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My name... I do not remember my name... I do not know my purpose... my duty... my previous life... nothing. I hold a sword, and wear armor. I must have been a warrior in the time long past. Yes... I have a memory of it now... I was a warrior. A knight... of Heide...

I spend my hollow unlife doing naught but roaming; boundless in my futile objective to find a purpose. Whosoever has attempted to engage me has found themselves impaled at the end of my sword, or prostrated by its biting blade.

And so it goes, the same series of events. Day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, century after century... until the cycle, to my astonishment, is suddenly broken.

After a strange event occurs, I find myself in another land entirely. What was once dull trees, ruined landscape, and a dying world, is now a forest of life, and a countryside of utter frivolity. What were once hideous beasts and selfish kinfolk that plagued my sight, are now replaced by small, sentient, equine creatures that almost reek of an emotion I have long forgotten.

One of this land's inhabitants in particular seems to go to great lengths to observe me, much to my annoyance.

Yet on I travel, deeper into the bowels of this new world, one sentiment still ringing clear in my otherwise empty, thoughtless head as I march:

When all that lies before you is uncertainty and darkness, there is nothing left but forward.

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This comment section is too quiet http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/714/602/564.jpg
Better, now keep this this story going

seem like will be good

Very good.. very good indeed

Wonderful start. Heide Knights are aside of the Desert Sorceress´es my favourite enemies from Dark Souls. Take my like and give us some more please.

all of my yes, take it, Merry Christmas.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going! I've always preferred stories from more unusual perspectives, so this hits all my criteria :raritywink:

6764229 As do I my friend. This seems like a great story does it not?

6764287 It doesn't hurt that I'm an avid DS fan as well :pinkiesmile: I'm just hoping that the next chapter will be a bit longer and coming out soon. But seeing as this came out only yesterday, i think i'll have to live without the latter of those. :rainbowlaugh:

Haha, now i'm even more exited of what's to come! :pinkiehappy:

I enjoy how you had the knight react to Pinkie trying to take something of his because I am fed up with how in most stories where she does that, the person who's stuff she is trying to take just lets her and doesn't ever put up any kind of resistance. So good job and I hope you are having a happy whatever it is that you celebrate.

What is this a crossover of?

Dark Souls. The guy is a Heide Knight in 2

Awesome job with the chapter! I'm not sure if it's just because of the difference in POV but it seems that whenever Heide's narrating the vocabulary increases tenfold. I love it. :pinkiecrazy:
I don't see any spelling errors and grammar's spot on, i'd still like to extend my offer to help edit this if you want some help with anything.:twilightsmile:
Keep up the good work!

I like how you treat Pinkie in this. She means well and will try to be nice and do things she thinks are good before really thinking about it and even she fails she just laughs it off and doesn't despair. She's learnt that lesson and you put that into your story subtly and in a manner that I, personally, like.

I hope to see more from you. :pinkiehappy:

Do it. I want more. Give us more.

Oh no...:fluttershysad: the dreaded first 2 chapters. I hope this continues because there is an illness that plagues all authors on this site and for some reason they never continue to write after 2 chapters with the story usually being untouched for months if not ever. We have lost another good soul. :ajsleepy:

6782626 Have no fear! You shall see more!

6782652 This is so much better than my story. Damn good job, my friend.

Woah this is geting intresting looking forward for next chapter good luck :twilightsmile:

Seigmeyer is a character in dark souls 1.

It is wonderful to Siegmeyer again

6786038 yes, i did like killing him


I loved it, keep up the good work!
Also all my non-existant moustaches


6791391 It was a tough kill wasn't it?

Im quite enjoying the story kudos so far.

6791400 a good fun kill

Bravo mate bravo, this was so good I wish that I could have another.

Eeeeeeehheeeeeee!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: My two most favourite DS 2 NPC´s are here, now it´s a party!

Why do I get the feeling that Navlan will be meeting with Chrysalis in the late future?

Oh shit... does this mean Patches got through too? That wouldn't be good :rainbowderp:

6811081 ye, .....no fuck dat shit. Patches is KOS in my book

6811481 Patches is a nice guy.

6811518 lol he make joke

The giant slumber.

Nito you magnificent bastard, you brought Siegmeyer! The lovable adventurer!

6812371 the Demon's souls "Patches" is nice. The Dark Souls Patches is an asshole for attempting to kill you, but I still like him despite it. I can forgive and forget so long as he keeps giving me humanity.

6811518 Here's an interesting thought: Have you considered including Blood Borne? They sort of . . . Relate to one another. The Moonlight Blade from Ludwig, yeah?

6814915 how in the hell is as you said "Demon's souls "Patches" is nice."/ he tried to kill you too, hell he be the first one

6815264 There presence amuses me. Imagine if you're them, and that Stanger that you kicked down the pit comes back for you ass. What do you do? You give them stuff or else you will receive a new hole in your chest.

6815436 I find their attempts at murder adorable, trying to kill something that can't be killed in any convient matter.


6817766 Oh dear boy, do not ask questions. Just know that if you have an argument, just do it on your own user pages, please.

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