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Misaka Mikoto is having a pretty bad day despite being one of the most powerful beings alive. The level 5 esper known as "The Railgun," suddenly finds herself in Equestria. More specifically Canterlot, as a pony! Can The most powerful electromaster get back home to her friends? Can she solve the trouble that is brewing in Equestria's capitol? Find out in my crossover, A Certain Railgun in Canterlot!

Okay readers, I heard you loud and clear so hear it is! The sequel!

Chapters (4)
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Hmm... might be a bit rushed, but Fancy seems to be in character along with Misaka.

3506357 Ya, i typed it up during an all night-er. But im glad people are liking my story, hope you enjoyed it as well :twilightsmile:

And if I remember correctly ESPer powers and Magic don't mix, that would make for an interesting conflict

all my yes!! TAKE THEM!

3506822 thanks! im glad you enjoyed my story :twilightsmile:

3506888 thats a much better image, thanks :pinkiehappy:

I wonder how she'll do her "Railgun" ability here.. interesting way to start. It does feel rushed, but not in the way that it harms the quality of it.. Pretty good humor to start with too.

I suddenly am fearful for any "thug" pony that dare cross her.
Can't wait til the next chapter

And blueblood mostly blueblood.

He'd be the first on the "to zap" list I bet.. Wagers anyone?

and he will probably be the first to die poor blueblood.:fluttershysad:

Well, this is an interesting read. Faved.

Don't think even he's worth killing

Uh.. I've been tracking this story, and I got an email alert saying it was updated with a new chapter, but I'm not seeing anything here

3523464 I had to edit it, my bad. it came out shorter than i wanted it to

Uhoh.. that look in Misaka's eye... I get the feeling we'll be seeing a Railgun or two in the near future

I'll apologize now for any errors in this latest chapter and for how short it was. once again, i typed this up at the end of an all nighter. After i get some sleep i'll do another edit if i need to and then start on the next chapter. Anyway enjoy :twilightsmile:

*grins* Somepony is going to get a bit in the face soon, well she seem back to normal... well except for being a pony. I can't wait till she meets Celestia

Mikoto Misaka, just can't resist that chronic hero syndrome... gets plenty of moments in the anime too.. I wonder how she'll shoot stuff with her railgun ability.. and what she could be shooting too. Though her electric powers are soooo versatile, there's really no end to what she can come up with.. I almost feel sorry for anyone that get her ticked..... Almost~ :rainbowwild:

3509819you feel sorry for him!?!?:rainbowhuh: he gets what he deserves:ajbemused:

I have a suggestion, if chapters are typically going to be this length, I would advise writing 3 to 4 "chapters" then publish them all as one chapter to make it look better.:twilightsmile:.........Seriously though,:unsuresweetie: you could have just published chapters 1 and 2 together as one single chapter:twilightsheepish:
Anyways, if you need an editor/ pre reader, I'm available to help:twilightsmile:
Keep up the good work, I will be watching from the shadows:rainbowdetermined2:

3524050 That would be great, i could really use the help. I actually finished the second chapter days ago and it was quite a bit longer than this but i felt it didn't have the same spark as the first so i trashed it. I put off writing it again for a bit cuz i wanted it to be as perfect as i could make it and i got all nervous over it, :twilightblush:

I feel sorry......he is probably hit on by tons of girls.....IMAGINE THAT!!!!!! it would be cool at first but turn into a nightmare and you have to find a way to get rid of them.

As a writer:
Characters: Misaka and Fancy Pants were fine. I think you did a good job with Misaka. I'm not really that familiar with Fancy Pants though.

Details: Details are fine as well, everything described as necessary.

Events: All in order. But...

“Magic? There's no such thing as magic. My power comes from physics, Its based in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.”

I'm... well, this might be overthinking. I have no clue as to why Misaka would be ignorant of magic. There's magicians in the world she came from. Though, I have to admit that I can't recall any specific examples of Misaka knowing about the existence of magicians. I just found this odd. I mean, you might just be staying true to the anime and I don't know, but.. yeah.

