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This story is a sequel to Two Changelings, in a World of Foes

Skia, Thoraxis's adopted daughter, is missing. To make matters worse, after her encounter with the wretched Vile Faux, Skia's memories have been taken from her, permanently, and to the point that she no longer even knows her own name, much less her father. To make matters irrevocably worse, a year has now passed, and she remains gone without a trace.

Thoraxis and his friends continue to search for her without pause, though their hopes dwindle less and less with every passing day. Thoraxis blatantly refuses to give up, and his unremitting effort begins to take its toll on his health, convincing his girlfriend, Petra, to try and get him to relax, for a short while at the very least.

Lo and behold, the Theatre Metamorphoses, a traveling theater well known for visiting random villages at unexpected times, pulls in to perform at Ponyville for the month, making it their first appearance in over twenty years. Their leader, the young but enchanting Madam Odyssia Metamorphoses, enthralls the crowd with her cast's singing and reciting of favored tales of yore. The theater's popularity even attracts many characters from out of town, all coming to witness the spectacle.

While they entertain the masses, among the festivities Thoraxis begins to suspect something. His senses, paranoid or not, start telling him that something is off with the show and its cast. Something familiar about their mysterious and enigmatic aura. Something too off and familiar and mysterious for him to be comfortable with...

Ponyville's resident changeling begins to investigate the playwrights and actors, sniffing for any clues as to who they could be, while one, particular member of the theater seems to take some form of interest in him.

Only then does the theater's motto really hit Thoraxis.

"The Theatre Metamorphoses has come to town, so while you can come bask in our wondrous sheen! Our acting may be real to some, but never forget, that things are rarely as they seem..."

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Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!!!:scootangel:
I can't wait to see where this leads!:yay:

I am having ponies monitoring everything that is happening here


So I moustask you a question? When shall the truth be relieved

It's time! For the action to begin!:scootangel:

Wow, this looks promising. I can't wait to see more. Also did we have a conservation about having my changeling hive in one of your stories at one point? Because I don't remember if we did.

:pinkiegasp: IT'S SKIA :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Lolz sorry if its true this is just a guess

Ooh...interesting. :raritystarry:And where's Skia?:trixieshiftright:

i'm getting a sense of a cliche'd ending from this setup here...
you better not throw the ending of 'if you really love something you should let it go' at us. that'd be laaazy.

This is a good chapter. I see that we have a mysterious new character has arrived. Keep the mystery going ok?

How sad skia dad ignoring her because of his pain:fluttercry::applecry:

:pinkiehappy:You are so falling for that kelpie, Longinus!
...Also, what!? Pharsalia could be Skia?!:pinkiegasp:

I have a bad feeling about this

Hmm...so Pharsalia is probably Skia and Longinus will maybe be the one to break Carol's curse?:applejackunsure:
Something is bound to go wrong in the midst of that.:ajbemused::trixieshiftleft:

:rainbowkiss:I'mma die of the sheer cuteness of that moment.

Egads! The assassination attempt will start soon!:pinkiegasp:
Also, Thoraxis don't do something stupid or rash.:ajbemused:

For some reason the title of this chapter reminded me of the song from the Disney movie Anastasia and why do I feel like someone's going to get assassinated

Dear Santa,

I have been a good brony this year. All I wish for my present is a few more chapters of this amazing story.
Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Gagi /)

Yay skia is back but Thoraxis needs a hug

I may not have Pinkie Sense, but I can see 'CLIMAX' written all over the next chapter!:moustache:This'll be interesting.

Yes, he does need a hug. Good chapter through. I can't wait for the upcoming reunion.

That was...unexpected, to say the least.:rainbowderp:
The beginning was easy to predict, but I expected Beetle to try and kill her.
Oh well...:scootangel:

Wow, that was a nice turn of events. What's next?

I expect Beetle to get into the Theater to try to kill Pharsalia. But I dare not think about it.

ps: bonus points if the final chapter is named "soon to be upon us"

Bravo, bravo I never expected that to happen with the assassin and the queen. My mind was blown, can't wait to read the next chapter when it comes out.

Sir... the cover pic is Duchess Chrysalis from the alternate world/Mirror arc in the IDW comics. Not to sound rude but...

I don't appreciate deceptive coverpics.

6803157 It was the closest match I could find for one of the characters.

6803163 I guess that's fine. *shrug* You could request an artist or so if you want.

6803169 I didn't know that, thanks!
BTW, do you like this story so far?

6803212 Eh tbh I haven't read it yet and now this is awkward. I should at some point just... Too little time.

Wow, what a bombshell. Can't wait for the Sequel.

6804475 Bombshell "surprise?" or bombshell "disappointment?"

Chapter Title: Petra's Secret

Me: Shes pregnant.

Reach end of chapter.

Me: Called it.

6804501 Bombshell surprise because I did not expected that she will say that at the end.

*reading through*
Aw...it seems like love prevailed for those two.:scootangel:(Finally!:ajbemused:)
And everything is righ-

"Thoraxis... I'm pregnant."

...what?:twilightoops:She...him...Skia...ugh...my head.:facehoof:
Pleasant surprise to the reader part of my mind, not so for my understanding part.:facehoof:My head hurts now.:applejackconfused:

....It's official. Changelings can knock up ANY race.

K could smell that ending from the moment she seemed uncomfortable around him, like the second chapter.

"Long may your chimney smoke?"

Never heard that one.

6813042 It's an often-used scotticism, closely meaning "may you have good luck in your travels"

Whenever I read the words "finding the right way to tell him" when it's a female talking about her boyfriend/husband, my mind immediately goes to "She's pregnant". It just seems to be a common theme that seems to go on in these fics.

Not sure if anyone else caught this, but....

"I sense something," he replied, scanning the surrounding area a second time. "A presence I've not felt since..."

Not sure if it was intentional or not, but I just think it's funny how I notice these small details every now and then.

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