• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - Yzanburg

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

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Taking It Easy, Right..?

Chapter 20

Stepping outside into the cool morning air was a refreshing change from the drab, sterile smells of the hospital. Even though it had only been one day, I felt as if my legs would fall off as I checked out of the place, Fluttershy by my side. I took a brief moment to stretch my legs before we headed off in the direction of the cottage and Ponyville.

It seems news of my little adventure hadn't spread all that far around town because all I received were sympathetic looks and a few 'what happened to you?'s every so often. I think I even saw Vinyl walking around with a group of ponies listening to my IPod, but when I turned to look again they were gone. I would have ran to look after her again but a swift jolt of pain from my ribs told me otherwise.

"Oh my, David. You can't move around like that. The doctor said to take it easy for the next couple weeks while your ribs heal. I plan on taking care of you the best that I can.. If that's okay with you anyways." She looked up at me with a pleading look on her face. I knew holding out on her would just result in more pain than is really necessary. So I let out a lengthy, sarcastic sigh before I looked back at her.

"Fine, I don't think I'd trust anyone else as much as you with care taking anyways." I ruffled her mane with my good hand, which earned me a little giggle as she playfully batted my hand away and fixed her mane up a little. "I guess we should find Lyra and let her know I won't be playing anything for a little while, huh?" She nodded in agreement as we finally walked up the path to our quaint little cottage home.

Before even walking in the door, I saw a note pined to the door. Grabbing it as we walked in, I sat down on the green couch and opened it up while Fluttershy took a seat by my side.

'David, Fluttershy,

We need to talk..


"Well that doesn't sound too good.." I looked at Fluttershy who had an expression mirroring mine. Worry. Standing up in unison, we were out the door before Angel had a chance to throw a tantrum about not being acknowledged. As we ran back down the path towards town, I realised that we didn't actually know where Lyra was or where we were going. Making an abrupt stop was probably not the best idea though as I soon found out when a speeding Fluttershy careened into my back, sending us both to the ground, one of us in considerably more pain.

With a hefty amount of groans and my body screaming at me to stop and just lay on the dirt path in the sun, I lifted my self up and helped Fluttershy tp her hooves before dusting her and myself off.

"So uh.. Any idea where Lyra is?" I could tell by the way her eyes shot open and the crimson red in her cheeks that she had no idea where the mint green mare was. I let out a little chuckle which got me a confused look in return.

"It's all right, I don't know either. Maybe we should head into town and ask around?" yeah that sounds like it could work.


I let Fluttershy take the lead into town. She knew way more than I did about who knows who in this town and frankly, I think I'd just make a fool of myself or get lost.

It didn't take long for Fluttershy to find someone to point us in the direction of the missing mare and soon enough we were on the edge of the park we played in at our first unofficial show. Sure enough, we found her sitting on a bench in front of the hill we played on.

"Hey Lyra!" I yelled as we neared the bench and the vacant looking unicorn on the park bench. She was just staring out into the distance, a small smile on her face. When she heard my voice, she abruptly turned to us, her eyes closed in a great big grin.

"Hey guys! glad you could - WOW! what happened to you?" Lyra was looking at me in horror, eyes wide as she took in all the bandages and the cast on my wrist.

"Oh you know.. Fell out of a window thanks to a crazy unicorn. The usual." She seemed to contemplate my words with a quick nod and a look towards Fluttershy before comprehension finally set in.

"Wait.. Really?" I just nodded and and took a seat on the bench, Fluttershy following suit. "Wow.. And you're okay with this?"

"Well.. No. I do plan on getting my stuff back, and payback. But right now I'm in no shape to do so." She seemed to get where I was coming from and just shook her head with a small smile on her face.

"Right.. Anyways, the reason I called you here."

""Is everything okay?" Fluttershy said, no amount of fear left out of her voice. "The way the letter sounded, we thought you were upset or something. You seem fine right now though.." Her voice was strained as she finished up her inquiry looking at the grass move gently in the breeze. I put a reassuring hand on her shoulder as we looked back at the mint green mare for an answer to our worry.

"Yeah, everything's okay, actually, more than okay. Everything's great! But I do have good news and bad news.." She looked back into the distance at that.

"Okay, good news first then." I put on a reassuring smile for her as we waited for her to let us know what was going on. Her smile was huge as she began to put her words together in her head before she began to speak.

"Well.. I guess at our latest show in Trottingham, A Stallion by the name of Cleft Note was there. He manages an orchestra out in Hoofington and was out on vacation. He watched us play and I guess he loved my Lyre playing. He wants me to join his orchestra and tour with them." She was positively beaming by the end of this and that earned a round of smiles from the two of us.

"Lyra, that's amazing news! Congratulations!"

""Yes, we're so proud of you. You'll be amazing!"

Although we were both very excited for her, Fluttershy showed a little more restraint than I did in congratulating Lyra. After I finally put her down the bench, I asked what could possibly be so bad after hearing that. Immediately her smile was gone and I knew this would be hard to take. I kind of knew what was coming after hearing her good news, but thinking you'll be okay isn't always what happens after someone tells you something bad.

Lyra was leaving for Hoofington in a few days.

Lyra was quitting the band.