• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Music Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - Yzanburg

After an amazing concert, musician David Gatzby winds up a top a tree in a very unfamiliar setting.

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Apologies And a Train Ride Home

Chapter 15

After we had sat down and ordered a few drinks, we exchanged greetings and formalities as well as compliments given by Fluttershy and Lyra's friends whom I now know officially as Twilight, The purple unicorn I met in the hallway and hid in a bush from earlier this month. Pinkie Pie, a pink, hyper active pony with an affinity for popping up out of nowhere and scarring the shit out of me, almost literally. Rarity, a white unicorn with a purple mane whom I assume would be a very beautiful mare, in pony standards I mean, of course. Applejack, a very kind hearted, orange farm pony that bought me my first drink. I like her. And then of course there's Rainbow Dash. The rainbow maned ball of self-admiration and unintelligent snappy comebacks. She's alright once you get past the wall of self inflated ego, but it's a rather thick wall. What I did not expect to see was a dragon of all things. A little purple dragon full of angst that seemed very skeptical of the fact that I was as omnivore but indeed, not eating ponies. Needless to say he was keeping his eyes on me.

We spent a good while just having idle conversations until finally Fluttershy went really quiet all of the sudden and the whole group went eerily silent for a moment as we look on at the contemplative mare.

"What's wrong, Shy? Something on your mind?" I looked at her with concern as she fiddled with her hooves and avoided eye contact with everyone at the table.

"Well.. It's just that... Oh.."

"Come on,Shy, What's wrong?" I placed my hand on her hoof and gripped it lightly which put a smile on her face for a moment before she looked back down at the table and let out a deep exhale.

"It's just.. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you guys. I was just scared.."

"Scared ah what, Sugarcube?" Applejack asked with an inquisitive look. "we're your frien's , you can tell us anythin'. You know that."

"I know.. I was just scared you wouldn't like the music we were making.. and scared you wouldn't approve of me letting David live with me." Shy looked down with a look of shame on her face as the others all looked at each other in confusion. Twilight was the first to break the the silence.

"Fluttershy, we've all heard you sing before. You even sing with us! You're wonderful." She looked to all the rest of us at the table and we all nodded and spoke our agreements which made her look up and give us a shy smile. "As for the whole David situation.." I may have gulped a little too loudly because I heard Lyra giggle and poke me in the side before leaning in and whispering in my ear.

"Oh man, you're in for some fuuun tests, David. Maybe even some probes!" My blood froze as soon as the words left her mouth, and my fears were all but confirmed when Twilight continued.

"I do have some questions for him and I would like to run a few tests, as well. I've never seen something like him before." I let out a weak, shaky chuckle as I called the waiter over and ordered a stronger drink to calm my nerves.

"You're right. I'm sorry I ever doubted you guys. C-can you ever forgive me?"

"Well, duh! what are friends for?" Rainbow Dash said as she wrapped Fluttershy in a light hug.

"Hey! You know what this calls for? An 'Oh My Gosh You're Famous slash Welcome To Equestria' Party!! Oh my goodness this is sooooo exciting! I can't wait! We'' need balloons, and streamers, and cake, oooh can't forget the cake. And we'll invite every pony from Ponyville! And there'll be games, and party favors and.."

"Okay Pinkie, simmer down now." Oh thank you Applejack. I was beginning to panic when I noticed that she wasn't actually breathing while she was talking. At all.

The rest of the night went on rather smoothly with the nine of us talking for a few hours longer before heading to our respective hotels for the night. We decided to meet at the train station early tomorrow morning. Best to get some shut eye, I had a feeling I would be in for a long ride back to the cottage.


"Well, Night. Thank you so much for letting us play here. It was amazing. We really can't thank you enough for the opportunity." I shook his hoof as the girls said their fair wells to Silent as well.

We were at the train station on our platform waiting for our train home. Twilight and the others walked off to a concession close by to get hot chocolates while Fluttershy, Lyra and I talked to Night about coming out here to play again in the near future.

"Well, to be honest with you three, the only opening I have at the moment isn't for another month and a bit from now. But you're more than welcome to fill in the spot! You three certainly packed the place up and put on a great show last night." I guess he made quite a bit of money last night. The venue was full of ponies by the end of the night. All of which were enjoying themselves thoroughly.

"That's perfect!" Lyra turned to me with utter excitement on her face. "That's only a couple weeks before the festival in Canterlot right? It'll be a perfect chance for us to get people ready for it!"

"Yeah, you're right." I gave Lyra a warm smile in return before turning back to Silent Night. "That sounds great, Night. We'll be there." Fluttershy nodded her head in approval before letting out a startled 'eep' as a young mare poked her in the shoulder.

