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Blueblood fled Tirek's initial attack, but his escort was caught in the middle of the Everfree Forest; he barely managed to escape into the woods where he was discovered by the local inhabitant, Zecora. As the days turn into weeks and with no sign of normalcy manifesting, the prince begins questioning his new routine, and that of the zebra in his life.

Can something more than magic thrive in their little corner of the Everfree Forest, or will both of their secrets be the cause of their downfall?

For the May Pairings 2022 Contest.

Commissioned the cover art from the talented Scope, and it looks lovely! You can find him on: Twitter, and Deviant Art

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definitely a interesting paring

Just wait until you see the cover art! Scope is finishing it up and the draft he showed me was beautiful, but I published early to try and avoid any late stories being published for the contest. But this will be a three chapter story of about 9k words with the final two chapters being released by Sunday.

I will look forward to it :pinkiehappy:

The cover art still isn't finished, but he let me use the proof art for the time being. So, what do you think?

OK, this was a sweet story and a ship I was not expecting.

Okay wow this is a pretty interesting start of a story and this is my only guess this is during season 4 because Tirek is on the lose and during the attack blue blood ended up in the everfree forest and he is injured walking through the forest trying to get away and thinking that All Is Lost Zecora guide him to safety and basically they kind of talk and surprisingly getting along pretty well despite the situation there are in but once they got to the house he's thinking this could be a mistake but until then it's better than being out there I wonder how this will work out

“I’m awake, but I ache, so please cease your quaking.” Blueblood mumbled back, and was rewarded with a high shrill of delight and hoof clapping.

Wow he learn how to rhythm nice Blueblood

I had the thought when they first announced the contest, and after finishing them found myself really enjoying the ship. Definitely one I might come back to later!

My idea for Blueblood was he grew up having to be a certain pony, and not himself. This separation from all of that allowed him to begin exploring topics he never even considered exploring, and rhyme speech certainly isn’t something he heard of before.

my only regret is we didn't see rarity reacting to this paring

To this day Blueblood doesn't even know who Rarity is. XD

that would piss her off so much :rainbowlaugh:

I think he briefly mentioned it in the story that he eventually realized she was an Element after the gala had concluded, and might have given her a chance since she was generosity. But lol, hindsight is hindsight, uh?

i always liked the idea that blue blood is used to gold diggers and just assumed she was one, or she just ticked him off so he self-destructed on purpose to get rid of her, then later when he found out he like oh no anyway just moved on

Aww that was a pretty sweet chapter here and it was pretty crazy as well so it looks like Prince Blueblood been living with Zecora for a while here that he even adapt to his rhyming to her which is pretty nice to see they're getting along with each other despite they came from different culture but I think he rather stay here with her but they had to go out there to get some things out there but knowing the danger in the everfree forest especially Tirek is still on the loose well the main six try to figure out how to stop him but anyway blue blood and Zecora travel through the forest but unfortunately they were under attack by Timberwolves and giving how much they will prepare she was not too lucky one of the wolves bit her and blue blood was devastated and angry and he uses his strongest magic spell to get rid of those wolves and he help her up but it looks like she didn't know how strong he was with the magic he has and apparently he's got a lot to explain and so he did he confessed that he was one of the royalty of the family and Celestia is his aunt including Luna which he didn't want to reveal her this truth but sooner or later it has to come out but it looks like she didn't get to offsides but she was glad that he told her the truth and throughout the month they keep each other company and apparently they really grow closer to each other and whatever happens they always have each other

Well I got to say this is a pretty nice story so it looks like blue blood have return to Canterlot and things looks like are back to normal but he got a visitor which he was very happy to see it was Zecora has he been doing after he returned back and she's been visiting him a couple of days and it looks like she's not alone the Cutie Mark Crusaders or with her as well and once again it was a pretty sweet story and I really like the chemistry between those two this was a pretty good story again keep up the good

I should have clarified it a bit more, he mentioned in the first chapter the Everfree Forest was his family ancestral domain. After Tirek's defeat, he basically got permission to reoccupy his lands by declaring he'll rebuild and use the Castle of the Two Sisters as his home if able. They agreed, and he managed to find ponies willingly wanting to go with him, and since then have been rebuilding the old Castle. Zecora visits so often she practically lives there, and her connection with the CMC... it felt like a natural step for her to teach them if they wished.

I didn't do a good enough job of it, but with Zecora I was trying to sprinkle in details about her past to suggest (using Lauren Faust's idea) of Zecora being from our world. Its why he mentions 'This zebra' because he's never heard of one, and Zecora mentions being raised by her mentor because she got separated from her mother as a foal. Its not mentioned in the story, but I envisioned her mentor being an actual witch of the forest who found Zecora and raised her like her own child.

I might peruse more with these two in the future because I actually grew to enjoy this pairing a lot.

A Zecora and Blueblood pairing is more than a little unusual, but there's some potential here!

Some interesting worldbuilding, I'd like to see more of it. The fillies calling Blueblood Mister Zecora tickles me; I love this idea that he's Blueblood Son of Blueblood Son of Blueblood going back 16 generations, and it's the witch doctor zebra who lives by their town who gets first billing.

The little tidbits of lore we're getting are nice, you think you'll do more in this setting?

I mentioned in another comment, but the pairing grew on me enough that I might write more about this pair once I finish several others stories including my spin off of your story, a League of Legends Diana story, and another one that is being in the works.

This Blueblood is interesting. He has some depth to him but he is mostly the pony that he seems to be in the Grand Galloping Gala, as opposed to the interpretation of a good but jaded pony who saw Rarity as someone who only wanted to take advantage of his wealth and status. A common defense and one I agree with. (plus it is kind off true, Rarity was in love with the idea of Blueblood, she never cared to know about the real pony, a common flaw when you have a crush on a celebrity but Blueblood was right on the money in that interpretation)

(at least in the first chapter)

I never brought it up, but in this story he didn’t know who Rarity was and assumed she was another gold digger. Had he known she was an Element of Harmony he might have given her a chance purely out of respect for her position as a paragon of that virtue. Yet Rarity propositioned herself as a typical social climber and he dealt with it accordingly.

That was a good story.

Hey buddy, glad to see you're enjoying the stories.

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