• Published 1st Jul 2014
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Foal Fever - Distaff Pope

With a filly on the way, Vinyl's started dreaming about her glory days as Equestria's premier DJ. A mysterious potion offers her a chance to feel young again, and with Vinyl's youth restored, Octavia's pregnancy is suddenly a lot

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20. Homecoming (Vinyl)

“Wow,” I said as we explored Tavi’s old home. “Is this place bigger on the inside or something? Because you see it on the outside and think ‘That’s a pretty big house,’ and then you get inside and it turns out it’s this huge sprawling mansion with even more space than you originally thought.”

“Yes,” Tavi said as she opened the door to a massive bedroom with a bed in it that was only slightly smaller than our bedroom. “The architect, my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, was quite skilled at using space efficiently. He was actually an architect of some renown during his time, and there are still several buildings in the city that were either designed by him or inspired by his designs.” She sighed. “The building that would eventually become the Philharmonic Hall was one of them.”

“Okay,” I said, “I hate to interrupt you, but is this our bedroom? This thing is massive, there’s so much space in it we could probably set up a dance floor in here.”

Tavi nodded at me before surveying the room. “We could do that, but we won’t… Still, I would like to do something with this space, the mansion is so large I feel like no matter what I do we will still be wasting space; but then, I suppose that’s what this place was designed for.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, flopping onto the bed, the thing was so ridiculously comfy, it was like being hugged by a bundle of feathers.

“We are in Manehattan, a city packed on top of itself. The most excessive display of opulence here isn’t gold or silver, but empty space. This room is a display of status, a reminder to our guests about how fantastically wealthy our family is… or was, I suppose. We still have the house though, which is probably worth slightly less than Ponyville, excluding the Rich estate, of course,” she said, moving to sit on the bed next to me.

“Back up,” I said, rolling over next to her. “Are you saying that this is the guest room?”

“One of them,” Tavi said as she pulled me even closer to her, “I suppose I could have taken the master bed and bath, but my parents still have their things there, and sleeping in the same room they had sex in… The thought makes me rather uncomfortable.” As she talked, she pulled back her foreleg and stared at the ceiling. Apparently there were some thoughts that could actually cut down her sex drive. Good to know, I guess, though unfortunately that did nothing to help me. It had been almost an entire day since we last did anything sexy, and we had to be quiet about it because she didn’t want to wake her parents up. Where’s the fun in that?

“It’s fine,” I said, leaning in and kissing her neck. “This room is big enough for us anyways, and it’s cool that we can actually use this stuff too. I mean, we probably only need a couple of guest rooms, right?”

Tavi nodded. “Our house has more than that, but… yes, I don’t foresee us having more than four or five guests stay the night at a time. Of course, we also have to consider our daughter’s room, but there are several rooms near us we can use.”

“Ooh! We should get a room for Brutus and Portia too,” I said, nodding my head at her and stroking the bottom of her barrel. With each stroke, the tension in her body melted a little more and she soon snuggled up against me. It was so easy to seduce her since I turned her into a teenager, and I mean, it was for her own good too, she deserved a second chance after her parents messed up her teenage years the first time. Which they did for her own good.

“No,” I said, trying to shut-up the voice in my head and causing Tavi to lift her head up and give me a look of utter confusion.

“Are you alright, Vinyl?” she asked, looking down at me.

“Yeah, fine,” I said, having a hard time looking at her eyes. Instead, I figured I could probably just stare at her flank and play my guilt off as me just being super turned on. “Just… you know, uhmm… worried about my shows.”

Tavi smiled and leaned down to kiss my neck. “Don’t worry, Vinyl, you will be fine. You are a wonderful DJ and performer, and you know I will be in the…” she waved a hoof in the air, thinking for the right words. “Swarming mass of drunken revelers. Well, not in them, I remember what happened the first time I went into a mosh pit and was almost crushed to death and have no desire to repeat that, especially while expecting. I will be in the general audience though.”

“Cool,” I said, watching as that old familiar hunger entered her eyes. “What do you say we take a little break from our tour of the house for a while?” Instead of responding, she smiled and forced her lips against mine, her kiss getting rid of whatever doubts I had about if turning her into a teenager was a good idea.


“Vinyl,” she said, swatting away an exploring hoof as we went into her family’s personal gym, “would it kill you to…” I saw her repress a happy shudder as she spoke. She could act as uptight as she wanted to, but deep down she enjoyed my little public touches. “To… to try to act with some sense of decorum?”

“But decorum is so boring. I mean, come on, we’re all alone in the big giant mansion and… Hey, do you have a swimming pool?”

Tavi nodded at me. “We do, it will probably need to be filled up, but we actually have an Equestria Games-sized swimming pool as well as a pleasure pool in the garden.”

“Pleasure pool?” I asked, feeling my forehead get all wrinkly. “Is that as cool as it sounds?”

“It’s a pool with a small beach, a lazy river, and a bar with a waterfall above it. I will let you decide how cool that–”

“Okay, I was just thinking it was a pool we could screw in, but holy crap that sounds amazing, what are we doing not in that pool?”

