• Published 16th Nov 2022
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'How to Pony: The gathered first hoof accounts of a non-pony learning how to be a pony.' By Idol Hooves - KarmaSentinal

A look into the popular foal's series called 'How to Pony.' By Idol Hooves

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Chapter 0: An introduction to one of the most popular foal's book series "How to Pony."

“Alright class, today we’ll be transitioning into a section that has proven very popular in all my years of teaching- ‘How to Pony’ By Idol Hooves.”

The moment Cheerilee announced their newest topic for the month, the class erupted in cheers, and cries of disbelief since many of them had grown up on the famed book series. Especially the mix of non-ponies who have immigrated to the small, but growing city of Ponyville over the past decade that would eventually grow up to attend the famed “School of Friendship’ as the books highlighted many pony characteristics one had to spend years watching for.

These books were even popular among the colts and fillies as well for their simple to read nature left little room for confusion were aided by the colorful and often foalish stick drawings- it felt like a foal had written the books for another foal, and this appeal drew them in.

Cheerilee allowed them to vent their happiness for a minute longer since she learned it made them easier to handle for the rest of the scheduled class time. Over her long and distinguished career in teaching, Cheerilee had the wondrous privilege having seen her little school house grow to encompass an area the size of the old Ponyville mayor’s office with three floors, and being the most senior teacher naturally took the Superintendent Position; this meant a great many things for the graying teacher ranging from updating courses, hiring former students, transition from one princess to three, to four, and back to one princess again.

“Please settle down, children. I’m aware many of you are familiar with this wondrous book series, and a few might be familiar with his grandfoal.” She smiled when a few of her students turned in their seats to excitedly whisper to the embarrassed blue and purple nymph.

“His story is equally as fascinating, and goes on to serve as the catalyst for what would become his most popular(and only) book series. For a quick introduction, Idol Hooves is a changeling, but not the ones we know of today- he’s a precursor. The last precursor, who is known to speak of King Thorax with not so nice words, not malicious in nature mind you children…” Cheerilee pointed an accusing hoof at a group of three in the back. “...His words, and actions are often seen as a big brother teasing his little brother.”

A hoof that Cheerliee recognized went up once she had finished, and waited until she pointed to the filly.

“Yes, Silver Standard?”

“I hward scwad of twins?” The foal in the face of her proper upbringing still struggled with her pronunciations. She was slowly learning, and with her help Silver Standard would eventually overcome her speech problem.

“Trains, dear. Twins are what you’ll call the earth foals in Mr. Snips class, but to answer your question, yes. Mr. Hooves was and still is deathly afraid of trains. It's the reason why to this day he solely travels by air or special carriage unless it is the utmost urgency. Mr. Hooves’s early years in Equestria, and career in the guard can be heavily seen in the early volumes of his books, but gradually shift into their more recognized adaptations we see today.”

Another colorful hoof shot up, and was promptly called on.

“Yes, Night Shift?”

“Mom says granddad is being a foal, and that grandma encourages it.”

This earned a chorus of snickers and laughter from the other children, and even a small chuckle from Cheerilee herself before taking charge once more and motioning them to settle down. The class did so, and resumed with a more relaxed feeling as teacher and students continued having fun discussing the famed guard and author and which is their favorite book.

Class for the day was scheduled short to allow parents to pick up their foals in time for the broadcasting of Summer Solstice located in the Crystal Empire; every creature would be either attending or watching as the young Princess Flurry Heart would raising the moon while her Aunt raised the Sun for the first time together. Cheerilee stopped their discussion earlier to summarize their next class the following week.

“Next week will mark the official start of our session exploring not only the literary works of Mr. Hooves, but their social benefits to the development of a growing child… I mean how it helps you be a nice creature!” She clarified when the blank looks began appearing among their muzzles or beaks.

“Please remember to bring a pencil to take notes as they can be used on any surprise quizzes or tests. Take care and enjoy the Summer Solstice!”

The young creatures screamed in excitement at the idea of leaving class early, and in their haste many forgot their supplies on the desk as they dashed out of the room toward their waiting parents or to meet up at the park. Cheerilee was thankful as the Superintendent she could lay claim to any room within the school, and so was afforded the luxury of organizing her classroom much the same way she used to during her first years of teaching.

The supplies were gathered, and placed into their owners bins where they’ll wait until the following week ready to be used once more.

Cheerilee loved her job very much, but it was always around this time of year that her favorite lesson of all could start, and like all the times before she would lead the lesson off with her most favorite book from the series. The one she credited to saving her life and steering it to where she was today, and was kept safely lucked up back at her home.

Just out of the reach of her grabby foal, and klutz of a handsome husband.

Humming to herself, Cheerilee made one quick lap around the classroom picking up what few pieces of trash were left behind, throwing them away, and then hurriedly ran to her desk to gather her own belongings. Her intent was to leave to watch the Summer Solstice with her family, but years of teaching kept her movements slow and deliberate to allow the graying mare time to process the next day’s curriculum.

By the time her hoof went for the last of her belongings, but kept grabbing air, Cheerilee jolted herself back to reality, zip up her bag, and turned off the lights.

Author's Note:

Hello people!

This story will be a side story of short chapters to express an idea the COTG Discord has about Idol. I've waited long enough for someone to take up the task of writing the story, but it seems I must be the one to do so. The idea behind this is, Idol wrote these books to pass out to Exiles to help them better adapt and integrate into society.

Eventually, his books made it to mark, made a bunch of bits that he never wanted, but became beloved by children and adults around the planet as the books were seen as self help books meant to teach. The rest is history.

RIP Idol's bank account.