back on Saturday in the afternoon. I hope you aren't too upset with me..



Sorry about Angel, he's not really a morning bunny.

"Trottinham? Now why's that girl gone there? I should let the girls know about this. Maybe Twilight will know what's goin on."


As we walked through the hallways of 'The Stall' in search of Silent Night, I couldn't help but notice all of the photos hanging from the wall. They looked like pictures of Night standing with famous pony musicians. Huh, so it's one of Those kind of venues.

"Uhh... David?" Tearing my gaze from the pictures adorning the hallway walls I looked down at Lyra and Fluttershy who were frozen at the exit of the hall.

"Yeah? What’s... Oh.." The main room of 'The Stall' was packed with ponies of all colors and sizes. None of them had noticed us standing in the hall but from what I could see, there were two royal guards talking with a mare at the entrance to the joint. She seemed to be confused about what the guards were saying until she glanced my way and her jaw dropped. The guards both looked at each other before turning to follow the mare's gaze where they saw us standing there, sheepish grins plastered on out faces.

"You there! Halt, in the name of Princess Celestia!" The guards began their march towards the three of us as I frantically searched for Silent Night who seemed to be hidden rather well in the shadows. Resigned, I let out a sigh and walked in front of my companions, shielding them from the guards.

"Whoa there, simmer down. These three are one of my acts tomorrow night. What seems to be the problem boys?" Silent Night popped up, seemingly out of no where and was now confronting our two soon to be captors.

"We found this.. Thing here, scaring innocents in the streets."

"Did you actually SEE him do anything?"

The two guards looked at each other in confusion and whispered silently to one another before seemingly coming to a conclusion.

"Well... No, but we heard screaming and a mare fainted in front of it an-"

"Him." I quickly looked down at Fluttershy in shock and awe. She just interrupted a royal guard. Whoa.

"Excuse me?"

"It's a him. H-his name is David." She looked up at me with a proud smile on her face and I mouthed the words 'Thank you' to her and gently rubbed her head as the guard continued.

"What ever. When we went to question him, he bolted." They both shot me an ice cold glare which caused a bit of sweat to pool under my arms.

"Uhh.. Hehehehe well you see.. I may have, panicked a little. I honestly didn't do anything. I guess I just look a little intimidating?" Man that glare is ruthless.

Their glares hardened to an extent where I thought my head was going to explode from the pressure. The tension in the room was palpable, someone needed to break the silence.

"Well, sorry for the misunderstanding, sir. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Wha...?


With a nod of their heads, the two royal guards turned around and marched out of the establishment leaving a very confused trio of musicians and a stunned crowd of ponies.

"What just happened..?"

"I have no idea." Lyra was shaking her head in disbelief as she stared at the door of the venue.

"Well now that that's all cleared up, why don't I show you where you can stay for the night. I have an extra room upstairs with a few beds in it. I hope you don't mind."

"No, no not at all. Thank you Night."


When we arrived at the room, Silent had already told us the extensive history of 'The Stall' in excruciating detail. Stopping at every picture in the hallways and telling us about each and every memory that he held so dear. Before he left to tend to his customers he gave us the key to the room and a folded up map of the town. With a curt nod of his head and a brief set of waves from us, we unlocked the door and walked into our room for the next couple days. The wall of dust that greeted us was less than expected and left us sneezing and coughing as we entered the room.

“Well isn’t that just *ACHOO* wonderful.. *sniff*”

You Weren't Supposed To Be Here

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Chapter 12

I Still can’t get over how beautiful the night sky *sniff* ughh.. is here. And all of this was created by just one pers- er, mare… Wow.

I had been laying in my bed for the better part of three hours now just staring at the night sky like a child experiencing fireworks for the very first time, transfixed on every little detail that the serene night had to offer. Every once in a while a stray cloud would float by the moon, covering it’s other worldly glow and allowing the stars to light up the canvas of dark blues and purples on their own. A chance to shine as bright as they wish.

The creaking of wood from behind me brought me out of my musings. Fluttershy was slowly making her way to my side near the windowsill, an exhausted look on her face as she gives me a groggy smile with half lidded eyes.

“Couldn’t sleep either, eh Shy?” I gave her a tired smile of my own as she took a seat next to me, leaning her head on my shoulder and letting her hair fall on my arm.

*Sigh* “No.. I’m just so nervous about tomorrow I guess.” I brushed a lock of her mane out of her face as I looked down at her. She was shaking a little and had a distant look in her eyes as she stared at the night sky.

“Yeah I get that too. I guess I’m a little nervous right now as well..”


“Well sure. It’s our first real gig. In a new town of all places, of course I’m nervous.”

“But you look so.. Calm. How do you do it?”

I looked down at the floor with a chuckle before glancing back out the window just as a pair of bats were flying across the moons elegant spotlight, swooping down every now and then to catch a quick meal.

“I’m anything but calm, Shy. But nerves help build the anticipation for things like this. Everyone gets nervous once in a while. It’s natural. But trust me when I say you’re going to do fantastic tomorrow.”

She looked up at me with those big teal eyes, softly glinting in the moonlight. She had a nervous smile on her face.

“You.. You really think so?”

I put my hand on her head and ruffled her already slightly tangled mane a bit, eliciting a small giggle from the yellow Pegasus as she nuzzled closer to me.

“I know so. You have a beautiful voice, Shy. Now come on. We should get some sleep. It’s a big day tomorrow.”

“Okay.. Good night. And David?”


“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Shy. Good night.”

I took one last long look up at the serene night sky, listening as Fluttershy crawled under the covers and began lightly snoring mere moments after. Joining in with the noise was Lyra’s quiet murmerings in her sleep as she rolled over and snuggled tighter to her pillow. I quietly got to my feet and made my way to my bed and got comfortable underneath the blankets. Well, as comfortable as I could in a bed made for a pony. I wiggled my toes as I let my feet dangle over the end of the bed frame. I hope I don’t feel too bad in the morning.


I awoke to the sound of someone mumbling in their sleep. I opened my eyes to take a look but quickly regretted it as they snapped shut from the assault of the sun creeping in through the window. Steeling my nerves, I slowly cracked open my eyes, gradually letting them adjust to the new source of light. They shot open however when a floor shaking thump was made from across the room. Looking over I saw Lyra sitting up slowly and rubbing her muzzle, whispering incoherent nothings to no one in particular.

“Not so fun, eh Lyra?” I stifled a giggle as I gingerly got out of bed and went to wake up the sweetly sleeping Fluttershy.

“Shut up, David.”

I looked over my shoulder and stuck my tongue out just as Lyra walked into the bathroom and slammed the door. I heard a surprised squeak and the shuffling of blankets in front of me. I guess Lyra woke startled her.

“Hey, hey, It’s okay Fluttershy, It was just Lyra slamming a door. She’s a little grumpy cause she fell off her bed.” I couldn't help but break into a fit of giggles which were promptly followed by a few small giggles from Fluttershy as she slowly rose up from under the covers.

“You okay?” She gave me a little nod before covering her mouth with a hoof as she let out an audible little yawn before giggling as a flush of red overtook her cheeks.

“Hehe, Good. Now come on. We're going for breakfast as soon as you two are ready."

"But.. Don't you need to get ready?"

"Uhh..." I looked down at my self and sure enough I was still in my boxers. Coincidentally that's when a cool breeze blew through the room and rustled my jimmies a little. "Yes.. Yes I do. Thank you."

The next twenty minutes were spent by the three of us getting ready and presentable to go out for breakfast. We got ready in silence, the occasional small talk was thrown in every now and then to keep things interesting. Surprisingly it was Lyra that was the last one ready. Having to brush her mane until it was perfect left Fluttershy and I waiting by the door with unamused expressions on our faces.


Walking down the sunny streets of Trottingham we finally arrived at our destination. 'Henny's Diner'. We would have gotten here sooner. A lot sooner, had Lyra not had a mini freak out when a gust of wind swept up her carefully done mane. As we entered the dining establishment Lyra was still grumbling under her breath about the lousy weather pegasi in this town.

Breakfast was a simple affair for me, consisting of some scrambled eggs and toast, with a glass of orange juice on the side. I'm not entirely sure what Lyra and Fluttershy ordered, but it involved hay. lots and lots of hay.
we finished eating rather quickly and headed back to 'The Stall'. more and more ponies were out and about by this time and were giving us a wide berth as we walked the streets. A few passing ponies offered nervous looking nods in our direction before scampering off quickly after passing us by. I tried to smile as nice as possible while walking and did my best not to make any jerky or intimidating movements.

I let out an audible sigh of relief as we entered 'The Stall'.

"Am I really that scary looking?" I looked down at Fluttershy and Lyra for moral support as I hung my jacket up on a coat rack.

"No way, you just need a goofy looking hat! Sure, ponies will be looking at you more, but they won't be scared because they'll be laughing too much!"

"Lyra.. Have I ever told you how much I just love your advice?"

"No.. But you have now!" She gave me a big cheesy grin which I couldn't help but smile at. But I had to retort somehow so I took to just mussing up her hair a little which gave me the satisfaction of hearing her scream like a little girl.

Taking a look around, I noticed that ponies were already beginning to set up for the show tonight. The crew all paused and looked at my with wonder before Silent Night ushered them to carry on with their work and gave me a curt nod before carrying on with his own work.

There were boxes upon boxes of gear laying about. Full of cords and mic stands, as well as a few lights and a smoke machine. To my surprise I even saw a unicorn pull out and assemble a disco ball in the center of the ceiling.

Silent Night informed us that the show wouldn't be starting until around six o'clock tonight. Seeing that I was a little tired still I let the girls know that I was going to just hang out in the room until later tonight. They followed me to the room to drop off a few things before letting me know that they were going to explore Trottingham for a while.

"Are you sure you don't want to come? I mean.. You don't have to if you don't want too.. But it could be fun.."

"Thanks Fluttershy, but I'll pass. I've had enough ponies gawking at me for a little while, I just need some sleep. I'll just see you two when you get back."

"Okay, well see you later, David."

I watched as the two headed out the door of our room before turning around and laying down on the floor on my back in the middle of the room just to stare at the fan as it made it's rounds. It was a pretty comfortable position and soon enough I found myself being clutched by the gentle embrace of sleep.


I awoke to the sound of hooves on hardwood and the giggling of women. When I opened my eyes I saw Fluttershy and Lyra standing beside me laughing. Still groggy I looked down and promptly pulled my thumb out of my mouth while my pony friends began to laugh even harder at me.

"Uhh.. *ahem* What time is it?" I said with my face flush red as I slowly but surely pulled myself up off of the floor.

"It's about quarter to five." Lyra said matter of factly. "So we should probably head down to see Night soon so we can set up and maybe practice a little.

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea. sound good, Shy?"

"Uhm.. Yes." She gave me a nod and a determined look as I walked passed the two mares and head down stairs to the stage.

Silent Night was just putting up the microphones for our set in an hour or so as we walked in to greet him.

"Ah, David, Girls, how are you all doing this evening?"

"We're doing good Night, how are things goin here?"

"Smooth as silk my friend. We should be starting right on time, and I have a feeling this place is going to be packed!"

"P-p-packed?" Flutterhshy shrunk down a little in worry so I placed my hand on her head and gave her a reassuring smile as I gently smoothed out her mane. She relaxed a little but I could still see the apprehension and worry in her eyes.

"Yes, I've spread news of you three all over Trottingham and a few of the neighboring towns. You three are a real hit."

After hearing this I felt the nerves start to kick in. This really was going to be a big show. and It was starting in little more then an hour. "Now, do you have everything you need for your set?"

I did a quick check of the stage. My guitar case was leaning against the back wall, as well as Lyra's bag with her lyre. I had been teaching her how to play the guitar, as well as the bass so that we could have a full band eventually. But for this show we decided it would be best just to stick with what we know.

"Yeah it looks like everything is there, we should be good. You two see anything missing?" both Lyra and Fluttershy shook their heads in response so I gave them a smile and turned back to Night. "Yep, everything's there. We're ready."

"That's great, I want you on stage in exactly on hour. I'll announce you to the crowd before you step on stage, so be listening." We all nodded before heading back up stairs to get ready. Fixing our hair and in my case getting changed into better looking performance clothes consisting of a very comfortable pair of jeans and a black V-neck T shirt.

It took about half an hour before we were all set to perform. Doing one last sweep over each other we had a quick group hug and exchanged encouraging words before heading down stairs to a reserved table just for us.

The place was packed, just as Silent Night had predicted. Ponies of all shapes and sized filled up the room, not a single chair was left empty. Flutter stuck tight to my side as we made our way to the far left corner of the room where our table lay untouched with a reserved sign sitting in the middle.

Everypony seemed to be enjoying themselves, although the few sitting closer to us were stealing glances my way every now and then before whispering to each other. I gave them a calm smile the third they glanced my way. They all froze stock still before glancing at eachother then giving me very nervous smiles themselves and turning around and hurriedly ordering a round of shots for themselves. As for ourselves, we had a little chuckle at the surrounding ponies antics and enjoyed eachothers company over a round of iced teas. We kept going over our set and giving words of encouragement to calm our nerves, and before long we saw Night walk onto the stage.

"All right ladies and gents. We have a very special act for you tonight. Now I'm sure most, if not all of you have noticed the strange creature in the far corner of my fine establishment," A sea of eyes turned to look in my direction as Silent Night directed the establishments attention to me. I tried to make myself as small as possible while hiding my face in my drink. Fluttershy did not look amused in the slightest as we waited for Night to continue. "Well it just so happens that he is in a band with the two beautiful mares sitting with him. "This time it was Fluttershy and Lyra's turn to blush a the crowd let out a few hoots and hollers. "And it is my pleasure now to invite this troop of musicians to the stage. Now I know what you're all thinking, 'That tall thing is a musician?' well fret not. He is a very talented guitarist. Very talented I assure you. Now why don't you all give them a round of applause!"

