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Boot camp...otherwise known as the "Eight Weeks of Hell", it is known to make even the toughest of men cry, and not all those who enter will graduate for a variety of reasons.

18 year old Wind, who has been picked on all his life because of his name, is the newest such recruit to join the Army. Not wanting to part with his closest friends, he brings them along despite them being considered "contraband". When he makes a mistake and they get exposed, this will make his, and every other soldier's camp experience different than any before.

This collaboration fic was written for a close friend of mine, who is going to bootcamp as a means to cheer him up and know that he is dearly missed.

DISCLAIMER: Every author that has contributed to writing this has given me permission to publish their words, this is the result of our joint endeavor.

Chapters (2)
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And once he is back, we all will present him with this gem. Our thoughts are with him
(note to Author: Ransom.exe is just discord name, this real me)


I don't know if i should be impressed or just like cringe really hard.
-YxB 8/4/2017
'Till the Bitter End'

Just reliased your story has the same chapter title and the same story

trust me man, it's all good...

besides, your story is about the Marines at Parris Island...

mine is about the Army

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