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I dabble in everything. Sometimes that means I write ponies. I have a Patreon and a Discord.


The problem about reaching the pinnacle of one's career is that there's nowhere to go from there but down.

An expression of certain feelings, with sweet side of Rarity/Luna shipping, because yes.

Technically a sequel to Luna in the Sky with Diamonds and Marshmallow Fluff, but only in that this uses the same versions of Luna and Rarity, so reading those are not required.

Further continuing my habit of naming stories after songs.

Cover art by Renokim.

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Comments ( 9 )

Amazing prose, well-written characters, and all-too-real dilemmas. This is truly a masterful piece of writing.

Brother, I can relate to Rare's need for praise and attention. i think we all can. Well done.

That fucking hurt, man. Well done.

A story that poses a question, suggests a few answers that cannot answer it and lets the reader wax in their own minds as to how they might answer the thirst.

Brilliant, as well as quite funny on occasion.

Thank you.

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