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Why did Chrysalis invade Canterlot? To feed her changelings. After the invasion failed no one trusts changelings being within a hundred yards of them and everyone is on the watch for infiltrators. With a hive full of hungry minions what does a being who feeds on love do? She approaches the Princess of Love, and asks to help restore lost love amongst ponies. In exchange for a little quid pro quo of course.

But as bold as the Changeling Queen is, she would never have predicted who would come through her door looking for help.

Note: I started this before the Season 6 finale aired. So, all chapters should be assumed as taking place before that.

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Yes, I know who they are. This should be good...

Who... i got like 5 ideas who do you think

Mmm, tasty.

Looking good so far, Chrysalis has sacrificed her most prized asset for the sake of her drones. Her pride.

“Dee and Cay-Cay”

Oh no... :rainbowlaugh:

This is gonna be goooooooood. And yay! The rules of hospitality! One never sees enough of them. :twilightsmile:

This looks like fun!:moustache:

7568073 Yup, I've always liked the idea that there should be some way that super-powerful beings can interact with each other and have a reasonable expectation that a negotiation will stay as a negotiation. Plus, I've read the Dresden Files.

7568293 Oh, The Dresden Files. What a fun romp that is. Good taste, sir. :pinkiehappy:

This seems interesting, since the last changeling fic I've read was about a changeling psychologist.

Wait... I thought I was Luna... I'm confused.

Well, it seems that Chrysalis is doing pretty well so far. :)

I would like to read about Celestia being chaotic

7580815 I'm very new at writing so I'm not confident in my skills with writing that. Which is why if anyone wants to take the concept and run with it I am fully okay with it. If no one tries in awhile I might take the plunge. But only once I have some more writing experience.

7581057 I would like to give it a shot but finding a good cover is the hardest part for me to be honest

Not bad! Not bad at all. Keep going!:moustache:

Why am I seeing this swap and loving it? :trollestia:
Also, they each think the other will tell this plan to Twilight... so :twilightoops:

She knelt, and began to speak in a humble voice, “O Crystal Princess, I come before you as a lowly petitioner on behalf of many. I have delivered myself into your power. Will you hear my petition?”

I could not help but think of this. :trollestia:

The idea certainly is interesting. Let's see how she fares with this couple... and whether she truly has peaceful intentions...

Hm... well, I must admit I like Dislestia, though it's a tricky one to get right, and having the together from the get-go is an even harder sell in my case. I think this chapter was a little too short and simplistic to have an impact. Rather than give us deeper insight into the relationship and create good immersion, it just assumes we'll accept the fact that Discord and Celestia are a couple, and that their relationship and its issues are simple enough to be solved so quickly, not to mention solved by Chrysalis of all people.

The ending is also a huge missed opportunity. I actually almost expected that the whole thing was just a ruse to find out if Chrysalis was honest about her intentions. In other words, Celestia and Discord pretended to be a couple and wanted to see how Chrysalis would do (and whether the absurd pair would cause her facade to crack). You could still slip genuine Dislestia in there, and it provides a good excuse for the chapter itself being so short (if the whole thing is an act, you don't need to spend time explaining it, they just need to play the part).

The role reversal solution is fairly amusing and adorable. In general I like these two interacting, though I assume what happens after this will be left to our imagination.

Finally: will there be any reason given for why Harshwhinny is her receptionist?

Interesting start. Rules of hospitality would indeed be useful.

Well, that was interesting. Hah, Chryssie hopefully won't get fat on love.

Great idea for a story, really good fun, and lovely to see how they treat Queen Chrysalis with respect still. Dislestia was a good first choice.

I know they're the oldest couple in the book, but it would be interesting to see Lyra and Bon Bon in there broaching the issue of being 'more than just friends.'

