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A side story?

Yes please!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Huh. Well, that just happened. :twilightoops:

Anyway, I think this was... good. Not great, falls a bit flat in places. But it did make me feel ill, so it's done the job it was meant to do, I suppose.

No, you weren't kidding.
Not as grim as I was expecting; your squick meter doesn't work that way, I guess.

Now, that aside, this was darkly and harrowingly beautiful. Twilight's descent into a hell of her own making shouldn't work that well, but it did. I am in awe. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/lolface_Queen_Chrysalis.png

I probably shouldn't say it, but I almost want her to succeed... almost.

inb4 people complaining about dark story line even though author warned us

Then we'll just have to go even darker!

Not that weird. It's easy to feel bad for her, even though she's a legitimately awful individual at this point.

Oh man, I hope not. I don't see how I could have been any clearer that in this story bad bad things happen.

Jesus. I'm literally dazed by this. I... I don't even know what to say.

It was very well made. That's all I've got.


Not that weird. It's easy to feel bad for her, even though she's a legitimately awful individual at this point.

That gives me hope that, in the end, she'll have to face her actions.

And learn that the ponies will overcome any villain- even herself.

2782534 That's the tragedy of it all. She's doomed from the get-go and everything she does just hastens that one way or another, she's evil as sin and twice as ugly, but we all know that she's still the adorkable little unicorn deep inside.

Bah. All sniffly now.

This story ends right as Star Swirl and Twilight arrive from the main timeline, and you already know what happens from there.


I love your characterization/development of twilight and all her quirks. Also I was not so secretly wishing for exactly this the second hard reset ended.


Awww! So we don't get to see her reaction afterwards, or even see if she actually does just return to life again after dying?

Well... not in this story...

Oh. Oh.

I'm okay with this.

No, boner. Stop. Down, boy.

Wow... I know we asked for this, but I didn't expect that we'd actually GET it... Now I'm not sure if I dare read or not...

Dude. You have an evil Twilight down PERFECT.

Her nature and attitude... Unbelievable, and also...

You weren't kidding that this was dark. I LOVE IT.

~Skeeter The Lurker

... Your warning did not ready my mind for this... Just... HOLY buy some apples!... I think I'm just a little scared by how well-written this is... I hope I never meet you IRL...

This is... kind of dark not going to lie. Well my curiosity is now in your grasp. Show me the world that the Twilight has created and what happened to everyone before the other Twilight showed up.

This is horrible. Upvoted and faved.

(I've always wanted to say that.)

I'm really very nice in real life! I just can't stay away from the Dark tag. Plus I wanted to try my hand at writing clop as a personal challenge, but the actual mechanics just bored me. What's going on in a character's head and what they say is just more interesting to me.

Well the next chapter is when her friends show up, and we already know how that goes. As for the fourth chapter, well, where were Cadance and Shining Armor during Hard Reset, anyway?

Huh. I'm going in Scotty, if I haven't returned inside an hour, send help.

I'm scared... very scared of Queen Twilight.

Trust me, you're not the only one. :applecry::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::raritycry:

This is awesome. Twilight's descent into madness has given her such a wonderfully evil character. Please, do go on.

Hmm, these kinds of stories aren't my cup of tea. However, the comments seem to be filled with nothing but praise for it, and that's alluring.

Of course, that may be just because of the bolded warning in the description pushing away those that would've said otherwise, and not just on what was being forewarned...

I'll see how this ages on the counter before giving it a go.

The first chapter isn't all that bad, the really nasty bits don't kick in until mid-chapter 2. You could try the first chapter and see if it's up your alley, and if not bail out before the really awful stuff starts.

Ah... I'm reading your other stories, but I'll have to pass on this one. Thanks for the warning by the way. It's just, after that bit with Twilight "designing" creatures that killed what was carrying it... and the suggestion of Luna doing the carrying. Not to mention the whole Luna situation anyway. Dark doesn't bother me. The invasion of privacy and sanctity sure as hell does. I can't stand people playing god, and forcing the birth of a monster. Agh...

No downvote, but no view either.

On the bright side, I'll be reading the third part of the trilogy! So, there's that. And stuff. Yay.

PS: Sorry bout the rant, but I need to give a reason to not read it. (authors I follow, at least)

I knew this story wouldn't be for everyone. That's exactly why the warning is there.

2783530 Thank you for this reply, I'll be doing that now.

So wrong yet so right all at the same time.

Perfect for my fucked up mind.

I hope you describe the whole "changeling implant" thing sometime. I want to know if the host body is used as basis for the new changeling, is consumed for the egg growth, or rots away after some time.

The old queen was a monster, though. I refuse to turn out the same way.

I like that despite being already driven insane by the time loops, she still thinks of herself as well-intentioned... Also, the only way I can even get myself to continue reading is to persuade myself that this never happened, at least from the perspective of the other story's main timeline. :fluttercry:

It was the changelings, not me.

No, Twilight, you are the changelings.

I’ll try again tomorrow

I think I can see a pattern already.

Okay, wow, you were not kidding about it being dark. :twilightoops:

“I’m not a tyrant. You’re free to say no.”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”
“Very well,” I say and turn to the drone. “Return him to his home, and bring me his wife and daughter.”

Well that escalated quickly. :/

“In layman’s terms, I’m about to lay my egg in your brain.”


Glorious. Deliciously glorious grimdarkness! I shall savor this, mi amigo.

Yeah, I figured you wouldn't be recording this.

Speaking of, you still working on Stitch in Time or did you give it up?

"In layman's terms, I'm going to lay an egg in your brain."

So that's what Chrysalis did to Twilight that one time in Hard Reset. That makes it SO MUCH WORSE! :applecry:

Still, I'm loving the delicious grimdark, and I'm even enjoying the clop, which I normally don't. Well done, sir. Well done indeed.
Oh, I will too be recording this!
I didn't abandon ASIT, stuff just got complicated and I had to hiatus it. Now that You Can Fight Fate is coming out, I've got a bit more motivation, and my voice is better now, so hopefully I'll be getting shit done.

Oh, I didn't realize you'd been sick, Glad you recovered, though.

And yes, my intention was to retroactively ruin the tea party loop for anyone who reads this. :trollestia:

Yeah, I was sick for about 2 weeks, which pretty well threw me off my rhythm, and I haven't been able to get back into it for a while now... But, thanks, i'm (mostly) better now. Expect a few ASIT recordings within a week.

also, one troper labelled that event as "Face-full of Alien Wing-wong." Guess they weren't too far off the mark, then. Brrrrr...

Don't make Fluttershy sad.:pinkiesad2:

Seemed like the appropriate response at the time. :yay:

Jesus Christ.

“Return him to his home, and bring me his wife and daughter.”

“I hope they’re more agreeable than you are. If I they say no I might not be able to control myself. How old is your daughter again?”

There's dark. Then there's grimdark. Then there's this. They're going to need to make a whole new classification for what this is. Keep it up. (Like Twilight.:scootangel:)

SQUEEE!:heart: Two of the cutest characters ever together! And just like that, my mood slingshots back to happytime!

Argh! there was a warning it would be messed up, i suspected it would be messed up and i read it anyway and confirmed it was messed up and now i'm going to read whatever comes next that will be messed up.... i think i might be messed up? :twilightoops:

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