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Doctor of particle physics who enjoys the technicolor cathorses. :P Co-wrote No Longer Displaced and No Longer Alone with Sober.


7 Years Ago · 8:00pm January 26th

Seven years ago, Sober and I started posting chapters of No Longer Displaced. It's hard to believe it has already been that long, but it's not hard to recognize the profound impact writing that story had on my life. Sober and I randomly hurled our characters into a chat, kept experimenting with those interactions, and within a year, a novel was there. It cemented our friendship -- and produced some of the best warm beetus

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Happy Hearth's Warming · 7:27am Dec 25th, 2023

To all you NL readers out there, Happy Hearth's Warming! May your holiday of choice be awesome and filled with the company of friends and family you can tolerate. ;)

The fluff is still strong. :3

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Eyyyy, the 28th. · 1:55am Oct 29th, 2022

A year ago, Sober and I finished the NLA publication run. It happened to coincide with my orbit day.

Here's to another year of such an amazing, motivating friendship.

Been working on a website for the No Longer stories, and it's looking quite clean. HTML has come a long way with CSS. :3

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No Longer Alone · 6:44pm Dec 10th, 2020

Sober and I did a thing.

Took us a long time, but... it's sequel time.

No Longer Alone


BronyCon 2019: Into the Storm · 7:40am Jul 30th, 2019

Hi there! Been a bit! I'll be at BronyCon. For some reason, the convention gave me a panel. It's Physicists Invade Equestria in the Hall of the Moon from 5-6 PM on Thursday. Come on by for some lighthearted science if you're down for it.

And don't worry, I have a nice slip out point for those who want to experience the line for opening ceremonies.


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Been a while... but a panel is coming... · 10:00pm Jun 29th, 2019

I've still been typing away with Sober on No Longer Alone in my free time, but work has produced scarce opportunities to go on a writing tear.

On the plus side, BronyCon actually gave me a panel, so if you're going to BC19, see if Physicists Invade Equestria fits your schedule. :3c

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Thinking Back on 2017 · 7:27am Jan 5th, 2018

I know I'm a few days late for a new year's style blog post, but in all fairness, I did get stuck with some work duties and was pulling a lot of Xmas Weight around my Mom's place. I'll get to that last one in a bit. Still, a lot of stuff went down in 2017 that seems to be worth some reflection and some mention dropping. On the offline side, I started working on a pretty cool new experiment. This has been a fairly exciting adventure that's really bolstered my knowledge and understanding of

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Lise Eclaire Hit 1M Words · 5:40pm Oct 29th, 2017

I'm pretty sure I embarrassed Lise when 500 followers and the RCL inclusion were reached. Well, now it's time to do it again. Lise has long held a goal from way back in the day when we first met. And that goal, fillies and colts, was to hit a million words.

Aside, if you don't know who Lise is, you should stop what you're doing and immediately go here.

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Share a Smile - Wing Edition · 6:49pm Sep 11th, 2017

Oh boy... Crystal started a thing, and it's actually a bit challenging for me. The concept is that we target folks we admire, in particular ones that we don't really communicate with a lot. Problem #1: I pretty much talk to everyone. I had to scour my following list to find people who I think I have to poke. Then, I applied a talk-frequency filter to narrow it down. If I talk to you every day... you know I love you and support you like no one's business... I'm looking at you Neurrrn, Rossby,

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The BronyCon 2017 Extravaganza! · 3:27am Aug 19th, 2017

A lot of people went to BronyCon, and a lot of people have posted blogs about their trips. I'll probably come nowhere near the greatness of some with this unedited rambling madness, but that's okay. It's time to roll back the clock and get some perspective.

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