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(My interpretation of Vdrake77's Idol Hooves during the Canterlot wedding)

*Edits for the first two chapters kindly provided by Airy Words!

Idol Hooves is the only changeling in the entire Equestrian Guard, and has been proudly serving for over a decade (while disguised). His enlistment buddy and friend, Shining Armor, the current Captain of the Guard, is finally taking the next step to officially becoming Princess Cadence' s personal guard, 24/7.

With most guards being reassigned to the wedding, Idol (by Luna's demand) is given the temporary assignment to be Princess Luna's personal gaurd due to a shortage in the Night Gaurds numbers.

Now, after another all-nighter looking for potential threats and with Idol's persistence, Luna finally agrees and turns in for the day. With Idol Hooves being the sole guard watching Luna's door, a promise was made that could ruin Eqauestria.

Princess Luna will get her well deserved rest, and nothing short of Princess Celestia herself will wake the deathly tired princess.

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"A promise we expect carried out sir knight."
... Knightly Hooves.

I couldn't help but think of Silent Knight

That was an unintended reference, but a story I've read and loved. I really need to finish the other three stories and Crystal stories.

Same: I read through memoirs and secrets then decided to read Crystal's Wishes but I'm only juts over half-way through that.

Oh my...

I can't even...


I greatly enjoyed this!

carefully looped the silk sock between the handle.

I can not only perfectly imagine Idol doing that but also completely missing the point of the taunts and catcalls for years. All to the eternal amusement of Celestia.

That was amusing and has kept me up late for yet another night. :ajsleepy:

"On my oath and honor as guard nothing will disturb your rest my majesty."

My majesty?:rainbowhuh: If that's a thing then don't listen to me, but I was unaware it was my majesty rather than your majesty.

Already failing to keep my promised I moved to the door and carefully looped the silk sock between the handle.

:pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

...Well i wonder what Celestia would think if she saw the sock on the door. :D

Honestly, I think its 'your majesty' but I've always said/wrote my majesty. Something I'll look into for sure.

Huh! I never knew anyone wrote it like that! Well, you learn new things every day!


There's more than likely a correct way but until I look it up I don't know.

Your Majesty, I see it more in line like the royal 'we' to mean your person.

My Majesty, I see it as a confirmation that you recognize their will and your place below them.

8859605 "Your Majesty" is correct, and should be capitalized as such. Also, keep in mind majesty is for king/queen/emperor/empress, and highness is for prince/princess.

Alright, thank you Damaged. Ill be combing through the story this weekend to make any/all necessary edits.

Okay! Interesting point of view. I shall consider it in future.

Does that mean that, say, Luna would be 'Your Highness'?

8859673 Any princess is "Your Highness." It's also why Sombra and Chrysalis are called "Your Majesty," and why in the one episode where the Cakes serve Celestia tea and call her "Your Majesty" she giggles at their antics to make up for it.

Technically, Cadance could be called Majesty, or even Imperial Majesty, as could Shining Armor too if you count him as emperor beside Cadance's empress.

Okay. That makes sense now. Thanks a bunch!

Maybe saying I was fathering the foal wasn't the best way to introduce the filly.

You nailed Idol's character to the wall.

Worth noting that Idol screws it up canonically.

All this time I've been looking forward to Idol's actions during the changeling invasion, and it never occurred to me that he might not notice it!

I like this, it definitely fits the story line.

If I don't correct you, I'm going to leave feeling ashamed.

i like this defiantly fits the story lime

Take notes, young one.

"I like this, it definitely fits the story line."

Do you see how much of an improvement there is compared to what you've written? I certainly hope so.

point and match.
i am a 54year old x trucked who lost my give a f--k years ago.
:pinkiehappy: fixing now.

All's good. I just get a bit of a twitch when I see bad grammar. Call it an OCD thing, but it sincerely bothers me.

(edit:wow, didn't even catch my own typo. Shame on me.)

I think you put the wrong label on this fic. It says "complete" when you clearly meant it's still in progress :pinkiecrazy: Please.

