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  • TObservation
    Great galactic Empires that have fallen into themselves, other alien races whom have also learnt how to travel the stars and wonders that befuddle human knowledge. All have been discovered by humanity, yet a certain little planet needs a closer look.
    Inucroft1 · 4.7k words  ·  121  3 · 3.3k views
  • EOf red stained flowers
    Twilight is returning from a state visit to the Kingdom on the other side of the portal, when a red flower gains her interest.
    Inucroft1 · 2k words  ·  44  1 · 1.3k views
  • TSunlit Shadows
    The Lunar Rebellion has tipped Equestria into Civil War. Families are split, cities burn all because of Nightmare moon. Celestia is still stunned by the horrific destrution of the Twin Crown Captial, she has become withdrawn and still refuses to use
    Inucroft1 · 15k words  ·  10  2 · 605 views
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  • EMidnight Sorrow
    Though many decades had passed, Twilight friendship remained strong.
    Inucroft1 · 756 words  ·  6  4 · 319 views
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