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You never know where the green beans are going to land.


Braeburn always enjoyed working with apples. In reality, it's all he knew. He didn't, however, appreciate the long, hard hours of labor and the fact his family never seemed to notice all the efforts he put into the orchard. One day, however, he sleeps past his stop on a train ride, only to wind up in the small town of Dodge Junction. There, he meets a nice group of ponies, and discovers an environment he may just enjoy more than his previous one.

Cover art generously given to me by NightshadeSonata.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 2 )

finally its here. and it seems very promising... but i am to tiered to read chapter 2 tonight for it is late.
Anyways im happy this is finally out:pinkiehappy:. keep up the great work :raritywink:

I wonder who the first Apple was... the young stallion thought to himself as he gazed at the plentiful trees. I mean, Obviously somepony had to start this whole apple thing off. I just wonder her originally set everything up. I wonder why they chose apples of all fruits... I mean, apples have always been in pretty high demand, so I guess it's good to start a business off with. Wonder if my life would've been different if it'd been a different fruit.

Deep... very deep, for a pony.

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