“Well, like I said, the pool probably needs to be filled up first, as my parents had to cut down on superfluous expenses these past few years, but if we worked at it, we could probably have it working in under a week. As for the lap pool, it will probably take a week just to fill it properly.” She frowned at me. “Also, all of my readings indicate that having sex in a pool is far less pleasant than films make it out to be. Speaking of films, we should see the private theater.”

“Hey!” I said, as she headed for a set of stairs that connected this floor of the… I wasn’t sure what wing we were on to the floor we came down on. This place was like a maze, except instead of having dead ends, it had really awesome rooms. “If this house is so old, how come there are so many cool modern things like theaters and pools?”

“Because,” she said, walking down the stairs with me having to keep pace behind her, “my grandfather was an architect as well and made extensive renovations to this place in an attempt to modernize it. He also added electricity and indoor plumbing to Monticello. Actually, he was the pony who renovated Philharmonic Hall.”

We reached a narrow hallway at the bottom of the stairs and Tavi headed off down a side corridor. “Yeah, what’s up with that, you mentioned it earlier, is it another wing of the building. or…?”

She shook her head. “No, it’s… originally, it was the city hall, but as the city grew, they needed more space so they had a new one commissioned. My grandfather decided to turn the old building into a proper music hall. When he was finished, he renamed it Philharmonic Hall, and it became one of the premier social centers in Manehattan. I loved going there with my grandmother when I was younger, I think it was where I first developed an appreciation for classical music.” She smiled as she opened the door to reveal a small theater. If not for its size, it could have been a theater in a regular cinema.

I felt my jaw actually drop. “So…” I said, making no attempt to contain my shock. “This house… it’s ours right?” Tavi nodded. “If I wanted to, I could watch every Mare Trek movie in one sitting?”

“Probably not,” she said. “I doubt you could hold your bladder that long. bBut yes, you could at least attempt to watch all the movies sometime when I’m out of town for a few days.”

“Would you stop that?” she said, swatting my hoof away as her cheeks got even redder and her frown turned into a look of shame. I don’t know why she got upset with herself for liking me touching her. I mean, when we were in our room, it was awesome, but if we were where a pony might see us, it was suddenly a big thing. Apparently being a teenager again made her get more modest. I’d have to break her of that. Ooh! Maybe after our daughter was born, we could get really drunk in public. I thought back to my night with Clubber. Yeah, doing that but with my wife, that could totally be fun.

Tavi shook her head as her face lost its reddish tint. It was weird how our blushes were still visible even if our faces were covered in fur. My biology classes probably talked about why that was, but I didn’t actually pay attention to my biology class. “Vinyl, as much as I love you and being with you, there is not a force in Equestria that can compel me to watch all those films again. Even if…” She nibbled on her lower lip and I saw a teeny bit of longing enter her eyes. It was really way too easy to mess with her sometimes. But hey, it wasn’t my fault she kept trying to deny her real feelings and stuff, I was helping her express herself. Doing it for her own good. “We can revisit the issue at a later time. For now, we have a house to tour.”


Several hours later, we were sitting in the study (as opposed to the library and the archive, which the house also had), Tavi writing some letters while I tried to distract her, when we heard the doorbell ring.

“Want me to get that?” I asked, springing to my hooves.

Tavi shook her head. “It will be fine, Vinyl. I’m sure Woodhoof will get it, although I do hate asking him to manage this entire mansion. I want him to actually have some time off.”

“Maybe Moldy can take care of it,” I said, sitting down next to her. “Like, he can just create a few more colonies of himself and boom, free caretakers.”

There was a pause as she nodded her head. “That’s not a terrible idea, Vinyl. I received a letter from him saying he will be arriving in Manehattan tomorrow, and I will see what he thinks. Obviously, if he doesn’t want to, I won’t force him to do anything.”

“Obviously,” I said, rolling my eyes as the door opened. Tavi and I were practically goddesses to Moldy, if we wanted him to do something, he would do it with a smile. Not like I wouldn’t understand if he didn’t want to, but he would obviously want to. I don’t get why Tavi didn’t get that.

A yellow stallion with orange mane and an orange for a cutie mark walked in behind Woodhoof. “Might I present Mr. Orange of the Multi-Apple Conglomerate.”

“Thank you,” Mr. Orange said, nodding at Woodhoof. “I’m here today to act on behalf of my employers regarding recent acquisitions made during our hostilities with your parents. Now that your branch has been reconciled, I was hoping we could have your assistance.”

“With what?” Tavi said, rubbing her forehead with one hoof.

“We bought out your parents’ stake in a local music hall several years ago; however, since then our profits have been slipping and we fear there are very few Apples with knowledge of how to properly manage the music end of the business. We were hoping you could be persuaded to take over that aspect. We would transfer over a substantial portion of our shares to your name if you prove amenable to our request.”

I looked over at Tavi and her eyes had gone super wide. “You’re talking about Philharmonic Hall, aren’t you?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper. Mr. Orange nodded. “You… you want me to manage Philharmonic Hall? I assume I would be able to arrange events and other promotions?” Another nod.

“That we do, would you be interested in such an offer?

There was a short pause as Tavi sucked all the air in the room into her lungs. When she finally did speak, I think all of Manehattan heard her answer.

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