• Published 21st Apr 2024
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Just one Lonely little Changeling - Kentavritsa

One lonely Changeling is plucked out from right under the very nose of her Queen. Placed in an unfamiliar local, will the changeling make it? What will she do, in order to blend in and survive?

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“Whoa!!” I gasp.

“What?”I exclaim; “Where am I?” I continue.

“Did I wake you up?” she inquires; “You are in your bed, still!” she concludes.

“Oh!” I merely respond, calmed down by her voice.

I still feel the touch of her hands lingering. The suit offering me comfort, with the slight pressure it is applying to my skin.

As I am lifting up my hand before me; I can see the light complexion, as if I had been nude.

“You like?” she inquires, playfully teasing.

“You really are the best!” I put forth; “I love this!” I then add.

“While I could adjust the colour, you still may consider putting clothes on!” she points out.

“Oh, okay..” I respond; “but could you preserve the sense of still wearing the suit?” I inquire.

“While I can’t imitate fabric, if my life depended on it; but I could give you the experience, of wearing Panties and Top!” she concedes.

“Could you make that a tight Latex Top and Panties?” I inquire, with eager anticipation.

“The appearance of the skintight latex is within the range of my capabilities; as a matter of fact, the tighter and smoother, the easier it is for me!” she explains.

“Perfect!!” I exclaim; “That is exactly what I had been hoping for!” I then conclude.

“Then; I am a Dream come true, for you?” she inquires; “You mean to say, I am manifesting your dream in real life?” she then inquires.

“Yes.. Yes.. Yes!” I respond; permitting my excitement out, just a bit too much.

“Just don’t appear nude in public...” she prompts.

”As long as you are alone, I can give you what you need!” she concedes.

“Metallic bloody red panties?” I inquire; “..and the matching top?” I continue.

“Done, done and done..” she confirms; “I just hope I interpreted your preferences correctly, now!” she concedes.

As she is pronouncing the words; I can feel the Panties and Top taking form, spreading out and thickening into the desired garments.

Even, smooth Latex covering my bust and privates; spreading all the way out, only to stop exactly where I wanted it to.

Aside from the Panties and Top, my Skin appears to be nude; hairless and smooth, as if I had just removed each and every hair from my body.

I gasp in excitement.

Well, who needs these pesky hairs anyway!” I ponder.

“Exactly!” she merely agrees, snickering.

“You use artificial Nail Extensions?” she now inquires.

“Only in emergencies, when I need my nails look their best!” I suggest.

“Good, good..” she agrees; “It is so much easier, to just apply the appearance of natural Nails growing to the desired shape and length!” she explains.

“Then, then..” I put forth; “you could give me the Appearance of the perfect Manicure being applied?” I inquire.

“I could..” she offers; “but only within the limits of my capabilities!” she explains; “It would just look fake, if I tried to go beyond that or what would appear artificial!” she elaborates.

“I prefer the natural appearance, over the artificial looks!” I concede.

“Since we are alone..” she puts forth; “I could experiment with your Manicure, in order to see what you would enjoy!” she suggests.

“Uhm, please do..” I respond; “just make sure to reverse it, if it does not come out just right!” I then continue; “Though you could try again, and again; until we are perfectly happy and comfortable, with the result!” I concede.

The first I notice, is how my nails starts to become glossier; even if I fail to notice, how they grow thicker and stronger as well. Then again, if it does not change anything overtly.

Manicure!” she ponders; “Let’s have some fun and play with the limits of what she could be enjoying!” she concludes, adding the bright Cerise and highly sensitive touch pads to the tips of my fingers.

At first, I fail to notice the change; as curious as the touch pads may be, reaching from the final joint of the respective finger and all the way under the nail.

Apparently, the nail begins just after the final joint of each finger; largely covering the entire tip of the finger and reaches further out in an oval tip.

“Looking good!” I proclaim, as I see what she did with my Manicure.

Though I guess I missed the Silicone white suction cup covering the entire palm of each hand, too.

“Maybe you could help me; with my Halloween look, for the season?” I inquire.

“Of course, if you like!” she responds.

While I had not specified it, or requested it; she ended up adding the Pedicure, to my treatment. Not that I noticed it, the changes are merely superficial make-up anyway. Even if the changes will grow on me over time, with prolonged exposure.

I have only worn my suit since yesterday evening, so these changes have not had the time to make any lasting effect on me and my body.

Maybe I do smile a little bit wider, than I would have done otherwise; but even this is merely skin-deep at this point.

“You think I need an actual top and Panties under my Skirt and Blouse?” I inquire.

“Not sure..” she puts forth; “but I guess it would still be a good idea, for when you go out!” she then adds.

“Then I guess it could wait, for now!” I conclude.

With that; I pick up a fairly tight knee-long cotton skirt, stepping into it and pulling it up. Only to affording it a few tentative tugs: once, twice and thrice. I extract a white blouse, slipping my right and left arm through the respective sleeve; before I button it up, from the first button to the last one.

I finish dressing up, by selecting a pair of knee-long white cotton socks; slipping my feet in and pulling the socks all the way up, as intended.

“There!” I proclaim; as I am walking to the door, opening it just to continue out of my room and closing the door behind myself.

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