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Talon and Thorn


In order to try and simplify their Hearth's Warming shopping the Lunaverse Mane 6 decide to have a Hearth's Warming Helper so they only need to get one present each.

Based on 'The best Gift Ever' but set in the Lunaverse

A festive writing event including Rainbow Double Dash, RK Striker JK 5, Rixizu and myself.

Chapters will be released daily until Christmas Eve.

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Hopefully, something to help us and others smile a little, given recent news in the Lunaverse.

I’m actually kind of surprised that Rarity has a more “adult” section to her store, it seems like the sort of thing she might find scandalous.

That window is soooo doomed.

Good idea for a gift. I like Lyra getting her inspiration from everyone Carrot Top's interacted with.


It first came up in Mountain, as Fragrant had purchased something from it for her first date with Max.

Given sexuality is rather more open in the L-verse than our world it's probably less scandalous that it seems. The secrecy is probably just a way to spice things up a bit rather than a real secret. Plus L-Rarity is a bit more practical than canon so I'm sure if it's a way to make money she would go for it.

That looks like enough reason for her to have it, yes.

These have been adorable so far. Love Twilight's portrayal of vague cluelessness about Trixie's discomfort, haha.

I... I just don't like this chapter. Trixie gets put through way too much crap, the interaction with Twilight Velvet is hard to get through, and the ending is just way too mean.

Leave it to Ditzy to be the practical one. :derpyderp1: No muss, no fuss, and no dragged out drama. That Pegasus knows how to get things done and how to go about it. :derpyderp2:

Ah, the classic favor coupon book. It really does seem like a Carrot Top thing to gift.

I've never understood the stigma against just giving money. At the very least it's stress removal.

Money is better than a gift card. Gift card forces them to go to a particular place to use it. Money lets them use it however they want.


This make me think.How does Corona pass Heart Warning's Eve?

Good on you, Cheerilee! That was a great tale.

Thanks. :) I think 'massively over-complicated plot to get gift' can be a bit too cliche and overdone.

I think you did great with Carrot Top, Talon. :)

Holy crap that was freaky. In a good way, mind.

Okay I laughed reading this chapter. The comedy isn't for everyone I guess but for me I really chuckled a couple of times while reading it. Especially at the end with Twilight Velvet. :rainbowlaugh:

Quite funny, if one is into tortureporn.

It is good for Cheerilee that, without her, Equestria would fall. Anypony else would end up in prison after foalnapping.

20-Bit Coin. ¿Did we ever workout denominations? I know that bits are subdivided into jangles. Given that ponies in the LunaVerse use decimal, I recommend these denominations:


If one wishes to minimize both denominations and coins given in change (the average number of coins given in change times the number of denominations), that is best because of radix-economy.

Maybe a bit too late to say this but Merry Christmas everypony.

I loved the story and the characters how they were portrayed. Well here hopes for another wonderful year. :twilightsmile:

So I feel for Jack Bean. He is trying to make sure his daughter does not struggle with poverty the way he has. He's not giving her frivolous presents the way Cheerilee is blaming him. He's trying to make sure he can afford her an education and economic stability in the future. Derpy has a good boss and regular hours. Her situation is diffrent. I'm not saying that Jack Bean couldn't have taken a few hours off. Clearly he could have. But overall what he's doing makes sense and I sympathize with him. And too a large Degree Cheerilee is not fully appreciating his situation.

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