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The universe is vast and cold. The United Nations of Earth have spent over a century exploring the cosmos. Great galactic Empires that have fallen into themselves, other alien races whom have also learnt how to travel the stars and wonders that befuddle human knowledge.

While exploring territory recently made accessible, the UNS Campbelltown encounter something that ranks high in unusual finds for humanity. Soon enough, as they spend time inspecting this peculiar solar system, one thing is for certain: it needs further observation.


Crossover with the Paradox Game "Stellaris"
This fic will be updated irregularly.

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Interesting :trixieshiftleft:
I'm looking forward to the next chapter :ajsmug:

And then ponykind was uplifted by humanity to fight against the arachnid threat and begrudgingly accepted as part of the galactic council after the war.

7380979 Oh dear... the ponies aren't the Blorg :raritywink:


I was referring to the Krogan and what the Salarians did to them. *shlorp*

Is the title suppose to be "Observation"? In that case, you spelt it wrong.

7381211 Derp /)_-

I had one job to do, and I messed it up XD

Gonna like this simply because it exists will fav if it gets better.

7380973 a few spelling mistakes here and there but still good overall

7382808 Cheers, I try my best to root them out. Mind one or two may simply be down to British-V-American spellings.
7382713 Which is fair enough :pinkiesmile:

:twilightsmile:7382906 there is a mlp mod on the workshop i dont know who made it cause the username is in chinese but the mod is in english if your curious maybe you could do an aar or another fanfic as the ponies which you could still do with this one but , its still your fic , but im sure someone could send a link if u ask , or search pony in the games steam workshop u just need to find the pic with princess celestias leader pic .other than that you earned a sub and a follow

Comment posted by Inucroft1 deleted Jul 11th, 2016

Am kinda annoyed by the fact how some people seemed to believe there is only one planet in the system Equestria takes place in. it reminds me of a certain bad DBZ/MLP crossover fanfic. but other than that, it's a good stoy

An ire silence descended upon the pair,

That should probably be eerie. Also, Michelle's name keeps changing. :rainbowlaugh:

An interesting beginning! Soon Equestria will obtain warp travel and conquer the galaxy! :pinkiecrazy:

Correct, ire, cheers :pinkiehappy:

Errrm, I think Pinkie Pie already has achieved that :raritywink: Poor poor twilight

You, sir, have stolen my idea. I bet you used some sort of psyonic spy to- oh wait, espionage hasn't been implemented yet.

The great blue blob -- Also known as Humanity

A decent start, though there were a few mistakes that challenged my immersion.

Both letters of AI should be capitals.

Not necessarily a mistake, but the name of the ship would normally be spelled 'Campbelltown'.

The first paragraph (not including the repeated title) could use a little reworking.

Otherwise, very interesting. I shall await more.

How many people are on the ship? Was a bit confused.

7385496 Yea, when I've got some time I'd go over it and do another major edit.
7431356 Just two, but I'm going to go back and make some edits to make things clearer.

Uhh and here I thought you choose our wonderful Commonwealth of Man, Sadness.

7469137 Susssh :rainbowwild: I'm trying not to write too dark a fic here- if I wanted them, I'd have to put a Dark tag on straight away.

7480604 :applecry: The sweet knowledge, unrestricted aduption for the furtherment of SCIENECE, is too good to resist! Can already imagine the ponies ogenazing the tast force, them turning to the wonderful trait of Xenophobia, and some crazy researcher being ´gone missing´ only to reapear as their God! :twilightsheepish:

Nice intro, good work. :twilightsmile:
In a separate note:

Quickly donning the scarlet red uniform

NOOO! Don't wear the 'Red-shirt'! It never ends well!

7500543 "Scarlet" just different enough right? Right? :rainbowhuh:

7500587 Let's hope so... if after making landfall she is still alive at the end of the chapter, then we will know. :derpytongue2::eeyup::trollestia:


From my observations, ponies are Collectivist, Spiritualist, Xenophobes. I doubt they would take vassalization by the UNE well.

I'm not kidding, that's the ethos I've picked up from the show.

why so long to update?

7629343 Well, I did say it would be irregularly updated :raritywink:

Mostly RL reasons. Work and re-enactment responsibilities tends to eat into time.

Yey it updated! :)

Saw this was a Stellaris Crossover. Came buckets. On the off chance, you wouldn't happen to be accepting empire ideas, would you?


This story hasn't been updated in a while. I hope it hasn't been abandoned.

7895444 I'm still working on it and part way through with chapter 3. I've had some major blows IRL that put writing on hold.

A Stellaris Fanfiction interesting since you're the only stellaris fiction on this channel good luck. :raritywink:

Pity there aren't more Stellaris stories here, I love the game, it would be an amusing quest-line if an anomaly had a planet with tiny star orbiting it.

so.... I know I dont really have the right to ask this seeing how my own story hasnt been updated in years, but.... will this story still go on? if so, I'd be delighted!^^

I do plan to, just a few issues has caused me to slow drown dramatically.

I se. You and me both then^^ I know exactly how that feels^^ *shakes hand*

I look forward to this venture..... Hail The United Nations of Earth!!!.

Sees that story has been updated and is alive!

Sees that is only a little over one thousand words after more than a year of waiting...

Sorry. It's has been rather difficult getting back into the flow of writing, been a rough past year and a half. The chapter underwent at least two rewrites XD

And what was planned for this chapter has been pushed back into the next.

I know how that sucks. My own MLP story has been kind of in limbo for some time and I'm trying to get it back to speed.

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