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This story is a sequel to Shining Chitin Redux

Something unusual happened just before Shining Armor and Cadance left with their new posse for the train station...

This occurs right after Shining Chitin Redux Chapter 40.

Thanks, of course, to Damaged for letting my muse take a hack at writing this sub-chapter into his story.

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Love it. The big question is, will their long-distance relationship work out?

Can I expect more chapters with them, or am I going to have to write those myself?

My muse is a fickle thing, but for the moment it is done with them. I.e. "the voices in my head have stopped whispering about what I should do to you. You can sleep soundly now. Go ahead. Please just go to sleep and stop staring at me!!!!!!!!!!!" :rainbowlaugh:

Help yourself!

Hahaha, this is amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

She yelled back, “I swear she would not eat a changeling!” Then, after she lowered her voice “…at least as long as you don’t disguise yourself as a cake.”


well, bondage is a bit tricky. Some ponies like it, and some ponies...don't.

“Oh, so it’s for stallions to tell them, then? OK.” Shining turned towards Straight Horn. “You see, first you get…umn mmmnn mhhh?”


Haha nice!
Not bad at all, fits right into canon, and you even put in some Harmony music in!
Keep going! ;)


Shining and Cadance seem like the kind of couple where "kinky" is just another word for "breakfast." :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe we haven't seen it in this story, but I'm quite sure they are familiar with bondage. And to be perfectly honest, anything involving giving up complete control of oneself is fully "contraindicated" with Shining right now. Cadance implicitly knows not to put him into any situation that would remind him of his captivity under Chrysalis.

What did I just read? So hilarious I can't put it into words. :pinkiecrazy:


Glad you liked it!

If you like the characters, I've got good news. Damaged might incorporate one or more of them into the main story at some point.

Ironbottom strode up while the last notes were falling away from his guitar. His smile was matched by one from Pixie Dust. He sighed. “I’m just not going to think about where the guitar came from or how I suddenly knew how to play it. Just safer that way.” He gently lay the instrument on the ground and walked back towards his original spot.

It's Pinkie Pie Gadfly. Don't question it.

Despite living in the world of Equestria, some ponies try vainly to hold on to their sanity. :rainbowlaugh:

Gadfly changed his pose only to point a hoof in the stallion’s direction. “Au contraire, Monsieur Wimpy Hat. Did you not tell me you would pay me today for the hayburger I bought you Tuesday?”

Huh, and here I thought that Wimpy's usual offer was to repay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today... :derpytongue2:

Glad to see another fan of the old toons!

Yep. Had to change 'hamburger' to 'hayburger' and change the tense around to make Wimpy actually owe money so he could be convinced of the speaker's identity.

Yeah, I figured that was most likely why the order was changed around...

(Hmm. So on Equus, do hayburgers originate from the port of Hayburg in Germaney? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamburg_steak :derpytongue2:)

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