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This story is a sequel to Idol Hooves and The Deathly Tired Princess

With the Summer Sun Solstice around the corner, it means the time as come to cover one of the most renowned, and culturally important works of the last two decades- 'How to Pony.' By Idol Hooves.

Join us as we follow a class's journey into these renowned books that have helped many creatures around the planet become the best they can be, and how the author's own experiences helped create this wonderous book series.

Note: While this story is listed as sequel to my Idol Hooves Spin off, it will borrow from all the side stories created by Vdrake and fans alike. Think of it as a Breath of the Wild situation were everything is basically canon, but not canon.

Cover art belongs to Vavacung's comic: Changeling-Scout comic.

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nice start! a few minor typos here and there but i look forward to seeing where you take this story!:twilightsmile:

> Just out of the reach of her grabby foal, and kluts of a handsome husband.
Should be klutz

Good start so far!

Thanks! These chapters will be smaller then what I normally write, but dive into the concept that's kicking around our discord for sometime. If you have suggestions for possible books feel free to share them if you want, for I'm going to ask the Discord the same thing.

I could nitpick like I normally do.
Or i could say "hey this is a cute little idea, i like it!"
I choose the second

I appreciate it sir, but if you got some errors you've noticed in a chapter that was written in like a day then go for it! This is how I learn what to be aware of in the future.

“Next week will mark the official start of our session exploring not only the literary works of Mr. Hooves, but their social benefits to the development of a growing child… I mean how it helps you be a nice creature!” She clarified when the blank looks began appearing among their muzzles or beaks.

Sod the kids, it took me a few seconds to parse the sudden increase in linguistic complexity there. :unsuresweetie:

The two pottery items dating all the way back to the founding of Equestria, are Celestia and Lunas chamber pots? :trixieshiftright:

Very interesting and cute. I am rather curious as to who Idol would advise others as to what it means to act like a pony, especially since they were written before the wedding while he was still under those Orders.

Remember that this was to assist changelngs (mainly exiles and harvesters) fit in better ...

Will do. I'm just setting up what happened that lead to the book series eventual popularity. My plan is the first 7 books will reflect this, but the eight will mark the change in purpose.

Not sure how to feel that the narrative clarified Dusty is adopted. 😇
Idol is a background hero, for sure!


The idea behind this is, Idol wrote these books to past out to Exiles to help them better adapt and integrate into society.

passed, not past

I wonder if that one flowerpot is in that collection.

While not publicly state, the two changelings are seen together enough to suggest they do respect each other with it on record Thorax asking ...

Should be stated.

That made me laugh. Its not passed either. You pass out books, not passed them. :rainbowlaugh:

the colorful and often foalish stick drawings- it felt like a foal had written the books for another foal

He's a sculptor and not used to working in 2 dimensions, it's totally Idol drawing

That was a interesting story goodluck with the rest of it.

Hey, glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the stories so far! If you’re looking for me check out the official sequel called ‘Colonel Hooves and the Empire Crystal’.

Ya know, we never did flesh out a background for our OC. "Hi, I'm Bridging Aspects, I like helping creatures overcome what others might view as weaknesses or shortcomings. Did you know pegasi can perform spells?"

town of Nowhere

Not to be confused with Fort Nowhere and the nearby town of Town.

I disike it when Im forced to participate in groups or multiplayer games, because the group as a whole suffers due to swocial expectations of a group being at least the sum of its parts and preferably greater.

I make a fairly content brick. :pinkiesad2:

Its partly why I added this to the chapter. Cheerilee wants to push the kids out of their comfort zone, and encourage them to talk to others as a way to get them to open up. Even if they go back to their original groups after this, she hopes they'll at least feel comfortable enough to approach their classmates in the future.

So they're not being graded/judged in the normal sense, but being used to see where they stand as a class.

Hokay, I'll break out my OC for this...

Ortzi Goldbeak: golden eagle/puma male gryphon cub, orphaned after his parents were killed in a mine collapse, adopted by a mixed species couple (adoptive sire is a pegasus, adoptive dam is a gryphon).

"Hey. I'm Ortzi, and ... uhm... I like rocks?"

It sounds interesting but I have zero contacts of whatever is going on or who idol is

This story is based on Vdrake’s ‘Changeling of the Guard’ story and several fan canons associated with it, and loosely based on my own fan works of said story.

Idol is a changeling drone that joins the Equestrian Guard roughly 10 years before the Wedding Invasion in the main story. One of the fan theories is he wrote ‘How to Pony’ books to help other Changeling Exiles better adapt into pony society, instead they became a best selling foal’s series.

Eyyy, friendship! 🎊
Only slightly surprised the class chaos devolved so quickly, this is going to be a great group,

okay this was a very chaotic and adorable chapter, and i loved every moment!

*buries his head* Order have mercy the puns...
And you too Karma?! Is there no mercy in this world?!

The horror of it all, it chaffs me even as I try to rise above such petty efforts to go against the grain.


Amusing to read. Well and seeing stories or there’s more than one hive

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