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I write bad fanfiction, usually slice of life and comedy stuff. Deal with it.

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How To: Avoid Blatantly Mary Sue-ish OCs · 1:26pm Mar 7th, 2014

Hello. Here's a checklist of some elements that I have found in Mary Sue pony OCs.

-Alicorn status.
-Always agreed with, even when harsh or wrong.
-Alpha B**** status.
-Red and black, darker or washed-out color scheme
-Related to a main character that we see featured in episodes.
-Unrealistically Tragic Backstory Syndrome (UTBS)
-Speaks several languages fluently
-Blinding beauty
-Smarter than Twilight (because she's smartest pony.)

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1096059 I dunno. I like sad stories about cancer (The Fault in Our Stars is excellent, go read it) and sad stories in general and dark stories and happy stories and MOST kinds of story. Yours was really good. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for favoriting my story "I Love You Applejack"!

Tell me, what did you like about it the most? :twilightsmile:

Hi! Random friend would you like a follow for a follow?

Hey, thanks for the favorite! :scootangel:
I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsheepish:

Thx for the fave and watch!!:derpytongue2:

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