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I'm a simple guy... I love Sci-Twi x Sunset/SugarCoat, and Pony Twilight x Celestia/Chrysalis/MoonDancer/Trixie. Also, I love Fighting Games, Dark Souls series and Yuri in general.


Help this noob writer · 5:09pm Jun 7th, 2017

After all these years (since I’m joined to here), i’m going to start writing my first fimfic (is a Sci-Twi x Sunset) but it’s also a crossover with Guilty Gear, and, well, english is not my mother language (it’s latin spanish) and while grammar mistakes are gonna be present on the prototype, that doesn’t mean that they should be on the final “first?” chapter right?

So, If anypony can help, i’ll be REALLY happy QwQ

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