I love your take on Idol Hooves. You caught the spirit of Idol very well.
I also approve of your unintended reference to Silent Knight, I have read to the current end of both Anzel and Crystal's main stories and would describe them as sensational (to me at least).

Wow. Just incredibly fun to read. It started off a bit rocky, but it developed so nicely as it continued :moustache:

The reasoning between characters was perfect :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:
Though I'm not sure if Idol or Luna understood what the sock meant :trixieshiftleft: the way you wrote that part with the single quotes... though tabletop games, I'd be interested as to what that one is like

yep i under stand i know how OCD is.

So... i guess you wont be making a donation to the give a f*ck foundation?

nope that was busted 30 years ago. :scootangel:

Hehehe. Idol getting banned from the university. It could totally happen. Whatever the final straw was, Idol was probably only trying to help.

Also, yay! More wedding speculation!

Especially in the maters of love


there are more than one kind of love

*there is

and each have their own taste

*each has its

I couldn't use this even if its on loaned

*if it's on loan

There were more but I don't have much time so I can't list everything. I know I'd want to be notified of errors if it was my story, so there you go.

Thank you sir, and rest assured you don't have to comb through everything. I'll be going over and making the edits this weekend when I'm finally off work.

What surprised me was Vdrake's editor actually went through the story and made his own edits/suggestions and shared them with me. Very nice of him and I told him Ill credit him accordingly.

Either a sock on the doorknob doesn’t mean the same thing for ponies as it does for humans, or Idle just made another hilarious social blunder. Most likely the latter :rainbowlaugh:

Same meaning. Problem is: Idol doesn't know that meaning, since nobody told him. All he knows is, that it makes sure nobody disturbes them.

He regularly uses it when he got "mare-visits" in the barracks. (Other exiles that feed on the crystals in his room) Those visits are the reason Cadence thought Idol and Topaz are swingers

It should also be Reveling in the attention instead of Revealing in it.

The reality is that Luna channeled Super Kami Guru and deliberately stopped her heart for a while to be a dick to everypony. :trollestia:

I could easily afford a small bottle of the fire, even with its inflated princes during the holiday. Would I pay full price for a bottle of deadly fire if it meant emptying my account.

Oh yes, those holiday inflated princes.

That genuinely made me smile to read that, and thank you for the vote of confidence. While I did enjoy writing this I honestly wouldn't know what to do next. Not saying no, just unsure what story to tell.

I was still dazed from the pink screen of over eating and what could only be classified as petrified wood but conscious enough to dawn my persona just as the distinctive clopping of hooves filled my ears.

Wouldn’t dawn be don?

I loved this story, you have definitely captured idals character. Please say there will be more?

In a previous comment I statement I didn't know what other stories to tell, but I will admit now I might an idea for an epilogue of sorts. I don't want to step on Vdrake's toes.

Im sure there could be room for afew royal visits to other countries? Maybe even a trip to such as zebraca

Nice job getting featured on the most recent Idol Hooves chapter!

If vdrake had randomly posted this as a non-canon timeskip chapter, I would not have questioned the authenticity of the chapter at all. You really nailed Idol's character, and I wouldn't mind seeing more in the future.

I'm on a cellphone reading this, but there are a couple of mistakes I caught that I don't think was brought up:

You double used two words nearer to the beginning, when you mentioned mothaser used the wrong tense, missing the letter 'h' in has when mentioning being deftly awake, and . .. three more that I cannot find top of my head.

Overall, it's actually quite enjoyable. Fun read!

Why thank you Osiris Prime. I read the latest chapter but didn't see that Vdrake even did that!

I started writing this one-shot with the foolish notion of finishing it within a week and well three weeks later finished it; most of that time was working on trying to capture the Changeling Of the Guard feel, which by other's and your response suggested I managed to do that. For possibly more its hard to say, since previously stated I don't want to step on Vdrake's hooves, but I do have an epilogue of sorts planned out.

I won't say much only that it will take place directly after the first chapter.

I forgot to do this but Vdrake's editor actually read my story and linked me a copy of his edits for it. So, defiantly will post(and credit) the edits today.

*Edits are applied.

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