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I'm so glad you like it! But unfortunately, this one is completed, and to be honest, some of my current work (unpublished) is looking much better than Unicorns dream. But its so great to hear that someone liked it.

story is pretty good so far also im the same lol i love twishy

Well, thank you for the compliment! I don't think I'm truly spectacular yet, but this latest story has done quite a bit to boost my esteem. All I know is that my story managed to be far more successful than I'd have imagined. Given that some people in real life have told me that I'm not at all funny, it strikes me as highly ironic that my comedy story did so well.

I may write more TwiShy. I'm not particularly loyal to any ship. Whatever catches my fancy is what I write. What I can say is that lately I've been writing more fluffy, comedic, and romantic stories. There's also the faint chance of a sequel to ARfD, provided I have the time, the inspiration, and a way to make it into something that's different but equally good.

As for my older stories, I feel like I've improved a lot since writing most of them. It's not like I now have the Midas touch or anything, but looking back on the first few, I can see a lot of amateur mistakes. It helps to talk to other writers who are at or above your level, though. Talking to the people in the TL Skype chat and reading their stories helped me sort out some elements I wanted to include in my writing. If you look at my profile page, the only two stories I really feel proud of are ARfD and "Fix You".

1095530 I should be thanking you, not the other way around. seriously, you're really good, personally I hope you write some more TwiShy. Ill be checking out your other works as soon as i get home. I'm sure they're just as good. :twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks for the follow!

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