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Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - Yzanburg

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

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Home Town Tour Pt.1

Chapter 5

"You know, suddenly I don't think this is such a good idea." We had only left Fluttershy's cottage a couple minutes ago and already I have had three squirrels flee from me in terror, one of which ran into a tree and knocked himself unconscious, poor little guy, and had a snake us my foot as a stress ball. This was not turning out to be a good day like I had hoped, but Fluttershy assured me that her little animal friends weren't always like this. They just need some time to get used to you is all. Right, and I'm the queen of France. Actually, for all these ponies know I could be. That's pretty cool.

Enjoying my thoughts of being royalty I was unceremoniously dumped into a bush by my timid little friend.

"What the hell? What's going on? What was that for?" I was very confused. I don't like being thrown into bushes, not while I'm sober anyways.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. But please uhm.. Stay hidden for two seconds please.. Oh, if that's okay with you?" No matter how weird she was being, I couldn't say no to those eyes. Even if they were scaring me at the moment. Begrudgingly I ducked my head under the cover of leafy sanctuary as my eyes followed the butter yellow pegasus as she walked a little ways down the road. A purple unicorn was trotting at quite a good pace towards her. They stopped in the middle of the dirt road, a look of concern on the purple mares face while Fluttershy shied a way a little and covered. She was talking to the unicorn, and when she finished she turned her head towards the mare and put on a very nervous looking smile. The unicorn wore an unconvinced look but begrudgingly left it and said her goodbyes before continuing on down the street.

Well that looked like a bundle of fun. I wonder what that was all about?
It looked like I would get my answer soon as I turned to see Fluttershy cautiously making her way back towards me. I stayed in my little shrub home until I was ushered out to the open air once more.

"Mind if I ask what that was all about?" Turning my head to look back at the mare who was no longer there, I shot Fluttershy a look of concern.

"Oh, uhm.. It was.. Nothing!, yeah, nothing at all" She put on that less than convincing smile as she gazed up at me with those expressive blue eyes. I raised my eyebrow at this as she shrunk a bit under my questioning gaze.

"Really? Come on Shy, you're easier to read than a coloring book, and I only met you yesterday. What did that mare want?" I was actually concerned. This was really weird, too weird for my liking anyways.

"Okay.. Well, in all the excitement yesterday I forgot that I was supposed to meet the girls at Sugarcube Corner. I guess they were pretty worried about me." Okay that explains the shying away..

"But why did you shove me in the bushes? Isn't that unicorn your friend?"

"Of course! It's just.. I don't know how they would react to me letting you stay with me. I don't know how they would react to seeing you.. I'm sorry"

"No, no, it's okay, really. I understand, I'm scary. But if that's really how you feel, why are we out wandering Ponyville in the first place?" I was truly baffled by the logic of this myself, but something tells me the blank look on her face says she just realized the flaw in logic as well.

"Oh no! we have to get you back home! What if someone calls the guard? Or the Princesses? What if they take you away and put you in a dungeon!" With every thought the little pegasus had she slowly crumbled to the ground, tears welling up in her eyes as she thought of all the dreadful things that I doubt were going to happen just yet.

"Hey, hey, come on now. It's okay. It's still early in the morning. Not a lot of ponies are out and about from what I can see. We can just head back to the cottage bef-" I never got to finish my thought before I heard a shrill scream and was bowled over from behind. But I was okay though. My face broke my fall and was nice enough to let me sleep for a bit.


"Uhhggg..." My head was pounding. What the hell just happened? Slowly opening my eyes I noticed a very concerned looking Fluttershy by my side, as well as three little fillies.

"Fluttershy.. I thought you told me Equestria didn't have cars. I swear I was just run over by a bus." I sat up with a groan and stretched out my back, eliciting a very satisfying popping noise before I finally relaxed. And suddenly realization struck me.

"Hey Fluttershy, who are your friends?" The trio of colored little ponies shied away a bit as they were addressed by me.

Dammit I do look scary, that's depressing.

"These Three, are the Cutie Mark Crusaders." The what now? I should probably ask about that later. "This is Scootaloo," Her hoof was directed at the little orange pegasus with the purple mane. She more or less just looked like she didn't want to be here. "This is Applebloom," She was a little cream yellow earth pony with a bright red mane and quite a cute little pink bow in her hair. "And this is Sweetie Belle." The little white unicorn shied away, trying in vain to hide behind her curly purple and pink mane. "And they are all really sorry for running you over. Isn't that right girls?"

