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Phoenix Skyfire
Group Admin

Hello everyone to "Unloved Couples"
This Forum is for everyone to come and introduce themselves
and to tell everyone a little about themselves.

The names Phoenix Skyfire
The Creator of "Unloved Couples"
I always enjoy an interesting Romance fic
While I dont have a Marefriend myself
I think i have a good grasp on love from
past marefriends.

Im the proud Author of
"Unlikely Love of Ages Past" A ScooTiara Romance fic
and "Love's Light: Is it Possible to Love Again?" a TwiDance Romance.

Names Dragaen
I don't have any fics exactly posted on here I would like to say I'm the creator of
Welcome to... Where am I now? and to The Cavern of the Changelings
I enjoy mostly romance, comedy, and perhaps splice of life fics dealing with changelings and perhaps some other characters like Doctor Whooves, Derpy, and Trixie
I kind of just recently lost my girlfriend a few weeks back
I'm a bit of romanticist like Rarity if I do say so myself

1116012 Good day sir, you may call me Jioplip, or John, or Type Cast, or my actual name.

I came here because I was made aware of the current contest and I like this group's concept.

So far the only actual shipping I've written is with a crossover character, and I haven't actually done much shipping on that front...

Anyway, I like this place.

Is it too late to the party to make an introduction post?

I'm Susie, and I've pretty much liked crack ships in every fandom I've ever been in. This one is no exception. I only have four stories up so far, and three of them could qualify. :pinkiecrazy:

Hi, my name is Keam, and I'm a obssesed with shipping ponies, enjoying almost any shipping with a few exceptions. I'm a pround shipper and inventor of several shippings, and I also ship a few rare ships, including one that only got one singel story, hard!!!
Ships I ship that is rare:
Fluttershy x Zecora
Rarity x Sorin (not very common, I think)
Princess Luna X Pinkie Pie (does that even excist?)
And I have, like I said, invented a hole lot of shipings not listed here. Personally, I'm not very good at writbg romance, but if you want to give any of my stuff a shot, try Two Pink Pie’s (need to fix the spelling error in the title) or the things that really matter. You could also try Sparkling Rainbow Adventures, bit I do not recomend it.....

Y'all can call me Quincy. :3

Quite a few of my otp's are crack ships. I'm not too good at writing though, and I just stick to reading slice of life/romance stories.

yo yo

most just call me moon moon, moon 2, or really anything that has to do with two moons
most of my ships are either uncommon or the crackiest of crack, so finding fics of my babes being cute is spr hard
ive posted one thing here, tho i am currently writing a next gen fic and a spitluna
i enjoy a good meme, tho i have been out of the loop lately. im a terrible memeR SRY
im currently dating someone who is fifty shades of fickin, and is a giant patoot
whenever i write, i typically have a background noise of some kind, usually either something bouncy like come on eileen or i like giants, classical like night on bald mountain, or a game grumps thing
i have no idea what gender i am, so just call me by whatever (im leaning towards trans guy, demiboy, or genderfluid, but i honestly have no clue rip)

Hello. Name's Frankie2.
I like Romance stories that are done correctly. I firmly believe ANY pairing can exist IF done believably and at the correct pace.
My favorite pony is Trixie.
My favorite pony of the Mane Six is Fluttershy.
My favorite foals are Scootaloo and Pipsqueak.
There are two ships that I don't think get enough love that I want to read (based somewhat on canon.)
Trixie x Braeburn and Blueblood x Pinkie Pie or Maud.

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