As we stood up to head to the stage, the crowd let out a few cheers while they stomped their hooves in uneasy welcome. As we stepped up on stage the crowd grew silent with anticipation. I head straight for my guitar case while Lyra and Fluttershy head for their own places on stage. Fluttershy looked back at me, worry in her eyes. I gave her a nod of encouragement and looked to Lyra for support but she was too busy eyeing the crowd with pure bliss written on her face, she was ready.

Fluttershy nodded back my way andd took a deep breath before turning around and facing the crowd. Just as she was about to sing the first note of the song, the door to the venue opened up and in walks five mares and a dragon. They each looked around the joint before all their eyes finally locked onto Fluttershy's on the stage. I could see their faces light up with glee, but not before I saw Fluttershy shrink in front of their gaze.

"Oh no.. How did they know I was here..."

I Don't Know If I Can Do This

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Chapter 14

"I'm telling you, girls. This is the place." Twilight said, pointing to the sign hanging above the door. "I've seen signs all over town about this place for food and entertainment."

"Ah dunno, Sugarcube. This place seems a lil'.. Ah dunno.. Drab?"

"Applejack's right, dear. I mean, just look at the store front. It's so plain."

"Look, we don't have to stay here for long. We'll just get something to eat and start looking for Fluttershy again after, alright?"

"Fine, let's jus' hurry up then."

With a nod of her head, Twilight opened up the door to 'The Stall' and led the way as her friends followed suit in behind her. The inside of the establishment was considerably darker than outside so the girls had to wait a moment for their eyes to adjust to the lack of light. Once their eyes had adjusted to the light, they all took a look around before finally locking on one petrified yellow mare across the room.


Fluttershy stood on stage. her eyes darting back and forth between the six figures looming at the entrance, and myself as she contemplated what to do.

"David, I can't do this.. Not yet, it's too soon." Fluttershy pleaded as she looked in my direction. She was visibly shaking and her eyes screamed of fear for some reason. "How did they know we were here?" She let out an adorable squeak as she hid her head beneath her forehooves and crouched down on the stage. I heard an audible gasp from the far end of the bar as I rushed to her side to console her.

"Shy, It'll be okay. They're your friends aren't they? I'm sure you've sung with them before, right?" I placed my hand on her back to comfort her. It seemed to work a bit as she uncovered one eye to look into mine.

"Well... Yes. But this is different. This is something personal. What if they don't like it?" She covered her eyes again as Lyra came over after putting her lyre back on it's stand.

"Come on, Fluttershy. They're your friends! They'll love it no matter what!" Lyra exclaimed with as much enthusiasm as she could, throwing her hooves in the air for emphasis.

"You.. You really think so?" She was sitting up now, looking back and forth between Lyra and myself. Lyra and I glanced at each other briefly before Lyra smiled.

"We know so. Now come on, Fluttershy, we got a show to play." Fluttershy looked down in thought for a moment before looking back up at us, a determined look in her eyes and a smile on her face.

"You're right. I can do this. Thank you, so so much." She gave us both a grateful smile before Lyra trotted over to her lyre. I stood up and turned to my guitar, mussing up her mane before making my way over. She let out a little giggle before turning back to the crowd and her friends who were now looking at her with smiles instead of worry. She took one more glance at both Lyra and myself before she addressed the crowd.

*Ahem* "Uhm.. Hello everyone. My name is.. Fluttershy" There were a hoots and hollers from the crowd and a very loud cheer from the back group which put a smile on my face and I could tell it gave Shy a boost of confidence as well.

"And this is Lyra" She said as she pointed in her direction. There was another round of hollers from the crowd as she directed their attention to me. "And this is David. He's a human." There were a few hushed murmurs in the crowd before I saw Rainbow Dash whistle and cheer from her table in the back. This was followed by the rest of the crowd letting out a few weak cheers of their own.

When the crowd had settled down yet again, Fluttershy glanced one last time at me. I gave her a nod and she turned to the crowd, cleared her throat and counted us in.

It was a slower paced song with a lot of chord progression and melodic pieces from the lyre. It wasn't long before the time came and Fluttershy began to sing. it was soft at first, but it wasn't long before she really got into it and she let her self go.

I feel like, I would like
To be somewhere else doing something that matters
And I'll admit here, while I sit here
My mind wastes away and my doubts start to gather

Whats the purpose? It feels worthless
So unwanted like I've lost all my value
I can't find it, not in the least bit
and I'm just scared, so scared that I'll fail you

And sometimes I think that I'm not any good at all
And sometimes I wonder why, why I'm even here at all
But then you assure me

I'm a little more than useless
And when I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once

So I say if I can't, do something significant
I'll opt to leave most opportunities wasted
And nothing trivial, that life could give me will
Measure up to what might have replaced it

Too late look, my date book
Is packed full of days that were empty and now gone
And I bet, that regret
Will prove to get me to improve in the long run

And sometimes I think that I'm not any good at all
And sometimes I wonder why, why I'm even here at all
But then you assure me

I'm a little more than useless
And when I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once

I’m a little more than useless
And I never knew I knew this
Was gonna the day, gonna be the day
That I would do something right
Do something right for once

I notice, I know this
Week is a symbol of how I use my time
Resent it, I spent it
Convincing myself the world's doing just fine
Without me
Doing anything of any consequence
Without me
Showing any sign of ever making sense
Of my time , it's my life
And my right, to use it like I should
Like he would, for the good
Of everything that I would ever know

I'm a little more than useless
When I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once

I’m a little more than useless
And I never knew I knew this
Was gonna be the day, gonna be the day
That I would do something right
Do something right for once

Yes, the song she sang was one off of my Ipod. When she listened to it, she immediately wanted me to teach it to her. Now, lacking any form of drums or bass I slowed it down and made it into an acoustic for her. When we showed it to Lyra, she wrote a part that fit the song perfectly.

Later that day Fluttershy came to me and told me the song made her realize that she feels the same sometimes but her friends help her through it, and ever since I showed up she's been more confident than ever.

At first the crowd was silent. All eyes were on us as we looked out at them. Then all at once the place erupted into a round of cheers and hoof stomps. Fluttershy looked on in wonder at all the cheering ponies, then back at myself and Lyra with a smile on her face and a tear in her eye. She mouthed the words 'Thank-you' to us before she turned back to the crowd and began the next of our three song set.


As we finished up our set, the crowd was in hysterics as the yelled and cheered us on. All three of us walked up to the front of the stage and took a bow before exiting to the back of the building where a waiter was waiting with glasses of water for each of us. As we were congratulating each other and cooling off, we turned at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

"Fluttershy, that was amazing! why didn't you tell us you were singing in a band?" Twilight was beaming at her friend as she went on about how good she did. Then she noticed me. "So how long have you been hiding him, hmm?" She gave Fluttershy a knowing look which made her blush and turn away.

"Only about a month.. hehe"

"A month! How have I not seen you around town?"

"Oh, I can turn invisible on command." I said non-chalantly while I took a sip of my water.

*Gasp* "Really?" Twilight looked a little to eager as she leaned closer to me, stars shining in her eyes.

"I'm joking, sorry." I said with a smirk as she turned and blushed. "I'm David by the way, it's nice to finally meet you. Twilight, right?"

"It's nice to meet you too David, and hello again Lyra, you guys were amazing out there!"

"Hey Twilight, thanks. But how did you know we were playing here?" Lyra asked, still beaming from the show.

"Well, we didn't actually know what Fluttershy was doing in Trottingham. She just left a note saying she was coming here for a while so we thought something had happened and came here to help."

"Oh I see, cool cool. Well I'm glad you liked it!" Lyra gave Twilight a big grin as she turned to me and smiled.

"Anyways, why don't you three come join us at our table, I'm sure the others would want to congratulate you three."

"Oh, okay." Fluttershy said as she gave Twilight a hug. "Lead the way."

Apologies And a Train Ride Home

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Chapter 15

After we had sat down and ordered a few drinks, we exchanged greetings and formalities as well as compliments given by Fluttershy and Lyra's friends whom I now know officially as Twilight, The purple unicorn I met in the hallway and hid in a bush from earlier this month. Pinkie Pie, a pink, hyper active pony with an affinity for popping up out of nowhere and scarring the shit out of me, almost literally. Rarity, a white unicorn with a purple mane whom I assume would be a very beautiful mare, in pony standards I mean, of course. Applejack, a very kind hearted, orange farm pony that bought me my first drink. I like her. And then of course there's Rainbow Dash. The rainbow maned ball of self-admiration and unintelligent snappy comebacks. She's alright once you get past the wall of self inflated ego, but it's a rather thick wall. What I did not expect to see was a dragon of all things. A little purple dragon full of angst that seemed very skeptical of the fact that I was as omnivore but indeed, not eating ponies. Needless to say he was keeping his eyes on me.

We spent a good while just having idle conversations until finally Fluttershy went really quiet all of the sudden and the whole group went eerily silent for a moment as we look on at the contemplative mare.

"What's wrong, Shy? Something on your mind?" I looked at her with concern as she fiddled with her hooves and avoided eye contact with everyone at the table.

"Well.. It's just that... Oh.."

"Come on,Shy, What's wrong?" I placed my hand on her hoof and gripped it lightly which put a smile on her face for a moment before she looked back down at the table and let out a deep exhale.

"It's just.. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you guys. I was just scared.."

"Scared ah what, Sugarcube?" Applejack asked with an inquisitive look. "we're your frien's , you can tell us anythin'. You know that."

"I know.. I was just scared you wouldn't like the music we were making.. and scared you wouldn't approve of me letting David live with me." Shy looked down with a look of shame on her face as the others all looked at each other in confusion. Twilight was the first to break the the silence.

"Fluttershy, we've all heard you sing before. You even sing with us! You're wonderful." She looked to all the rest of us at the table and we all nodded and spoke our agreements which made her look up and give us a shy smile. "As for the whole David situation.." I may have gulped a little too loudly because I heard Lyra giggle and poke me in the side before leaning in and whispering in my ear.

"Oh man, you're in for some fuuun tests, David. Maybe even some probes!" My blood froze as soon as the words left her mouth, and my fears were all but confirmed when Twilight continued.

"I do have some questions for him and I would like to run a few tests, as well. I've never seen something like him before." I let out a weak, shaky chuckle as I called the waiter over and ordered a stronger drink to calm my nerves.

"You're right. I'm sorry I ever doubted you guys. C-can you ever forgive me?"

"Well, duh! what are friends for?" Rainbow Dash said as she wrapped Fluttershy in a light hug.

"Hey! You know what this calls for? An 'Oh My Gosh You're Famous slash Welcome To Equestria' Party!! Oh my goodness this is sooooo exciting! I can't wait! We'' need balloons, and streamers, and cake, oooh can't forget the cake. And we'll invite every pony from Ponyville! And there'll be games, and party favors and.."

"Okay Pinkie, simmer down now." Oh thank you Applejack. I was beginning to panic when I noticed that she wasn't actually breathing while she was talking. At all.

The rest of the night went on rather smoothly with the nine of us talking for a few hours longer before heading to our respective hotels for the night. We decided to meet at the train station early tomorrow morning. Best to get some shut eye, I had a feeling I would be in for a long ride back to the cottage.


"Well, Night. Thank you so much for letting us play here. It was amazing. We really can't thank you enough for the opportunity." I shook his hoof as the girls said their fair wells to Silent as well.

We were at the train station on our platform waiting for our train home. Twilight and the others walked off to a concession close by to get hot chocolates while Fluttershy, Lyra and I talked to Night about coming out here to play again in the near future.

"Well, to be honest with you three, the only opening I have at the moment isn't for another month and a bit from now. But you're more than welcome to fill in the spot! You three certainly packed the place up and put on a great show last night." I guess he made quite a bit of money last night. The venue was full of ponies by the end of the night. All of which were enjoying themselves thoroughly.

"That's perfect!" Lyra turned to me with utter excitement on her face. "That's only a couple weeks before the festival in Canterlot right? It'll be a perfect chance for us to get people ready for it!"

"Yeah, you're right." I gave Lyra a warm smile in return before turning back to Silent Night. "That sounds great, Night. We'll be there." Fluttershy nodded her head in approval before letting out a startled 'eep' as a young mare poked her in the shoulder.

"Oh.. Uhmm.. Can I help you?" Fluttershy gave the mare an inquisitive look before glancing up at me and then back at Lyra to her left.

"Oh, I was just wondering if.. Uhmm.. Oh my gosh, hehe.. Can I have your autograph!" The girl nearly broke my ear drum as she squealed before holding out a pen and pad of paper with her mouth.

"Oh my.. Well I guess if you want me to, I can." She took the pen from the mare and signed her name on the pad before the mare quickly turned and offered Lyra a chance to sign as well. Lyra signed with unconcealed enthusiasm and was beaming with delight after the experience. When the mare finally walked over to me she seemed a little frightened, but her excitement easily out matched her fear as she handed me the pen and closed her eyes as I signed my name.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! Eeeee!!" As the mare ran off to brag to her friends, our train finally rolled up.

We all said our final good byes as we boarded the train. Twilight and the others followed soon after and we found a car we could all fit in comfortably. I found a seat near the back of the car near the window. I threw my bag underneath the seat and was soon joined by Fluttershy who took a seat next to me. Lyra took a seat closer to the front of the car and swiftly fell asleep. I'm amazed at how much she sleeps during the day. She's like a cat.

As the rest of Fluttershy's friends found their seats we were joined by none other than Twilight Sparkle, note book in hand.

"Ah, there you are David. Seeing as how we're going to be on this train for a while, I was hoping I could get a few questions I have, answered?" Well that doesn't sound too bad, just a few questions should be fine. I looked down at Fluttershy who gave me a nod of approval before replying.

"That sounds reasonable." I said and waved my hand in a motion letting her proceed.

"Perfect! Just a sec." There was a soft chiming sound in the air as Twilight's horn glowed and she pulled out a large scroll from her bag and unrolled it. It hit the ground and continued to roll half way down the aisle. Dafuq?

"Okay, Let's start with something easy. What are you?" Twilight looked at me expectantly. her eyes glistening with a lust for knowledge.