"Oh.. Uhmm.. Can I help you?" Fluttershy gave the mare an inquisitive look before glancing up at me and then back at Lyra to her left.

"Oh, I was just wondering if.. Uhmm.. Oh my gosh, hehe.. Can I have your autograph!" The girl nearly broke my ear drum as she squealed before holding out a pen and pad of paper with her mouth.

"Oh my.. Well I guess if you want me to, I can." She took the pen from the mare and signed her name on the pad before the mare quickly turned and offered Lyra a chance to sign as well. Lyra signed with unconcealed enthusiasm and was beaming with delight after the experience. When the mare finally walked over to me she seemed a little frightened, but her excitement easily out matched her fear as she handed me the pen and closed her eyes as I signed my name.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! Eeeee!!" As the mare ran off to brag to her friends, our train finally rolled up.

We all said our final good byes as we boarded the train. Twilight and the others followed soon after and we found a car we could all fit in comfortably. I found a seat near the back of the car near the window. I threw my bag underneath the seat and was soon joined by Fluttershy who took a seat next to me. Lyra took a seat closer to the front of the car and swiftly fell asleep. I'm amazed at how much she sleeps during the day. She's like a cat.

As the rest of Fluttershy's friends found their seats we were joined by none other than Twilight Sparkle, note book in hand.

"Ah, there you are David. Seeing as how we're going to be on this train for a while, I was hoping I could get a few questions I have, answered?" Well that doesn't sound too bad, just a few questions should be fine. I looked down at Fluttershy who gave me a nod of approval before replying.

"That sounds reasonable." I said and waved my hand in a motion letting her proceed.

"Perfect! Just a sec." There was a soft chiming sound in the air as Twilight's horn glowed and she pulled out a large scroll from her bag and unrolled it. It hit the ground and continued to roll half way down the aisle. Dafuq?

"Okay, Let's start with something easy. What are you?" Twilight looked at me expectantly. her eyes glistening with a lust for knowledge.

"Well, I'm a human. They're kind of like apes, only mostly hairless and sentient." Right after I had answered her question, Twilight was vigorously writing down my answer in her note pad.

"Really? Can you climb trees really well and swing from vines?"

"Hmm, Some of us can. Mostly the really fit ones. A lot of the other humans won't even touch a tree though." I said with a shrug as I glanced out the window as the train took off from the station.

"Okay, and where exactly are you from? Like I said last night, I've never even heard of a human before."

I put my arm up and rubbed the back of my head, letting out an awkward chuckle as I did so before glancing down at Fluttershy who had lay'd her head down and fallen asleep on my lap almost as soon as Twilight began asking me questions. She had already heard about me and my home a month or so ago when I got here.

"It's a place called Earth. Mostly covered in water. Billions of people. Even more animals. Yeah." I should probably try and avoid anything to do with all the wars we've had in the past. As long as she doesn't ask about our history I should be okay..

"And what about your history?" Oh god damn it..

"Well.. You see..."

*Bzzzt* "Ladies and gentlecolts. It seems we have a herd of cattle on the train tracks. We will be stopped for now until the cows have passed by. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation." *Bzzzt*

"Cows? What are a bunch of cows doing way out here?" Twilight asked to no one in particular. "That's just weird. Anyways, where were we? Oh right! your home." She gave me an expectant look which I casually avoided as I stood up and stretched out my legs.

"You know, I was actually hoping I could show you a song instead." Please buy it Please buy it.

"Well.. I guess that's okay.." Oh thank Jebus..

As I took my guitar out, Fluttershy woke up and groggily looked about before seeing me with my guitar out. I gave it a quick tune and looked around to see all of Fluttershy's friends gathered around me. Well... Here goes nothing..

speak of regretting and all the risk we take.
speak to the morning and when our eyes awake.
the patterns are completing, the men they say we are, but as the sun is setting
I'll answer in the dark.
when the world sings of all its trouble and i hear all about its pain, i'll
listen in for its groans are not in vain.
it's hard to remember how these dreams were made when all the reasons and all
the rules have changed.
there's healing in His voice and freedom in The Name.
these misunderstandings we give up all the same.

When I finally finished and looked up I saw that a lot of the group were either misty eyed or looking down.

"Oh shit.. I'm sorry you guys. I didn't mean to upset any of you.."

"Ah it's okay Sugah cube, was jus' a beautiful song."

"Well.. Thanks."

Taking another look around I saw smiles on all the girls faces. I guess my singing is better than I thought.

"Hey Fluttershy, Lyra. I think it's time we write our own song. Something for us."