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This is my quest. To follow that star! No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.


Celestia has been working too hard, for far too long. Concerned for her well being, Luna sees no option but to have her sister kidnapped and carried off to a place where she will have no choice but to learn how to relax and take time for herself.

However, if Celestia can't learn that lesson she may find herself an eternal captive of the Cuddle Dungeon.

Cover art is from the amazing "Rarity's Secret" series by Longinius.

Much thanks to SandStorm and Coyotethetrickster for their editing and help
Featured! 10/2/2017

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 42 )

I am intrigued. Looking forward to more!

That was good start.

Oh, a new story? Delightful.

I noticed one small thing, and I hope you don't mind if I point it out:

“Celestia, you could have drowned in your soup!” Luna shouted. “If Kibitz hadn’t of made sure you could breathe, I could have lost you only a short time after we found each other again.”

I think the "of" I bolded is superfluous.

Fixed. And thank you. I try to keep the errors to a minimum.

....I'm tracking this.Right now.Please keep doing what you are.
Very very good story.:raritystarry:

Mistress cuddles Identy was revealed to celestia when she heard her talk about celestia living a long and happy life?

...When the hell did Fluttershy learn to control flutterbat season 5?

All shall be revealed in time. And Celestia put it together when she saw the pink mane.

That still wasn't a denial of my statement...Trap activate

Master of Interigation
By playing a game of twenty questions I can destroy a facedown if I guess it's Identy, I win thus fluttershy is destroyed.

Not to mention I gain one interigation token each turn if I get three...hooooohboy you better have better plot twists than this.

I tap a plains for a white mana and activate my CoP: Traps, negating the damage.

Cheese Twists?

I used to play a cop deck. Even had a CoP: artifact.

My all time favorite was my "Red Cheese" deck. Nothing but goblins and direct damage spells, most cards cost 1 or 2 mana. The exception being a Ball Lightning at 3.

Afraid not, after sinking about 1k into MtG, Illuminati and Jyhad I finally made my saving throw versus deck games. Didn't go back until Hearthstone and dropped that when it basically became pay to win.

Edit...and then I clicked on the link and the memories came back. BFM indeed. Had the cards but they were never more than a novelty.

Still, this is so uncelestia level of aggression in this chapter. She want to hurt her "little ponies"? i doubt that

I was hoping Celestia would be more depressed than anything. As we've seen in the show one of the only things that can really get to her is Luna. Another perceived betrayal by her sister would absolutely crush her.
I would also think that Luna would be the first pony to talk to her if only to reassure her motives. Not sure how she would act after she was reassured but maybe then I could see her try and act bossy.

“W-What do you want?” Celestia asked, trying to push back the force of will flooding in through her eyes.

“Your submission to my will.”

Yeeeah, I'm looking forward to when Celestia is released and seeing just what she does to this place and 'Mistress Cuddles'. You don't imprison someone against their will, Celestia especially, and expect it to end well for you.

Celestia's old and smart, she'll follow through with whatever is required of her, and when she gets out, this whole place is going to burn. :pinkiehappy:

So... a mix of Fluttershy and Flutterbat.Have to admit, I didn't see that coming.

Awesome work.Now I kind of regret reading this, because now I can't wait for the next one.:pinkiehappy::raritycry:

God, that scene with Celestia and Sand Storms shook me.

Enjoying the story so far, though that doesn't surprise me at all.

Interesting. VERY interesting. Also, I now have craving for mushroom soup.

A strong example of trust in this chapter, many people would be terrified being put in such a vulnerable position celestia is in right now. Yet even though anything insideous or malicious could easily occur, celestia was given proof her captors meant no ill will. A dangerous and fragile game is being played here. I look forward to the next chapter.

So essentially post-original sin Bruce banner hulk...sounds like Sunset might be involved since this is mental magic and she gets a bonus via her tactile natural telepathy.

I feel honored to be part of the team

Something about this reminds me of an old TV series called The Prisoner.

That was a great show!

I may have had some nightmares in my youth, about being engulfed by formless blobs of matter, that I blame on that series.


We want information, and by hook or by crook we'll get it.

(Oh, how ironic in today's world of facebook-alikes and reality shows that statement is.)

Just wow amazing story I don't even have words for thank you very much.

I loved this story. I am favoriting, liking this, and I want to look at your profile after.
Thank you for an awesome time.:pinkiehappy:

Also. I loved the 'execution' ending.

Thank you :twilightsheepish:

I thought a rested, relaxed Celestia might be feeling a little playful when she came back and up for some fun "payback". This is probably how the "Great Royal Pillow Fight" began.

That execution part won't end so well if that prank's success reaches their relatives. The ending after Tia returns is rushed.

Fair comment, especially considering the slower overall pace of the story. Thank you.

Excellent story.

The ending is rushed, but I guess it couldn't be helped given the nature of the story.

Indeed, I'm going to see if I can avoid that in the sequel.

Cuddle Dungeon 2: The Rise of Princess Molestia

MAKE A SEQUEL TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really wish there's a sequel to this...

I started working on one with Celestia in charge this time but a change in life has stolen most of my writing time.

Oh, great to hear it! And pity that you have so little time for writing.

And who would be the prisoner this time?

(reads short description)

Can Celestia contest creative caring captivity conspiratorily crafted with caging cuddles?

Not bad! But I know two better.

...I must say, Sand Storm certainly has good taste in royal plots...

[…]The concept of Klingon BDSM being cuddle dungeons filled with soft pillows and gentle touches.[…]

...If that were what BDSM were, I'd probably be into it. Sadly, that's roughly the antithesis of the "DS" and "SM" parts... Unless I'm a moron.

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