"Well, I'm a human. They're kind of like apes, only mostly hairless and sentient." Right after I had answered her question, Twilight was vigorously writing down my answer in her note pad.

"Really? Can you climb trees really well and swing from vines?"

"Hmm, Some of us can. Mostly the really fit ones. A lot of the other humans won't even touch a tree though." I said with a shrug as I glanced out the window as the train took off from the station.

"Okay, and where exactly are you from? Like I said last night, I've never even heard of a human before."

I put my arm up and rubbed the back of my head, letting out an awkward chuckle as I did so before glancing down at Fluttershy who had lay'd her head down and fallen asleep on my lap almost as soon as Twilight began asking me questions. She had already heard about me and my home a month or so ago when I got here.

"It's a place called Earth. Mostly covered in water. Billions of people. Even more animals. Yeah." I should probably try and avoid anything to do with all the wars we've had in the past. As long as she doesn't ask about our history I should be okay..

"And what about your history?" Oh god damn it..

"Well.. You see..."

*Bzzzt* "Ladies and gentlecolts. It seems we have a herd of cattle on the train tracks. We will be stopped for now until the cows have passed by. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation." *Bzzzt*

"Cows? What are a bunch of cows doing way out here?" Twilight asked to no one in particular. "That's just weird. Anyways, where were we? Oh right! your home." She gave me an expectant look which I casually avoided as I stood up and stretched out my legs.

"You know, I was actually hoping I could show you a song instead." Please buy it Please buy it.

"Well.. I guess that's okay.." Oh thank Jebus..

As I took my guitar out, Fluttershy woke up and groggily looked about before seeing me with my guitar out. I gave it a quick tune and looked around to see all of Fluttershy's friends gathered around me. Well... Here goes nothing..

speak of regretting and all the risk we take.
speak to the morning and when our eyes awake.
the patterns are completing, the men they say we are, but as the sun is setting
I'll answer in the dark.
when the world sings of all its trouble and i hear all about its pain, i'll
listen in for its groans are not in vain.
it's hard to remember how these dreams were made when all the reasons and all
the rules have changed.
there's healing in His voice and freedom in The Name.
these misunderstandings we give up all the same.

When I finally finished and looked up I saw that a lot of the group were either misty eyed or looking down.

"Oh shit.. I'm sorry you guys. I didn't mean to upset any of you.."

"Ah it's okay Sugah cube, was jus' a beautiful song."

"Well.. Thanks."

Taking another look around I saw smiles on all the girls faces. I guess my singing is better than I thought.

"Hey Fluttershy, Lyra. I think it's time we write our own song. Something for us."

Some Creepy Secret Admirer Stuff

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Chapter 16

The rest of the train ride back to Ponyville was peaceful and full of music. Twilight had relented on the interrogation after the first song had ended. After that we all took turns singing songs we held dear to us. The most surprising was the song Rainbow Dash. It was all bubbly and.. Well, sweet. No one else seemed to notice the oddity that had occurred. Well.. No one except me that is. I chose not to comment on it, seeing as nobody else had and doing so may result in more bruises than I'd like.

After the train arrived, we all said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways. I told Lyra that Fluttershy and I would meet up with her in a couple days to go over any ideas we may have for a new song. Apparently she was already brimming with ideas and couldn't wait to show them off as soon as possible.

The walk back to Fluttershy's cottage was calming. The sun was lightly setting behind the mountains of Canterlot, setting the whole mountainside and the little town below in a cascade of fiery hues. We got a few waves and congratulations as we made our way home from ponies that I guess either heard of our trip to Trottingham, or just enjoyed our music from the little shows we put on in the park.

When we finally arrived back home, I took the liberty of grabbing all the mail we had filling the mailbox while we were away. As I walked through the front door, the first thing I saw was Fluttershy sprawled out on the floor being savagely bombarded by animals that were all too happy to assault her with hugs and kisses. Skirting around the little war zone, I made my way to the couch to root through our mail.

"Hey Fluttershy, I'll just leave your mail here for when you're done being assaulted by fuzz balls." That earned me few glares from the animals as well as a very colorful paw gesture from one, Angel Bunny. Shrugging it off, I began to look through the two letters that I received. One was from a reporter for some school newspaper that wanted an interview with Ponyville's resident human. I set that aside for later while I turned my attention to the envelope before me. The only noticeable marking at all was my name scrawled in poor hoof writing on the front. No return address at all. When I opened it and pulled out the letter, a sizable clump of blue mane hair tumbled out. Right then I should have known something was wrong with this letter. Sparing one more lingering glance at the lump of hair, I turned my attention to the letter. In all honesty I should have just burned it on the spot.

'Dear David,

You don't know me, not yet anyways. But I definitely who you are. I see you at the park all the time with those... Mares. anyways, I gave you a little something to hang on to before we finally go on a date! Keep it safe now.


I sat there just staring at the paper in silent shock.

"What. The. Hell." I finally muttered as I crumpled up the letter and quickly moved away to the far end of the couch, a queasy feeling setting into the pit of my stomach. Fluttershy must have noticed my discomfort as she quickly shot out from under a pile of fur and torture and was at my side in an instant.

"David, what's the matter? are you hurt?" She quickly said as she began to examine me curled up form.

"No, I'm fine.. Just reeeaaallly creeped out by that letter." I pointed out before shuddering involuntarily. Fluttershy gave me a worried look before hovering over and uncrumpling the cursed letter. She put a hoof up to her mouth before she did the unthinkable. She started giggling!

"What's so funny?" I asked, trying and failing to keep any hostility out of my voice.

"Oh,, It's nothing, David. Just that you have a secret admirer. A very enthusiastic one at that." She let out another cute giggle that I couldn't help but smile at.

"Yeah I guess it is a little funny, but still down right creepy. I'm burning that letter... And the hair, too!"

"Fair enough. Now, why don't I fix us up something to eat and we can work on this new song, hmm?"

"Sounds good to me, Shy. I'll go grab the paper and what not. I'll be in the kitchen in just a moment."

I casually walked up the stairs to Fluttershy's study and grabbed a stack of paper and some quills and ink. With that all gathered, I made my way back down to the kitchen where I found Fluttershy whipping up a couple of sandwiches, a lettuce and tomato sandwich for her, and a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich for me. I took my food from her with a smile and hug as thanks and took a seat at the table to eat and go over song ideas.

We spent a few hours idly chatting and throwing out a few good lyrics and tunes here and there before we decided to call it a night. I took my spot on the couch, - I planned on asking Fluttershy about looking into building a room for me connecting to the cottage, tomorrow. - And said goodnight to Fluttershy as she walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

I layed on the couch, just staring at the ceiling for a little while. I couldn't help but get the feeling that I was being watched, yet every time I looked towards any of the windows in the cottage, all I saw was Luna's starry sky and the mountains hidden in the distance by shadows. As I slowly fell into sleeps sweet embrace, I missed the shadowy shape of a mare peering into the front window, an eerily large smile plastered on her face, just.. Staring at my sleeping form.

I Need An Adult..

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Chapter 17

The next week went by rather smoothly, all things told. Fluttershy and I picked up our lessons with Sonny where we left off. She had been practicing quite a bit while we were gone and frankly I was quite impressed with how much progress she'd made since the last time I saw her. Her voice and her guitar playing were much more in tune with each other and she was starting to practice singing while playing. It was a little off at times but for the most part she sounded pretty good.

Before she packed up to go home, Sonny informed us that she had gotten into a music school for young talent out in Manehatten. Apparently it was a boarding school of sorts and she would be living out there for a while. I was a little taken back by the sudden news, but I was happy, and pretty proud of her for it. She was leaving in a week, which got Fluttershy all teary eyed as we said our good byes to the little unicorn as she left for what would be quite a while.

The rest of the week was spent catching up with the few friends I managed to make, and spending time with Fluttershy and Lyra. We spent most days working on our song. We had some moments of inspiration here and there but so far nothing about the song is set in stone.

The nights were a little weird though. Every night I felt like I was being watched. I swear I saw someone ducking under the window sill when I looked over one night. At the end of the week I talked to Fluttershy about building a room for me behind her house. I didn't tell her about the creepy stalker pony just yet because I didn't want to worry over what might be nothing, so I just said I wanted to stop free loading and wanted to pay her back for all that she's done for me. At first she was very apprehensive about the whole 'paying her back' situation, but I assured her that it was something that I felt I had to do. And I reeeeaaaalllly wanted to hide from that mare.. Whoever she was.

With a little bit of persuasion, I finally got her to accompany me into town in search of a contracting company that would be willing to help build the new extension to Fluttershy's cottage.

"So.. Do you know any contractors?" I asked as we walked down the sunny streets of Ponyville with no apparent destination in mind. We passed all sorts of colorful ponies as we meandered about the town. I got a few waves from some passersby, and a lot of smiles, but other than that I was left relatively alone as we searched for our unknown target.

"I don't know any off-hoof.. But, I can ask Applejack if she could help. I know she built her barn a little while ago so I'm sure she's more than capable.."

I gave her a smile at that as she went on to list all of the other things Applejack has made in the past.

"Well she certainly sounds qualified to help, that's for sure. Why don't we go talk to her?"

With a smile and a swift nod of her noggin, Fluttershy began to lead the way to Applejack's humble farm, aptly names 'Sweet Apple Acres'. I hadn't taken more than five steps before I heard what sounded like hooves following me. I quickly turned around to find a big fat nothing behind me. I scanned the area with my human eyes for a few seconds before quickly catching up to Fluttershy.

"What happened?" She asked as I took my place at her side.

"Nothing, just thought I heard something."

She gave me a quizitory glance before shrugging in a pony way and carrying on. We continued to walk towards the farm before I became distinctly aware of hoof falls behind me again.

"It feels like.. Someones trying to SELL ME SOMETHING!" I whipped around and pointed an accusatory finger at the empty space behind me. I got a few confused looks from a few ponies in their houses while I frantically looked around for the mysterious stalker sales pers- pony. I felt a hoof tug on my shoulder and swiftly turned around to see a worried Fluttershy staring at me.

"Are you okay, David?"

"Uh.. Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just get to Applejack's.

"Are.. Are you sure?" She looked really worried, but I didn't want to burden her with this just yet.

"Yeah, I'm good, Shy. Let's get going."

I didn't give her a chance to reply as I continued walking in the direction we were going. She quickly caught up and gave me a worried glance before taking the lead again.

No sooner had she gotten two steps in front of me was I grabbed and dragged into an alley way. I tried calling for help but as soon as I opened my mouth I felt a cloth jam into my mouth, effectively cutting off my pleas. I looked around frantically, but all I saw was the silhouette of a mare as she stalked towards me, a stray beam of sunlight glinting off her creepily large smile. I tried getting up to run but a blue aura grabbed me and held me firmly to the alley floor. I looked up once more in fear before another cloth was held up against my face, a cool sensation gracing my cheeks before everything went dark.

I awoke to the sound of a door opening. I groggily opened my eyes, slamming them shut from the assaulting light before letting them gradually adjust to the light hitting them. When the adjusted enough, I took a look at where I was. I was in a small green bedroom, light pink curtains hanging from the walls. There wasn't much in the ways of furniture in the room aside from the night stand to my left with a vase a top it, and the bed I was tied to. Wait... Tied to? TIED TO! WHAT THE FUCK!

In a moment of panic I began to struggle like mad before I was aware of the pair of red eyes watching me with glee. There was a white unicorn staring at me with unrestrained glee. Her electric blue hair sticking out in a tamed mess.

"Hey Beautiful.." She said as she slowly walked towards my constrained form.

I Need An Adult.. Pt.2

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Chapter 18

I looked around the room silently. I was half expecting to see some stallion or mare standing next to me before I returned my gaze to my presumed captor who was giving me a half lidded look I was none too fond of. She inched closer to me, not once did her bright red eyes leave my chest. Wait... Why was she looking at my chest?

"Uhh... Hello." I said in a very chipper, if not very nervous voice. "My name is David, and my favorite hobby is not being tied to beds. What's yours?" Plastered on my face was the most nervous smile I was ever forced to make in my life. Sweat was pouring down my face like bullets as the white clad mare gave me a very perplexed look before giving me a toothy grin.

"I'm Vinyl, nice to meet ya! Music, I guess. But anyways.. Back to business." Oh no.. those eyes are back.. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit! The mare now known as Vinyl as stradling my waist as she looked deep into my eyes, just staring at me.

"So... David..."

I don't like where this is going!.. I need an adult!

"Tell me..."

Here it comes...

"What are these things?"

She was holding her hoof up, my headphones wrapped around it and swaying in the air. I unclenched my eyes to see her staring at me expectantly. I openly gawked at her for a few moments until I found my voice.

"H-headphones..?" I said hesitantly. All I got was a blank stare. Sighing, I elaborated. "They're like mini speakers that fit in your ears. They play music."

"I knew it!" She yelled in my face as she began examining the headphones hanging out of my shirt. "How do the work? Where does the music come from? ANSWER MEEE!!!!!" She began viciously shaking my shoulders back and forth. While normally this wouldn't do too much, but seeing as I was tied to a bed, all this did was shake my head all over the place.

When she finally stopped shaking me and I got myself re-orientated I gave her a flat stare.

"Untie me and I'll show you." Please say yes, please say yes..

I didn't even get a reply. a blue light surrounded the ropes and they were immediately torn from the bed posts.

"Showmeshowmeshowmeshowme!" My god, is she even breathing?

"Calm down and gimme a second, will ya?" I sat up and stretched out on the bed, rolling my wrists and ankles around to get some blood flowing to them again.

"First off, I want some answers, Then, and only then, will I tell you how they work. Okay?"

Vinyl quickly sat on her haunches, a giddy look plastered on her face as she nodded exuberantly.

"Okay. Why did you kid nap me?"

"I reeeeeaaaalllly wanted to know what those music making strings were!"

"Uh.. Huh.. And you didn't think to ask?"

"Nope!" Okay that smile is getting really creepy.

