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Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - Yzanburg

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

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It's Just Not The Same...

Chapter 29

Well, today was the day. Twilight and I were on a train up to Canterlot for the highly publicized battle of the bands. Only there was once thing wrong with this trip. A particular yellow pegasus was strikingly absent. Fluttershy's cold took a turn for the worst as her fever kept her bed ridden.

Try as she might to protest, Fluttershy could barely make it a few steps out of bed, let alone perform in the show. It was with a heavy heart that she finally resigned and admitted that she was in no shape to go to up to Canterlot and play, although she was adamant that Twilight and I should go and see how it would have been.

Begrudgingly, we boarded a train to leave, but not without making sure Fluttershy was well taken care of while we were gone. Applejack was more than happy to look after the poor butterball while we were gone and promised with all her heart that she would have Fluttershy up and on her feet by the time we came home.

I felt pretty bad about leaving her like this. I knew full well how much this show meant to her. Hell, how much this meant to all of us. But seeing the look on her face when she told us to go was enough. She knew this was important, even if we weren't going to be performing, so she urged Twilight and I to go and see what we'll be doing next year. That thought alone put a smile on my face and I promised her before I left that we would win this thing next year, no questions asked.

As the train pulled into the station, Twilight and I shared one last look before exiting the train and joining the bustling crowd of musicians as they made their way to their respective hotels for the night. The sun was just barely peaking over the mountain as we made our own way to the suite Celestia so graciously offered us for the weekend.

"I still feel bad about leaving Fluttershy back in Ponyville..." Twilight spoke up as we neared our destination. The walk here as well as the train ride had been spent in somber silence. I felt the same way Twilight did. It just didn't feel right coming all this way without her.

"I know what you mean... I just... Ugh Twilight I feel terrible." I groaned out as we reached the door to the suite. It was a massive door, much larger than conventional pony standards, nearly twice as tall as myself, with ornate decorations finished with gold trim. "It feels like we left a piece of the family behind."

"Do you think we should go back? Maybe she's feeling better now and can make the trip!" Twilight hopefully chirped as we stepped through the doors into the suite we'd be staying in for the next couple days.

"I'm not so sure Twi... She wasn't looking too well when we left her with Applejack. But I'm sure she'll be feeling much better soon. I know it." I said with a strained smile on my face. As much as I wanted to go back for Fluttershy, I knew she would be in no shape to make the trip up here.

"But... What if-" Twilight started to say before being cut off by a rather cute yawn. "Huu... What if Applejack made her feel better already?"

"That would be amazing Twi, but I don't think Applejack's home made remedies are THAT good." I sad with a sad smile on my face as I was overcome with a large yawn myself. "But I think it's getting late and we have a big day tomorrow, don't you think? A lot to see and plenty of competition to look out for for next year."

"Right, well then we'd better be off to bed don't you think?" Twilight smiled before being over come with another yawn.

As Twilight made her way to her own room, I sat in the foyer of our little suite for a moment longer before heading to my own bed for the night. Thoughts of Fluttershy staying in my head the whole way to dreamland.

The morning came with an abrupt yet quiet knocking on the door. judging from the amount of light flooding the room it was still fairly early in the morning. No one in there right mind should be awake this early, although I guess it is a pretty special day today. As I stood up from my bed and made my way towards the door I heard quiet murmuring outside the door. Confused as to who was here, I was hesitant to open my door, but with a second bout of knocks I came too and casually opened the door.

To my utter disbelief, Fluttershy was standing in the doorway, looking tired but otherwise no worse for wear.

"Fluttershy? What are you doing here! Shouldn't you be at home with Applejack resting?" I sputtered out, confusion evident in my voice. Of all the things I expected out of today, this was not one of them.

"Oh... I'm sorry David, I know I should be resting but... but... I feel better, really!" Fluttershy said with a strained smile on her face. But true to her word she did look better, all be it a little tired.

"But... what about Applejack? How did you get here?" I asked confused. I could tell by the look on Twilights face that she was wondering the exact same thing as she walked up next to the two of us.

"Well..." Fluttershy said as she suddenly found something very interesting on the suite floor. "I may have gotten up extra early to catch a train here without waking Applejack..." As she looked up to see the shocked look on our faces she quickly backpeddled. "Oh don't worry, I left her a very very very apologetic letter before I left." this was followed by the most heart melting smile I have ever seen.

Sparing a glance at Twilight, I sighed internally and bent down to give Fluttershy a well deserved hug. "Well I for one am glad you're here."

"As am I, This trip just wouldn't be the same without you! Although... I guess it's to late to sign up for the battle of the bands..." Twilight said as she joined our embrace.

"Oh... I'm so sorry you guys! This is all my fault." Fluttershy said as tears began to well up in her eyes. "If it wasn't for me getting sick this wo- EEP!" I cut her off with another tighter hug as Twilight squeezed into the embrace as well.

"This is nobodies fault Fluttershy, just bad luck." I said with a smile on my face. "Besides, there's always next year to participate, and this year we can just watch our competition and have the upper hand next time!"

"He's right Fluttershy!" Twilight chimed in with a smile. "Think of all the notes I can take on the bands playing. We'll definitely have the upper hand next year." With a triumphant hoof stomp Twilight squeezed even tighter.

"Yeah... I guess you're right Twilight, thank you." Flutteshy said sheepishly while returning the affection.

"Well I don't know about you two, but after this excitement, I could go for some breakfast before heading down to the shows, wouldn't you say?" I said as I stood and walked back to my room to put on some proper clothes.

"Sounds like a great plan." Twilight said as she headed to her own room to get ready. Fluttershy followed Twilight to her room and I could hear them giggling and chatting away as I smiled in my own room.

Well it may not be the same as playing, but going to see some great bands with two great mares is just as amazing. And who knows? Maybe next year we'll win this thing.

With a final look in the mirror and a well placed smile, I walked out the door to meet my band mates, my family, as we headed out the door to eat before starting the weekend that would later begin a yearly routine.

Author's Note:

Yes I know it may not be quite what you were all hoping for, but I feel like it leaves the story open for something much more interesting that I can spend some more time planning out first. I thank everyone that stuck with this story to the gruelling and terrible end. But I assure you that I plan on writing a sequel that tops this in every way I can think of.

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Although this wasn't the ending I had in mind , it still was a good ending and the whole story in general is great! 10/10

6904382 it wasn't the ending I first had in mind either but I feel this way leaves more of an opportunity for a sequel in the future :) Thank you so much for enjoying my first completed story! I hope you enjoy my future posts, if I ever get around to them :twilightsheepish:

6905754 Your welcome my dear friend! :D

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