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This story is a sequel to The Assembled Letters of Twilight Sparkle, Protégé of Emperor Discord

After getting a taste of Friendship and questioning her allegiance to Discord, Twilight Sparkle chose instead to accept the will of Chaos and remain a student of the Emperor. Now, she has been charged to return to Ponyville and plant Seeds of Discord around the Tree of Harmony, but there are more things than broken friendships awaiting her arrival in Ponyville.

A note on the [Dark] tag: This fic is not grimdark.

It is however, an adventure story with high stakes, and themes that may touch on more serious matters, such as brainwashing or mental/emotional abuse. There is also some brief moments of violence and intense danger that, while not excessive, may be troubling to some. This tag was actually something recommended by one reader after Discord's psychological games with Twilight in the previous story, and I think it's time to add it. Link to reddit discussion where I made the decision, slight spoilers for Chapter 6.

Please don't let it turn you off from the story, just consider it fair warning that some parts may be slightly disturbing to more sensitive readers.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 215 )

That is a good question. Did Twilight destroy harmony? Maybe?

Oof. Can't wait 'til Rainbow Dash finds out she's there.:trixieshiftleft:

And Applejack. And Pinkie.

And Fluttershy, come to think of it.

Oh, crap, Twilight's gonna be murdered.

Haven't gotten around to actually read yet - but I just wanted to remark that I never got a sequel notification despite following the previous story. :twilightoops:

In fact, I don't seem to have gotten any sequel notifications, since the big update a few months(?) ago. :rainbowhuh:

Is this happening to others? Did something about the sequel notification feature change, and I'm supposed to change a setting somewhere in what used to be my "favourites" collection? :derpyderp1:

I just finished your first book. I really like the second one so far.

Hope to see more,

Twilight Shine :pinkiehappy:

It'd probably be a good idea to add a small extra chapter to the end of the previous fic telling people about this sequel, or edit the first stories description to link to this one.

Good idea, done :)

Great. I'm glad Rarity is still in town. I wonder though, how everypony will treat Twilight? I guess we will find out soon. Thanks for the update.

Well, let's put it this way: She's currently being sought by the more level-headed half of the group ;)

5398488 So AppleJack. Rainbow and Pinkie aren't level minded at all. But half? Then who else?

So Spike is with Applejack in this AU?

And Zecora was the one to teach the wonders of friendship to Ponyville? That actually makes a lot of sense.

I would say they're a little more hot-headed than Rarity, Fluttershy, and Zecora, at least.

5398540 Well Twilight better run from Rainbow or AppleJack. Pinkie Pie, I don't wanna think what she is going to do to Twilight.


For some reason, I'm imagining a heaping helping of "Pinkie Pie-Brand Brutal Honesty" where she plainly, yet cheerfully and without accusation, explains in minute detail just how badly Twilight's letters hurt Pinkie and her friends, not intending to hurt Twilight's feelings but nevertheless succeeding in driving a verbal knife through her heart in a way Rarity's outburst never could.

As far as Applejack and Rainbow Dash are concerned... here there be monsters, Twi. Orange, hoof-shaped monsters that often come in pairs and might feel like saying "hi" to your face at high speeds if their owner thinks you've put her family in danger of retribution from Discord due to your letter.

Sorry it took so long! I thought about this for a while and finally decided to use it, with the authors permission. Thanks for the suggestion!

dunno why but i have the feeling that this universe version of celestia and luna are better of as stone since they dont have harmony magic but CONTROL magic

Wow. That was intense. I wonder if the Night Mare is good or not. I guess we will see next chapter. Good luck and thanks for the update.

Working on editing the next chapter now, should be posted soon. The secrets of the Night-Mare are not yet to be revealed, though ;)

LUNA LOOSE!!! Luna is Loose!! Great chapter. I wonder what is going to happen Next? Who will Twilight meet next and will she ever gain her "friends" trust again? Thanks for the update. Great chapter.

Thanks as always for the feedback, Sage! Already about working on chapter five, should be an interesting direction, I hope.

Twilight! I know I'm supposed to assume what the author meant for the readers to assume, namely that Luna was there, but come on! Chaos!
The blanket could have walked up there, or teleported on top of you or something!

Her jumble of thoughts had become a hurricane, and she couldn’t find which way was up any further.

Isn't friendship just so wonderfully... magical?


hopefully Celestia or Luna catch them.

Wow. That is intense. I wonder what is going to happen next. I think something is going to stop those seeds. Also I wonder if AppleJack has been listening to it's call as well. I guess we will find out soon. Thanks for the update.

Luna's going to pop up behind her.

Dangit AJ stop being such a goddamn background pony.

I like the way you wrote Night-Mare (Luna?)'s dialogue. It's very old-fashioned, yet understandable and cool sounding. :twilightsmile:

5468664 Thank you very much! I love "old-time" language, and I usually spend a lot of time trying to get it right.

5468433 Don't worry about AJ, she'll get her moment to shine. ;)

I'm impressed that you're still managing to write lines for Zecora. I would have burned out long ago, after so many intentional rhymes, that still have to fit into normal conversation. Nice job.

Also, you update very fast. That's awesome. Especially with a cliffhanger like this! Eeep!

Well. It seems Applejack really doesn't really trust Discord at all.

This whole chapter was super deep.

I LOVE THIS XD er sorry


Thank you all for the kind words :twilightblush: I really enjoyed writing this chapter.

no biggie also call me supermew er sorry

man you couldnt leave us with a worse cliffhanger

Huh, and here I thought Rainbow Dash was gonna kill her...:rainbowdetermined2:

Or, you know, do something bad.

Wow. Intense. Great chapter. I wonder what will happen to Twilight. I guess we will see soon. Thanks for the update.

ooooh boy Discord pulled out the K card. So long moral event horizon hello singularity of blackest evil! His vines weren't just going to kill the tree they were going to kill Twilight too! And uh... yeah everything else. But most importantly they were going to kill the only pony who actually likes Discord and saved his ass from rainbow death beams. Dick move, Discord. Dick move.

5527327 Well, "kill" is a strong word, but yeah, it definitely would not have been good.

Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Wow. AppleJack, you went too far. I guess we will see soon enough if Discord is the villain or hero of this story.

Oh crap, I confused this update with an old story (I'm juggling a few) and so I didn't take write down all the typos :fluttershysad:

Yea I did the same thing. So I had to go back and read half a chapter and then it all came rushing back. Good chapter keep writing them and ill keep reading them. Good luck on the next chapter and I hope the writers block doesn't kick back in.

Doubt Celestia would actually make such a case to heal Twilight if they were truly villainous. Felt to me like Luna argued that Twilight was an enemy, and Celestia slapped the shit out of her verbally with something about how that didn't mean she should die.

I'm glad the implications got across so well :twilightsmile:

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