I asked her a few more questions about what happened and why it was wrong to do, all the while getting very vague one word answers and anxious, lusty looks angled towards my headphones. Giving up on the interrogation, I told her how headphones worked and showed her my IPod... Big mistake.

"So you're saying this has HOW MANY songs in it?!" Vinyl asked with no hidden enthusiasm. I had just finished telling her how an IPod worked. With what little knowledge I actually had about the inner workings of a machine, it was very blunt.

"This one here holds a little over one thousand songs." I said for the fifth time in a row now. "Don't ask me how, because to be perfectly honest I don't know exactly how myself."

She gave me a sorrowful look before carrying on with her questions.




"That's not even a question!?"

"No I don't know how good it tastes.. Are we done yet?" I gave Vinyl a pleading look as she put a hoof to her chin in mock thought before plastering on that grin a hated so, so much.

"Nope! Can I try it?"

"I don't think your hooves will work on this, and I don't exactly trust magic with it..."

When I looked up I saw that she was getting teary eyed and her nose was starting to run.

"Woah woah, hey, here, I'll give you the headphones and I'll scroll through some songs you might like."

Instantly the tears and snot dripping nose were replaced by an excited smile that I wanted to smack off for that dirty trick.

"Okay! Gimme gimme gimme!" Those words were followed by the pony equivalent of a human grabbing gesture.

"Do you even know what please is?"

"Nope! Gimme"

Sighing, I reluctantly placed the ear buds into her ears. It was an odd fit but they stayed in none the less, so I turned on some 'I am Abomination'. She visibly flinched at the beginning, but as the song picked up and the vocals started, she was bobbing her head through out. Now I knew just from looking at her that metal wasn't Vinyl's cup of tea, but I just wanted to check.

When the song ended, I carefully pulled out the headphones, with a small frown of displeasure from the white unicorn.

"That's so cool! But uh.. Do you have anything with more.. Bass?" Saw that coming..

"Yeah, I think I have something in here. Hang on a sec.." Scrolling through my playlists, I threw on some Skrillex. "Here, how's this?"

When I put the headphones back in, immediately she perked up. lightly bobbing her head to the rhythms caressing her ear holes. And suddenly the bass hit and her eyes widened to un-imaginable sizes as her mind thoroughly exploded from pure ear pleasure. As the song came to a gradual close, I saw a tear rolling down her cheek as a shaky smile formed on her face.

"That.. Was.. AWESOME!!! You need to lend me your IPod."

"Sorry, what?"

"Your IPod, I need it. Like, right now." She emphasized her statement by lunging towards my music player. Seeing her coming, I got to my feet as fast as I could, putting my IPod back in my pocket.

"You can't have it, Vinyl. It's special to me." I guess she failed sharing in whatever pony's pass for kindergarden because she didn't particularly like my answer at all.

"But.. I NEED IT!" Reaching out with her magic, I felt a tugging in my pocket and watched in muted horror as my music device began to float towards the psychotic mare. Thinking quickly, I grabbed it and tried pulling it back. It was a tug-o-war I did not want to lose. It was back and forth for a little while, and I could see the rage on Vinyl's face when she realised she couldn't quite over power me. We glared daggers at each other for what felt like eons. Neither of us wanting to let go until suddenly with an abrupt jerk of her head, my grip faltered on the music player and I stumbled backwards, crashing through the closed window.

That's Not Supposed To Bend That Way..

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Chapter 19






"What the hell..?"


"Okay,who ever's beeping, shut the hell up. I'm trying to hurt... Why do I hurt?"

Slowly, I tried to open my eyes, just to slam them shut again as a searing pain rushed to my brain as I was brutally blinded by a bright blast of brilliant light. "Oh god, I've been abducted by aliens..." I mumbled as I tried to sink further into the sheets in fear but hurt myself in the process.

"I'm afraid not, Mr.Gatzby."

The sudden voice in the room shook me from my manly hiding as I opened my eyes to stare into the face of a brown stallion with a darker brown mane wearing a lab coat and stethescope. He didn't seem overly amused by my antics as he gave me one of those condescending impatient looks. I sat up as straight as I could in the current amount of pain I was in and faced the doctor pony upright.

"He he.. hee... So, what happened to me? Last thing I remember was fighting with some unicorn... Vinyl, I think her name was.. Then nothing.." I looked down at the bed sheets as I tried to think about what happened. "Shit! My IPod! Where is - That Bitch!" I went to get out of bed and immediately regretted it. I fell to the floor in a heap of pain. Fire burned through my chest, and arm. I lay there in agony for only a few seconds before a pink glow enveloped my and I floated back onto the hospital bed, the pain dying down considerably. I looked up to see a white unicorn with a pink mane done up in a bun staring at me sympathetically.

"Thank you, Nurse Redheart. Now David, as for what happened to you." He looked down at a clipboard hanging from the end of my bed and flipped a few pages while he mumbled to himself a bit. "You crashed through a second story window and landed in a rose bush. Your only major injuries were a broken rib and fractured wrist. those should heal up quite nicely in a couple weeks. Just get plenty of rest and try not to strain your core too much. Other then that you suffered a few lacerations from the glass and some minor cuts and scrapes from the rose bush. You're quite lucky Mr.Gatzby."

I stared at the doctor, dumbfounded for a moment before giving him a shaky smile. "I fell out a window? Well that explains why I woke up here.."

"W-well.. Thanks for fixin' me up, Doc. I really appreciate it." He gave me a curt nod before turning and heading towards the door, Nurse redheart following close behind.

"Oh, and before I forget," The doctor said as he looked back at me. "You have a visitor. She's been here since you first came in early yesterday afternoon. She hasn't left since. I'll send her in shortly." And with those parting words, the doctor and nurse left me to my lonesome to ponder one of life's great mysteries. "Where the hell is the bathroom in this place?"

After twenty minutes of sitting, a worried expression on my face as the levels of urine in my body just kept on climbing and climbing, there was a knock on the door. I turned to face the door and called for whoever it was to enter. The door slowly opened with a turn of the nob and in poked Fluttershy's head. A huge smile leapt onto my face as I saw her long pink mane swing in.

"Shy!" yelling probably wasn't the best idea as I clutched at my injured rib and collapsed back on the bed in pain. Instantly I felt a presence at my side. I cracked open my eyes to see Fluttershy scanning over my wounds with a very worried expression on her face.

"Oh my goodness! David, I heard about what happened and I rushed here as soon as I could. I was so worried after you disappeared, I started asking around town but nopony had seen you!" I realised right then that there were tears slowly falling from her eyes and rolling lazily down her cheeks and dropping onto the bedsheets. "I didn't know what else to do so I ran to Twilights to ask for help, but before I got there I heard a loud crash from down the road and I saw you lying in the bushes... T-there was s-so much.. blood. Oh I was so scared!" She collapsed onto me, her arms clutched around my waist as she gently, but firmly help on to me and cried. I winced in pain but let her have her moment as I slowly ran my hand on her back, trying to calm her down.

"Shhh.. Shh.. It's okay, I'm fine, really. Nothing a little rest can't fix." She looked up and me and sniffed, a worried expression graced her face as she sniffed back a few more tears. I put my hand on her cheek and gave the most sincere smile I could muster.

"I-I was just so scared.. I don't w-want to lose you.." She looked down at the bed sheets as more tears ran down her butter yellow face, adding to the small puddles that were forming on the sheets.

"Lose me? I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, don't you worry your pretty little head." For emphasis, I lightly booped her nose, which got a light giggle, and a smile out of her as she looked away, a faint blush gracing her cheeks.

"Promise..?" She looked up at me with pleading eyes that made me want to melt on the spot.

"Promise." I gave her another smile as she jumped up and gave me a tight hug, eliciting a very girly 'yelp' from me. She quickly recoiled, her face turning a bright crimson as she fussed over my injuries once more, repeatedly saying sorry. I just laughed it off as best I could and returned her hug, only a little bit gentler this time.

We talked for another hour or so. Nurse Redheart coming in only once to give me some pain medicine and some food. Hospital food never changes, no matter where you are.

I told Fluttershy about what happened. I left out the part about being knocked out and tied to a bed, figuring it would make her worry more than she already is. I'd be paying Vinyl a visit with Twilight some time soon to get my stuff back anyways. Soon the time came when Fluttershy asked the Nurse when I could leave. She told us that I would be ready to leave in the morning and that I should just rest a bit more here.

The rest of the night was spent just idly chatting until we settled into a comfortable silence. Fluttershy slowly dozed off on my lap as I gently pet her neck and back. It was quite relaxing and soon enough I found my self joining her in a peaceful slumber. Man, ponies are warm.

Taking It Easy, Right..?

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Chapter 20

Stepping outside into the cool morning air was a refreshing change from the drab, sterile smells of the hospital. Even though it had only been one day, I felt as if my legs would fall off as I checked out of the place, Fluttershy by my side. I took a brief moment to stretch my legs before we headed off in the direction of the cottage and Ponyville.

It seems news of my little adventure hadn't spread all that far around town because all I received were sympathetic looks and a few 'what happened to you?'s every so often. I think I even saw Vinyl walking around with a group of ponies listening to my IPod, but when I turned to look again they were gone. I would have ran to look after her again but a swift jolt of pain from my ribs told me otherwise.

"Oh my, David. You can't move around like that. The doctor said to take it easy for the next couple weeks while your ribs heal. I plan on taking care of you the best that I can.. If that's okay with you anyways." She looked up at me with a pleading look on her face. I knew holding out on her would just result in more pain than is really necessary. So I let out a lengthy, sarcastic sigh before I looked back at her.

"Fine, I don't think I'd trust anyone else as much as you with care taking anyways." I ruffled her mane with my good hand, which earned me a little giggle as she playfully batted my hand away and fixed her mane up a little. "I guess we should find Lyra and let her know I won't be playing anything for a little while, huh?" She nodded in agreement as we finally walked up the path to our quaint little cottage home.

Before even walking in the door, I saw a note pined to the door. Grabbing it as we walked in, I sat down on the green couch and opened it up while Fluttershy took a seat by my side.

'David, Fluttershy,

We need to talk..


"Well that doesn't sound too good.." I looked at Fluttershy who had an expression mirroring mine. Worry. Standing up in unison, we were out the door before Angel had a chance to throw a tantrum about not being acknowledged. As we ran back down the path towards town, I realised that we didn't actually know where Lyra was or where we were going. Making an abrupt stop was probably not the best idea though as I soon found out when a speeding Fluttershy careened into my back, sending us both to the ground, one of us in considerably more pain.

With a hefty amount of groans and my body screaming at me to stop and just lay on the dirt path in the sun, I lifted my self up and helped Fluttershy tp her hooves before dusting her and myself off.

"So uh.. Any idea where Lyra is?" I could tell by the way her eyes shot open and the crimson red in her cheeks that she had no idea where the mint green mare was. I let out a little chuckle which got me a confused look in return.

"It's all right, I don't know either. Maybe we should head into town and ask around?" yeah that sounds like it could work.


I let Fluttershy take the lead into town. She knew way more than I did about who knows who in this town and frankly, I think I'd just make a fool of myself or get lost.

It didn't take long for Fluttershy to find someone to point us in the direction of the missing mare and soon enough we were on the edge of the park we played in at our first unofficial show. Sure enough, we found her sitting on a bench in front of the hill we played on.

"Hey Lyra!" I yelled as we neared the bench and the vacant looking unicorn on the park bench. She was just staring out into the distance, a small smile on her face. When she heard my voice, she abruptly turned to us, her eyes closed in a great big grin.

"Hey guys! glad you could - WOW! what happened to you?" Lyra was looking at me in horror, eyes wide as she took in all the bandages and the cast on my wrist.

"Oh you know.. Fell out of a window thanks to a crazy unicorn. The usual." She seemed to contemplate my words with a quick nod and a look towards Fluttershy before comprehension finally set in.

"Wait.. Really?" I just nodded and and took a seat on the bench, Fluttershy following suit. "Wow.. And you're okay with this?"

"Well.. No. I do plan on getting my stuff back, and payback. But right now I'm in no shape to do so." She seemed to get where I was coming from and just shook her head with a small smile on her face.

"Right.. Anyways, the reason I called you here."

""Is everything okay?" Fluttershy said, no amount of fear left out of her voice. "The way the letter sounded, we thought you were upset or something. You seem fine right now though.." Her voice was strained as she finished up her inquiry looking at the grass move gently in the breeze. I put a reassuring hand on her shoulder as we looked back at the mint green mare for an answer to our worry.

"Yeah, everything's okay, actually, more than okay. Everything's great! But I do have good news and bad news.." She looked back into the distance at that.

"Okay, good news first then." I put on a reassuring smile for her as we waited for her to let us know what was going on. Her smile was huge as she began to put her words together in her head before she began to speak.

"Well.. I guess at our latest show in Trottingham, A Stallion by the name of Cleft Note was there. He manages an orchestra out in Hoofington and was out on vacation. He watched us play and I guess he loved my Lyre playing. He wants me to join his orchestra and tour with them." She was positively beaming by the end of this and that earned a round of smiles from the two of us.

"Lyra, that's amazing news! Congratulations!"

""Yes, we're so proud of you. You'll be amazing!"

Although we were both very excited for her, Fluttershy showed a little more restraint than I did in congratulating Lyra. After I finally put her down the bench, I asked what could possibly be so bad after hearing that. Immediately her smile was gone and I knew this would be hard to take. I kind of knew what was coming after hearing her good news, but thinking you'll be okay isn't always what happens after someone tells you something bad.

Lyra was leaving for Hoofington in a few days.

Lyra was quitting the band.

I Think I Just Swallowed My Tongue..

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Chapter 21

"That's... Great!" I tried to keep the smile I had on my face as best as I could with the amount of emotion going through my mind. As it stood, I didn't know whether to be overjoyed or pained and depressed. I mean, on the one hand, Lyra's going to get to live her dream. But on the other hand, it could be a very long time before we see her again.