"Yes Fluttershy, we're sorry.." They spoke in unison. That's pretty cool.

"It's okay, I'm not mad or anything." I said with as genuine a smile as I could muster. I hope it didn't come off too scary. "Just next time, maybe slow down a little. Or at least put bells on your vehicle. courtesies sake and all that."

Their eyes all shot up and looked at me. Smiles sprawled out on their faces. I guess they were glad that I wasn't mad at them or anything. Kids are weird, no matter where you go.

"Thanks Mister!" Again with the uniform speaking? I never got a chance to ask them about it before they were back onto what looked like a scooter and were out of sight before I could blink.

"Cute kids."

"Yeah.. They sure can be a handful, but they mean well. I hope they didn't hurt you. Are you sure you're okay? Oh my goodness! Your cheek!"

"My cheek? What about my- Oh.." Reaching up to my cheek I felt a wet spot. Bring my fingers in front of my eyes I saw the crimson water staining my fingers. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little. I had a tiny bit of blood on one of my fingers. I guess when I landed on my face the ground wasn't very kind to me.

"Oh we need to get you cleaned up! We can come back out later on today.. If you want to that is."

"Is there a park anywhere? I kind of feel like playing some music." My fingers were itching to play something. And knowing how musically inclined these ponies were, according to Fluttershy anyways, it would be interesting to see how they react to me.

"Oh yes, there is one that my friends and I visit quite often. We can go there if you want to. But first, let's get your cheek cleaned up." That smile of hers was just so serene, I can't say no with it. So with a bow of my head and a wave of my arm I let her lead the way back to her cottage to get washed up.


I was right when I said it was just a small scratch. I now was the proud owner of a tiny bandaid on my left cheek, just below my eye. It really didn't hurt at all but Fluttershy was making a big deal out of it. fussing over me and continually asking if I was alright. It was nice to know she cared so much, but there's only so much fussing a guy can take right?

"Yes Fluttershy, I'm okay. I promise. Now can we please go to the park now? It's such a nice day out." It really was. The sun was shining brightly through the cottage windows, the birds were chirping in blissful naivety. From what I could see, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was pretty cool knowing that the weather was controlled by ponies and not just random acts of nature.

"But.. There could be a lot of ponies there.. What if-" I didn't get her a chance to finish her thought. I don't think these ponies are that scared of the unknown. I hoped not anyways, but I hid my doubts away so I didn't worry the poor mare. With the best smile on my face I told her,

"It'll be okay. You know I'm friendly and not some scary monster. From what you've told me, you're scared of a lot of things, no offence," She smiled and nodded at me so I continued, "So if you can be by my side and not scared, I'm sure that the other ponies in your little town will be just as accepting." I finished with the most confident smile I could muster, and I guess it was contagious because I saw her whole body perk up and the smile on her face showed a lot more confidence than a few minutes ago.

"Okay.. Let me just make some sandwiches. We can have a picnic. Is that okay?" D'awwe that's adorable!

"Of course! That sounds fantastic. Do you have peanut butter and jelly?" I knew I couldn't eat the regular daisy or hay sandwiches so I was really hoping that she did.

"Uhm.. I can check. I'm sure I do though.."

"Thank you."

Okay so I guess today was turning out alright so far. I can't complain really. For coming to a new world, I was accepted fairly quickly by this mare. I'm still at a loss for words by this. but I'm touched all the same. She really is amazing.

"Um.. Are you okay David?" What was that? Oh Fluttershy's back. Did she say something?

"Sorry, what was that?"

"Oh.. Was I interrupting something? You looked pretty deep in thought.. Is everything okay?"

"Hm? Oh yeah everything is wonderful actually. I really just wanted to say thank you. You've done so much for already and we just met yesterday morning! You really are amazing, you know that?" She blushed at this, looking away and covering half of her face with her perfectly kempt mane.

"Uhm.. Thank you. But I'm not that special really.. Are you all ready to go?"

"Uh.. Yes. Yes you are. And yeah I'm all set to go if you are. Just lead the way m'lady."

And with that, we made our way to the park for an afternoon of music and meetings.

A/N: So I split this chapter into two parts because I'm still having trouble figuring out what I want to happen at the park. And I also wanted to ask how I was doing so far. Any and all criticisms are welcome. so please, criticize away!

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