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Someone who's sensitive on things that's vulgar and violent. I WILL retaliate if anyone who's agressive towards me.


Lightning wants what every teen mare wants: to fall in love! But when it finally happens, it's not exactly what she expected. Her mommy, a great explorer, brings home her latest find: Sky, a colt who was raised in the jungle. Sky is completely uncivilized, but he's also super cute- and completely wind at heart. Can Lightning really be falling for wild colt Sky?

(Cover Art by: wild-heart-horse)

(P.S technology is available in this fic)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

And let the High School drama begin:eeyup:

I'm going to def put this to read later list, dropping by a comment later!

When I read this first chapter, I felt like I were watching some...off the wall anime show.

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