• Published 21st Apr 2024
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Just one Lonely little Changeling - Kentavritsa

One lonely Changeling is plucked out from right under the very nose of her Queen. Placed in an unfamiliar local, will the changeling make it? What will she do, in order to blend in and survive?

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Prologue: 0


I had ended up, standing on the middle of the circular table in Princess Twilight Sparkles castle; only for the table top to light up, flooding my body with the purple light of magic.

Everything went white, permeated by the force of the light overpowering everything; the reality I had come to rely on, included. There is no escape, no way to escape what is to pass.

The next instant, I find myself on the top of a bed. I instinctively react, as the Changeling I am; attempting to take the shape of the nearest object, in the sense of any living creature I could pass up as.

Incidentally, I had turned into a full-body suit. Black is the colour coming before me, as a Changeling.

Reflexes don’t give you time to think or reflect on your situation; I had no options to consider, this full-body suit is what I had turned myself into.

I had only had the time to catch a glimpse of the surrounding, the room in which I had found myself; now I can’t see anything, so I don’t have an idea as to where I am or what I look like. Though I am fairly sure, this is not the home of a Pony. I am not in Equestria anymore.

How did I end up here?” I ponder.

Fortunately, I did not have much time to ponder, or great over my situation; a girl enters the room, finding me where I lay prone over her bed. As luck would have it, my head is over where her pillow is resting. My feet, facing downwards..

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