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The bread absorbs the memories of the soup.


Sablewing the Wicked, a black-hearted dragon with an immunity to magic, invades Canterlot with his army of diamond dogs, goblins, and kobolds. As they attempt to defend their kingdom, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are captured and imprisoned by the foul reptile, and he proceeds to take over the entire city. A rescue attempt made by Princess Cadence and Twilight Sparkle is then performed, and immediately thwarted, resulting in their capture as well.

Having used the Elements of Harmony to save the Tree of Harmony recently, and being one pony short of using them anyhow, Twilight Sparkle's friends find themselves in the worst predicament imaginable. After raiding the library in the Castle of the Two Sisters in search of an answer to their problem, they happen upon, and then proceed to use a spell that shoots out into the multiverse in search of brave, suitable heroes to combat this monster.

Answering the call, four strange characters come forth: The Green Knight, Orange Knight, Red Knight, and Blue Knight; each powerful warriors in their own separate rights, who have honed their expertise in the field of beating the ever-living crap out of anything that has the sheer balls to simply be standing in their way.

Having been bored out of their minds in their home dimension (and being threatened that they would never return should they decide not to help), the four knights jump to the challenge to RIP AND TEAR and rescue some more princesses. They set off, weapons and sandwiches in hand, to kick some monster butt, crash some castles, and take names as violently as physically possible!

...Oh, and a certain mailmare with strabismus joins along on the mad adventure.

Rated T for scenes of gore, swearing, and an overdose of testosterone poisoning


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I havent seen many, if any at all, of this game. Heres hoping for a good story.

6716229 k that was my fault, I meant crossovers with this game. lmao

6716547 ah well might as well leave it for those who don't know the game



FINALLY, a Castle Crashers crossover!

Laughing out loud right now. KEEP IT UP!

*Imagining a scene. After a battle to save one of the princesses, Red wins! He runs to the princess.*
Princess: What the-!? *Red grabs her and makes out. She lets out muffled screams, but enjoys it*
Red: *stops kissing* Damn... despite being a horse and this being a weird form of beastiality, you are one fine ass princess.
P: You're not so bad yourself.

"Did someone say "attack?"" Red exclaimed, as his head shot to the guard. "As in, violence? As in, dare I say it, a time when I can use my mace to turn someone's skull into a pulpy mixture of chunky salsa and gray matter, and not get berated for it?"

<------This would totally be me. My sides are in pain!


I've found you at last!!

Sunny says your eggs are done.

6899095 I don't know. I'll have to ask Otakon by pushing the SELECT button and bringing up my codec and engaging in an half-hour conversation with him.

6899095 Oh dear. We have a problem.

There's no SELECT button on the keyboard.

Well poop nuggets.

What Luna (and the other princesses) hear when the knights battle each other:

Brilliant. The fight should be good. Keep up the good work!

What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age!



My dude, this story is top fucking quality, keep it up!

6901799 No need to get heated up, just chill out

I like this story so far. Not overly complicated, nor emotionally deep(yet - who knows) - perfect to unwind from heavier stuff.

Eagerly waiting for more.

Lets hope Shining isn't around when the knights save Cadance, I don't think he'll be to fond of a random knight tongue dancing with his wife.:twilightoops:

Da Warboss gunna stomp dem puny humans good, roight?

Yeah, I figured it was a WH40K Orc as soon as 'Warboss' and 'other universe' were mentioned together.

6944547 No! It's the Ruff Ridas!

Then tatzleworms join in... just saying.

I say we go show dat scaly runt 'ow to do it proper, an' mount their 'eads on some pointy sticks, eh? What do you boys say to dat?"

All I can say to that is simple:

Why is all the rum gone?

Nevermind. I was wrong.

Still would've been great to have WH40K.

oi m8 u dont know how 2 speak real mlg pro goblins orcs whatever its not mate its m8

6943058 *One of the knights wins and Cadence kisses him. Shining armor sees it*
YOU SON OF A B***H!!! *Pulls out a sword* I'LL KILL YA!!!

6944661 Oi! When's da nex chapta comin out?!

OK. That was funny.
And it seems like orange has a crush on Derpy.

Hehe . A Castle Crusher has a crush.

Aw yeah. Castle Crashers forever!

Did you just bring the orks from warhammer into your story?..... AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

Orange having a crush on Derpy? That's... adorable! 3 things I'm sure will happen:
1) Derpy will feel a bit j)ealous when Orange wins a princess OR, if Orange fails on all of them, Derpy will give him a kiss.
2) Derpy and Orange fight back to back together.
3) When all is over, Either Orange stays behind with his, albeit, strange lover, or Derpy takes Ditzy to live in Orange's world. (Turning into knights themselves as an added option or not.)

I hate to break it to you, but it's not a crush. He just finds her adorable.

6998577 :ajsleepy:

Oh well! At least he can ride her when they ride the wolves! *Music plays*

Someone press the answering machine's red button, coz I called it!

Hollering like a bunch of psychotic hooligans

But... I thought they were psychotic hooligans...?


The ponies, especially Derpy surprisingly seems unfazed by all that wanton slaughter though I suppose after what happened with Sablewing's takeover, they've been desensitized somewhat.

Viscous looking? Don't you mean vicious?

Also great joke with the red sunrise :D

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