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YouTube Reading by untamedwaters.

It's not easy being a child living with the knowledge that your mommy is never going to get to watch you grow up. But this was a young Rainbow Dash's reality. Despite her mother's cancer, Dash's family had still been a very happy trio of ponies. But all fairytales must end.

Rainbow Dash's father has come to terms with the approaching departure of the mare whom he called his 'angel'. When the time had finally come for her to say goodbye, would Rainbow Dash be able to accept that her mother will die?

"Mommy's going back to Heaven." It was such a comforting thought to Dash, but she didn't want her mother to go.

(Side-story to What's Really the Most Important, to shed light on what happened to Rainbow's mother. This is technically a prequel, since it takes place a good... 18 years beforehand!

Cover Art originally by TheToughestFighter


http://thetoughestfighter.deviantart.com/ )

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Oh my gosh, the feels of that! :fluttercry::raritycry: That was so well written and ah... Well done! :pinkiesad2:

I actually cried like a newborn.

Bravo sir... Bravo.


Thanks bro. If it makes ya feel any better, when this idea struck me... yeah, I didn't exactly look like a man.


Thanks for saying so, hun! I'm very happy to get this out of my system, it's been going on my head constantly for awhile and it was so hard to write.



:applecry: Have a sad Apple Bloom.

2642699It was beautifully depressing...........in a good way. That makes sense right?:heart:


It absolutely does, I understand :heart:

2642711Excellent job good sir/madam!

2642697 It was honestly really good, and it does explain why Dash seems to hide her emotions a lot too... :twilightblush: I hope you write other little oneshots like this, they're really good! :pinkiehappy:


No but seriously. It takes a good story to make a man feel. But it takes a great one to make him weep.

Excellent work :twilightsmile:

I have tears running down rigth now.
Good job.

2642699 I will have you know that I read this and I only cried for 20 minutes.:raritydespair::raritycry::applecry::fluttercry::fluttercry: I agree that it was beautifuly depressing. and it reminded me of when I was 7. It was a month or two before my grandpa passed and I cried into him for what seemed like an hour.I knew he was leaving soon and after that day, the only time when I saw him was at his viewing.He is now my guardian angel in my mind. But he is watching over me. very well done.:pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair:
"The people you love, truly love never die. You keep them with you, and like this, you keep them alive"
~Robert Montgomery

Ah, yes. Another story for me to bawl my eyes out from. I can't wait for your next story.

I'll have you know that I read this story and only cried for twenty minutes.
- Pre-reader who likes to cry

I didnt cry... if you wanna cry then go read "What Mommies Do" its a great story:pinkiesad2:

This why Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony her devotion and loyalty to her family. I she has he deepest personality of the mane six.:fluttercry:


You sit upon a throne of LIES!

That, or you have a stone of heart. :)

2644816 lol, I'm serious. but heres my secret: I skimmed [lmfao]


That'll do it.

I was skyping with the author last night and he wanted to chat just to hear me as I went. I didn't *really* cry for twenty minutes, shed a couple tears and sat in sadness for a moment, but other than that...

well that was... uhh...SAD!!!!! :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Tis but liquid pride gentle men :applecry:... Li-liqui-liquid pride gentlemen.:raritycry::raritydespair:

By the way, not sure if you're even into this realm of music (the rock realm), but this song makes a grat deal of sense here, and I'll leave the lyrics for you too.


I believe it's time for me to be famous,
And out of place.
I believe it's time for me to move forward,
When I break through.

This time I'll, make you,

Proud to see me over, come on daylight.

Proud of, who you raised.

Your shelter, your peacefulness.

So this time I'll make you proud.

Proud of, who you raised up.
You know that I will,
Always be here 'til the end.

Come back so I can say thank you for this,
Home cooked meals and a place to rest,
My troubled head when you're away,
I've passed the test, I've earned an A,
Not just in school, but in life,
You'll always be right by my side.
To help me show, hope to all,
That are lost and sick in this dying world.
I'll use the love you left behind,
I'll change their minds, I'll change their minds.