I could tell by the struggling smile on Fluttershy's face that she was having the same battle inside her head. I gave her a sidelong glance and she returned it in kind. We both knew that this was great news for her, and we we're both definitely happy, but... Where does that leave us?

"I'm glad you guys think so! I'm so so so so excited right now!" I was quickly knocked out of breath as the mint green unicorn pulled me into a tight hug and gave Fluttershy the same treatment, eliciting a startled *eep* from the timid pegasus. "I couldn't have done this without you guys, thank you so much!"

As she pulled away from Fluttershy, she sniffled loudly, trying and failing to hold back tears. When that failed, she brought a hoof up to wipe up the free flowing tears.

"I promise to write whenever I can, okay?" She said with a light chuckle as she looked back up at us.

By now I had a few manly, manly tears slowly rolling down my face as we said our goodbyes. We stood in the park for a while, just holding each other and crying with serene smiles etched on our faces, threatening to crack and melt like the last bit of ice on the lake once spring begins. It was a sad yet blissful affair that ended all too soon as we watched our mint green companion walk off into the distance onto greater things.

We stood in that spot for at least twenty minutes after Lyra left our presence, just enjoying what was left of the sunlight as it set beyond the horizon. It was a calm, sobering experience that I think was definitely needed after the unfortunate, yet amazing news of the day.

It was night fall by the time Fluttershy and I stepped through the cottage doors. Not a word was shared between the two of us as we walked home from the park. What was there to say? So I just kept my hand on her back to comfort her as much as myself as we ventured back in silence.

I decided that it was probably best to talk about this in the morning. Fluttershy didn't want to sleep right away so I made us both some tea and hunkered down on the couch. We sat there in quiet contemplation for what seemed like hours until I noticed that Fluttershy was softly snoring, laying across my lap. I lightly and methodically pet her back as I shut my eyes, letting the motions calm me down bit by bit as I slowly succumbed to slumber.

The night went by fast and when I awoke in the morning I didn't feel very rested at all. I noticed a lack of yellow on my lap so I just followed the smells of breakfast to the kitchen where I found my blanket making toast and tea. when I sat down at the table, I could see the down trodden look on her face as she idly stirred her cup of tea. It made me feel sick seeing her like this. Giving her a worried glance, I quickly ran out to the living room, grabbed my guitar and began to play a song I thought might cheer her up. I know it cheered me up.

When I began to play the song, Fluttershy gave me a quizicle look that I could only chuckle and smile as I continued to play and softly began to sing.

When I saw you wave goodbye it made me smile while it made me cry
I never thought I'd see the day, I never thought you'd walk a million miles away
But I know we all gotta grow so

These days everybody wants to find out how the story ends
So we say nothing is a possibility if you don't got your friends
And I know as time goes by we're never gonna pretend
Cause you and me will always be friends

So if you're feeling all alone remember good times or remember home
And if you question all that you see remember that you always got a friend in me
Cause I know we all gotta grow

These days everybody wants to find out how the story ends
So we say nothing is a possibility if you don't got your friends
And I know as time goes by we're never gonna pretend
Cause you and me will always be friends

These days everybody wants to find out how the story ends
So we say nothing is a possibility if you don't got your friends
And I know as time goes you'll be fast if I'm slow and we'll find
Our tempo cause we may never know how the story ends
But you and me will always be...

These days everybody wants to find out how the story ends
So we say nothing is a possibility if you don't got your friends
And I know as time goes by we're never gonna pretend
Cause you and me will always be friends

Yeah you and me will always be friends
Yeah you and me will always be friends

By the time I finished playing, I had tears streaming down my face, curling around the sad smile I was wearing. When I looked over, I saw Fluttershy giving my a look of wonder, wearing a tear stained smile of her own. I leaned my guitar against the edge of my seat and walked around the table to scoop Fluttershy up in a tight embrace.

"It's going to be okay," I told her through her pink mane. "We'll see her again soon, don't you worry about it." That only made her hang on tighter as we sat there and gently cried to ourselves on the kitchen floor. When we finally stood up, a little more composed, a sudden idea came to mind.

"Fluttershy, how do you feel about camping?"

Reminiscent Of a Different Time..

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Chapter 22

The crisp autumn air was a refreshing change to the warmth that used to be summer. The sun was just beginning to peek above the mountainous horizon as the birds sang their morning chorus. A gentle breeze brushed past and knocked off a few unsettled leaves from the branches above, sweeping them away from their homes and out of sight.

The forest was a peaceful and soothing place in the early light. Dew softly sparkled as the sun crested over the fantastic view, painting the sky a brilliant array of oranges, yellows and reds. A few birds could be seen flying north for the winter, silhouetted by the light of the sun.

A few dead leaves crunched underneath my feet as Fluttershy, Twilight and I made our way through Whitetail Woods.

When I first asked Fluttershy about the prospect of camping, she jumped at the idea, sputtering off all kinds of things about the 'woodland creatures', and the 'adorable little critters' out there. I figured she would feel better if some of her friends came along too but when asked, only Twilight and Spike were free.

We decided to go that following weekend, packing up the night before and setting of in the wee hours of the morning. Spike slept for the first little while on Twilights back as we walked in a tired silence, just listening to the sounds of nature as it woke up around us, sending a feeling of calmness and serenity through out the air.

Walking along the leaf strewn path, I couldn't help but feel that I was being watched. The hair was standing on end at the back of my neck. Taking a quick scan of my surroundings, I noticed a curious looking Twilight staring up at me, seemingly in deep concentration. When she finally noticed my confused gaze, she quickly turned away, a crimson glow flooding her cheeks.

"Something on your mind?" I asked the blushing purple unicorn as we trekked through the now brightly lit forest.

Twilight couched awkwardly, trying to bring the flush out of her cheeks a bit before she replied. "Oh, ahem, yes, there is, actually. It's just that we still know nearly nothing about you or where you came from." She gave me a perturbed look as I scratched my chin in thought, a light layer of stubble pushing it's way through my once smooth skin.

"That's true I guess, although to be fair, no one's really asked about my home, or me for that matter." I gave a sly sidelong glance, bringing another, more embarrassed blush to her face.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! That's so inconsiderate of me! How did I not notice this before?" Twilight was getting really flustered, rambling off all sorts of apologies left and right before I put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

"It's alright, Twilight. I haven't exactly been around town all that much any ways. I more or less just stay at the cottage or where ever Fluttershy goes." I looked back and gave The yellow mare in question a grateful smile which she returned in kind before turning her attention back to a passing butterfly, full of blues and greens. "So don't beat yourself up about it. Besides," I said, flashing her another smile, "We've got all weekend for you to ask what ever you want to know."

She smiled at this, the flush in her cheeks finally dissipating completely as she walked with a little skip in her step.

"That sounds like a great idea! Thank you, David!"

"No problem, Twi."

We walked in relative silence after that, just enjoying each others company and the serene backdrop we found ourselves in. I couldn't help but marvel at how pristine the forest was compared to any I really saw back home. I frowned at this. After all this time in Equestria, this is the first time I've really thought about home at all. What were my family and friends doing? Did they think I was dead?

I guess my sudden mood change showed on my face as Fluttershy nudged me out of my stupor.

"Something wrong David?" Twilight looked over with a concerned expression upon hearing Fluttershy's concern, inching closer and looking up at me with worry in her eyes.

"Hmm? Oh, no I'm fine, how are you?" I gave her the best smile I could, and let out a little laugh at the confused look on her face.

"Oh... uh, I'm good... Thanks?" She seemed even more confused now than before. With an awkward silence falling over the three of us, we finally came across the place we would be camping for the night. The sun now sat high up in the sky above the tree tops, sending shadows across the leaf and twig strewn forest floor. A cool breeze pushed it's way through the trees, sending a shiver up my spine, making me shake involuntarily.

"Hey girls, I'm gunna go grab some fire wood. I'll be back to help set up camp in a little bit." I waited for they're nods of approval before I began to wander around Whitetail Woods. I Didn't have any specific direction chosen while I trekked through the forest, picking up random sticks and smaller pieces of lumber as I went. I was more focused on my thoughts of home though.

Did anyone miss me?

I picked up a few more twigs as I continued to wander aimlessly. Finding a sizeable tree that had fallen down some time ago, I decided to take a break and just think.

I've been here for a solid few months now. Chances are, no ones looking for me anymore. I'm probably presumed dead somewhere in the forest. What did my old band mates do? Hopefully they found someone to replace me. They were actually getting somewhere before I came here. I wonder what they're doing now.

I let out a weary sigh and laid down on the fallen tree, folding my arms behind my head and staring up at the clouds through a break in the canopy. The wind gently carrying them to some unknown destination in the world. I tried to clear my head for a little while but my thoughts kept drifting back to home. Now that I thought about it, I missed my family and friends quite a bit. It'd been quite a while since I've had a hug from a human. I even missed the mundane things I took for granted, like driving, or television. And bacon... Oh sweet jesus did I miss bacon.

I let out a little chuckle at the thought of eating bacon in front Twilight or Fluttershy. The looks of horror on their faces as I munched on a greasy piece of cooked pig. My chuckle turned to guilt at the thought of exposing my new friends to something like that. But it was a fleeting thought and I was back on the train to home soon enough.

"Maybe Twilight knows a way to get me home?" I thought allowed as a flock of birds passed by high over head. "Just to see what's going on, and maybe grab a few things. I know opening old wounds would probably be a bad idea. Chances are, everyone I knew has moved on with their lives and me showing up would only cause more hurt and confusion."

With those dreary thoughts out in the open now, I let out another sigh and began my trek back to Fluttershy and Twilight. I don't know how long I as gone exactly, but they must be a little worried by now.

I took a few steps before looking down into my hands at the meager pile of wood I was carrying.

"Maybe I should get some more wood first..."

I was greeted back at the camp to looks of relief and worry on both Twilight's, and especially Fluttershy's face.

"Where have you been!" Twilight all but yelled at me as soon as she noticed me meander through the foliage. "We were just about to come looking for you!"

I dropped the pile off wood I was holding and held up my hands in a placating gesture. "Sorry, heh heh, I guess I lost track of time..." I rubbed the back of my neck and look down bashfully, hoping to reduce her anger and worry a little.

"David, It's been three and a half hours. What took you so long?" Fluttershy seemed deeply concerned, taking a few timid steps towards me and keeping eye contact with those sincere teal eyes of hers.

"I just uh...Found a cool rock and got a little distracted?" I looked around nervously as I let out another rather strained chuckle. I wasn't fooling either of them.

Twilight stepped up to me and tilted her head to one side. "David, we're your friends. You can talk to us if something's bothering you. You know that."

"You're right... I was just thinking about home, and what's been going on there." Fluttershy and Twilight exchanged looks before glancing back up at me with even more concerned looks on their faces, as if they knew exactly how I felt. But how could they?

As I continued to recap what I was thinking throughout my escapade through the forest, the two ponies expressions went from concern, to sadness, to pity, and then to sympathy, all in about five minutes. There was silence for a little while. Me just sitting there with my thoughts out in the open, and Fluttershy and Twilight thinking about what I had just told them.

Rather abruptly, both of them got up and hugged me. My eyes shot open, not knowing what was going on. It took me a moment before I just broke down and started to cry. It had been such a long time since I vented like this that I guess something just snapped. This carried on for a little while, their gentle murmurs of reassurance and comfort helped greatly as I let out my pent up emotions.

When I finally came back to my senses, my eyes were all puffy and I had a bit of a runny nose. I quickly wiped it on my sleeve, subtly of course, then stood up.

"Well... Thank you... Both of you." I just looked at he ground, or the trees. Anywhere but the to mares in front of me. They accepted my thanks in kind. It was then that I noticed how hungry I was and the lack of fire. Thinking that Twilight and Fluttershy were probably just as hungry as I was, I offered to start the fire while they grabbed the snacks.

Once the fire was roaring and marshmallows were roasting, we shared stories of our past. We stayed up late into the night exchanging stories of school, and old friends and family. Really just anything we enjoyed from old times.

The moon was high in the sky and the stars where shining their beautiful glow as I looked into the flames of the camp fire, a smile on my face. Fluttershy and Twilight had fallen asleep an hour or so ago. I was content in my thoughts to just stay up and enjoy the tranquil night.

Eventually I stood up and put out the fire. With that out of the way and blankets in hand, I bundled both Fluttershy and Twilight as best I could and gave them a kiss on the forehead each. This was a good first night, and I think I'm going to enjoy the many more I plan to have here in my newly accepted home.

As I laid down and let my eyelids close, I had one last lingering thought. It was of my family. It wasn't a sad thought, just a little goodbye to them before I settled in under the stars and peacefully fell asleep.

What Could She Want With Me...

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Chapter 23

The sun rose high over the tree tops, illuminating four prone forms as they slept, blissfully unaware to the songs of birds as they welcomed the new day and the feeling of fresh dew as it coated the ground they slept on. The wind gently caressed their faces in the morning light as fallen leaves danced their way to their new homes on the forest floor. It was a beautiful day, guaranteed to take the breath away from anyone lucky enough to witness it.

I let out a soft groan as he sat up from my place of rest. The smell of eggs and pancakes gracing my nose as I lazily stretched my limbs. I winced at a sudden pop in my back before standing up and investigating the smell. As it turns out, Twilight and Fluttershy both brought some cooking supplies and were whipping up a healthy breakfast for the four of us.

Fluttershy was the first to notice me as I stepped up to their little kitchen in the woods.

"Oh, good morning David. You're up early." She said with a tired smile before she turned back to the pancakes she was working on. At the mention of my name, Twilight looked up as well and bid me a good morning with a smile of her own.

"Morning Shy, Twilight." I said with a yawn as I took a seat near the two pony cooks. "Yeah, I guess it is a little early, but that just smells so good! I'm actually surprised spike isn't up already."

As if on cue, Spike began to snore up a storm. A few small birds decided to leave there perch up above while chirping blatant obscenities towards the snoozing purple dragon. The three of us shared a little chuckle before focusing back on the cooking.

