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Less than a few hours have passed since Twilight ascended to an Alicorn and Equestria Celebrated. As the kingdom rests she is called in the early hours of the morning after the coronation festivities to aid her mentor in a task the Sun Princess herself could not complete.

This task will test Twilight's newfound talent for crafting magic. It will take her on an epic quest to face a foe already contained in the darkest recesses of Canterlot Castle.

As Celestia's desperation grows and its bonds weaken, Twilight is entrusted to do what The Princess Celestia could not; she is entrusted to defeat it.

Monsters are what bear the most secret fears of our hearts. They bring forth our nightmares without mercy. To fight one risks becoming one. What we all should understand about monsters however, is that they are so much more than the shapes that they bear.

Originally on fanfiction but brought to you here. Originally written back during my "Oh my Celestia, Twilight is an alicorn now" bombshell.

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2408319Thank you skullreader. I appreciate the sentiment,

Very good! There are some grammar/punctuation errors, but it's not so distracting to take away attention from the story itself. I look forward to reading more!

Comment posted by EZTP deleted Apr 11th, 2013

do you mind me asking what the subtitle means? it's driving me crazy trying to figure it out

2463542 It means friendship, spelled out using symbols, more fun!

2470238 thank you for letting me know

2518836Dude/Dudet its all coming. This is a long one and I hope you have time to read it all. If I never get another like or comment I will finish knowing at least someone is into it!

2531954Thanks. I will try be more regular. Ha ha

2558130 Ha ha. Seriously though, too much, too little? I could uesa da critique!

Finally an interesting story with mysterious creature that doesn't take shit from those dirty animals.
I hope it won't turn into another super "fun", friending ponies, never ending adventure.

2585604 Thank you my friend. Fun is definitely not the theme mwa ha ha. Of course no spoilers. Feel free to give your opinion on the upcoming stuff! There is certainly a conclusion.

2613747 Take your time! I am not searching for comments for validation, as long as there is a reader I will keep going!

2620701 I am looking for one but no takers. I will go back and correct the mistakes. It takes twice as long to reread and correct. By spelling mistakes do you mean things such as colour? I use british english so that could be a reason. Or i missed them completely.....

2620701 I am looking for one but no takers. I will go back and correct the mistakes. It takes twice as long to reread and correct .

2623063 I've actually just completed a separate one to improve editing skills. And break from the larger one. Editing is a headache man!
I will review it all and correct my many grievous errors. Thank you for helping me to be a better writer.

Oh how my cheeks burn :facehoof: I must say thank you to you guys for favouriting and liking this. I am editing right now and it is rife with errors. Fun to read again though. No plot changes or anything, I merely want it to be more comfortable to read.

hmmm I wonder if her friends are looking for her.
Good chapter keep it up!:yay:

2658037 Already planned ha ha! Have faith. All is explained. Thank you.

2409621Hope you enjoy it to the end.

2659044Are we not entertained ha ha!

2665497Good to hear (read...whatever). The best is yet to come! have to slow down a little now but next chapter by end of the coming week for sure.:applejackunsure:

2675891hope it wasn't too boring, I know it was not as action packed but it will come.

Dude, you have nothing to worry about. In this entire story there was only one grammar error and all the other errors were spelling mistakes, and those were easily translated. Really great story line, cant wait for act III, and i loved the little Latin you threw in there with Creature and AJ. Thanks for such a great story.

2678704Good to know the errors were not distracting. A little Latin will pop up but there wont be too much of it because i am Latin impaired. wait till the end before you thank me ha ha! thanks for sharing, it helps motivate me to get the next one out.

2679382. thanks for sharing, at least i still have a reader ha ha! i swear that emoticon is such a coincidence its scary, star of act III!

"Once you clear that orchard our mutual hatred can resume.” :rainbowlaugh:

2681769 Ha ha! I would need an army. Only Seven. Its all ready but it needs a coat of paint before I can wheel it off to the showroom.

2682476 Fastest way to get the point acrossossoss :pinkiehappy:

2690999 I hope that's a good 'wow' ha ha

Loving this. Also chapters come out so fast! makes me want to sing!:yay:

2696236 Thank you. Nice that the speed is appreciated. The whole thing must be done before season 4 begins. IF IT KILLS ME :flutterrage:

Another great chapter. I'm wondering why he smells thought, as he was bathing in a spring recently.

2697657 You are a fast reader! I did worry about that so well spotted, the vestment was never washed, no soap, you tried just soaking? doesn't get the smell off. Does that make sense though?

2697834 sowee! look forward to your thoughts, positive or negative

So heart felt, so easy to go terrible wrong. I await the next installment fervently.
PS. I hope for Rarity's vision of resolution to pass ,but your build up of Celestia's hatred says otherwise. Good job, happy endings seem to come to easily when the author wills it ,often disregarding the conflicts that would would make such closure impossible.

2697902 'preciate it, thought a little reminder was necessary, it did piss off celestia after all. to be honest the difference between a happy and a sad ending in this story is one chapter. but i am still weighing in on it. everyone loves a sad ending but i just dont know... we'll see right? ha ha

At the beggining of part with Applejack I was afraid it is becoming "another super 'fun', friending ponies, never ending adventure". Fortunately it doesn't seem so.
Also, I really like that you show everyting from perspective of ponies.

2698212 Thought I lost you back there ha ha. Hope you will stick with us to the butter end! and yes butter

wise granny reminds me of Uncle Iroh

i know it is possible to do both. normally people who make artificial limbs make support devices and special shoes. such as if one leg is shorter than the other.

2700957 from avatar? cool! didn't see that one.

2700088 you read fast! I aims to please. will have to this week! i've changed my deadline from winter to the 25th of this month. IF IT KILLS ME

I have to stop myself from coming back and refreshing the page every1 hour. You spoiled us with 2 chapters on sunday lol

2707945 Sorry to torture mwa ha ha tonight i work on 16, refresh in 12 hours, It will not take that long but i have to edit a lot! I was iffy about this chapter so glad it pleased!

2708056 The chapter was good but now I'm wondering how he is gonna befriend Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. That is if he is going to. Fluttershy already seems to care a bit about him and Pinkie Pie is an enigma as always.

2708486 it makes me happy that it is not predictable. I cannot say anything without spoilers i'm afraid. i want to though ha ha. appreciate the feedback!

2722595 Dude/Dudett I just put it up, enjoy!

Fire weapon detected :flutterrage: fatalities imminent

I love this story.

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