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Ever since she traveled to the human world, Twilight grew fascinated with humanity and their ability to accomplish technological advances despite having no magic. After studying modern technology for a while, she asks her counterpart and Sunset Shimmer to conduct an experiment with her. They would bring technology to Equestria, get it to work, and share it among their friends.

Update: As of May 31st, this story has begun it's reboot. As such, all previous chapters will be archived and will eventually be replaced by the reboot chapters.

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Who is the artist of that picture? They do pony butts excellent!!

The writing feels wooden and lacking emotion, but the concept seems very interesting. I can't wait to see what happens if the internet applies in Equestria, and the girls happen upon porn sites.


To be fair, I rarelly see any fic which touchs Twilight's apparenty lack of interest over a world with scientific wonders undiscovered in Equestria. In the other hand, it's difficult to say what is new for the ponies considering the show inconsistent technological level; for example, do they have videogames, but no computers?

Well to be fair, I'm still learning how to write. I'm doing this story so I can improve my writing and brush off my computer knowledge. I'll do better next time. The next chapter will have Skype next.

Oh, and NO porn sites. I'm trying to make this PG as possible.

From what I've seen they have arcade games, yet Vinyl has a mix table and DJ equipment. It makes one wonder just how much is pure basic technology, and how much is done with magic. Although if one wonders too much, Equestrian technology starts to resemble the Goa'uld technology from Stargate SG-1 where crystals serve the role of microchips and other electronic circuits. Or at least that's how my mind works on the matter.

Well that's more or less how I learned to write, so good luck on those endeavors.

Also, one doesn't really need to describe porn sites in detail in order for them to be mentioned. Having Twilight blushing and quickly moving them to another webpage while not allowing any questions would certainly convey what they stumbled across.

This looks interesting. Please keep working.

Comment posted by currentlemon deleted May 30th, 2017

“I don’t know what we’re yelling about!”
Oh Brick Tamland you are such a lovable idiot.

:rainbowlaugh: This chapter was so hilariously funny with all of the ponies' reactions to Skype I think I'm going into hysterical fits.

I want to thank the people who read my story and put it on their favorites. It is really inspiring to see such feedback.

Intriguing... I'm curious about what Twilight and the rest of the Mane 6 will do with this technology (Does Starlight knows?)

I'm surprised that Sunset and the Twilights (what a band name! :pinkiehappy:) went directly to computer technology rather than telephone and radio/TV

P.S. Should it not be a "satellite antenna"?

The whereabouts of Starlight and Spike will be addressed in the next chapter. But yes, she knows about the experiment. Also, errors are bound to happen because I don't have anyone to proof read this. I read my drafts several times before uploading, but even then I still make mistakes.

I came up with this story when brushing off my computer knowledge. I did not think about TVs or phones. I might include them in a latter chapter, though I am not planning writing this past 15 chapters.

Also, quick question for everyone. The girls will be browsing the internet next chapter. I'm thinking about showing them a random video. Something like this.

8200107 It would be interesting to see their reaction to such video, but it would be nice adding some more in this case... like these:

Huh, looks like I did not mention keyboards during Twilight's lecture. I'll edit that as soon as I can.

The ponies have got to experience Minecraft for themselves. Seriously.

She's playing Starcraft 2. I feel she'd like the Protoss Faction, what with their psionic powers and advanced tech.

A whole chapter about the internet and no mention of the internet's true purpose.

Battlenet reminds me of the site called Battleon.com where you have a game called Adventure Quest and adventure quest worlds on there

Curious about how Twilight would react to the motherlodes known as Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg and Archive.org...

I don't know a lot about Minecraft, though I am aware of all the stuff the players had created. If I do Minecraft, I may need to do some heavy research.

I'm trying to avoid mentioning Porn here. I may have Twilight and Sunset talk about it briefly, but shift to something else.

That leaves Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, StarCraft 2 and World of Warcraft. Hum... I think Hearthstone and HotS are the most plausible options here, since they are Free to play and I doubt the adorkable purple pony Princess has enough (or any even) human money to buy the other 3 options.

So yeah, my guess is either Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm.

I wonder just how many fuses those three über-geniuses blew out trying to work out how to get a computer to work in a high-mana environment with likely totally different voltage and current specifications to local domestic power supplies?

Meanwhile, it will be very interesting to see how a modern microprocessor (whose transistors are nearly molecule-sized) will react to Equestria’s environment.

It started good but degenerated into exposition and really isn’t readable.

Looks like I'm smarter than book horse. I did in a mere couple days what it took Twilight months to do.

Protoss or Terran. Zerg would be a bit offputting, considering the similarities, albeit slight, to the changelings.