I hope, I hope you smile,
When you look down on me.
I hope you smile.

This can't, we won't know.
I hope that I make you proud.

This is not what it is, only baby scars.
I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side.

This is not what it is, only baby scars.
I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side.

This is not what it is, only baby scars.
I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side, yeah.

dear sweet luna the feels. well done sir or madame.:pinkiesad2:


A little too screamy for my tastes (I'd consider stuff like Duality by Slipknot to be my limit on that). But the message behind it is nevertheless clear :heart:


I'll take 'sir', but I'm quite happy you enjoyed this!

2643452 2642985 2645927

Hey, I cried just as much if not more trying to write this thing. I get very emotional about subjects dealing with death or the prospect of a life beyond death.

In my headcanon, Pony Heaven is very real. You'll see her again, Dashie.

2647409Believe it or not, the screamer, Austin Carlile, lost his mother to cancer at a young age. That's what the song's about. So, it makes WAY TOO MUCH FUCKING SENSE


:raritycry: :heart:


That was probably the hardest line to write of the whole bunch, and it was the very last one.


Glad I could help! A good cry solves anything :heart:


I quite agree. Dash easily has the best development during the entire series and it's not hard to imagine she cherishes her family ties.


Isn't "Pony Heaven" Cloudsdale:trollestia: ?

Anyways, I wrote a "review" (I use the word very loosely) yesterday about your fic because I was bored, so if you wanna have a look:



Cloudsdale was always just shown to be a community of sorts where they handle the rain and rainbows and junk. Also the Cloudesseum for Best Young Flier competitions/fights to the death [citation needed]

Thanks for writing a review, though! That's awesome, I'll check it out.


I was making a joke ;p

Since ya know...ponies live there..and its in the heavens...I'll shut up now :fluttershbad:

I openly cried I front of everypon in the house :fluttercry: very well done

For some sick and twisted reason, I enjoy reading about the horrible things that happened to Dash's parents. I know that it's not because I WANT it to happen, but because I like to cry along with Dashie and think of anything to say in order to comfort her. I'm nuts! :pinkiecrazy:

Last time i cried was 6 years ago, your story meade me cry :fluttercry:
its only one word i can say about this fic. beautiful

:fluttercry: first time I cried in a long time... :fluttershysad:

Do you know how hard it was to fight back all that liquid pride throughout the story? Then you end it with that sentence!
I will never again make the mistake of believing I'm safe, until I've read every last word.

I want everyone to know, that this is a very evil Man. I will be reading this story FRIDAY! With a date of uploading for you all to enjoy of 6/8/2013, So less than a week away! Chapter 1 of WRTMI Friday for those who have been following him!

You can go...

This is the line that did me in...

When I was twenty, my mom had a relapse in her cancer, and she had to be hospitalized a few days before Christmas. So Christmas day, my family goes to visit. When we arrive, the doctor tells us there is nothing they can do and she wasn't going to last the rest of the day.

To skip all the obvious drama, she did not die, she lived another 23 days in constant pain. And it was horrible, watching her like that. So, yeah, this hit me in all kinds of places I wasn't expecting, even from a story about cancer. A damn great fic, man.

2648044 2648831 2650100 2649555

Glad to hear you guys were moved so much!

It is never safe to assume a sad fic won't get ya in the end... :heart:


Dashie wants a word with ya.


Sounds like the feels where still there, yer just one hardy sunnva gun, that's all!

She does? Is she mad? :pinkiesad2:


You derive some pleasure from her suffering! You should see what she tries to do to Spitfire when she tries the same thing in a certain fic.


Damn, man. That's... wow. I'm terribly sorry to hear she had to endure 23 horrible days like that. I hope she had found solace in family comforts. I really hope this wasn't too painful an experience to proof for me. I do appreciate all the stuff you and untamed do for me.

Can you point out the name of that story for me please? It's not a pleasure like "Yes Rainbow Dash, suffer and feel pain." It's not even a pleasure, more of a thing where I like to see the different kinds of backgrounds people can make for her. I just like to cry with Dash when the bad shit happens to her.

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