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  • THeart and Soul
    Much time has passed for the changeling Habeas Brittle since he settled down on the peach farm with the pony love of his life. However, not all is too well, as an uneasy question plagues his mind. And he's not the only one going through a crisis.
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Habeas Brittle, a carefree changeling who left his hive, is attacked by a grim figure as he wanders through the Canterlot countryside. Wounded greatly in the scuffle, he is found and cared for by a filly belonging to a widowed mare with a dark past.
WARNING! Spoilers in Comments Section! You have been warned.

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 537 )

WALL this starts good :pinkiehappy:

Hmm....I love me a good changeling story.

I love a good mystery with changelings! Even if we might not know who our silver-armored pony is.:derpytongue2:

Hmm not bad. I'll track this.

I do hope this one continues.

Honetly. I like it. its a good hook of a start. I wish to read more o.o

The way Habeas acted reminded me of the Game Grumps episode of dark souls 3.
Friend or Foe?

It's the mom!
I just know it! (No I don't:derpytongue2:)
I love making theories and assumptions before the end.:scootangel:

To be fair, that was my thought as well. She was out late on the road, she knows what changelings are and what they'd do, and Peach thought she'd freak out if she saw him.

7338134 We still have to hold out til the end to find out 100% though.

It would be strange if it was Mom, counting that she have farm to work and runing in full plate around would be opposite to working on farm ;p

Blood good story cep it UP :trollestia:

7342260 *bows* Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week!

But seriously, great job. I'm very invested

Hmm... Unique plot, changelings, romance, and great grammar?! You sir, have me hooked.

If the dark knight isn't the mom, then I don't know who...
I mean, they both have blue right eyes, and the mom's left eye isn't mentioned whereas it's the most prominent thing about the knight.


The dad possibly reanimated by Luna to guard the roads at night as his last wish?

Yeah... Im leaning more toward the theory that the mom is the knight, shes just being secretive or vigilantly about it away from her daughter. My question is this, if it is the mother, Is it tied with the death of Peach's father? Or was it something more recent? I wouldnt like to see some backstory of the Knight at some point.

dirty, wretched, love-stealing, thrice-damned changelings. Sure, the one she met seemed rather queer and quirky compared to the malevolent mannerisms of the rest of his kind she met in the past, but there was little doubt that this one had been truly any different.

Well, mom confirmed as dark knight. She probably lost her husband to the changelings and got the scar in the process of trying to escape or helping her husband escape.

7353403 You really, truly had to add the video? HUMOROUS.
Also, way to spoil it.

7354233 Well SOMEONE would've done it.

Dammit. I was gonna post that.
You beat me to it.


What the fuck person? Why would you put such a blatant spoil in the comments?

7356519 Sorry 'bout that. I guess I assumed that people would read the story before looking at the comments. Plus, it wasn't a huge spoil, most people already guessed it by chapter 2.


Assumptions make a ass out of you and me.

7369003 Tomato, To-ma-to:derpytongue2:

Wrapping his book back up in the cloth, the changeling

"You look tired,"

I think that you missed something here.

Good story, though. I'm engaged.

Really liking this so far. :)

Any idea when you'll get time to do the next chapter? Figured I'd ask while I was re-reading this.


69 likes! I'm your 69th ;) oh baby!

Ok here is my prediction as I am currently on this chapter and haven't read anything else. If I'm right, then I'll say that the background is a bit predictable and be a little disappointed there wasn't some type of subversion of my expectation (put in spoiler tags to prevent possible spoilering to others if it's actually true):

Mom is knight, dad died in Canterlot invasion

I miss Pendles. But this is just as good!

I saw this and thought you were referring to another author with a similar story, then spent five minutes scrolling through comments on the recent changeling forum posts so I could link to show you he was still around. Then I realized you were referring to a name change and felt like an idiot.
Also, I can't wait to see how this turns out. At least she wasn't in full armor or there would be a changeling pancake right now.


You know, I actually expected someone to do that and I thought it'd be funny.
I was right.

Omg the cliffhangers are a kill in me. I need my fix man!

A knight don't just randomly appear in a forrest dessed like he was preparing for war. Something is up.

You must enjoy changing your name.

Hmmmm...Why am I not surpised by this development?

Yup...The beginning of a lot of tsundere moments for the rest of the story.

Not a very good fighter, is he?

7655622 He had a broken leg, he was very fatigued from his injuries, and he was rudely awoken from his sleep.

That's no excuse to not give it your all.
Adrenaline is a wondrous thing, you stop feeling both pain and fatigue.

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