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The Great War was brutal, but thanks to the near inhospitable frozen lands of the north, the Crystal Empire was spared much of the Changeling's Wrath.

While Empress Nightmare Moon leads the battered armies of the Lunar Empire in the occupation of the former Changeling Hives, and reclamation efforts to the south, the Empire is left to its own devices.

Governess Rarity has ruled the Crystal Empire for the last two years since her appointment by the great Empress, Nightmare Moon. With the skills developed from running her fashion business, the Crystal Empire has flourished beyond the imaginations of anycreature.

This prosperity and her renown fairness has made these lands a bastion for anycreature (changeling included) looking for a chance to live in harmony- a true Equestria. But all good things must come to an end. The wars to the south are winding down, and without the need to lead her armies, Nightmare Moon is ready to assess the state of her Empire.

What better place to start than the jewel in the Equestrian Crown?

An idea I've been working before converting it for the Fourth annual Equestria at War Writing Contest.

Cover art belongs to viwrastupr

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Wonderful story. It intrigues me how Nightmare Moon can be so cold, calculated and violent on the outside but on the inside she also just wants a normal relationship (in a friendship way, not a romantic one) with others.

awesome chapter mate keep it up:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Thank you! in the Equestria at War mod, there is an event where Nightmare Moon seeks out Rarity to ask if she would govern the Crystal Empire and eventually accepts. During this scene Rarity doesn't believe NMM at first, but she switches back to Luna who almost begs for her help. It's implied both personalities share rulership, but never confirmed if its a ploy by NMM or not.

I found the idea fascinating that Luna and Nightmare Moon could, and might be working together, playing off each other's strengths to rule Equestria. Its why in the story she acts one way, and than another before flipping back; the two are still learning to work with one another while Rarity is the only real pony they actually trust.

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