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What will happen to everyone's favorite changeling Royal Guard when Chrysalis comes to town?

This is my take on what will happen 10-12 years in the future of the fantastic story The Changeling of the Guard by vdrake77 when A Canterlot Wedding takes place.

Cover image by backlash91.

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hehe :twilightsmile:

Yes, Idol, the purpose of a gift is so that the giver can see the givee utilizing said gift and thereby feel good about themself.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... dodge now!

Yes, Idol Hooves is the most dangerous changeling around. Oh, he never intends to be so, it just sort of happens... and then works out.

Your best course of action to combat him is clearly to just not.

Confused? Exactly. It begins.


I thought Idol was the oblivious one!

it looks good but im not gonna read it so i dont off balance the story

Ahahahahaha! Luna. My sides... I can totally see her doing that, and it being just pure awesome.

So, what does Celestia do when she wants to have fun with her entrance?


Be warned! I kidded vdrake77 that by my exacting abacus calculations, my grandkids would be in college before the 10-12 years of Equestria time had elapsed at his writing pace. He, of course, corrected me and instead pointed to the Heat Death of the Universe as a much more reasonable timescale! :rainbowlaugh:

I did tell him I would not publish if anything in my story was spoilerish for the version he would (eventually) write. He assured me my imagination took a different train than his and I could publish ,then just be very, very, very patient!

so in the end the fire alicorn was somepony the sisters knew (i am guessing parental figure of sort) excellent job


Tragically, Celestia knows that she has to be a shining example of restraint and grace for all ponies, so she never gets to let her mane down. Now, her sister however, she can reap the benefits of youth for being basically in suspended animation for 1000 years....

7589687 and follow up with a spell to her center mass! Knock her out and reveal her!

7589716 He is as dangerous as Jar-Jar Binks in a combat situation. You send him in alone with a spear, next thing you know, the entire enemy army is destroyed, and all that's left is a few stragglers.

7589791 yea like i said not gonna read a spinoff


I could see Celestia being much more subtle about it. Like... casting a spell that dissuades others from paying attention to her, and then using it to reach and sit on the throne without anypony noticing. She breaks the spell by clearing her throat and nopony is in "proper position" for court to start - screwing with their heads. "How'd she get there?"

Well, this might not be the ultimate fate of Idol Hooves, but it certainly was an entertaining one.


Thanks for the encouragement! I'm working over an original tale in my mind right now. It has to do with a certain alicorn mare that happens to be in your avatar image.

This was very, very pleasing. I would not mind to see more of this.


** Looks more closely ** Eh. Oops. No. But Vinyl will be in the story as a background character.

7590219 alright then! Can't wait for it!

P.S. Have a Follow!

I knew there is no convincing her when she got up to her legpits in her research

I realize where you're going with that, but "Up to her barrel" would work better.

I didn't really like it, the pacing was extremely rushed, the stakes were super low, the relationships between the characters weren't well elaborated, everything was wrapped up too quickly, the resolution of Idol's conflict was way too rushed, and the resolution was unsatisfying.

XD That poor changeling. I laughed for 20 minutes straight after "And then the screaming stopped" XD


that poor changeling.

want to know what happened when he woke up

7589804 Maybe Faust?

Have a follow and a Liked Changeling Stories shelf.

I shhhhhip it.

It feels like an epilogue is missing. Still, I enjoyed this side story a lot. It was funny and endearing.


Didn't follow the purple bits at the end. What was happening there?

What can I do for you, Miss Proper Place?

Given the closing exchange, I'm pretty sure this should be 'missus'.

Your lawn in not up to code!



I might follow up this story in a while, but I have a couple of original ideas I want to work on first.

"Do smell that, rookie?”

Mmmyes, at once suh. (needs a 'you')

7593289 It's the big purple love shield that punts the changelings out of Canterlot.

How could she provide sympathy without being overwhelmed by empathy.

That should have a question mark.

Overall, a really fun little story. You've got Idol's character pretty much down, and I think this'll tide me over until the next chapter of CotG comes out. (vdrake pls)


Thanks for the heads up. I'll get that fixed.

On another note, front page?!?! Seriously?!?! A-hahahahaha!

Wow. Thanks everyone for reading my story. All credit goes to vdrake77 for his incredible universe and characters and his thumbs-up for me to publish my fanfic of his fanfic.

Damn lawn nazis...

So THAT'S why Luna never woke up!

Really neat story, my dude. I certainly enjoyed it! Congrats on making it up top!

Rather odd author's note...

Still, a strong start. Curious where this is going.

thees storeh is verra nize.

I give you two jaegerkin for it.


Yah! Und doze guys goze great vit my hat!

7591052 Or just "up to her shoulders". Ponies do have shoulders.

7597871 That is true, either would work. Although if you want to be anal, on a horse they are called the withers.

Great story! I think you did a decent job capturing Idol and his hilariously oblivious nature. It also makes a great "What-if?" story to appease us with Idol's perspective of the invasion, while we will have to wait a considerable time for the official version.

My biggest problem with it is that while we get a glimpse of the repercussions of who and what Idol is, the story suddenly stops when it feels like it had a bit more to tell. It's bugging me.

...no pun intended. :rainbowwild:

Ship it like Fed-Ex.

I liked it, just blew through this and a changeling of the guard in a night well spent.

I would like to point out the latin though as "Laudate ad high Liberator dierum! Illustrissimae praeesset nocti laudes!” is grammaticaly flawed and doesn't make a lot of sense, to the first part, better would be "Ave Liberatrix Diei" if you wanted to say "hail, freer of the day" the other part of the sentence I don't know what it was trying to say so I can't translate it, though it looks like "praises would be present(but isn't) for the illustrious night" but it's singular and irrealis. If it's a salutation to both luna and celestia it would be "Avete Liberatrix Diei, Illustrissima Nox" which would be "Hail Freer of the Day, Illustrious Night"

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