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This story is a sequel to Metamorphoses

Serendipity is an intelligent and strong-willed, but peculiar and unique individual indeed. She's blind, sickly, suffers from the effects of albinism, and altogether possesses an almost fragile and ethereal quality due to her appearance and condition.

Because of this, and in part due to her hybrid status and antisocial nature, she has earned the worry, unease, and harassment of more than a few of Ponyville's residents throughout her life. Nevertheless, as a young, but full-grown adult, she is quite content with living alone in the middle of the Everfree Forest as an avid plant breeder, and part-time botanist.

As her seventeenth winter pulls in and Ponyville readies itself for another Hearth's Warming, a sudden blizzard of an epic, and almost magical proportion invades, forcing many of the town's inhabitants indoors. No sooner had the fierce storm arrived, but a complete stranger pulls in as well; his reason for appearing being under the pretense that he's "looking for somepony."

This drifter with an utterly alien personality, Striga Phobetor, ends up renting out the half-changeling's home for the week. As one of her only friends and non-related cousin, Charybdis, comes to visit for the holiday, the two become captivated with the mystery surrounding this enigmatic character, and who... or what... he may be...

Art work based off of character created by Faith-Wolff from Deviantart

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 63 )

Cool! I can't wait for more. This looks like a good beginning of a new story, keep going.

*gets bucket of popcorn*:scootangel:

Good chapter. About that cover image, I believe I've seen that blue yellow eye individual somewhere on deviant art.

Quick somepony call Rainbow Dash, there's a spy lurking around!

Hmm...quite interesting...:moustache:
Wonder how it is? Well, maybe it's that Striga character, probably him.:applejackunsure:

Huh, something is lurking in the Shadows. I wounder what it is and what it has to do with Serendipity?

6811403 An adversary of Luna's, from the dream realm. You'll learn more about him next chapter...

6811437 Okay, sounds interesting.:moustache:I eagerly await the next chapter.

Dun Dun DUNNNN!!!:pinkiegasp:
Something's bound to happen in the next chapter.:moustache:

Uh ho, I see danger coming up here. Should we be worried?

Comment posted by Orcus deleted Jan 10th, 2016

6817627 probably.

Anyway, great chapter.

:rainbowderp:Um...okay...? Mr. Happy-Over-The-Top is now in your home, Serendipity. I see great changes in the near future.

What is he looking for I wonder.

"I've seen stranger..."
What has he seen, I need to know.

Somehow I can see that as being Discords brother or uncle or something.
But yea an albino half-changeling, half-wyvern would be pretty normal then.

6808144 hhm yes qyit do Proceed:moustache:

That idea about weaving based on a person's soul sounds interesting.

Ooh...the pieces are clicking together slightly.:pinkiehappy:

*smirk* I like Augur. He's neat.


6870034 yes yes he is

I feel like there's gonna be that cliche thing where the two sides have the wrong story to each other. One claims the other is evil, ahemLunaahem, and the other is simply searching for something, ahemStrigaahem.

the FUN is to cum :yay:

When will the next chapter come out?

6960122 When my attention span gets over to doing it. Sincerest apologies.

I seen "Witches Weed" a thought it was Witch Weed, which is the drug potion Catrina cranked in G1

Ohh...I had a tiny suspicion, but wasn't exactly sure.:applejackunsure:

This is going to be interesting...:moustache:
Definitely worth the wait.:scootangel:

6970415 "Witchers Weed" - another name for a parasitic breed of plant known as "Striga" or "Witchweed."

Oh god.:facehoof:Things are about to get messy.
But, I wonder who's doing that firelight...thing? Two opinions: Luna or Striga. I'm leaning towards Striga with about 99.9%, but hey, you never really know.:derpytongue2:

As expected.:facehoof:Oh great, now they have to explain to the parents.
I can imagine that. Just like:
Um, Mom? Dad? The truth is I'm an ancient being who was reincarnated and Striga's supposed to be my long lost love.
Well, ah, um, that's...interesting, Serendipity.
Dear, are you alright? Did you catch a sickness?

Well that was interesting.

I'm just happy he didn't die.

Dun dun duuunn
[Yay sir Striga lives! X3]

Thank you for making all of these stories, I had a lot of fun reading them. While I hope you might make another one, you don't have to. :pinkiehappy:

Although if I have to say one thing, it seems like you had fun writing these stories.

ah, that's to bad. I really liked your series a lot.

But oh well! This series was one of my favorites!:pinkiehappy:

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