• Published 21st Apr 2024
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Just one Lonely little Changeling - Kentavritsa

One lonely Changeling is plucked out from right under the very nose of her Queen. Placed in an unfamiliar local, will the changeling make it? What will she do, in order to blend in and survive?

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Into the Fire: 1


”What a perfectly beautiful suit, she gave me!” I exclaim, as I see the full-body suit resting on top of my bed.

What a lovely surprise; I had not expected the suit today, but tomorrow at best.

The suit lay prone, as if it had no other option; even if I had no idea, this was a Changeling in disguise. How could I? I just enjoy the most thoughtful gift, for all it is worth.

Slowly, I walk over the floor; reaching the edge of my bed, extending my hands as I walk.

As I reach my bed, I place my hands on the back of the suit; black, glossy and smoother than I possibly could have been expecting. This is neither Fabric, Leather, nor Latex Rubber.

“Warm?” I gasp, as I feel the smooth surface of the back of what is now my suit.

No zipper!” I realize; “Yet, it seems to be skin-tight all the same!” I breathe; “I will love, wearing this suit immensely!” I proclaim, for any and Everyone to hear. (Well; anyone close enough to hear me, in the privacy of my own bed room!)

I can’t help myself, caressing the smooth, warm material of the back of what is now my suit; enjoying the moment, before I can gather myself enough to lift the suit up before me. Looking at the suit, as I hold it up before me; holding it under the arm-pits, as I permit my eyes to scan over the front of my suit.

How long does a suit last, and how do I care for it?” I ponder; “Or, her!” I correct myself, refusing to see my new suit as a mere lifeless object.

She is warm!” I ponder.

Hope she will like me wearing her!” I ponder; “You don’t mind, if I put you on?” I inquire, as if I had been expecting her to respond.

Well; at least, she did not protest. If she did not protest; she would not mind me, at least trying her on? Am I imagining it, or is this just wishful thinking?

I end up, caressing her shoulders for several minutes; as if I had expected her to enjoy my care, making her more willing to be worn by me. Well, why not? Either way, it feels good to me; in a strange way, I can’t quite put words on.

Slowly, I am lifting her up; turning her to face me, as if she would appreciate to see me face-to-face. Even though I know she has no face, and thus could not possibly see me.

It does not feel weird, to me; but now I imagine, seeing her nodding her approval. As if she were telling me, she was accepting me, permitting me to wear her.

Since I could not wear her backwards; I turn her face forwards; before I lift up my right foot, slowly slipping my foot into her. She eagerly swallows my foot and I continue to slide it all the way down; only to lift up my left foot, sliding it into the tight entrance in her neck.

Once I realize, I had forgotten to take my clothes off; it is already to late, too late by far. I just could not make myself slipping out, in order to take my clothes of.

I feel the liquid elasticity of her skin slowly spreading over me, my skin; as she slowly slide up my body.

“Huh??” I exclaim; as I realize what is happening, without realizing how or why.

Before I knew it, the socks find themselves on my bed; before my panties, skirt, top and blouse follow.

“Okay, that is weird!” I breathe.

My skin feels slippery and moist; as if I had been sweating, or covered with a lubricating gel. Possibly, but how and why? I have no idea. Yet, I find myself enjoying the intimate sensation.

Only a few minutes after I had started putting my suit on, I find myself covered with her tight embrace from the neck down.

“Oh, oh, ooh!” I breathe, excited.

Only, there is a faint echo; as if she was expressing herself, just half an instant after me.

I feel her warmth, now covering me, my skin; even between my toes and everywhere else.

While she is indeed skintight, she still does contract more in certain places; not that I mind, it just puts emphasis on my assets in its own way. I can’t make myself complain, as I realize that I love how she makes me feel.

While she is a deliciously glossy black, she feels as if she had been the skin I had been born with all the same. I just can’t quite put a finger on how or why. Maybe she is distracting me, a bit too much for me to focus? Not that I mind, I quite enjoy what she is doing for me. Or, to me, is it?

I don’t like complaining, even though I know it may be the best or only way on occasion. Only now, it is the wrong and the worst way to react.

While I may worry, a bit; but it does not get in the way of how I feel, or diminish these feelings in the least. Maybe, just maybe; I am worrying about how to extract myself from within the suit, or how to perform certain functions while inside

Yet, she makes me feel so good; I subconsciously project my love for her, and what she is doing for me.

While I thought I had enjoyed the feeling; the sensation of the tight, smooth Latex or Rubber covering my skin, but she permitted me to understand the depth of what I feel about it now. Even if she isn’t made out of either Latex or Rubber. She just mimics the feeling and sensation of the suit.

As exciting, as that Latex suit may have been; it can’t compare with the warmth and intimacy, of the suit I am wearing now.

What would I do without her, now as I know of her? Could I live without her? Could I let go of her, or give her up? No.

Had I never found her in my room, on my bed; I would have been blissfully ignorant, thus never knowing what I would have been missing.

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