Soarinfire would be a lovely couple to see, especially with the difference in their rank, Starlight/Trixie would be interesting from more of a traditional friendship perspective - since they both have their bad habits, I imagine their friendship must have its rocky moments. Spike/Rarity would be fun, too, with him finally moving on, perhaps towards Princess Ember. Sundagio is always nice to see, that would be particularly good if Adagio is still unrepentantly villainous.

suggestion make (hold on let me think up the most awful pairing i can imagine) nightmare moon and luna (nightmare moon turned out to be another alicorn (fimfiction story's prove this is possible) or just do some other equally weird pairing. if not ignore this comment

7737584 That definitely could be interesting. The hard part would be getting them both in the same place. Plus, would Luna even want to be reconciled with Nightmare Moon. I'll give it some thought. :twilightblush:

7737624 they could have been lovers in the dreamscape and then nightmare moon became physical after the eoh blasted her and she just went into hiding.???? it could work

... Why wouldn't I put past the CMC to actually do something like that?

... It must happen scarily often if they have a special code for that.

“Ah!...Guard!…Help!” yelled Chrysalis, half in jest. “I’m being hugged!”


Enjoyed this, great to see a new chapter. Also encouraging to see that friendship problems are dealt with too, not just relationship ones. I think Limestone and Marble Pie would be interesting to see, with one realising how much her aggression was keeping the other quiet. And if there's a chance for Maud and Chrysalis to have a truth-off, that would be great. It could also be interesting to see Rainbow Dash properly realising the extent to which Scootaloo has adopted her as a surrogate parent, and how that involves responsibilities as well as fun stuff.

Lovecraft seriously? I mean ok thats some idea but ughh even necronomicon should make you crazy its forbidden knowledge because its unthinkable etc plus cthulhu wasn't even worst of old ones in this situation hastur would be way worse or even azathoth what will just devour worlds.

7738138 Interesting ideas, and they one or more might find their way in. Now that I have The Bridle Path done, this story will get updated more often as I was on a big push to get that finished.

7738138 Interesting side note. If you re-watch A Canterlot Wedding you may notice that Chrysalis never lies to Twilight. She plays the part of Cadance, she lies to other ponies, but she never says an untrue word to Twilight...

7741737 I hadn't noticed that, but it makes sense, that's what makes her so dangerous. The sirens tormenting Sunset in Rainbow Rocks use a similar tactic. Do you go with the view that Twilight saw through the disguise because she knew Cadence better, or that Chrysalis acted up deliberately, so as to paint Twilight in a bad light and alienate her from the other Elements of Harmony?

Huh, she fed in her sleep. Interesting.

The dream was awesome.

Luna, stop being a creeper.

I've got a pairing I'd like to see, though not sure what their issue would be:
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich

7741752 Now that you mention it, I guess it's possible that, once Chrysalis realized she didn't know Cadence well enough to fake it with Twilight (starting from "sunshine sunshine ladybugs awake") she did that deliberately.
7738197 a good chunk of the sanity loss involved in lovecraft-mythos knowledge actually stems from the crushing realization of just how small your place in the cosmos is. However, when you have two princesses who can literally haul the sun and moon around and who can influence the motion of stars, you don't have to worry quite so much about anything that can be kept at bay by making sure the stars aren't "right", and so these revelations are less crushing (barring the really-high end stuff). As it is, these three fillies did still suffer some san loss (as Chrysalis noted, though not in those terms).

8020621 It's detailed in the Chrysalis section of this video, although for what it's worth I think the rest of the video is a really interesting analysis of the other villains, too.

Is hugging in this case an equivalent of force feeding?

This story is very sweet and fun to read.

Luna will come into play later on in my follow up of this story, things will get.... Kinky~

Will this ever be continued?

By me? No.
Sandstorm94 has picked up the torch and is running with it now.

Surprised Celestia didn't get Chryssie with a hoof-zapper. :trollestia:

Boy, there's no way this could go horribly wrong! :pinkiehappy:

Lemme guess...
Discord and Celestia...?

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