Wording: Alright, but could be better. Indent if you can (tab key each new line). And get proofreaders like I said before.

As a reader:
Have to see chapter 2 before I know whether or not I'll be following this for certain... but you held my attention and I actually read what you wrote. That's a very good thing. Usually I get irritated by how long winded stories are. Yours wasn't at all, it got straight to the point.
edit: Nah. I didn't particularly care for chapter 2. Kinda felt like it should've been a part of chapter 1.

Hope I helped.

3525223 The biggest reason i wrote chapter 2 as short as it was was because i wanted to see if i could keep the same spark from the first chapter, i thought it went well. Future chapters will be fuller

3525223 As far as the anime goes Misaka has no clue of anything beyond esper abilities with the exception of touma's imagine breaker. The light novels are much further along so in the novels she does know about magic. I decided to stick with the anime however.

Part of that I think goes to her not really having to deal with any "magic" issues, at least as far as the anime goes... I mean it's not like she's had to deal with a Divine Buster or a Starlight Breaker or magic like that... (bonus points for any reference identification)... she's had to deal with.. tech stuff...

I've noticed you use the word "allot" in the first chapter, that actually isn't a word
the correct spelling would b "a lot"

3528037 my bad, habit. I do that a lot

yes yes........but i do feel bad for blueblood....but really imagine it......first its a dream come true you can do anything you want well most things you want....Then it turns into the worst nightmare you haveby the time your 18 or around older swarms of mares will try to swoon you in hopes of doing that fantasy of being a princess.....AND i am pretty sure most or not all are gold diggers and blueblood HAS to find a way to get rid of the gold diggers in hopes of finding a mare that ACTUALLY likes him for who he is.....

3545692I still don't believe he even deserves getting a sing mare:ajbemused:

He deserves it....even though it may not look like it.
Plus remember first impressions tell nothing, learning about them and sticking around with them you will learn about who they are. And if you were blueblood what would you do?

next chapter is gonna be so awesome!:pinkiehappy:

Well... The Vandal's boned. Misaka being awkward, don't see that too often

Well I seem to recall that Misaka was known as Tokiwadai's ace, pride and joy, and unstoppable "Shock Princess" in the dub, how appropriate. Electric Princess too, also fitting.... Able to topple cars and other things alike with just a coin.
Now that I think of it, I wonder if the mane 6 are gonna appear in this one, it would be interesting to see how they'll react to Misaka and her "magic".. I'd imagine she wouldn't get along with Rarity though because she's a bit more of a tomboy versus Rarity is prim, overly dramatic and such.

3625185 As of this point in the story i don't think i will introduce any of the mane six, however Princess Celestia, Prince Blue blood and possibly Princess Luna will make an appearance

Misaka meeting Celestia.. oh that'll be interesting

Well it's been fun but this is the final chapter of A Certain Railgun in Canterlot. Hope you all enjoyed the adventure:twilightsmile:

M... too short
great fic. Love misaka. But I could have been developed further to a longer story

would love to see kuroko see onee sama as pony... lol

misaka : kuroko I'm back
kuroko : onee sama?!?!?
Misaka : what is it kuroko
kuroko: is that you?
misaka: why do you ask?
kuroko: your a pony
misaka: they sent me back as a pony?
kuroko. .... tackle. .... ONEE SAMA!!! SO CUTE... and no hands to hit me
misaka... hoof bump

Comment posted by maxxxxxx deleted Dec 16th, 2013

3634875 i thought the length was appropriate and that i wrapped it up nicely

have railgun manga in my collection
for me it's too short. Good but still short

lot of room for future adventures with more bits flying

still great story

3635004 fortunately i have a sequel in the works. I will reveal more soon :pinkiehappy:

Aaaw that was too short! :pinkiesad2:

Here I was thinking that this would go on for another couple more chapters.. seriously man you have to make more

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