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Captive tortoises have been known to live for about one hundred and fifty years. Most ponies are lucky to live past eighty. Rainbow Dash was not Tank's first pony, nor will she be his last. The stoic tortoise doesn't have much choice but to live with it, though, and enjoy his time with each of his friends as much as he can.

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Great story. I struggled not to cry in front of my colleagues at lunch.

Yes, Celestia would understand, wouldn't she? After living so long and mourning so often, she would be the one who would have learnt to find joy in the brief lifes that intersect with hers and continue to find joy in those good memories.

I love the idea that Luna had carved the Six's cutie marks onto the surface of her Moon. Maybe, just maybe, she had decreed that they, too, should have a kind of immortality.

You made me cry slightly not many fics can do that to me.:fluttercry:

oh god... so many feels :fluttercry:

A wonderful story. For my luck i was alone, so noone see my tears. :pinkiesad2:


I'm torn between smiling at the happy ending, or bawling my eyes out at the rest of it. Just... beautiful stuff, man. I normally avoid future 'all the Best Ponies are dead' stories like the plague, but I'm very glad to have read this one. I think most of it will wind up as my Tank headcanon, now.

The feels! They burn us!

That was a very brilliant fic. A nice perspective on longevity. Love it!

I don't understand. I can watch Schindler's List with a smile on my face. I view death and destruction as the utmost forms of art. I haven't smiled in years, nor is it even possible for me to feel happiness or other forms of non-aggressive emotions. Yet, watery salt-deposits are now flowing down my face, tracing the contours of my moustache, and dripping from the individual fibers onto my keyboard.

I salute you, for making an old psycho like me feel sad and strangely nostalgic.


That's actually a reference to this beautiful fic by the same author. Well worth the read, and the tears that you will shed upon reading it.

Well...fuck. I read this story hoping for a bit of comedy. Bit of light-heartedness.

Instead you saddle me with more feels than the first Pokemon movie managed.

This story was beautiful and tragic and I really loved his view-point. How he was the one taking care of the Ponies.

Did Tank have any kids? *Grins*

A direct hit on the heart.

I... Wont Crie- *Breaks down in Tears* This is just... SO BEAUTIFUL! :applecry:

Sniffles:pinkiesad2: that was beautiful.

This is one of those stories I re-read.

It’s kept on my “Can’t Sleep ?” bookshelf which is full of beautiful one-shots like this one for times when I need a good read.

I’m surprised to see I haven’t commented before, seeing as though I first read this story 10 years ago.
Guess the emotions were high.

If you are still here, dear author, thankyou for a delightful and heartfelt one-shot.

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