I wasn't long before we were all seated around a fire, happily enjoying our breakfast. Spike joined us soon after the fire was started, albeit a little groggy still. We ate in relative silence. content to just enjoy each others company and the sounds of nature surrounding us.

Once we were all finished with breakfast, we decided to go take a dip in a nearby creek. The gentle flow of water was a beautiful sight to behold as the morning suns rays reflected off of the slow moving water, lightly sparkly and illuminating the surrounding forest with a beauty rarely seen outside of paintings and photographs. It really was breath taking.

As I stepped into the creek, letting the refreshing water wash over my legs, I took in a deep breath of air and let out a calming sigh. This is what camping is all about. Hanging with friends, enjoying nature, and just living.

Twilight, Fluttershy and Spike joined me soon after and we were laughing and splashing about in no time. The crystal clear water washing away any worries we had for the time being, leaving us free to enjoy our time out here.

My laughter came to a halt when I noticed Spike had a queasy look on his face. "Hey Spike, you okay there?" I asked as I waded over to his side. "You don't look so hot." His cheeks were puffing out and he looked like he was about to puke. Hearing the concern in my voice, Twilight and Fluttershy made there way over as well to see what was wrong. When they made it to shore Spike was ready to burst. With one last mighty intake of air, he let out a great belch and a spew of green fire. I was shocked by this. I'd never seen Spike do something like this before.

As I watched the fire float in the air, it started swirling in place before a scroll materialized out of thin air with a light popping noise. Twilight grabbed the parchment out of the air with her magic and immediately unrolled it and began to read. Her face went from a look of confusion to one of fear as she dropped the paper and began to pace back and forth.

"What is it Twi?" Spike asked, taking a few tentative steps towards his care taker before stopping a meter short. She was muttering to herself. The words incoherent to the three of us around her. Spike took a few more steps towards Twilight and placed his little claw on her foreleg. She stopped and looked down at the little dragon in confusion before opening her mouth to speak.

Nothing came out at first, but eventually she found her voice. "Wh-What could she want?" Fluttershy and I shared a look of worry and confusion before we took a place at the distraught unicorns side as well.

"What could who want?" I asked as I bent down to pick up the scroll Twilight dropped. I read it over to myself before I looked back at Twilight in confusion. "Princess Celestia wants to see me? What's so bad about that?" I asked as I handed the letter over to Fluttershy to read herself. "Isn't this a good thing?"

"No, this, is bad. You've been here for how long and I never once wrote a letter to the Princess about you? She must be so mad! What's she going to do to me?" Twilight began to mumble to herself about all the possible punishments she might endure from her not telling the Princess of my existence in Ponyville.

"Twilight, I'm sure everything's fine. She didn't sound mad in her letter..."

"Of course she didn't! She's the princess of Equestria for ponies sake! She can't just lose her composure like some half witted foal! She has to keep calm and collected!" Twilight began hyperventilating after her little outbreak and Spike was doing his best to get her to calm down with little effect.

"I'm sure she's just curious about me, that's all. I highly doubt she thinks you purposely hid my existence from her." I said as a matter of fact. Suddenly I heard glass shattering and when I looked over at Twilight her pupils were the size of pin pricks and she had a look of pure dread on her face. I was about to say something else to comfort her but before I got a chance to she teleported away.

"Uh... Spike? Where did she go?"

"Probably back to the library to worry some more." He said as he began to make his way back to the camp site, presumably to clean up and head back. Fluttershy and I shared another look before following Spike and taking down the tents and packing away all of our belongings. So much for a nice weekend in nature...

Once we had everything packed up, we headed back to Ponyville and Twilights library. When we stepped inside, Twilight was busy pacing the foyer and mumbling to herself. Spike was trying his best to get her attention but she seemed transfixed on figuring out what Celestia would do to her. Fluttershy, Spike and I all knew that Celestia wouldn't actually punish Twilight but the little unicorn seems to think she's in deep trouble.

"Hey guys," Spike said as he was trying in vain to stop Twilights pacing. "I don't think she's snapping out of this any time soon, you can probably head back home. Sorry about your weekend."

"Oh, it's okay Spike. Hopefully Twilight calms down a little..."

"Yeah, hopefully... I'll see you guys later then" Spike said before turning his attention back on getting Twilight to stop worrying.

Fluttershy and I said our goodbyes before stepping out into the evening air of Ponyville and making our way back to the cottage. The walk was rather uneventful and we spent it in silence until we got to the cottage. Fluttershy offered to make some tea as we set our belongs down by the front door. It wasn't long before we had a steaming pot of tea in our grasp and we were sitting on the little green sofa in the living room. We sat there in silence for what felt like hours, just thinking to ourselves.

"What do you think she wants with me?"

Ooooh Pretty...

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Chapter 24

"Ughh..." I groaned as I sat up from my bed. "Why do I stay up so late all the time..."

Rubbing the tiredness from my eyes, I walked over to the window and opened up the curtains to a beautiful sunny day. I smiled at first until I glanced over towards Canterlot and noticed the large, foreboding cluster of black clouds looming over the castle. "That's not good..."

A shiver ran down my spine as I turned away from the window and went to get changed. I threw on a black dress shirt and a pair of blue skinny jeans, all courtesy of one Miss Rarity Belle. When she heard about the letter and my impending meeting with Celestia, She was more than happy to whip up some classier clothes for me and the big meeting, which was, sadly, this evening.

Seeing as how I was due to meet Twilight and Fluttershy at the train station in little over ten minutes, I quickly freshened up in the bathroom and headed out the door. I could just grab something to eat on the train. Hopefully...

As I walked through the streets of Ponyville, Closer and closer to the inevitable face to face with Equestria's ruler, My nerves started to get the better or me. And so the chewing of my lips began. The entire way to the platform, I was frantically searching for any way out of this situation, at the expense of my lower lip.

By the time I arrived at the station, Fluttershy and Twilight had already arrived and were waiting for me. Fluttershy looked rather calm, if not a little tired. As for Twilight, i'm almost certain she looked more nervous than I did. Her hair was a frazzled mess. Her eyes were manic and darting all over the place, and she was pacing incessantly along the train platform. As I neared my travelling companions I began to hear the quiet ramblings of a mad person and I soon realized that it was Twilight talking to her self and trying to figure out what Celestia wanted. Still.

With a deadpan look towards Fluttershy, who just shrugged and smiled at me sheepishly, I walked up to Twilight and stood in her path. Without even pausing to look up, she continued to walk into my legs. Even though she wasn't moving, she continued to take a few steps forward before turning around and repeating the process of walking into me and turning around.

"Twilight." Nothing. Not even a glance up at me as she continued her pacing. "Twilight." Still nothing. Fluttershy looked even more concerned than she did when I first arrived. With the grace and dignity of any sane person I know, I started walking along side Twilight as she paced. My timing had to be clean and precise if my plan was going to work. With all the class of a first grade boy, I sloppily licked my finger and swiftly jammed it into her purple ear. Right away she yelped in surprise and bucked me. Now it wasn't a very hard buck, but I certainly felt that one.

"Oh my gosh, David!" Fluttershy yelled as she three of her ran to my side. Three Twilight's followed suit soon after, all wearing looks of confusion and worry on their faces.

"David, what happened? Are you okay?" Twilight asked.


Both Fluttershy and Twilight shared a look of some sort that I couldn't quite make out in my groggy state before I felt myself magicked to my feet. I shook my head from side to side to clear all the stars and planets from my head. I could already feel the hoof sized bruises forming on my chest but I decided not to think about them for the moment as I watched the train pull into the station. Perfect timing.

As the pastel colored train came to a stop, a grey stallion with an impeccable moustache leaned out the train engine window and addressed the general public. "All aboard!"

Taking a quick look around, there really weren't that many ponies around at all. Maybe ten at the most aside from the conductor and myself.

Being the gentleman that I am, I allowed Fluttershy and Twilight to board the train car before me with a smile. Albeit a woozy one. Before I had a chance to step on board a loud peal of thunder could be heard from behind me. When I turned and looked in the direction of the intruding noise, I looked at Canterlot Castle just as branches of lightning were showing their faces in the backdrop of cloudy blackness.

With an ever so manly gulp, I stepped into the train proper and followed my companions to their chosen car. We sat in relative silence. All of us were rather nervous about the coming meeting and our minds were a buzz of thoughts and wonders of what Celestia might want to talk about.

As the train lurched into life, we sat in silence and it wasn't long before I was nodding off and eventually fell asleep on Fluttershy's shoulder.

Lightning flashed and thunder boomed as I made my way inside Canterlot Castle. My eyes were jumping from shadow to shadow as I walked alone to meet my fate that was Celestia. The air was frigid and stale as I pulled open the very large and ornate front doors of the castle.

I walked silently through the dark abandoned halls. My only guide being the red carpet that seemed to call me forward and deeper into the darkness of Canterlot. This felt weird. For a bustling capital city, their seemed to be no pony in the immediate vicinity.

I was shaken from my thoughts as the sound of a childs laughter reached my ears and the retreating form of a small filly caught my eye as it rounded a corner. Ditching the red carpet, I pursued the filly deeper and deeper into the halls. Passing room after room we ran until at the end of a particularly dark hall the door slammed shut and I was once again alone.

I cautiously inched my way towards the door, dreading what I would find behind the barrier. Easing it open I walked into an enormous room. There was a tattered red carped that eventually led to a staircase. At the top of the staircase stood an ornate golden throne. It looked as though it hadn't been used in ages as the gold bare gleamed at all in the light of the two torches standing on either side of it.

Even with the light of the fire lighting up the throne and carpet, I still couldn't make out any walls in the room. Just the door I came in and the empty, endless blackness that surrounded me.

Tentatively taking a few steps forward, I couldn't help but feel as though I was being watched. As if on cue, An enormous black figure rose up from behind the decaying throne. I easily towered over me by at least fifty feet, glaring down at my insignificant form. I watched in awe as it's black mane moved in an unfelt breeze. It didn't say anything. Just stood and stared down at me.

"Ce-Celestia?" I asked. My voice shaky with fear and nerves. The imposing black figure merely blinked in my direction, making nary a sound to indicate I was right or not. Not knowing what to do, I slowly bent down on one knee and bowed my head out of respect.

My eyes shot open in surprise and fear as the sound of booming laughter assaulted my ears. My head shot up rapidly as the beasts front hoof raised into the air. Before I knew what was going on, The black hoof was looming over my head.

"Holy shit!" I screamed, falling to my knees. "Oh please no! I'm so sorry. I don't know what I did but I'm sorry." I pleaded for my life but the giant alicorn made no indication of sparing my life.

When I looked up, tears pouring down my cheeks I saw the most malicious white grin grace it's face before her hoof was speeding towards my tiny form.

"Auughh!" I screamed. My heading shooting up right off the train seat cushion. Fluttershy was leaning over me uncertainly while Twilight stood by the door.

"David, are you okay?" Fluttershy asked, helping me to my feet. "You we're crying in your sleep and then you screamed..."

"Uh, yeah... Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bad dream is all. Heh heh..." I gave her a sad smile as I looked over at Twilight with a look of confusion. "What's going on?"

"We're finally in Canterlot." Twilight said with a smile before walking towards the train platform and out into the station.

Fluttershy and I followed soon after and before I had a chance to look around, an official looking pony greeted us and lead us right to the castle proper. We followed him through the streets of Canterlot, passing many fancy looking ponies and even fancier looking buildings until we reached the home of the princesses, Celestia and Luna.

While were being lead through the halls, all I could think about was my dream I had and was looking around nervously at all the walls and doors we passed. Fluttershy must have noticed my nervousness as she placed a wing on my back and gave me an encouraging smile.

It helped a little bit until we came up to a large, imposing set of doors. The guard pony opened them up for us and followed us into what I now know was the throne room, but unlike my dream, it was in pristine condition, with not a speck of black in the immaculate white room. The golden throne sparkling in the light of the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

But what was the same as my dream was the distinct lack of an alicorn princess in the immediate vicinity. The guard lead us further into the throne room before gesturing us to stop and making exit back through the doors we came through. We stood in silence as we waited for Princess Celestia to arrive. I began to twitch in my left eye as we waited, eyeing the throne warily.

Unbeknownst to me, the Princess had teleported in silently right behind the three of us. She leaned in slowly and all but gently spoke into me ear. "Hello David."

With all the grace and dignity of a kitten high off catnip, I screamed like a little girl a fell on my face. Fluttershy was by my side in an instant while Twilight turned to her mentor and gave her a puzzled look. Celestia just shrugged before giving her pupil an affectionate nuzzle.

Meanwhile I was still on the floor, face first and unmoving.

"David, what's wrong?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"I dunno. Sometimes when I'm nervous I forget how to stand." I said as I used all of my strength to roll over and face the demon that me. She stood with poise of a goddess as she looked down at me and... Was she... Laughing? I couldn't find the words to say as I all but gawked at the princess of the sun as she laughed at my expense.

When she finally composed her self and saw me staring, she gently cleared her throat and extended a hoof in my direction. "Hello, I'm Princess Celestia."

I couldn't believe what was going on. This is nothing like the dream I had on the train, and definitely not what I was expecting. I flailed about in my head trying to find the words to say before settling on the most genius thing I could.

"You're pretty." Internally I could hear the sound of a thousand people face palming back on earth.

Well This Is Awkward...

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Chapter 25

"So... I hear that you're a musician. Is that right?" Celestia asked after taking her seat back on her throne.

I gulped internally. I was now standing alone in the throne room with the princess of Equestria looming down on my. Celestia sent Twilight and Fluttershy with a pair of guards to a waiting room to have some tea while she asked me some questions in private.

"Yes, Ma'am." I said, not taking my eyes off of her. I felt like I was getting interrogated by my old school principal all over again. It was terrifying. I have a feeling she knew how uncomfortable I felt though by the was she was looking at me, with those soft eyes and knowing smile. It just screamed tranquil, while still being mischievous at the same time. How that makes any sense, I'll never know.

