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Recursive fanfic of vdrake77’s “The Changeling of the Guard.” Following the trend started by “Idol Hooves at a Canterlot Wedding” by Airy Words. This is “Idol Hooves After a Canterlot Wedding,” in which Idol Hooves is out of town during the Changeling invasion, gets back about a week later, and then proceeds to freak everyone out with his reaction to the news.

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Excellent work

Now this was a lot of fun! Gonna put up a blogpost to hopefully get this more attention!

Very nice indeed.

Have a first upvote I believe. :twilightsmile:

Until the official story comes out covering the events, this will be my mind's version of what happened. 👍 I think you nailed the personalities. And I laughed when Idol was saying that he was a changeling and no one believed him.

I liked this. I do not like everything.

you sir should be vary proud of this short story exultant writing.

From one Idol Hooves fanfic author to another, well done!

A great mix of humor, new ideas and insights, and the established characters acting very much ... uh ... in character.

This certainly was enjoyable.

Idol being out of town for the wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence? That's an unthinkable dereliction of duty!
I'll have to read this to find out what his excuse is, although we all know there is no excuse. :trollestia:

Hmm. The first half feels nicely reminiscent of vdrake77's work. Once they leave the dungeon, things get a bit more goofy and I kinda zone out, but overall not bad at all.

A delicious recursive fanfic.

(“She knows,” said Shining Armor, in confused realization.)

“If I asked you what series of events led to you eating cockroaches off the floor of the palace dungeons,” said Topaz, in a voice drier than the desert where the two of them had first met, “would you be able to offer a satisfying explanation?”

Ah, Idol, never change. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading! ☺

Yay, upvote! Thanks for reading! : D

No, Thor, don't break my story!
jk. glad you liked it!

I liked writing that part, too. I'd assume by this point Idol's done enough strange stuff over the years that people take any outrageous claims he makes with at least a grain of salt. Also, I wanted to write something cracky/fluffy, and it seemed like the most fun way to do the reveal.

Then I'm glad this story entertained you! : )

Thank you! I try my best. : )

Thank you! If I hadn't seen your story, I wouldn't have gotten the idea to write a Wedding fic in the first place. I'm guessing the actual wedding in Changeling of the Guard is going to destroy me emotionally, so I wanted to write something lighthearted to steel myself for what's coming. Your version's probably more likely to happen than mine, but I still had a lot of fun writing this!

Of course not. Missing your own best friend's wedding. Idol, how could you! : D

Yeah, I'm guessing that the actual Changeling of the Guard wedding will be very drama-heavy and emotionally charged, so I was shooting for something more cracky/fluffy than we'll probably see in the actual story. Glad you liked the first half, though! Thanks for reading! : )

Yes, even though he's a Changeling, Idol must never be allowed to change. His personality is just too fun. : )

Glad to have helped inspire you!

I strongly suspect at the Royal Wedding or soon afterwards is where vdrake77 will choose to split off from the show canon.

Also, I told him that I would not publish my alt story if my ideas proved to be too close to his plans. He assured me that was not the case. I suspect your story also veers wide of the direction he is planning.

Cadence: Oh, Shiiiiiiiiiiiny!!!
Shining: "Yes dear?"
Cadence: (grin widening, voice turning to poisoned honey), "Guess who else you forgot to invite to our wedding."
Shining: (audible gulp)

Probably! I gave Vdrake a basic outline of the oneshot and he said it was ok to publish.

"you to be away from Ponies for so long. You’re"
"you to be away from ponies for so long. You’re"?

Ooh, good catch. Fixed!

I think you mean "Idle Hooves". 'Idols' are usually made of gold and found in abandoned temples by Indiana Jones.

Nah, this one's a spinoff of another fanfic. 'Idol Hooves' is a Changeling OC who had a formative experience in an Indiana Jones style temple, who then altered the phrase 'Idle Hooves' to be his new name. It was awesome. See the fic's description if you wanna check out the original.

Hah! Yes, I believe you captured the spirit of Idol perfectly.

He's such a fun character to write. I'm glad you liked it! : )

i would say you did a exultant job.
and as you are currently #2 on the fetcher list every one agrees.

Quite entertaining and very well written, currently #1 as well, congratulations :twilightsmile:

Now this was a good Idol Hooves spin-off.

You really nailed his personality down, especially in the throne room. But it's the after at the theater, where we are seeing his interactions with the panicking crowd, that your interpretation shined.
Because at this point, I don't think the Idol Hooves of vdrake77 could interact that well with the public. Purposely making joke about his appearance and automatically reacting to Topaz cue is not something we would see yet in 'canon'. But after roughly 9 years of learning, adapting and growing as a person in ponies society I could believe it.

You managed to project the characters 9 years in the future in a believable way. Good job.

This almost could be something vdrake77 wrote. Idol is one of the greatest OCs in this fandom, and you did him justice!

Best OC continuation since Nigel M. Chalmers! :)

I agree wih ShayMcSudonim, but I found a critical flaw in this fanfic. It's not long enough. :derpytongue2:

This was a lovely read, and thanks for writing it.

Wonderful. Reminds me of Kit's Who We Are and GhostofHeraclitus's Never The Final Word short Who We Are The Princesses Would Destroy, ending of course with Ghost's best line:

"Why, miss? Political expediency and intricate intrigue, in part, but mostly because you are one of her little ponies, species be damned."

captures the spirit of the original, but the ending is a little bland.

This was magnificent.

Of course now we need to either do "Idol Hooves in the Crystal Empire" (It's not wandering if he's given direct orders) or "Idol Hooves in High School" (because who better to fit in with a new culture than someone who has already managed it once)

This has the worst presentation I've ever seen in a story at the top of the feature box. No cover art, a nonsensical description that tells us absolutely nothing about the story, no genre tags. The first story from an author with absolutely no prior stories and no followers, and not even added to any groups.

It flies in the face of every piece of advice out there on how to get your story noticed. I suppose that's the power in writing a fan sequel to a fic with an apparently dedicated niche of followers.

But hey, you're here anyway. Congratulations on your success. Maybe sometimes you can't judge a book by its cover after all.

The theater may have been the best part. “Not my problem!” is the Equestrian way!

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