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For most changelings letting the Queen feed on you is never a pleasant experience, just part of the job description. One drone lives and breathes for it, even if he doesn't understand exactly why.

Thanks to Sharp Quill, Feather Note, R5h, RB, and MrNumbers for pre-reading and helping brainstorm title suggestions. Much appreciated.

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incoming hundreds of likes

*knows how unrequited love feels*.

“So pure, and you always have more. I’ll never know how you do it.”

Who knows what kind of dirty thoughts run through his head concerning his beloved queen. :rainbowlaugh: Or maybe he's a masochist.

8043649 In my head, it's literally because he unconditionally loves her, even if he doesn't actually understand what that means. Despite the "sexy" overtones it's essentially chaste for him.

The only thing I can think of anymore when I hear the word 'immaterial' is this.

pour l'amours de sa reine, il lui donne son amours qui a pour elle.

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