"Well that's just wonderful! I'd love it if you would play me a song, David." There's that smile again... Hmmm... She wants me to sing a song? But I don't have my guitar. This is troublesome.

"Uh... Alright then. Hmmm, Do you have a balloon?" I asked with a shaky smile.

"Oh! I do, I do!" Pinkie proclaimed with glee, her upper half poking out from underneath the red carpet while the rest of her seemed to just disappear. She held a hoof out to me and was waving a purple balloon around in my face as she wore a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

I fell back down on my ass, my mouth slack and hanging open as I just gawked at the pink party pony offering me a deflated rubber balloon. "I-I uh... Thanks... Pinkie." I said, shakily reaching my hand out to grab the balloon. As soon as I had the balloon in my grasp, Pinkie giggled once more before zooming back under the carpet and seemingly evaporating into nothingness.

I stared at the space Pinking once lay before I slowly crawled over and took a peak underneath the royal red carpet. All that greeted me was pristine marble flooring. I looked up at the Princess for any clue on what just happened, but she looked just as confused as I was and just offered me a shrug in return.

Deciding not to press the issue any further I turned my attention to the balloon at hand. Inflating it to about the size of my head, I tied it off and stood back in front of the Princess once more.I was still a little shaken up over the recent Pinkie incident, but I did my best to push it aside as I came up with a song.

Taking a few calming but shaky breaths, I let my mind wander and I sang the first thing that came to mind. All the while rubbing the balloon to make it squeak in rhythm.

"Shake your extremities,
Shake your extremities.
All your arms and knees,
I want 'em, shake 'em, baby, please.

Baby shake your eyes for me.
Shake your eyes for me,
Shake your eyes for me,
Shake your eyes for freeeeee.

Now make some bills,
Make a fills,
Make a mills.
Quack me up with some yokes.

I like girls who know the ropes.
I like girls who can cope with,
The futuristic sound...

Of balloon music."

I let the last note of my song linger in the air. That felt good, I think she'll like that song. Opening my eyes and looking up at the throne, my smile immediately dropped. Celestia looked mortified. Quickly recalling the lyrics I spat out I instantly knew why.

"Oh my god, I am so so-"

"Let us never speak of this again." Celestia cut me off. There was an uncomfortably awkward silence that hung in the air for a while after that. I stood there, shuffling my feet awkwardly. All the while Celestia sat on her throne, rubbing her forehoof just as awkwardly.

"Sooo... you're pretty laid back for a princess." I said as a means to break the dreadful silence that hung in the air.

"Well after several thousand years of ruling, you realize something." Celestia said as she looked of into the distance with a whimsical smile on her face.

"And what might that be?" I asked with genuine curiosity.

"Sometimes... You just have to do what you want." When she finished that statement and looked towards me my mind went completely blank. The way she was looking at me with half lidded eyes and that sultry smile. I was at a loss for words.

"Is- Is that so..." I stuttered as I shifted my eyes warily. I was about ready to turn and run out the door when the sound of raucous laughter drew my eyes back to Celestia. She lay on her back, hooves clutching her stomach, laughing maddly.

"You should see the look on your face! Bahahaha!" Celestia continued to laugh for severl long minutes before finally composing herself once more and sitting back on her throne. I looked at her with an eyebrow raised as she cleared her throat and flattened out her coat. "Sorry, I guess my sense of humor has changed over the past few hundred years. A little more dry I guess. Anyways, on to other matters. I have some questions I'd like to ask you, if I may."

"By all means, ask away." I said, still trying to recover from Celestia's so called 'joke' by doing anything to get my mind off of it.

She asked me the typical questions anyone would ask when meeting a new species, such as; what are you? Where did you come from? How did you get here? etc. etc. But one question threw me for a loop, and was a question I definitely was not expecting to hear.

"Do you plan on entering the music festival this year?"

I stood there for a moment, my left eye twitching randomly as I stared off into space, mouth slightly open.

"David? Are you o-"

"I FORGOT ABOUT THE FESTIVAL!" I screamed as I snapped out of my stupor. Celestia physically flinched at the suddenness of my outburst. I began to pace back and forth in the throne room mumbling to myself. "How could I have forgotten? Does Fluttershy know? We don't even have any new songs?"


"Maybe she forgot too? Oh this is bad. What if there isn't enough time?"


"Ooh we're doomed! This is all my fault! WHHYYYY!" I fell to my knees dramatically and held my fists in the air as I yelled to the heavens before everything went dark.

A pegasus guard stood in the doorway of the throne room awkwardly staring at Princess Celestia as she stared back at him. David lay motionless at her hooves. The lone guard slowly began to back out of the throne room, not taking his eyes off of his ruler.

"No, wait! it's not what it looks-" The door slammed shut as the sound of fleeing hoof falls could be heard in the distance. "Like. Oh well. I'll deal with that when it comes up. David?"

I groaned as I slowly came to my senses. Sitting up, I stretched my body, giving off a series of satisfying pops and cracks. When I opened my eyes, all I could see was a white nose and very large pink eyes in my face. I'd like to say I handled this in a calm and mature manner, but I screamed like a little girl and scooted back as far as I could before I realized it was Celestia with a worried look on her face.

"Are you okay David?" Celestia asks and takes a cautious step forward.

"Uhh... Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." I said while rubbing the back of my head and chuckling awkwardly.

"If you're sure. By the way, The festival is still two months away, I'm sure you have plenty of time to put something together. There's no need to worry. Celestia said. The smile she wore calmed me down quite a bit and I knew she was right. There really was no reason for me to freak out and over react.

"You're right. That's plenty of time to write a few songs. Thank you." I said, bowing slightly.

"You're very welcome David. It was a pleasure meeting you, but it is about time for my sister, Princess Luna to take over duties, and I'm sure your friends are eager to know how you are. I'll have one of my guards show you to where they are."

"Thank you Princess. It was a pleasure meeting you." I said with another bow. She smiled at me once more before turning around and walking towards a door at the back of the throne room. A guard cleared his throat behind me before leading me to a waiting room down the hall and around the corner.

Sitting on a bench, leaning on each other was Fluttershy and Twilight. Both of which were snoring softly. I smiled at the cute scene in front of me and opted to tell them about my little interview in the morning. I turned and looked at the guard to my left who was standing as still and stoic as ever and asked him a question.

"Are there any rooms available for us?"

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Chapter 26

When the morning finally arrived the three of us took the earliest train back to Ponyville. Celestia met us just outside the castle doors and bid us a safe trip back. Truth be told this meeting could have went a lot worse than it did. I mean, I could have been squished by some giant black shadow, right?

While we were relaxing on the train home I took the time to explain the situation to both Fluttershy and Twilight. Fluttershy was pretty upset by the fact that we had forgotten and almost immediately gave up on the festival. It took both Twilight and myself a little while and quite a bit of persuasion before Fluttershy cheered up and was determined enough to help work on a couple more songs when we got home.

It took me a moment to realize that although we could still make decent music, we were lacking in diversity when it came to our sound. All we had were vocals and some guitar. Now even if we blew the judges away, I don't think we'd win with that alone.

"Well... we could hold auditions, maybe?" Fluttershy said, looking up at me hopefully. "I bet there's somepony in town that could help us out. If you want to that is..."

"Hey, yeah! That could work great!" I said as I bent down and scooped Fluttershy up in a big hug.

When we finally got home, Twilight bid us a good evening and went home to see Spike and the library. As soon as everything was unpacked and put away I got to work on writing up some flyers to put up around town. They were your typical add flyers with the tear away pieces hanging at the bottom of the page. They listed a few specifications, such as being able to play an instrument, and at least be able to sing a little. Good social skills was a must, and a friendly smile never hurt any one.

Now it was getting dark out by the time I finished up enough flyers to hang up all over town so I left the stack by the front door, said goodnight to Fluttershy and went to bed.

Early in the morning, the sun just peaking over the distant mountains of Canterlot, I woke up and got to work. Fluttershy wasn't awake just yet so I just grabbed some toast and headed out, flyers in hand with some tape in the other. I ran all over town, leaving no street lamp empty and no wall vacant. I even stopped by at 'Strings 'n Things' and stuck a flyer on their post board.

With the flyers all hung up in town I headed back home. It was almost noon now and Fluttershy was in the kitchen making something delicious, I could tell by the smell.

"Whatcha making there Fluttershy?" I said as I hung my jacket up on the coat rack and stepped inside.

"Oh, hey David. I'm just making a grilled cheese sandwich, would you like on as well?" She smiled as I walked into the kitchen and took a seat at the table.

"I'd love one, thanks." I said with a smile.

It wasn't long before each of us had a steaming sandwich in front of us. With a quick thank you to the chef I dug in with a smile. For just a plain grilled cheese sandwich, it was pretty bloody amazing.

When we were finished, I explained to Fluttershy what exactly was going on with the auditions and what not. In three days we should have people lined up outside our door, eager to try out for our band. She smiled sweetly at me and for the rest of the night we worked together to get a semblance of a song or two down for the festival. Even if we didn't have our third member yet, we could still have some songs ready.

The next few days were spent working on songs and playing board games late into the night until finally, the day of the auditions arrived. With all the patience of a child on Christmas morning, I woke Fluttershy up and told her to get ready, There should be people outside by now waiting to try out. She gave me a smile that said 'You really need to calm down, David.' before she crawled out of bed and brushed her mane and teeth.

With my partner in crime ready to go, we walked down stairs and opened the front door to greet...

"Four ponies?" I whispered into Fluttershy's ear as she looked at me, perplexed. She just shrugged and escorted the first pony in, and then the second. And third, and finally the forth. To say I was disappointed with the turn out would be an understatement. Hopefully one of these candidates would be good.

Half an hour and many ear splitting noises later, I walked four ponies out the door, saying that we'd call them once we've made a decision. Granted I already made one. They were all horrible. I think Fluttershy had the same Idea as I watched her massage her temples before walking over to me by the door.

"What are we going to do now?" She asked as she leaned on my leg for support. I pu my hand on her shoulder and looked down with a sad smile on my face

"I guess we just do the show, just the tw-" A set of loud knocks cut me off before I could finish my statement. "Who the hell..."

When I opened up the door, all I could see was a keyboard floating in a purple aura. It started floating into the house, followed by a very happy looking purple unicorn. Fluttershy and I exchanged confused glances before following Twilight into the living room.

"Uh... hey Twilight, what are you doing here?" I asked as we all took a seat in the room. I was more than a little confused and just a bit nervous.

"Well isn't it obvious?" She said, gesturing to the keyboard that she set up across from us. "I'm here to audition for the band, of course!" She smiled with pride at this, while Fluttershy shared another look before letting Twilight play.

"Um, okay sure. Show us what you've got then." I said while trying to put as much positivity behind my words as possible.

"Okay, just gimme a second here to set up."

We waited patiently as Twilight fiddled with her keyboard, all the while shifting uncomfortably on the couch. When she was finally ready we let her begin, not really expecting something amazing.

I think my jaw hit the floor when she started playing. I haven't heard keyboard played like that in, well, ever really. It was just pure bliss to listen to. That's the only way I can describe it.

When she finally finished, there was a long silence as Fluttershy and I just stared at Twilight.

"Oh... was it really that bad?" Twilight said, almost on the verge of tears. She started packing up her things and head towards the door before I finally composed my self enough to speak.

"Whoa whoa whoa... wait, you can play?!" I said, no amount of shock hidden in my voice. "You're in!"

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Chapter 27

After the initial shock of learning that Twilight was some sort of keyboard playing ninja wore off we set up a schedule for practices. With only a month until the festival and all that nonsense, it was crunch time. However, considering how late in the evening it was we decided to start up early the next day, Before Twilight headed home, I gave her copies of the few songs that we actually have and then she was on her way home to tell Spike all about the good news.

With a content sigh I turned around and swooped Fluttershy up in a tight hug.

"We're finally back on track! Now we can get to work on what we need, this is awesome! Don't you think?"




I looked down at the mare in my arms and saw that her cheeks were turning a very flattering shade of blue.

"Oh shit!" I yelled as I quickly set her down on her hooves, panicking slightly as I straighten out her mane and check to make sure that she's breathing. "Are you okay?"

She took a few moments to cough and catch her breath before looking up at me and smiling sweetly. "Yes, I'm fine. But I think we should go to bed. We do have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, David."

"Right! I'll see you in the morning Shy." I gave her another quick hug before I went and got ready for bed.

Knock knock knock


Knock knock knock

"Hnn... What the hell...?" Rolling over, I hear some one knock on the door again. With a groan of severe displeasure I sat up and headed towards that infuriating door.

Opening up the door I glared down at the perpetrator of the heinous deed. A very tired looking Fluttershy, adorned with a a very white robe with fluffy purple trim stood before me with a sleepy sheepish grin. Before I could say anything a pair of overly bright purple eyes filled my field of vision.

Smiling from ear to ear was Twilight Sparkle, with a keyboard strapped to her back along with her saddle bags. She was bouncing up and down excitedly in the dim light of the sun not even peaking over the horizon yet.

I continued to direct my glare at the bouncing purple pony for some time until she noticed and swiftly stopped her hopping.

"What's wrong, David? You look troubled."

*yawn* "Oh... I dunno. Probably the fact that I'm awake? What time is it anyways?"

Twilight then proceeded to pull out a pocket watch from her saddle bag and gave it a look.

"It's five thirteen, bright and early, just like you said!" I looked around in confusion as I heard a 'spuee' out of nowhere as Twilight grinned at me like a kid in a candy store.

I looked around the surrounding area before I looked back to her. "I can't see anything, Twilight. By bright and early, I didn't mean literally. I just meant like, eight or nine. You know, normal hours to wake up?"

" hehehe. Sorry." Twilight said with a sheepish grin as she rubbed her foreleg.

I sighed as I rubbed the back of my neck. "Well, come on in. Might as well get started now that you're here anyways."


"But don't make a habit of showing up this early. Eight or nine next time please." I said with a small grin as Twilight blushed.

