A Changeling had entered Twilight’s Castle, where she finds herself pulled out to a new and unfamiliar location. Where is she?

The Changeling instinctively camouflages herself, in order to stay undetected.

The deception fails, but she manages to stay safe out of pure luck.

How will she make it, in her new position? How will she blend in, in order to hide from the perceived threat?

Once she had made the choice; she does not have the time to change her mind, as someone enters the room in which she had just found herself. Who is she, how will she react on what she is finding in her room?

--- --- ---

Illustrated by: N/A
Written by: Kentavritsa
Edited by: Kentavritsa
Re-edited by: ???
Aproved: Automated
Rating: Everyone
Status: Complete

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 8 )

Interesting start. Curious where the story will go.


Interesting start.

Thanks. I hope you will enjoy where it is going

Curious where the story will go.

While I have something waiting, I am still working on one idea I have.
Though I have more ideas that may, or may not follow the same line.
Just let me know, what you think of what you see.

Disappointing that there's no magic environment sense. Even Thorax disguised as a rock could see things (presumably)

Silly girl, but perhaps mild mental manipulation is at play.

Wonder what they'll do for waste management.

In the first instance, she was under the influenceof Harmony. (magic)
In the second instance, she was pulled out of her continuity. (is there magic on earth?)
Then again, this is not Thorax; and she turned herself into the Latex Suit, not a rock.

Silly girl, yes; but she wanted what she saw, so she chose to refuse to challenge her initial impression.
This is what biased vission can do, to you.
Maybe this could not be ruled out, entirely..

For now, I think I choose to imagine; the changeling in disquise is acting, as if she had been the girls skin.
As such, no further questioning is requird.
Or, at least; it is how i prefer to view it.

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