• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - Yzanburg

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

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Roar of The Crowd

Chapter 11

The train was casually making its way towards Trottingham. The constant 'Clickity-Clack' of the wheels giving headaches to who ever heard it. Smoke was billowing out of the stack near the front of the train, sending birds careening off course every now and then as they flew through the cloud of fumes and burnt coal. Travelling at such a relaxed pace caused traffic to stop at every main road that it crossed. Many a pony was late for work that day, crying outwardly to Celestia to spare them from the verbal abuse they would receive from their bosses. Yet throughout all the commotion outside, one creature slept comfortably. At least for the moment.

"Should we uh.. Maybe wake him up..?"

"Oh.. I don't know, wouldn't that be rude?"

"But he sounds like he's gargling pudding."

"Maybe we should just let him sleep..?"

"Screw that, he's keeping me up with that noise."

*WHUMP* "OW! What the hell?" I was now lying face down on the train car floor. I had bits of dirt hanging from the side of my lip as I slowly got up and looked around, wiping my face in the process. Was I drooling?

"Oh my goodness! David, are you okay?"

"Yep.. Just fine, what happened?" Fluttershy extended a hoof to help me up which I gladly accepted as I took my place back on the seat.

"Well, you we sleeping. And snoring reeaaaalllly loudly and I couldn't sleep. So I pushed you off the couch." Lyra finished her admission to the heinous crime with a very large, innocent looking smile. Oh you are sooo getting it later..

"And you couldn't have just poked me or something? I raised my eyebrow up skeptically as I waited for her to come up with some lame excuse for why she pushed me off the chair. This should be good..

"Nope!" Lyra exclaimed with that same happy, innocent grin on her face. You have got to be kidding me.

"You are soooo in for it later." I grumbled while rubbing the back of my neck, giving Lyra a stare that could melt pebbles.

"So did I miss anything while I was asleep?"

It was late in the evening by now as I looked out the window at the setting sun behind the mountainous terrain we were heading through. I guess I was asleep for a few hours.

"Not really, just the food trolley. We didn't want to wake you at the time, but we got you a sandwich. I'm sorry, I'm sure the mare will be back anyti-" I had to cut her off before she started to get any deeper with that unnecessary apology.

"Thank you Fluttershy, Lyra. I appreciate it" Fluttershy visibly relaxed as Lyra gave me a curt nod and went back to trying to get some much needed sleep.

"Hey, Fluttershy. Have you slept yet?" She looked rather weary as she sat on her seat gazing out the window with half lidded eyes.

"Oh.. No, I'm just a little worried." Fluttershy tucked her forehooves closer to her body as she turned to look at me, worry etched into her face.

"What about?" I had to whisper as I spoke to her because Lyra was no snoring contently on the seat cushion beside me. Hypocrite.

"Well, my little animal friends are all alone. What if they're scared? Or get hurt! What if-"

"Fluttershy, they're fine."
She looked up at me with uncertainty in those beautiful ocean blue eyes, her lip quivering ever so slightly in fear.

"I promise. Angel is probably taking real good care of them at home."

"I guess so.."

"I know so. Now come on, you need some sleep. We have a big day coming up on Friday, you wanna be ready right?" I put on as calm a smile as I could to settle the poor mare's nerves and I guess it worked as she gave me a quick hug before hovering over to her spot across from me.

"Thank you, David."

"Any time, Shy."

I sat there a few moments longer just watching Fluttershy slowly but surely fall asleep with a content smile on her muzzle. I felt a slight twitch under my hand as I realized I my hand was gently rubbing Lyra's back, A serene smile on her face as well. This is turning out to be quite the adventure.

With a quiet yawn and a little bit of stretching I let my head rest on the wall behind me and slowly fell back asleep, anticipation welling up inside me as the train carried on towards Trottingham.


The train let out a high pitched whistle as it pulled into the Trottingham train station, brakes grinding to a halt as it awoke most of the passengers on board. The conductor announced over a loud speaker that the train has now reached its destination, eliciting a sigh from a unicorn and a pegasus as they stood from their respective seats and grabbed their belongings.


The crowd roared with sheer elation as I took a final bow. Straightening up I looked out over the crowd. Hundreds of smiling and cheering fans greeted my gaze with eager eyes full of joy. I had caused this. With a smile on my face I waved out to the crowd, causing them to cheer even louder.

"David! David! David!"

"We love you David!"

"Have my babies, David!"

"Wake up, David."

Wait, what was that?

"David. David come on."

What the hell?

And then there was a bright flash of light from the crowd that made me cover my eyes.



"Huh, wha-? What's going on?"

"Finally! Come on David, we're here."

"Here where?" What the hell's going on?

"In Trottingham, Doofus."

"Oh.. OH! Shit, where's my stuff?" I looked around frantically underneath the seat and in the overhead cubby but I could not find my bag. It was like a pair of evil elves came while I was sleeping and stole my belongings.


Or ponies..

"Real funny you two" I turned around to see Lyra smiling slyly and Fluttershy with a shy smirk on her face and a slight blush.

"We've been ready for a few minutes now. We got your stuff all together for you. I hope that's okay..."

"Oh, well thank you! Shall we head on out?" I waved my arm towards the door for emphasis as I let the two mares take the lead to our destination. 'The Stall'.

Stepping out of the car and onto the platform I took a moment to take in my surroundings. There were ponies of all shapes and hues littering the streets of Trottingham. Some adorned with fancy hats and neck wear, while others just wore nice scarfs and knit hats. A small foal was on the corner of the street trying to gain the attention of some passing snooty looking unicorns, trying to sell them a newspaper of sorts. He seemed rather excited about what he was doing.

I turned suddenly as I heard a gasp to my left. A grey earth pony mare with a fancy up do and feathered chapeaux was staring at me with open shock and terror. Without really thinking I raised my hand in a swift motion and waved. The mare quickly fainted on the spot, causing many passers by to look at me with open hostility and fear in their eyes.

"We should probably get going. Lyra? do you know where this place is?" I was looking for a quick exit as I saw a frantic looking stallion talking to what looked like a pair of royal guards. Feeling a tug to my right a saw Lyra and Fluttershy gesture to a near by street corner. I gave them both a quick nod and they turned to head towards the road. As we rounded the corner I thought I heard someone yell out and then the sound of heavy hoof falls. That can't be good.

Up ahead I could just make out a sign that read 'The Stall', With a few ponies walking in and out of the front door. Not wanting to cause any larger of a scene, I found the entrance to a back ally and ran in, hoping it would lead to the venue in question.

"Fluttershy! Lyra! This way!"

Sneaking a quick peak over my shoulder to make sure my companions were still following, I slowed my pace a bit to catch my breath and search for our destination. From behind us, a crowd ran passed the entrance of the ally. Some were screaming in fear while others were asking questions about where a 'mysterious monster' went. Shaking my head I carried on and turned the corner to see the back door of 'The Stall'. A large dumpster sat on the adjacent side of the alley way. A cat digging hungrily inside as refuse and litter was scattered about. All along the ground was cardboard boxes and milk crates, as well as the odd plastic bag. Not wanting to spend any more time in filth, I ran up to the door and knock. When no one answered, I knocked even harder and more continuously until finally the door opened. Outwards, promptly smacking me square in the face.

"Son of a bitch!"