I find it interesting that Twilight, Sunset and another person brought the Internet to Equestria, but the tech level is all over the place. Is Starcraft F2P?

I explained how they got the internet in chapter 1. There is a satellite antenna set up at the old Canterlot High monument (The one Midnight Sparkle destroyed). The wires go through the portal and into Twilight's castle. It manged to work, somehow.

Also, Starcraft 2 isn't F2P. Twilight did by a copy of the game.

8238826 Oh. Does playing Starcraft help enhance your reflexes?

She is using her magic to grasp the keyboard. No hooves. So it puts her on equal ground.

In a way, learning how to play StarCraft does improve your reflexes. The problem though is that StarCraft is difficult to learn.

Wonder who Twilight's playing against.

Sunset and my counterpart have been working on an alternative keyboard that is easier for hooves. I am not sure about their progress though

Cut to Sunset and SciTwi dealing with a malfunctioning prototype keyboard. Keys start flying everywhere, one hitting Sunset square in the forehead while two end up hitting SciTwi in her glasses. :rainbowlaugh:

I always like stories about ponies lern about the internet and modern technologie. But if, they are by mere logic forced to encounter its dark side.
An ever curious mare like Twilight will explorer the depth of the world wide web and by that will find porn, violance, fanatism, political corruption, death and so on.
It will probably scare her, maybe even traumatice, depending how peaceful and innocent your Equestria is, but it will by the mere concept of the situation happen.
So if you want to keep it real and stay PG, you have either to make side story about it or at least write a chapter were she deals with her experience of it.
Don't waste potential for a rating that is, by my own opinion, way out of time.

Protoss  or terran zerg are to wasteful for twilight

I could you be your proof reader if you want

Suggesting for later: Applejack plays Town of Salem (element of honesty in a game about being a better liar).

I feel like I'm not doing a better job with characterization. It's pretty good right now, but I need to do better.

Oh, thank you. I'll keep in touch when I make new stories.

You should try having Twilight and her friends discover new online games, like Minecraft or, dare I say it, Cards Against Humanity.

do you want me to start proofreading this story and chapters, or proofread future stories and chapters

I'll tell you when to proofread new chapters. I also have another finished story in development if you want to give it a read.

I would LOVE to see either Twilight or one of the other girls playing Overwatch. I just got that game a few weeks ago and it frustrates me to no end. Would love to see one of them playing it and getting frustrated by it as well. For example:

:ajbemused: : What the buck?! Would one of you mother buckers get on the bucking point!!!!


:facehoof: : Fluttershy, why did you pick Mei?
:fluttershysad: : Oh my, because she looked so pretty.
:facehoof: : Fluttershy, you do realize that she is one of the most HATED characters in the game right now.
:flutterrage: : *Demonic voice* I'LL MAKE THEM LOVE ME!!!!!
:twilightoops: : ....Maybe introducing her to this game was a baaaad idea.

I could see the girls playing World of Warcraft at some point. I think I could even imagine what they would be.

:twilightsmile: : Night Elf Mage. Probably either Fire or Arcane.
:applejackunsure: : Tauren Paladin. Probably either Protection or Retribution.
:duck: : Blood Elf Priest. Probably Holy.
:pinkiehappy: : She would probably pick a Gnome Death Knight, just to keep everyone on their hooves. Definitely would be Unholy.
:rainbowdetermined2: : Troll Warrior. Probably Fury.
:fluttershysad: : Worgen Druid or Hunter. Anything to do with animals would have her fascinated. Don't know what Spec she would be in either.

As for Sunset, if she played with them, while I could see her playing an Undead Warlock just for the irony factor, I think she might go Pandaren Shaman. Probably Restoration.

Let me know who you think they would play.

I'm rewriting some of the chapters. The next chapter will come out after I'm finished.

Finally, I have all the chapters rewritten and posted. I probably shot myself in the foot by not having these proofread though. Oh, well. Next chapter is soon. Thank you all for waiting. And sorry for the inconvenience.

Again, I've probably shot myself in the foot for not getting someone to proofread this. But I'm tired and I just wanted to update this story. Sorry for not updating this in a while. As I said, the story has been completely rewritten, but very little changed. If you want to reread those chapters, please give me feedback. I've worked really hard to improve my writing this past month. Its the whole reason I rewrote them. Took a lot of lessons from Verbose Mode and Jarvy Jared. Thank you both.

Now the CMC will still be involved next chapter. I plan on letting them watch videos with Spike. Anyone got any ideas on what they should watch? Let me know.

Crunchy Roll, specifically Restaurant to Another World

Nice one. I'll consider using it.

Thank you, Applejack. The last thing we need is to have two Pinkies in the same place.

mirror pool anyone?

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