• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - Yzanburg

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

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I Need An Adult.. Pt.2

Chapter 18

I looked around the room silently. I was half expecting to see some stallion or mare standing next to me before I returned my gaze to my presumed captor who was giving me a half lidded look I was none too fond of. She inched closer to me, not once did her bright red eyes leave my chest. Wait... Why was she looking at my chest?

"Uhh... Hello." I said in a very chipper, if not very nervous voice. "My name is David, and my favorite hobby is not being tied to beds. What's yours?" Plastered on my face was the most nervous smile I was ever forced to make in my life. Sweat was pouring down my face like bullets as the white clad mare gave me a very perplexed look before giving me a toothy grin.

"I'm Vinyl, nice to meet ya! Music, I guess. But anyways.. Back to business." Oh no.. those eyes are back.. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit! The mare now known as Vinyl as stradling my waist as she looked deep into my eyes, just staring at me.

"So... David..."

I don't like where this is going!.. I need an adult!

"Tell me..."

Here it comes...

"What are these things?"

She was holding her hoof up, my headphones wrapped around it and swaying in the air. I unclenched my eyes to see her staring at me expectantly. I openly gawked at her for a few moments until I found my voice.

"H-headphones..?" I said hesitantly. All I got was a blank stare. Sighing, I elaborated. "They're like mini speakers that fit in your ears. They play music."

"I knew it!" She yelled in my face as she began examining the headphones hanging out of my shirt. "How do the work? Where does the music come from? ANSWER MEEE!!!!!" She began viciously shaking my shoulders back and forth. While normally this wouldn't do too much, but seeing as I was tied to a bed, all this did was shake my head all over the place.

When she finally stopped shaking me and I got myself re-orientated I gave her a flat stare.

"Untie me and I'll show you." Please say yes, please say yes..

I didn't even get a reply. a blue light surrounded the ropes and they were immediately torn from the bed posts.

"Showmeshowmeshowmeshowme!" My god, is she even breathing?

"Calm down and gimme a second, will ya?" I sat up and stretched out on the bed, rolling my wrists and ankles around to get some blood flowing to them again.

"First off, I want some answers, Then, and only then, will I tell you how they work. Okay?"

Vinyl quickly sat on her haunches, a giddy look plastered on her face as she nodded exuberantly.

"Okay. Why did you kid nap me?"

"I reeeeeaaaalllly wanted to know what those music making strings were!"

"Uh.. Huh.. And you didn't think to ask?"

"Nope!" Okay that smile is getting really creepy.

I asked her a few more questions about what happened and why it was wrong to do, all the while getting very vague one word answers and anxious, lusty looks angled towards my headphones. Giving up on the interrogation, I told her how headphones worked and showed her my IPod... Big mistake.

"So you're saying this has HOW MANY songs in it?!" Vinyl asked with no hidden enthusiasm. I had just finished telling her how an IPod worked. With what little knowledge I actually had about the inner workings of a machine, it was very blunt.

"This one here holds a little over one thousand songs." I said for the fifth time in a row now. "Don't ask me how, because to be perfectly honest I don't know exactly how myself."

She gave me a sorrowful look before carrying on with her questions.




"That's not even a question!?"

"No I don't know how good it tastes.. Are we done yet?" I gave Vinyl a pleading look as she put a hoof to her chin in mock thought before plastering on that grin a hated so, so much.

"Nope! Can I try it?"

"I don't think your hooves will work on this, and I don't exactly trust magic with it..."

When I looked up I saw that she was getting teary eyed and her nose was starting to run.

"Woah woah, hey, here, I'll give you the headphones and I'll scroll through some songs you might like."

Instantly the tears and snot dripping nose were replaced by an excited smile that I wanted to smack off for that dirty trick.

"Okay! Gimme gimme gimme!" Those words were followed by the pony equivalent of a human grabbing gesture.

"Do you even know what please is?"

"Nope! Gimme"

Sighing, I reluctantly placed the ear buds into her ears. It was an odd fit but they stayed in none the less, so I turned on some 'I am Abomination'. She visibly flinched at the beginning, but as the song picked up and the vocals started, she was bobbing her head through out. Now I knew just from looking at her that metal wasn't Vinyl's cup of tea, but I just wanted to check.

When the song ended, I carefully pulled out the headphones, with a small frown of displeasure from the white unicorn.

"That's so cool! But uh.. Do you have anything with more.. Bass?" Saw that coming..

"Yeah, I think I have something in here. Hang on a sec.." Scrolling through my playlists, I threw on some Skrillex. "Here, how's this?"

When I put the headphones back in, immediately she perked up. lightly bobbing her head to the rhythms caressing her ear holes. And suddenly the bass hit and her eyes widened to un-imaginable sizes as her mind thoroughly exploded from pure ear pleasure. As the song came to a gradual close, I saw a tear rolling down her cheek as a shaky smile formed on her face.

"That.. Was.. AWESOME!!! You need to lend me your IPod."

"Sorry, what?"

"Your IPod, I need it. Like, right now." She emphasized her statement by lunging towards my music player. Seeing her coming, I got to my feet as fast as I could, putting my IPod back in my pocket.

"You can't have it, Vinyl. It's special to me." I guess she failed sharing in whatever pony's pass for kindergarden because she didn't particularly like my answer at all.

"But.. I NEED IT!" Reaching out with her magic, I felt a tugging in my pocket and watched in muted horror as my music device began to float towards the psychotic mare. Thinking quickly, I grabbed it and tried pulling it back. It was a tug-o-war I did not want to lose. It was back and forth for a little while, and I could see the rage on Vinyl's face when she realised she couldn't quite over power me. We glared daggers at each other for what felt like eons. Neither of us wanting to let go until suddenly with an abrupt jerk of her head, my grip faltered on the music player and I stumbled backwards, crashing through the closed window.