I went to close the door but when I turned around I saw a sleeping Fluttershy standing in my doorway. A small bit of drool creeping out the side of her lip. I smiled softly as I walked out and scooped her up delicately and set her on the couch.

While Fluttershy caught up on her not so needed beauty sleep, Twilight and I began to discuss what we were going to do with the songs. Twilight had read through all three of our songs that night and had already learned them, so now all that was left to do was practice them a few times to get the timing right, and write a couple more songs. That was the hard part for sure.

Fluttershy woke up a little after seven and decided since she slept in that she would make us all some cocoa and some pancakes. When she returned we began to lob ideas back and forth for topics and styles of our next few songs. There were many ideas thrown around about friendship and love and tolerance and all that sappy stuff. I declined all of it. I wanted to write a song that was more meaningful than that superficial stuff. Not that I had anything against all that, I just wanted to write something a little more... Personal.

We decided to write a song about my being thrown into Equestria and having to adapt and try and fit in the best I can. They were ecstatic when they heard the idea and we jumped right into the writing process.

At around one we finally took a break for lunch. I offered to make everyone some sandwiches and played some card games for a bit. It was a nice break from the work and turned out to be a lot of fun.

A few more hours passed before Twilight had to head home and check on Spike and all the chores she gave him. We said our good byes and were all ready to meet again tomorrow.

Three weeks went by with the same routine. We made steady progress and by the end of week three we had all of our songs completed. We now had five songs practiced and ready to play at the festival.

Monday came around and I woke up a little earlier than usual. I just knew today was going to be a great day. It was nice and su... Oh. Opening up the curtains revealed a heavy storm rolling through Ponyville. I could have sworn I saw a cow knitting, fly by my window, but I just chalked it up to tiredness.

I walked down stairs and made myself a cup of tea as I waited for Fluttershy and Twilight to show up for practice. When someone finally knocked on the door I happily got up and answered it to reveal Twilight. I let her in and looked around before closing the door and following her inside.

"Do you know where Fluttershy is?" I asked with a little bit of concern in my voice.

"I though she was already here."

Before I could reply there was a knocking on the door. With a sigh of relief I went and answered it. My face paled a little as I saw Fluttershy, usually so pristine, with a frazzled mane and a runny nose. Her eyes were puffy and red and she just looked... Ill.

"Fluttershy? Are... are you okay?"

"Oh yeah. sniff Just fine, why do you ask?"

"Uh... no reason. Come on in."

We tried to get some practicing done but between all of the sniffling and the sneezing and the coughing it was really hard to do anything at all.

When we finally took a break for lunch Fluttershy was sniffling every few seconds and sneezing just as much. I was starting to panic, really. There was just no way this could be good.

Instead of practicing again after lunch, we decided to try some cold remedies. They started out normal. Noodle soup, steam. The usual remedies. But when none of those worked, we took more extreme measures. I had heard that putting on cold wet socks helps. So I ran upstairs and grabbed a pair of my socks and ran them under the tap and put them on her hooves. An hour later and still no results. Next I had her chew on a raw onion. Still nothing.

After many failed attempts I sent her home for some rest and we'd see how she felt in a day or two.

Three days later

I woke up in the morning and decided to head over to Fluttershy's cottage and check on her. I knocked on the door and waited for a bit. When she didn't answer I just let myself in with the key I still had and headed to her room.

Tissues. Tissues everywhere. I couldn't even see her bed there was so much snotty paper in the room. Wading my way through the trash lake, I made my way to her bed where I found a sniffly, sneezing, wheezing Fluttershy half awake on the bed.

"Oh no... What are we gunna do?"

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Chapter 28

I carefully made my way to the side of Fluttershy's bed, wary of the many tissues littering the bedroom floor. Fluttershy was a wreck. Her eyes and nose were puffy and red, a small trickle of mucus hanging from her nose. She shivered slightly as I placed my palm to her forehead. She was burning up and yet huddled as tightly as possible in her blankets.

Taking my hand back, being sure to wipe off the fever sweat off on my pants, I ran to the bathroom to grab a wet cloth. Folding it up and gently placing it on her forehead, Fluttershy stirred and slowly opened her eyes.

"Oh... Hello David, What are you *sniff* doing here?" Fluttershy asked with a weak smile followed shortly after by a fit of sneezes.

"I just came to see how you were doing. Would you like anything? Food, water, more tissue?" I replied While going around the room, picking up discarded tissues.

"Thank you, but I'm okay, really."

I gave her a dead pan look as she broke out into another fit of sneezes. When she finally recovered and used the tissue I handed to her she looked up at me with apologetic eyes. "Okay maybe a cup of tea?" Fluttershy asked with a blush and a small grin.

"Coming right up!" I said with a smile as I headed towards the kitchen.

I returned moments later with two mugs of tea and a fresh box of tissues for the sick Pegasus. She thanked me quietly as I handed her a mug of hot tea and we soon lapsed into a comfortable silence as we enjoyed the hot beverage, only interrupted by dainty sneezes every now and then by the yellow mare by my side.

Eventually I heard Shy shuffling her hooves around nervously. She was staring deep into her half empty mug in thought.

"What's on your mind?" I asked, causing the poor mare to start and look up at me quickly.

"Oh, um... I was just thinking. What are we going to do about the show? I mean, if I don't get better in time then we can't play and I-" I cut off her rant as I grabbed hold of one of her hooves. She looked at me, tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes.

"It'll be okay, you getting better is more important at the moment. No sense getting upset about something we can't control, right?"

She didn't reply, opting to look back into her mug and take a small sip.

"Right?" I asked one more time, tilting her chin up with my hand and giving her a caring smile.

"Uh... r-right." She stammered before giving me a smile of her own and leaning over and giving me a light hug before laying back down.

"Good. Now, you look hungry, I'm gunna go whip us up some soup. Any preferences?" I asked as I stood up from my spot on the beds edge.

"A-alphabet, please."

"Sorry, what was that? I couldn't quite here you."

"Alphabet, please" She repeated with a small blush on her cheeks and she gave me a sheepish grin.

"Coming right up, Shy." I said with a chuckle as I head back to the kitchen.

Twilight showed up not long after we had finished eating. I explained to her the situation at hand and she understood completely, although she still seemed a little upset that we may not even play in the battle of the bands if Fluttershy isn't better in time.

Fluttershy was taking it the worst, claiming she was perfectly healthy and could perform anyways. I wasn't having any of that though. The last thing she needed was to over exert herself. No, what needed was plenty of rest and lots of fluids.

We all hung out for a little while longer before Fluttershy started nodding off. Taking that as our cue to leave, Twilight and I said our goodbyes and headed out the door. It was late afternoon and the sun was just sitting over the horizon. Seeing that it was a nice evening, Twilight and I decided to go for a walk around the town.

Ponies were out and about, enjoying the evening rays of sun as they went about their business, throwing a casual nod or wave our way as we passed by.

The walk was silent for a while, just the two of us enjoying each others company and the cool breeze that graced Ponyville that evening.

"Are you sure you're okay with this, David? I know how much you were looking forward to the show." Twilight asked as we walked to nowhere in particular. I gave her a sidelong glance before looking out at the horizon and letting out a light sigh.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sure it sucks that we may not get to play, but I'd feel better knowing that Fluttershy's feeling better before we perform and all." Taking that as a suitable answer, we continued our walk in silence .

We found ourselves in the middle of a park just passed Twilight's library in no time and we decided to take a seat on one of the nearby benches.

"I wouldn't mind going to check out some of the other performers though." I finally said as a passing couple walked by with their foal.

"Yeah, It would be interesting to see who we would have been playing against. But what about Fluttershy?"

"I guess it would depend on how she's feeling in a couple days... That and it wouldn't feel right going without her..." I stared at the ground in thought, Twilight doing the same.

A cold breeze swept through the park, eliciting a a shiver from my purple pony companion. "Come on, we should head home, It's getting pretty late." I said, looking out at the horizon, the sun barely visible now beyond the mountains. "We can talk with Fluttershy tomorrow and try and figure something out."

Twilight gave me a tired smile and a nod as we got up and headed home. Twilight gave me a light hug as we stopped at the Library. Saying our goodbyes, I went on my way back to the cottage to check on the little sick pegasus before going to bed.

It was going to be a long day tomorrow. Hopefully Fluttershy gets better soon.

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Chapter 29

Well, today was the day. Twilight and I were on a train up to Canterlot for the highly publicized battle of the bands. Only there was once thing wrong with this trip. A particular yellow pegasus was strikingly absent. Fluttershy's cold took a turn for the worst as her fever kept her bed ridden.

Try as she might to protest, Fluttershy could barely make it a few steps out of bed, let alone perform in the show. It was with a heavy heart that she finally resigned and admitted that she was in no shape to go to up to Canterlot and play, although she was adamant that Twilight and I should go and see how it would have been.

Begrudgingly, we boarded a train to leave, but not without making sure Fluttershy was well taken care of while we were gone. Applejack was more than happy to look after the poor butterball while we were gone and promised with all her heart that she would have Fluttershy up and on her feet by the time we came home.

I felt pretty bad about leaving her like this. I knew full well how much this show meant to her. Hell, how much this meant to all of us. But seeing the look on her face when she told us to go was enough. She knew this was important, even if we weren't going to be performing, so she urged Twilight and I to go and see what we'll be doing next year. That thought alone put a smile on my face and I promised her before I left that we would win this thing next year, no questions asked.

As the train pulled into the station, Twilight and I shared one last look before exiting the train and joining the bustling crowd of musicians as they made their way to their respective hotels for the night. The sun was just barely peaking over the mountain as we made our own way to the suite Celestia so graciously offered us for the weekend.

"I still feel bad about leaving Fluttershy back in Ponyville..." Twilight spoke up as we neared our destination. The walk here as well as the train ride had been spent in somber silence. I felt the same way Twilight did. It just didn't feel right coming all this way without her.

"I know what you mean... I just... Ugh Twilight I feel terrible." I groaned out as we reached the door to the suite. It was a massive door, much larger than conventional pony standards, nearly twice as tall as myself, with ornate decorations finished with gold trim. "It feels like we left a piece of the family behind."

"Do you think we should go back? Maybe she's feeling better now and can make the trip!" Twilight hopefully chirped as we stepped through the doors into the suite we'd be staying in for the next couple days.

"I'm not so sure Twi... She wasn't looking too well when we left her with Applejack. But I'm sure she'll be feeling much better soon. I know it." I said with a strained smile on my face. As much as I wanted to go back for Fluttershy, I knew she would be in no shape to make the trip up here.

"But... What if-" Twilight started to say before being cut off by a rather cute yawn. "Huu... What if Applejack made her feel better already?"

"That would be amazing Twi, but I don't think Applejack's home made remedies are THAT good." I sad with a sad smile on my face as I was overcome with a large yawn myself. "But I think it's getting late and we have a big day tomorrow, don't you think? A lot to see and plenty of competition to look out for for next year."

"Right, well then we'd better be off to bed don't you think?" Twilight smiled before being over come with another yawn.

As Twilight made her way to her own room, I sat in the foyer of our little suite for a moment longer before heading to my own bed for the night. Thoughts of Fluttershy staying in my head the whole way to dreamland.

The morning came with an abrupt yet quiet knocking on the door. judging from the amount of light flooding the room it was still fairly early in the morning. No one in there right mind should be awake this early, although I guess it is a pretty special day today. As I stood up from my bed and made my way towards the door I heard quiet murmuring outside the door. Confused as to who was here, I was hesitant to open my door, but with a second bout of knocks I came too and casually opened the door.

To my utter disbelief, Fluttershy was standing in the doorway, looking tired but otherwise no worse for wear.

"Fluttershy? What are you doing here! Shouldn't you be at home with Applejack resting?" I sputtered out, confusion evident in my voice. Of all the things I expected out of today, this was not one of them.

"Oh... I'm sorry David, I know I should be resting but... but... I feel better, really!" Fluttershy said with a strained smile on her face. But true to her word she did look better, all be it a little tired.

"But... what about Applejack? How did you get here?" I asked confused. I could tell by the look on Twilights face that she was wondering the exact same thing as she walked up next to the two of us.

"Well..." Fluttershy said as she suddenly found something very interesting on the suite floor. "I may have gotten up extra early to catch a train here without waking Applejack..." As she looked up to see the shocked look on our faces she quickly backpeddled. "Oh don't worry, I left her a very very very apologetic letter before I left." this was followed by the most heart melting smile I have ever seen.

Sparing a glance at Twilight, I sighed internally and bent down to give Fluttershy a well deserved hug. "Well I for one am glad you're here."

"As am I, This trip just wouldn't be the same without you! Although... I guess it's to late to sign up for the battle of the bands..." Twilight said as she joined our embrace.

"Oh... I'm so sorry you guys! This is all my fault." Fluttershy said as tears began to well up in her eyes. "If it wasn't for me getting sick this wo- EEP!" I cut her off with another tighter hug as Twilight squeezed into the embrace as well.

"This is nobodies fault Fluttershy, just bad luck." I said with a smile on my face. "Besides, there's always next year to participate, and this year we can just watch our competition and have the upper hand next time!"

"He's right Fluttershy!" Twilight chimed in with a smile. "Think of all the notes I can take on the bands playing. We'll definitely have the upper hand next year." With a triumphant hoof stomp Twilight squeezed even tighter.

"Yeah... I guess you're right Twilight, thank you." Flutteshy said sheepishly while returning the affection.

"Well I don't know about you two, but after this excitement, I could go for some breakfast before heading down to the shows, wouldn't you say?" I said as I stood and walked back to my room to put on some proper clothes.

"Sounds like a great plan." Twilight said as she headed to her own room to get ready. Fluttershy followed Twilight to her room and I could hear them giggling and chatting away as I smiled in my own room.

Well it may not be the same as playing, but going to see some great bands with two great mares is just as amazing. And who knows? Maybe next year we'll win this thing.

With a final look in the mirror and a well placed smile, I walked out the door to meet my band mates, my family, as we headed out the door to eat before starting the weekend that would later begin a yearly routine.