This story is a sequel to Fizzlepop's Future

It has been nine months since Princess Twilight's coronation in Canterlot.

Her former Captain of the Guard Fizzlepop Berrytwist, having decided to remain in Ponyville, now has to confront a piece of her past she long thought she had left behind.

Cover Art: 'Captain Fizzle Pop' by jaycdandelion@derpibooru.org

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Is this the last story in this series?

No idea. This takes place before the last story's epilogue. It's been simmering for a few months.

What? No. This is the sixth part in a long running story of mine.

I have to see what happens with Soapberry.

Hm. Kiddie Fizzle. Let's see what happened pre-runaway...

It's gonna be my usual style, a time jump after the prologue.

I saw this is part of a larger thing. But why does this fandom seem to have a fetish for Tempest being a Royal Guard? Let alone the Captain?

Last I remember, Hasbro or IDW didn't start the idea.

Same reason why Lyra has a human fetish.

We latch on to some things and just run with it.

Lyra's thing I'll agree with, even though it never amounted to anything in the show beyond a weird sitting position.

Tempest, I never saw anything show wise that hinted at this. Maybe in the comics, but I don't have a very good opinion on them.

I'd be thrilled if you go back and read from the beginning, but I was one of many that saw that Tempest was a considerably capable fighter, and that Twilight's castle and Ponyville didn't have any guards, despite being the home of a princess for years.

Gallus starting his training in the Ponyville EUP makes a ton of sense. His slip-up walking into the training room made me laugh, though. Silly griffon. :rainbowlaugh:

... her parents couldn’t understand her pain from losing her horn

Your tempest stories are something I’ll never stop rereading :twilightsmile:

Strange the aftermath of Fizzlepop's disappearance never was mention by her friends, or that they found them rest of her horn in the cave.

That happened at the end of the first story, when they gave it to her in Ponyville.

Yeah, definitely a better way to leave it off with Mom.

Interesting point about Fizzy splitting her life in pieces. Great analogy. If I can point something out, though:

"From your story over lunch, I think what you've been doing is splitting your life up; everything that happened before Princess Twilight took you in, and everything that happened before that.

I'm guessing that second one was supposed to be 'after'?

Already spotted and fixed by another pre-reader, but thanks!

Good to see Fizzle getting the time with Twilight that she clearly needed. Especially over cake. Everything is better with cake. :derpytongue2:

I have to ask, though: is Spike really still doing dishes? You'd think as Royal Advisor his promotion would come with some perks. :rainbowlaugh:

He happily helped Twilight cook for Velvet.

Poking feels right out of the gate. Great character and world building as always. I look forward to reading the next update.

Thanks for reading! Working hard on the next chapter.

I have alicorn potion PTSD...

Ether very good idea, or very bad idea.

Odds are we'll get the classic "Neither version is correct" ending for this set-up. Not that it's unrealistic, memories are not perfect recordings of the past, they are our mental reconstutions so our emotions and the time as well as the influence of other experiences we've had effect that recreation's accuracy. Soapberry's guilt might make her remember being more distraught while Fzzlepop's anger might make her remember her mom not being as impacted by what happened as she was.

Oh snaps. :3 This is juicy!

The pair of ponies sidestepped a cluster of blue-petaled flowers

Yah, definitely wanna stay away from those. :twilightoops:

Phew, not bad with that chase/fight switching. Glad I could help with the couplets; that one you didn't show me was pretty good! :twilightsmile:

Every update to this makes me want another update to this. :D


It's Spike. His job is exactly the same as it's always been, he just has a different title. Probably pays the same, too. (Nothing.)

only for her horn to spark, fizzle, and pop.

I see what you did there. :trollestia:

Yeah, never hurts to have a comfort plushie in a deep uncomfortable sleep. Hopefully it helps.

This story is rising up my favorites list the more I read. Keep it up.

Nice recap of the previous stories. Soapberry definitely needs to be filled in, and that was a good way to do it.

And yeah, really hittin' it home with the filly Fizzle scene. I can imagine the kind of transition it must take for a unicorn used to using magic to switch to using only her hooves. Ouch.

"Well, I've learned that it's seldom enough to hope for the best, darling. You also have to prepare for the best as well.

Did you mean this? Or was it supposed to be worst? I could see it being either, but the phrase is usually "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst," and no body language or tone of voice made it clear which one it might be.

Other than that, yeah, these progressions of events seem right on both sides of Fizzle's mind.

It was written like that. You'll see what she's up to.

seeing that the whole down had put up these ribbons on light posts,


Ouch, right in the feels

Rarity and Thunderlane accompanied her to the lobby, where she was officially checked out of the hospital.

After five hours of waiting and paperwork. :ajbemused:

Yeah, finally time for Fizzle to drop her shield and let out her emotions. Can't keep up that barrier forever.

but the stormy road you went down led you here

I see what you did there. :trollestia:

Looks like some mother-daughter recovery time will do some good for their relationship. And maybe Soapberry will make some more visits to Ponyville after Fizzle heads back home.
Not a bad addition to this Fizzlepop timeline! I'll keep my eyes out for another if you have any interest in it. :twilightsmile:

This very quickly became one of my favorite stories that I've read on this site.



Thanks for reading! Currently working on my next couple (non-Fizzlepop) stories!

Another full of feels story on everyone's favorite ex-villain that invaded Canterlot. I waited until the story was complete to read it, and it did NOT disappoint. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed!

Feels were masterfully poked in this installment. Good job milesprower06. I look forward to reading the next one.

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