• Published 21st Apr 2024
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Just one Lonely little Changeling - Kentavritsa

One lonely Changeling is plucked out from right under the very nose of her Queen. Placed in an unfamiliar local, will the changeling make it? What will she do, in order to blend in and survive?

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One Night, In the City.. : 2


One night, in the City; one night, feeling Pretty.

The day had been exciting. It had offered unexpected intimacy. Even if it is nothing more than a suit. A suit, or rather; the Changeling presenting her as the suit, I had been given. She had given herself to me, in the form of the suit I am now wearing.

I had done my best to hide my excitement, even if I am giddy. Almost, as if I had been tickled pink.

Now it is late, and I had gone to bed. Even slipping in under the quilt is exciting. She almost gave me goose bumps, just from the sensations of slipping in under the quilt.

In the end, I had fallen asleep; almost the instant, my head had hit the pillow.

Not a total loss, mind you. I need the sleep. I want to be up early, fresh as a Daisy.

But before I do anything else, I have an entire night’s worth of sleep; not to mention, the dreams during the night.

Even if I usually don’t recall my dreams, who does? This time, I will.

I enter my room, only to find the black suit on my bed. Only now; I can see her laying beside the suit, waiting for me.

Is she wearing a suit, or was she this deep black all along? I don’t know.

She is lying on my bed, with the suit between her and me; patting the quilt on my bed, as if to say she is inviting me to share the bed with her.

As I am looking at her, responding to her invitation; she is purring, in excitement. Could I blame her? Even if it makes her feel a bit Feline, in the process.

She is not Feline, by any stretch; I just find it hard to decide, if she is Equine or Insect. Maybe she is both, maybe she is neither; yet, I find her and her presence exciting. Shouldn’t I?

If this is a dream; the lines between right and wrong, is blurred. It isn’t as if I am hurting anyone. No one will ever know; this is my moment, my dream.

Dreams are Private, intimate. If this is real, or not; is it me, or is it her?

Some claim that Dreams are just made up, some say they are bits of memory yet to be processed and reconciled into one’s ego. They all say different things, and none can ever quite present the Evidence required for a definite Answer. Maybe there is no Answer to be had?

Either way, the Dream is; it is required, for one to function properly. At least, that much is reasonably well demonstrated; even if the tests and experiments were less than fair or considerate, in the first place.

Now I am just enjoying the moment, in a Dream; approaching the suit I had been given, and the Person who gave me the suit. The Changeling, who turned herself into the suit I am still wearing.

The closer I get to her, the more glossy and desirable the suit she is offering me becomes.

She had been alone, lonely; poorly fed, starving. Until now, as I am feeding her all the Love she could possibly need, in order to sustain herself.

She does not need to explain, to rationalize her action. I had been offering her my love freely and without hesitation in the first place.

Love, undiluted; untainted and pure, no hesitation or reservation.

As I take another step; I can see the suit lustrous and gleaming in the light of the room, lending the suit warmth and depth.

Her skin is smooth, as is the suit beside her. There is no blemish to the suit, or her skin.

Her form melts, as she is shifting into a form mirroring my own; she is turning into a human, as if she is becoming my Twin Sister.

I find myself delighted, excited; not because her original form was bothering me, just that I enjoy seeing her as my Twin. As my Twin, we can share moments, memories and secrets.

She is patting the bed with her outstretched hand, as if to call me to her side; inviting me to have a moment together, like sisters.

How could I mind? How could I resist her invitation? When I did not want to. I want to lie by her side. Well, why not?

As I am looking at her, I can see her black skin growing lighter and lighter; until it is my own light pink complexion. She does not wear make-up, but neither do I. Why? If you need to wear a Mask, before yourself; you know you have Issues, Problems. If you deny this, then it is even worse.

She was looking at me, throughout the entire change. She is looking at me, with excitement in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

“Your Love binds me to you!” she states.

“Whoa!!” I exclaim, as I realize the suit had fused to my skin.

I could no longer take the suit of, as it had become my skin. Yet, I do not mind; it had always been my dream, and now she had realized it. Why complain? Why Worry? Why fear? It is who I am, and what I had always wanted. Even if I had not known or understood it, at first.

Yet, the dream had arisen from the depths of my very soul. I can not quite put a finger on when or why. It is just who I am. When I saw the first image of a latex suit, I had just known that I desire it. I want and need it. Does it have to be deeper, or more too it?

First now; I realize I am breathing hard and fast, my Heart pounding in my chest. I am alive.

As I take the final step, approaching her; she slides her feet out over the side of the bed, sitting up before me.

I stand so close to her, I am almost touching her.

She is lifting up her hands towards me, gently placing her hands on my waist. Her fingers spread out, as she is gripping my body gently

Should I?” I ponder, and she is nodding her head as if to invite me to move.

I feel her hands, her fingers sliding over my skin. Her hands are so warm, while my skin is so smooth, as if my skin had been polished latex.

She is looking up at me, with pleading eyes; “Yes, touch me!” she breathes; her voice heavy, with anticipation.

As she had urged me to, I lift my hands up towards her face; gently grasping her chin and cheeks, caressing her face with my thumbs. I look into her eyes, finding only the warmth and joy in her eyes.

As I gaze into her eyes, the sparse light is reflecting on the surface of her eyes.

The moment only lasts so long.

I feel her warm hands sliding over the smooth surface of the suit she had given me as she is pulling herself up towards me; facing me with a warm smile.

Now she is leaning forwards, pressing her lips onto mine in a gentle and loving kiss.

I feel her warm, wet lips parting; the tip of her tongue playing, caressing my parting lips for a moment of bliss.

I wake up, with a gasp.

The suit had spread further up, now covering my entire face with her light pink complexion.

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